actaeons revenge #conspiracy

Remember Super Mario World?

Do you remember the magikoopa enemy from the castle levels? Do you remember exactly what he did?

Oh, that's right! He shot a spinning projectile that consists of a square, a triangle, and a circle. What's wrong with that? Well, it just so happens that a square represents physical sex, a triangle represents spiritual sex, and the circle represents tantric sex. Why is it that no one has picked up on how this character is a wizard using sex to distract you from completing your destiny? He's like a proper representation of the illuminati priesthood. I know, there's more interesting things to pick apart from the story of an italian mafioso masquerading as a plumber who sees various reptiles in another dimension after eating a magical mushroom that increases his strength and size. However, this little detail draws hardly any attention from non-initiates. This bothers me considering the good people at sony decided to use these exact symbols on the face buttons of their playstation controller for three generations of the console so far (and the PSP). They were even nice enough to add an "x" for sex in case it wasn't obvious enough.

Does anybody give a shit about this??



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