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Shorter hairstyles will help stop spread of Covid’ – yes men and women having the same hairstyles is not part of the agenda or anything

Hairdressers need to revive the “hygienic-yet-trendy” bob cut and ditch blow drys to survive coronavirus restrictions threatening to decimate the sector, say industry leaders.

Covid-19 is reviving the iconic precision bob cut as the “safe” alternative to “lengthy” blow drys for longer locks, according to Tim Hartley, a former director at Vidal Sassoon.

The world-renowned hairdresser fears that the coronavirus is more likely to spread in long, wavy hair.

The bob cut became popular when sported by Hollywood star Louise Brooks during the ‘flapper’ era.

It came back into fashion during the 1960s when Twiggy had the chop.

The bob remains in fashion thanks to award winning actresses including Charlize Theron, Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton and Rosamund Pike.

Mr Hartley said: “We have to think about maximising hygiene. The sooner the long tresses of yesterday are dispensed with, the more hygienic it will be for us all.

“The hour-long blow dries in the salon are no longer safe for the stylist or the client. Research suggests the Covid-19 virus is transmitted much easier through a swift airflow.”

He thinks the shorter cuts, popularised by his former boss Vidal Sassoon, are the solution to the stricter hygiene required during the Covid-19 crisis.

Tim said: “With the bob cut you can wash your hair everyday and not worry about it. It becomes part of your routine. It’s the glamour without the fuss.”

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Introduction to Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse

For at least 8,000 years humanity has been enslaved, abused and genocided by a small but ruthless group of planetary interlopers. Numerous researchers have chronicled the stories and writings of this intervention in places like Sumeria, Babylon and ancient Egypt. Some call these beings Annunaki, others know them as aliens, and their modern-day equivalent could very well be artificial intelligence.

Through much study, I have come to the conclusion that they are most accurately called fallen angels or Nephilim. They are the entities who rebelled against the Great Spirit, God or Creator when humanity was given dominion over this planet rather than them. Most were wiped out during the Great Flood. There were other cataclysms here to thin their ranks and influence as well.

It doesn’t matter if you believe the Bible is definitive or not. You should know that the foremost Biblical scholars in the world are the Luciferian Freemasons. They know that the history described in the Bible is real and they are very committed to their religion of the seven sacred sciences. The lifting of the veil is happening now and unless you understand what it is that they believe, you will undoubtedly fall for their rhetoric and be herded into their Great Work of Ages New World Order.

The fall of humanity described in the Garden of Eden story which differs greatly from the creation story of humans by Great Spirit in Genesis: Chapter 1 represents the DNA experimentation done by the Nephilim on both humans and animals, the mating of the Nephilim with Eve to produce the hybrid Cain bloodline, and the temptation of mankind to eat from the Tree of Knowledge
symbolized by taking a bite out of an apple as in the logo of Apple Computer.

This ruthless Cain hybrid bloodline were known as the Canaanites, the Tribe of Dan, the Egyptian pharaohs, and the builders of the Holy Roman Empire. They are now known as the royal and Black Nobility (former or concealed monarchs) families who we can collectively call the Nephilim Crown.

Our backs have thirty-three vertebrae. Atop these sits our head. And on a head one could place a crown. It is no coincidence that Scottish Rite Freemasonry also has thirty-three degrees, many including the words “royal” and “arch” (to arch over as in monarchy, patriarchy or matriarchy). Those who reach the highest 33rd degree can then become “illuminated”, representing the head. They consider themselves more enlightened than the rest of us. They were also behind the “Enlightenment”.

What few researchers realize is that on top of the Illuminati head sits the idle Crown, which has to neither think nor do. They simple live a parasitic existence off the toils of humanity, justifying their well-adorned sloth with their divine right of Kings mantra. Jesus was adorned by these Crown butchers with a crown of thorns as a way to mock humanity. And the Hapsburg Nephilim bloodline possesses the Spear of Destiny used to kill Jesus.

The world’s numerous secret societies exist to guard the secrets which the Nephilim Crown uses to manipulate humanity, consisting of the seven sacred sciences – grammar,rhetoric, logic, arithmetic,geometry, music and astronomy. But the biggest secret they guard is that the royal blood (Sangreal or Holy Grail) is in fact different from that of human beings. This is why the royals have always been considered “blue bloods”.

The royal bloodlines are “enobled” and their geographic dispersion is global, although most reside in Europe. The family names include Merovingian, Hapsburg, Algobrandini, Payseur, Sinclair (St. Clair), Borbon, Anjou, Cavendish, Pallavicini, Odescalchi, Giustiniani, Plantagenet, Orsini, Windsor, Spencer and Rollo. Asian families include the Li, Khan, Singh and Yamamoto.

The research of Gary Wayne, Fritz Springmeier and John Coleman tells us that these Nephilim Crown families rule a Council of 33 who give orders to a Committee of 300. Below that are the Priory of Sion and the Rosicrucians. Next down the ladder are the Royal Society and its seven sacred science tentacles, which dictate to the entire world what is “scientific” and what is not. Their
conclusions are fraudulent and meant to bolster the Crown, justify its bloody chaotic history and keep humanity in the dark as to the nature of reality and thus of ourselves.

The Royal Society’s tentacles include the Tavistock Institute, the Royal Geographic Society, the Royal Astronomy Society, the BBC, Haymarket Media, the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Royal Society of Medicine, the Royal Society of Biology, the Royal Society of Arts, Chatham House and the powerful Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA)- parent of the US Council on Foreign
Relations (CFR).

