Hunter Wallace #racist

America has failed as a nation. The Constitution is a failure. There is no political cure but separation to this problem. Even many people on the Left are willing to say we are on to something here.

Some of these Yankees are already making the argument that the Blue States would be better of without financially without Red States like Alabama and Mississippi. There is some merit to this argument because White Democrats in states like New York really are taxed to sustain the welfare state that supports millions of African-American and Hispanic Democrats in the South.

The North really would be better off if it wasn’t squandering its own tax dollars on integrated public schools and Section 8 housing and Medicaid in the South. If the South was allowed to secede, progressives would dominate the remainder of the Union, which is where most progressives live anyway.

If Christian marriage isn’t sacred, why should the Union be sacred? If women have a right to control their own bodies, why don’t Southerners have a right to choose their own government? If Tibet has a right to be free of China, why doesn’t Dixie have a right to be free of the United States?

Southerners should embarrass the Left by inviting international observers from the U.N. to monitor our elections and oversee a peaceful transition to Southern independence in the same way that Kosovo and South Sudan recently became the world’s latest sovereign states.

The United States went to war to prevent Serbia, Iraq, North Vietnam, and North Korea from “preserving the Union.” It has prohibited Austria from reuniting with Germany. It strong armed Sudan into granting independence to South Sudan.

Yankees should be forced to choose between their commitment to peace and democracy and “preserving the Union” on television in front of an international audience. Let them hang themselves on their own principles. Russia and China will happily provide them with the rope.

As a solution, secession will separate us from the overwhelming majority of Yankees and eliminate their ability (along with their Jewish allies) to meddle in our internal affairs, which is 90% of our problem. In one stroke, secession alone will solve most of our problems with blacks and Hispanics, Yankees and Jews.



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