Paul #fundie

Kid Icarus Uprising has the player taking on the role of an angel. This angel Pit serves a goddess. Yes Nintendo has gone all goddess crazy in their recent games (Zelda Skyward Sword being another one). Pit is fighting the underworld to stop Medussa - a dark goddess. Not really clear why this was missed in the regionalization with over 80% of Americans believing in God, and not goddesses. Maybe Nintendo is targeting that less than 20% only with Kid Icarus Uprising.


The spiritual aspects of Kid Icarus Uprising are what bother me the most. I expected the violence. I did not expect all the goddess religious teachings. Nor did I expect all the idol content. I already mentioned the lack of regionalization in this area. There are so many creative ways this could have been handled for the American audience. She could have been an arch-angel fighting off demons. It is my hope and prayer that Nintendo regionalizes the religious content in future games.



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