Next down the control pyramid are the secret societies such as the Freemasons, Kabbalists, Muslim Brotherhood, Knights of Malta, Knights Hospitaller and so on. These, headed by Illuminati wizards, handle military, political and media policy for the Crown. Italy, Switzerland, the UK, the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia are important geopolitical power centers for the Crown. The City of London is their geopolitical headquarters and the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland is their banking headquarters.

To prevent exposure, the Nephilim often give up the court Jews (hofjuden) who have historically protected and intermarried with them. These are often members of the Privy Council or Royal Consorts. This is where misguided anti-Jewish hatred comes from. When things get real dicey, the bloodlines use the Red Shield (Rothschild) family to absorb the criticism. This is why the
Rothschilds changed their name from Bauer after they intermarried into the Nephilim via the House of Hesse. The Rothschilds also run the Crown banking arm, as I have described in previous books.

The purpose of this book is to connect this fallen angel Nephilim bloodline to the roll out of computers, the Internet, CERN, artificial intelligence and the 5G weapons system now being put in place across the world to mind-control, weaken and cull humanity.I believe this represents the launching of the Fourth Reich by the same Nephilim “Great White Brotherhood” who brought us Hitler’s Third Reich.

This time, it will lead us to a One World Government led by an anti-Christ King in Jerusalem. It will culminate with a microchip Mark of the Beast, where those accepting it implicitly worship Lucifer (the most cunning of the fallen angels) and those who stay human (for which Jesus was a metaphor) will not be able to buy or sell within the Babylon system. The very future of humanity and all creation is at stake.

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Amtrak crash in PHILLY, PA.: Hoax, staged, & psyop

Here is more stupid propaganda on FOX news about this fake AmtraK crash.

Ya a train DID crash apparently but NO casulties likely. It was all a DRILL.

This was a "mass casualty" PSYOP .

So sick of the PTB trying do DUPE me. They dupe most ppl on here and A. Jones but they ain't gonna dupe me.

Well , I saw a man they said was dead/victim from the crash (brown headed man)
last night on the news and a red flag went off. IT looked as though he was ACTING and POSING. IT was obvious!!!

So then I freaking decided to SEEEE if this Amtrak crash WAS YET ANOTHER STAGED PSYOP. And then decided to find the evidence on YOUtube.

Here is the evidence: crisis actors etc.



There are more links . Just look on youtube.

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I have been getting outta body experiences EVERY morning. NO , not just 1-2 times per week but everymorning.

I dont know what told me to ask for the E ts to take me outta body on journeys but they have been doing it EVERY morning just as long as my sleep cycle is disrupted. Thats when they can 'get in'.
Thats WHEN they can HACK in.

Its so freaking fun. You guys gotta try it.
My E ts (reptilians and many others), KNOW what i like.

They drop me from the sky, ufo ships, and also actually take me outta body and put me in another reality where I can do all the narly stuff on my own as if i went outta body myself. Sometimes they do virtual reality simulations but something they are actally ETHEREAL abductions. Sometimes they allow you to be independent.

If you guys want FUN and wanna get the hell outta this realty , just TALK TALK TALK to the E Ts. --mind to mind.

IF you go to bed at 10 then wake up at 3am then go back to sleep thats when they can HACK IN (your brain) to give you what you WANT.
They are eager beavers.
They love to please. I even saw the STATICY pc screen in my brain just like a fuzzy tv screen when the reptilians were trying to hack in a few days ago but since i couldnt get back to sleep that morning, that morning nothing happened. WE/our bodies are one big computer. D I is right.

The being will even show himself or herself first ,then , he will give you an experience.

This morning a human looking tall E T gave me the weirdest experience yet.

It felt like an actual physical abduction but i know it was a Virtual simulation abduction.

I saw all these white strobe lights in my room then boom, I went outta body and was doing back flips up the wall and back.
When the strobe lights quit, i was back physically in my body then i tried to go up and back down the wall and couldnt do it.
Then the strobe lights began again and I started floating again in my room. The being gave me a history test that made no sense and i blurted out "brazil". I even went into the PAST (when i was 27) and was walking around my apt that i only lived in for one month. It was so real.
I guess he was distracting me while he was doing 'other things' to me. IDk.
They (e Ts) are little computer hackers. IF you get my drift.

Several days before that ,the reptilians gave me 4 experiences in one WEEK, then they started communicating by SONGS with me.
Now i am sad and I need to figure out what is up with them (that group) because today like i said i got a human-looking tall E T.
And not reptilian.

1. First song first morning they put "jessies girl" by Rick Spfld, in my head.
2. The second morning they put Paula ABdul " Hes a cold hearted snake"
3. The 3rd morning they put "Go your own way" by Fleetwood mac.


I want to find out who JESSIE is. I am HIS girl. He is a reptilian.
He probably isnt a COLD hearted snake.

And, this morning maybe the human looking E T who gave me the experience this morning, maybe he IS JESSIE.
Maybe he is a TALL WHITE.

Well they arent MEAN. The viscious ones cant get thru.
I dont know if they are exactly nice but I DONT care.
I just want my awesome outtabody experiences.

And they are FREE!!! Free fun!!!!

I owe them BIG TIME!!!!!

More to come....

Find the E ts in your life and talk to them.

ANybody can. Anybody can be an ABDUCTEE!!!!

more to come.....

