Vendetta #fundie

If there is nothing wrong with homosexual sex, is there anything wrong with bestiality? But animals can't consent you say (neither do they consent to being butchered so you can have your hamburger, but oh well) What if an animal such as a dog engaged in behavior that indicated consent? For instance, I have a friend who's dog tries to hump her everytime she is on her period by thrusting around her crotch and legs. I kid you not. So would it be wrong if they made doggie love?

What does homosexuality and bestiality have anything to do each other? You see, many find homosexuality as "unnatural" and immoral for reasons such as there is absolutely no procreative value and their certain body parts are not biologically compatible. What are your reasons for thinking it would be wrong for my friend to make doggie love with her consenting dog, assuming you do think it is wrong?



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