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Reptilian Shape Shifter Mating Incident - Reymehers Hollow, York (Hex County, Pa)

Just had the most bizzarre Reptilian encounter and experience ever. For awhile now for the past few weeks I kept getting the most strong compelling feeling that I should go to Hex Hollow (Reymeyers Hollow) Park. The feeling got so strong yesterday it was like being a drug addict looking for a fix. A calling to go to Reymeyhers Hollow in Hex, York County Pa. That I would experience the strangest experience of my life. I've been having these feelings and premonitions that I'm supposed to go to Hex Hollow, (Reymeyers Hollow) to meet up with Reptilians there. To get to know them better there. So I couldn't withstand this feeling to not go any longer as it was getting stronger and stronger that I have no choice but to go. Feeling slightly stupid thinking nothing's going to happen, I got in my car and headed for the Park. Reymehers Hollow is ground zero for a supposed large underground Reptilian population in the myth of the area. Reptilians like to build their tunnels in supposedly in State Parks. I entered the park. I found myself driving down a strange scary like road with no one around at all at around 3 pm. Suddenly I noticed a car up ahead stopped in the middle of the road. I couldn't pass. I stopped my car. A man got out and came up to me and asked me to park. He pointed to a spot in the woods. I said, "I'm not parking, I can go around you." He said, come on you can't go around my car. and you can't sit here someone may come by and hit your car. At this point I couldn't help but to obey. A euphoric feeling was coming over me. The feeling to obey was so strong I couldn't resist. And, now I knew I was in a Reptilian game play. One that I was about to experience like no other before. I parked the car and got out. I said, "won't someone steal my car parked here." He laughed and said no one's going to steal your car it's being watched carefully. He then asked me, "why don't you run up that hill." The hill was steep with dense forest, plants and shrubs. This whole area is very secluded and dense. I said, "I can't run up that hill." He said just give it a try, you'll be surprised at what you can do. As if by command and feeling like I had no resistance to refuse. I wanted to run. I couldn't help myself but not to run. I started to run up the hill through the dense trees and ground foliage. I started to feel an exhilarating euphoria like you cannot imagine. Gaining strength as I ran. Feeling intensely euphoric. I then started to feel as if I was moving lower to the ground. Moving lower to the ground as I ran. My hands reaching to the ground. I was crawling through the forest on what I thought at first was my hands and feet. I was getting more and more euphoric like you can't imagine moving fast. In total bliss when I realized I had shape shifted into a lizard like creature. I was running on all fours. I was moving at an extraordinary speed low to the ground, running. I had massive strength. I then noticed other Reptilians now running behind me and to the sides of me. About 4 of them. There was a Reptilian running up ahead. Looked female. And, it was like we were chasing her. One of the Reptiles came up beside me and jokingly said, "Welcome to Mating Season, Lestat." I knew I was now in a complete Reptilian game play, or maybe this was much more. And, then it was like a sexual euphoric feeling came over me which can only be describe as a primitive animal in heat surging through my body. I looked at my skin and it had turned green. My stomach was breathing pumping fast. My skin felt euphoric. I had become a Lizard. A human lizard. A Hybrid human lizard. The female lizard looked human in the face. We were chasing after this Reptilian female in a mating ritual. A human hybrid Reptile mating ritual. I won't get into the details of what happened after we caught up. Later on we came upon a pond. One of the Reptilians told me to jump into the pond. I jumped in and swam to the bottom. My eyes were open underwater. By now, I had no resemblance of a human what so ever. I was a complete lizard with tail. I still had the euphoric feeling and extreme strength. Then suddenly, I felt something pull me out of the water. He said, I thought you were going to drown Lestat, you can't breath in water stupid. Later, we stopped by a large tree. The guy who stopped me with his car in the road was there. He said, "we can't change you back." You completely know now of the Reptilian." What it's like. How it feels. We can't let you go back. I really freaked out. I said, I don't want to stay like this. They said sorry, but we can't let you shift back to human form. I was really scared to the point of starting to cry. Then one of the Reptilians started laughing. He said, ah you big baby, we're just trying to scare you. You can change back on your own. Just think about it. A massive euphoric feeling then came over me again. And, without even noticing the change I was me again. A human. They took me back to my car. They said, "Lestat you always said you wanted to live in the woods, and meet us up close." Then the Reptilian said, get in your car and leave. You won't remember what happened here until tommorow. I said, I'm not forgetting what happened right here right now in real time. He said, you'll forget. Get in your car now and leave the Park. I started to drive the car away, down this old dirt road thinking, "why did I bother coming here, nothing happened." What a stupid thought to think I was going to meet Reptilians here. I had forgotten the whole incident. Until today. Then the memories started to flood my mind, like a vivid cinematic motion picture reel running through my brain, with a slight feeling of euphoria reeling over and through my body.

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Remember Super Mario World?

Do you remember the magikoopa enemy from the castle levels? Do you remember exactly what he did?

Oh, that's right! He shot a spinning projectile that consists of a square, a triangle, and a circle. What's wrong with that? Well, it just so happens that a square represents physical sex, a triangle represents spiritual sex, and the circle represents tantric sex. Why is it that no one has picked up on how this character is a wizard using sex to distract you from completing your destiny? He's like a proper representation of the illuminati priesthood. I know, there's more interesting things to pick apart from the story of an italian mafioso masquerading as a plumber who sees various reptiles in another dimension after eating a magical mushroom that increases his strength and size. However, this little detail draws hardly any attention from non-initiates. This bothers me considering the good people at sony decided to use these exact symbols on the face buttons of their playstation controller for three generations of the console so far (and the PSP). They were even nice enough to add an "x" for sex in case it wasn't obvious enough.

Does anybody give a shit about this??

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The A320 wingspan as 111ft 11 inches, (thanks to the Daily Mail for that)

Wikipedia gives the aircraft lenght as 111ft 0inches, cruising speed 511 mph at 11,000m, thrust 111–120 kN; also Airbus sold 111 aircraft in 1992.

March 24 is 83rd day of the Gregorian year. 8+3=11

March 24 is the last day of the year in the some implentations of Julian calender still used in some parts of Europe.

In Imperial Rome a three-day period of mourning before the rebirth of Attis on 25 March, the date of the vernal equinox on the Julian calendar.

Attis was a Phrygian god of vegetation, and in his self-mutilation, death, and resurrection he represents the fruits of the earth, which die in winter only to rise again in
the spring.

The aircraft was probably pagan sacrifice in honor of Attis.

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The truth about Masonicinfo.com by Jim Prange

I got a good laugh when I stumbled across this recently:
Scroll down to the A-Z list of the 340 or so “Anti-Masons” they have named, and click on “Jim Prange.” (Or, direct link to the entry at this link:

The website is a popular pro-Mason propaganda site run by Freemasons, and there is now a listing for me on that website under their category of “Anti-Masonic Examples,” a list that puts right-wing, bigoted nuts who happen to be anti-Masonic in the same company as authors who are truly exposing the organization’s dirty deeds, such as David Icke and Jim Marrs.

Here’s what they have to say about me:

Jim Prange (Pseudonym: Alex Parma) - Mr. Prange - using his credentials as a former newspaper reviewer of video games and his extensive knowledge gained through playing in a band - has concluded that the Masons are planting secret messages (from the reptile race) in crop circles while they're simultaneously poisoning the water supply. Using such impeccable sources as David Icke, Jim Marrs, and William Cooper (there's more than a bit of irony there, folks!), he has convinced himself that there's a huge conspiracy he's uncovered in Howell, Michigan. Perhaps Mr. Prange and his imaginary friend Mr. Parma have found an alternative to drinking that water.... You can find his rantings here. <- (link provided to essay)

This entry is revealing: in the one sentence they give to my essay’s central theory, they have twisted around one of the most crucial points of my theory to the opposite of what I actually say in the essay. Supposedly, I have concluded that “the Masons are planting secret messages (from the reptile race) in crop circles while they're simultaneously poisoning the water supply.”

Anyone who actually reads my essay will know that I’m clearly stating the opposite- that I think forces OPPOSED to the Masons are planting messages in crop circles, and in the case of Howell, that this anti-Masonic/anti-New World Order force created a crop formation to point out to the masses that high-level Masons are involved in the poisoning of the Howell water supply at a sacred site, and that these Masons have been brazenly indicating it by landscaping (not via crop circles, but via traditional, long-term landscaping) some of their symbolism onto the immediate area, visible from the air.

I figure, I must be pretty close to the truth if, in order to discredit me, they have to resort to such a low tactic. If my theory really is as ridiculous and off-base as they’d like you to believe, surely using my own words against me, unchanged, would have been all they needed to prove their point.

Interesting parallels to David Icke’s online debunkers, who often resort to similar tactics, such as claiming that Icke is “pro-fascist” or “anti-Semitic.” Anyone who reads a book by Icke, or even spends a little time on his website to find out if this is true, will know that his views are quite the polar opposite.

For an example of this type of disinfo-reliant debunking, check out this ridiculous exchange I had back in July ’04 with “Ben” (the administrator of the forum at alienufos.com, the “Central Online UFO Community”- a messageboard that is endorse by and partnered with UFO Magazine) and a few of his hired cyber-goons:
http://www.alien-ufos.com/forum/showthread.php?s=ad9b2a103cbf240 01d6e7066cb57a891&t=2162
At one point, he even resorts to saying that “when Icke says ‘lizards,’ he means ‘Jews.’” I had to give up on this forum and stop posting, as I couldn’t waste any more time lowering myself to their level any longer, already having discredited their debunking enough for anyone with a brain to catch on.

It’s interesting how often online debunkers of David Icke resort to these tactics to try to discredit him. After all, if David Icke’s theory is so off-base, wouldn’t it be far more effective for his debunkers to discredit him by using his own actual words, in full context, against him?

Interesting how Icke’s debunkers’ “Talking Points” are repeated almost verbatim from website to website, even though all it takes is a few minutes of reading Icke’s actual words to realize that they are misstating some of his main points as the opposite of what he actually says. I guess if you repeat a lie often enough, many people assume it’s the truth…

Now that I see similar tactics being used on me, I truly feel a warm, renewed sense of accomplishment for what I accomplished in decoding the Howell formation.

I wonder how many of the other people debunked on their “Anti-Masonic Examples” list are misquoted in their entry?

The Thunderbird Wheel has been activated; the dawn is here. Wise serpents will know it's time to either leave or join the side of light; any serpents who stay where they are will be burned by the sun.

The darkest hour is right before the dawn.

Part two;

Here's further evidence from the ridiculous masonicinfo.com website that proves without a doubt that organized Freemasonry is an elaborately compartmentalized, crumbling pyramid of lies run by professional liars.

This is the last paragraph of their disclaimer page, where the author of the website attempts to absolve the Masonic organization from any accountability for the lies told on this website:

"And just to clarify: this website is a PERSONAL endeavor. Lest there be any misunderstanding, the concept was that of Ed King, solely and independently. There were no discussions with Grand Lodges nor, in fact, was there even a discussion with any other Mason! It was conceived and released without any suggestions from any Masonic source whatsoever. And to reiterate: no one person speaks for Freemasonry! Ergo, whether you like this site or you hate it, it is NOT an "official" Masonic site nor does it pretend to be...."

Here's the direct link:

Hmm-- so, according to the author of the site, Ed King, masonicinfo.com is "not an official Masonic site nor does it pretend to be."

OK, so what IS the official website endorsed by organized Freemasonry for information on Anti-Masons? Let's find out:

1)Go to the OFFICIAL Freemasonry homepage on the internet, which is http://freemasonry.org.

2)From there, click on "Links." The direct link to the Links page is:
https://freemasonry.org/index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid= 83

3)From there, click on "Informational Sites." The direct link is: http://links.hiram.net/Informational_Sites/

(Before going to the next link, notice the caption for the 4th link on this page, titled "Anti-Masonry: FAQ." The caption to this link reads:
"This Anti-Masonry FAQ details the maliciously mendacious and willfully ignorant attacks on Freemasonry; with reasoned and factual responses.")

4)From the "Informational Sites" link of step 3, click on "Anti-Masonry: Points Of View." Direct link:

T he above link will automatically redirect you to:

5)From there, click on "Those who oppose Masons and Masonry." The direct link to this is:

6)Next, click on the word "people" on the line that reads "And specific people that oppose Freemasonry." Direct link:

7)From the A-Z list on their page, scroll down to my listing under "P." -> "Jim Prange (pseud: Alex Parma)" Direct link:

Inte resting... So the only website endorsed by the official Freemasonry home page for information on specific "Anti-Masons" is: (drum roll, please)

Yet, according to the author of www.masonicinfo.com, his site is not officially endorsed by Freemasonry.

See how it's done? With tricky wording, the Masons have created an illusion that seems to erase any accountability the Masonic organization should have for the blatant, provable lies told on their officially endorsed website for information on Anti-Masons.

Once again, this proves that one of the the main reason "masonicinfo.com" exists is to simply prevent average, unthinking people from reading any material by the "Anti-Masons" who are on to the truth, using the reprehensble method of reversing of the words of said "Anti-Masons," knowing that the majority of the readers of the website will not bother to read the work of the "Anti-Masons" misrepresented on the site, and that those that do actually read the work of the "Anti-Masons" are past the point of no return anyway, having been turned on to the truth through hard facts.

Knowing this, the Masonic organization then seemingly avoids accountability for their numerous bald-faced, traceable lies on the website by having the author of the website claim that it is not an official Masonic site, even though it is the ONLY website for information on specific "Anti-Masons" endorsed by the official website of Freemasonry!!!

How many people will see through this figure-eight of doublethink and realize that Freemasonry is built on a foundation of lies?

Hopefully more will see through the blatant BS peddled by these con artists, now that I've posted this "smoking gun" that proves, beyond a doubt, the fundamental dishonesty that comprises the backbone of organized Freemasonry.

Over the next few weeks, I will repeat versions of this post on any internet forum I can find where some anonymous Freemason messageboard poster name-drops "masonicinfo.com" in defense of Freemasonry. I've really got my work cut out for me-- seemingly, this is the website to which defenders of Freemasonry seem to always refer when defending their organization from truth attacks by "Anti-Masons" on the internet.

07august #conspiracy davidicke.com

I know that Saddam Hussein's FAKE HANGING was staged for the benefit of the American public to put a medal on George W. Bush's halo. While gathering information to prove that Hussein is a 33 degree mason, I found information that GHW Bush was a pal of Saddam's and used his relationship with pal Hussein to stage attacks and to use Hussein as a patsy for Kuwait and again for the 911 lies for staging wars in the Middle east.

I bring your attention to a story which should have been examined with a fine tooth comb years ago. I bet if we looked hard enough in the middle east today, we would find Hussein and his sons alive and well.

No one has done any research on the fact the Saddam Hussein's fake death was for some quirky reason. Saddam Hussein's death was faked just as Osama Bin Laden's 9 year old dead body was resurrected from a morgue to aid Obama's horrible prez. ratings. It is my hope that more people will learn that not only Bin Laden's death was faked but also the Saddam Hussein's trial and fake death was another govt ploy to mislead Americans.

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Ive encountered inscetoid type beings after smoking dmt. At first I met these gorgeous teenage female space pixies, they were unbeleivably stunning and it pleased them that I found them so beautiful. After they filled me with love I kind of mind melded with them, then I agreed to go with them.

I went down this tunnel and all of a sudden was at this sort of space station, there was lots of activity down below, could have been inscectoids, seemed that way tbh. I couldnt understand how I was in space and I could breath lol

Then all of a sudden this tall alien cow thingy with leather type hands and was furry appeared, it had a long thin chin and fat oblong head with little black eyes, again could have been inscectoid tbh

He put these strands through my head as if they came out his fingers, it was as if I could see and feel this from another point while it was all happening. I got a bit nervous then from behind I sensed the pixies filling me with their love to put me at ease and let me do what this thing was doing.

He then finished and it was as if I was on this production line of sorts but I was standing and when he finished I like moved up the line, then this machine came out with lazres and shit and seemed to add to the starnds that were already in my brain, this felt kinda strange then again the pixies put me at ease with their love.

While this was going on, again it was as if I could see this going on from another point, like I could see these strands going into my brain. While this was happening I could feel a definite inscet presence gnawing at the side of me as if it was feeding off me, but with its gnawing it felt like it was making me ejaculate continously throughout every pour of my body, was a total beingasm.

It was making me feel a bit strange as you could imagine, all the time this machine was continuing fucking with my head, then again when I was wary the pixies tried to reassure me, well their presence, this got too strange, was as if maybe the sexual gnawing and the pixies were diverting my attention as they put these strands in my head.

I then pulled back as I didnt weant it to continue, like too much was going on at once, and I didnt know what the hell was going on really. I then came back through these tuneels and seemingly metal sliding doors, going backwards then I found myself dpownwards in space as if at the edge of a space station and there was like a space pod thing attatched to it with a humanoid type thing standing next to it on a platform, It might have been waving im not sure.

I then opened my eyes and was back in my mates livingroom and there was like a metal clik 4 times in my throat then 4 times in my chest, quite quickly after id opened my eyes, back here.

I was convinced I had been implanted by them and ive read many accounts since of people being implanted by the insectoids. A psychic told me I had indeed been implanted, 6 months later, not only that time but four other times. One was to track me when I reentred hyperspace, another was hinder my psychic abilities and another two would mess up my auric field. they werent too bad I was told, but I was to ask the earth angels to remove them which I did oviously.

Definite inscetoids in that trip, thing is its so far beyond our concepts we have no idea what their agenda is, Id love to know more!

consciousness #conspiracy davidicke.com

Last night when i went to go and sleep, i lay my head down on the pillow, and not long after that, i had an extremely lucid vision.

I sometimes ask the universe to reveal past life stuff to me, in order for me to figure things out in my life.

The vision was i was looking into a space ship of sorts on the main deck, but the setting was on a rocky/sandy planet of sorts, and the ship landed there. But this vision was after the ship landed.

However, i looked at a reptilian being, busy at the main control panel irght in front, more accurately a being that looked almost exactly like one of those creatures in the alien movies, with the long head.
He was harvesting humans, collecting them, more specifically for their brains, to implant into another dead entity/being, for them to have intelligence and life.

It's very similiar to the movie Skyline where the the machines, plucked out the brains of humans and inserted them into machines, to give the machines life.

However, what struck me is that as soon as i saw this reptilian being, i panicked and the energy of the being immediately envelloped me.

At first i thought, what the hell ? Then i just brought infinite love to the situation, and although the energy did not immediately go away, i felt more at peace. And then i realised this was me i was looking at in a past life.

I had previous clues as to that i was a reptilian in a past life, however, this was full on confirmation simply because i recogised the energy and the being i was looking at....

damn...... poor humans..... they were victims of me harvesting them....

kiwimaj #conspiracy davidicke.com

You know the glasses that the characters in "They Live" wear to see the truth of who is ruling over us..? Lately I have been trying to figure out why the establishment is so keen on taking control of marijuana crops and you can see their keen ness by the black copters late at night circling overhead with night cameras trying to find naughty people growing it..Well maybe there is something in the smoking of the stuff that will allow us to see them for who they really are? (reptillians, aliens, etc..) and all the other dumbing down that has been doing on, a major part of that is again, to keep us from seeing our enslavers in their true light? Also, if we can experience other dimensions (through the right brain being more activiated, along with the pineal gland..etc..) we would then be able to see those other dimensions where they also reside ?

Maybe all the dumbing down from chemtrails to mercury fillings to mcdonalds is not just about keeping us from being who we truly are, exploring our infinite consciousness and creativeness etc., but what it's really all about is them not being exposed...

Just something that came to me...

kadaimara75 #conspiracy davidicke.com

look up pictures of Barack Obama up until Late July. His haggard appearance and the use of clones/lookalikes coincides with the release of my expose which can be found on the forums under illuminati/secret societies "Psychic powers, mind control, and freemasons."

This pussy got so haggard and evil and keeps mentally attacking my dog. This is absolutely real stuff going on in this world!
Anyway, blacks in power have a different look. Ever notice that? Louis Farrakhan, Malcolm X, Condoleezza Rice, These three baracks. Even my home city Police Chief Charles Ramsey... also atty general Eric Holder. These individuals are of a different genetic stock! I'm sure if we searched in government we'd find more of these Off-black people. Anyway, they are from a world called Escape, and it's actually the moon. Telescopes can only zoom in so far and after that its all B.S. pictures from NASA. Well, you'll hear more about this and mind control in the upcoming years. Philadelphia is a breaking ground for this movement because it is severely infected. Folks know now that psychic and schizophrenia is the same thing! Freemasons and celebrities give people voices. Period. Check this site out : http://ezinearticles.com/?How-To-Kno...You&id=1135093 along with my expose on this forum under illuminati secret societies called psychic powers, mind control, and freemasons. These writings explain what real psychic powers are.

messiah x #conspiracy davidicke.com

Pantera: Could they be Reptilians?

Back in 1981 a decent, but relatively forgettable hard rock/hair metal band called Pantera was formed in Arlington, Texas. These unknown rockers would later become rich and famous, but was it really by their own merits? Or was it a dastardly scheme to water down and destroy heavy metal?

Throughout the 80's Pantera released 4 similarly styled albums, Metal Magic, Projects in the Jungle, I Am The Night, and Power Metal. During this period they were playing a blend of speed metal and glam, bringing to mind influences ranging from Kiss to Judas Priest. But in 1989, something happened: a sudden and drastic change in style. The fun-loving rockers of the 80's transformed, as if over night, into a band of vicious and angry tough guys. Instead of the usual party tunes, songs about sexual conquests, and anthems toward the glory of heavy metal, they began preaching violence against their fellow man. Over time they alienated their original fanbase, Diamond Darrell became Dimebag Darrell, and they began to vehemently deny their roots, to the point of actually trying to cover up their early discography! As they rose through the charts, many people began turning to them, and through them the terrible "nu-metal" scene of equally angry and angsty mock metal bands of the 90's. True metal was all but forgotten in mainstream media. This went on for years until 2004 when Dimebag Darrell was shot on stage performing with his new band Damageplan.

This may seem like an innocent case of a band simply "evolving" musically, or trying to keep with the times, but I think the truth is far more sinister. I believe that in 1989, our fun loving hard rock heroes were captured by Reptilians involved with MTV in their war against heavy metal. (as a sidenote: The same scenario probably happened with Metallica as well) Once they were in captivity (or killed) the Reptilian shape shifters assumed their identity and began making a style of metal which could both sell to the masses and dumb down the population. Gone were the lyrics of bands like Iron Maiden who sung songs about classical literature and poetry, replaced by bands singing about doing harm to our human brethren. The Reptilians ascended to power under Pantera's name ruining true metal in America for most of the 90's (they were luckily unable to have much of an impact in Europe). Is it a coincidence that heavy metal began to make a comeback in the mainstream in and around 2005? Perhaps Nathan Gale is in fact a hero of metal, for eliminating the Reptilian threat of Pantera!

anti system #conspiracy davidicke.com

I have been a proud Englishmen who has been very active in the English nationalism movement for aprox a year and a half.
I have promoted nationalism without racism, and had nothing to do with bthe BNP, this was purely English nationalism.

any way I recently became aware of the Masons/secret societies through David icke and the concerns of them etc (Freedom or Fascism DVD)
I had never came across any one form the Masons or any other secret society in my life, untill recently, to my surprise I find there are quite a few all over the English nationalism movement, some in high places!
I also found a version of the meaning of the Cross of St George through the info on the Masons via David Icke (Freedom or Fascism DVD) it was an un-nerving meaning, of the red cross meaning blood and the white meaning seaman!

I have now cut certain conections to where I have come across the Masons members within the English nationalsit movement, and am looking more into the original White Dragon flag of England which is connected to St Edmund.
Although I will xalm the English nationalsdim down a little now due to my findings and my revalations concerning the secret societies through David Icke.

turquoisefyre #conspiracy davidicke.com

...A more believable theory about Cobain's death suggests he was the victim of a CIA mind control experiment. An individual claiming to represent 'a private network of researchers' contacted me about this and arranged a meeting in the Temple Church on Fleet Street. Once I'd settled in a pew, a very nervous young man seated himself beside me. According to my contact, the CIA is deeply concerned about the subversive influence of popular music on young people, that's why 'they murdered Brian Jones, John Lennon and Jim Morrison'.

What's been worrying the spooks lately is the sway black radicalism has gained over the minds of white teenagers, to counter this 'they've been pushing Nation of Islam style separatism among rappers'. Likewise, the white Grunge movement spearheaded by Nirvana was backed by the CIA because 'they wanted to divide youngsters on racial lines, if black and white kids linked up, they'd pose a serious threat to the system. The whole point of Grunge is to instill in teenagers a sense of hopelessness, to fill them with self-hate and prevent them from changing the world.'

Apparently, the CIA got hold of Cobain when he was still unknown, then using drugs, hypnosis and medical torture, they broke his will and rebuilt his personality. 'Most of the time he'd act relatively normal,' I was told, 'but all it took was a few key words spoken over the phone and Cobain would carry out the deeds he'd been programmed to enact.' My contact was convinced that the singer had been brainwashed into committing suicide at the peak of his success because the CIA figured this would reduce his potentially rebellious fans to complete despair.

However, the conspiracy theorist admitted several of his fellow researchers thought Cobain had taken his own life as the only means of breaking free from the influence of his controllers. If this is the case, then the rock star is a hero rather than simply a victim, and his death provides grounds for a fresh outbreak of teenager rebellion.

Holyspirit #conspiracy davidicke.com

I woke up at 5:10 am January 7, 2012 in my bed and started to record my REM subconsciousness mind recorder; this I thought was a nightmare then I realized my abduction was about to begin. The Alien Grey's were in the process to enter my subconscious. This abduction from what I deduced started at 4:15 am. It was a team of at least three Grey's holding me down, one starting a heart drill and one at my head trying to mind melt with me like Spock from Star Trek.
I succeeded in fighting them off by my furious intellect! I have realized that they were trying stop my access to very intelligent parts of the brain and steal these frequencies for their own power. Unfortunately for the Grey's I have stumbled on to the ultra low frequencies in the 2.3 hertz range that they use to enslave us as humans by creating depression. These negative beings are the best at stealing technology from other races and also at enslaving races of beings for gaining more power in the Galaxy. The Grey's want mind numb corporate zombies to work more so the Grey's can profit on the tax more.
The Alien Grey's did not want me to release this information. This is why the abduction took place to make me afraid of them and not warn you.

luciferhorus #conspiracy davidicke.com

Essentially I would like to see the Freemasons hunted down and eradicated from the face of the earth; perferably by an appropriate method which is a suitable "karmic" sentence such as exposure to depleted uranium, ritual human sacrifice, and the various Masonic methods of execution, the slaughtering of their membership on the altars of their temples, etc., however the wholesale nuclear destruction of the command and control centres (such as the City of London) of the Capitalists would suffice to begin with.

trux newman #fundie davidicke.com

(From a discussion on secular humanism)

It's just a fancy sounding phrase for Fundamentalist Materialism. That's my beef. Just out of interest, what word to veggies and vegans use when they have a beef with something?

Fundamentalist Materialism (aka Atheism, Humanism, Trans-Humanism) separates a person from their true spiritual nature. It is from this spiritual nature that all good things come as it balances our animal part. Take it away and you end up with lycanthropy.

dc1hsc #conspiracy davidicke.com

James Randi and Penn Jilette were both present at an Illuminati meeting I was taken to as a child.

There were some jokes about Penn's wife: and he said "she must be stupid, she married me!".

He asked me if I liked magic/his shows at which point I said yes and he 'joked' "I'm still gonna f*** you up the ass".

Jilette was the "central column" to quite the magic trick with another 2 men. James Randi attempted to explain to me some of the 'illusion' of the Royal Arch/Illuminati paedophilia.

This was in America in the 1990s after I was taken there by Thomas Hurd from an airfield in Oxfordshire en route to Bohemian Grove and Home Base (Area 51). It was very hot near the desert. "You don't even need your passport, due to the agreement we have with their government".

sandi28 #conspiracy davidicke.com

I think we are being targeted because we are - or have been chosen to be - warriors of the light side in the polarity game. We don't know it, but our souls do and they do too. It may sound stupid, but I imagine it like Star Wars, with the Imperator being Satan and we are the Rebels against his evil Empire.
That would make our torturers the stormtroopers, and the moon is the death star. David Icke could be Obi-Wan. I wonder where Yoda is though.
I bet they are stealing our blood and count the midichlorians. Then they drink it.

I am not making fun of anyone here, my life sucks horribly, and my only escape is my fantasy life.

manonthemoon #conspiracy davidicke.com

I believe there are actually two, identical moons that rotate the earth, one exactly opposite the other. The Moon actually orbits at half the speed we think it is and is closer than we believe. That is why we get TWO TIDES per day and not just the one we would get if there were just one moon.


There is actually one real moon (that the astronauts landed on) and a fake spaceship moon, positioned at exactly the opposite side of the earth. That is why we never see two moons at once.


cpfc12 #conspiracy davidicke.com

Genetics is the satanic science" if you wish to call it that. Nothing is more proven of this in the last harry potter (propaganda) film, when you can see in the opening scene, which features Young Harry Potter first talking he mimes "fucking n*ggers" I was shocked by this, but if you play the sound backwards, and his speech he openly declares his love for "Satan's cock" don't just take my word for it. reverse Potter's statemtent 32 minutes and 23 seconds in to the film the fourth film. Coincidence i don't think so.
Black "friend" is merely of the homosexual Hogwarts buddies, purely use him as a tool for sexual deviance (interracial orgies), same goes for Emma watson, the filthy whore of babylon. Again this can be linked back to satanism unfortunly

Personally i wouldn't allow any children near this shit, its almost as bad as Scooby doo (the obvious sexual connotation there, and street slang used for when homosexuals gather in californian parks in the summer time and eat their faeces.

Also remember, it reaches are subliminals, and sub concious mind when they only have gatherings and events which mainly consist of white people. Think about it. Satanic black masses, most homosexuals are in fact white men, church services, the police and military ... The white male institutions are spearheading the NWO and domination of the human spirit.

elpressiedente #conspiracy davidicke.com

All life on this planet was manufactured in a factory some where else.

Once created..... each replication is inferior to the previous..

thats why we no longer have access to the time grid.. (ability to see past and future)

had to develope speech as our telepathic skills are all but extinguished...

what we consider to be evolution is actually decay...

but what else do you expect from a godless new world order mind programming...

all vaccines are poisonous and are the human species are better off decaying slower rather than faster due to the mercury from a needle.

David Icke #conspiracy davidicke.com

I have been naming the former British Prime Minister, the now late Ted Heath, since 1998 to be a child-killing paedophile Satanist and, in terms of his 'high-office', he is far from a rarity (see article below this one). I know others, including one who spent a long time in that position.

These networks control governments, national and local, 'law' offices, police, courts, coroners' offices, crematoria, social services, law firms and so on, and they have their own doctors and pathologists to ensure when necessary that they can cover up how people have truly met their fate.

midwich cuckoo #conspiracy davidicke.com

Thought I'd add my 2 cents here.

We all know that Star Trek was all about the new world order, even the badges on the uniforms.

Also Star Trek got us more used to the idea of space travel, aliens and life on other planets.

The Klingons interest me. In the original series of Star Trek, the Klingons look different to they do now. Don't you think they look a bit 'reptillian' now?.

Now think of the Klingon language.

Do you find it strange that a race of beings from a television show have had a language 'created' for them?. And that this language is being taught at colleges and universities.

What if the Klingon language is actually the Reptilian language!.:eek:

hunkahunka #conspiracy davidicke.com

My Own Private Idaho

Anyone interested in this vein of thought re: Cobain cannot miss seeing 'My Own Private Idaho' starring River Phoenix.

I think this film was loosely based on Kurt Cobain's life.
The main character is a homeless young drug addict who prostitutes himself to men to feed his drug habit. I have read that Cobain was himself a homeless drug addict who slept under a bridge and hung around pickup spots (prostitution) to feed his drug habit. This was in the years before he became a successful musician.
Another interesting fact is that the main character suffered from narcolepsy, a condition in which sufferers of this disease pass out and fall into a sleeping state when under stress. Cobain was also narcoleptic .
The character in My Own Private Idaho is victimized by a brutal father and was from a broken home, and suffers 'blackout periods' where he does not know what happened.

It is also known that Cobain dabbled in the occult.

My Own Private Idaho was made by gay activist film maker Gus Van Sant, (WRITTEN AND DIRECTED) who also directed 'Last Days' , starring Brad Pitt, and loosely based on Cobain's last weeks of life.

Kurt Cobain and River Phoenix both were personal friends of Michael Stipe, another prominent gay rights advocate, and both Cobain and Phoenix died the same year.

Another eerie coincidence is that there is a scene in My Own Private Idaho where River Phoenix flies to Rome and has a blackout during a homosexual prostitution session with an Italian man, and mysteriously finds himself, presumably days later, on a plane back to Portland, while Cobain had his first brush with death after a concert in Rome. Cobain and River Phoenix knew eachother, and after the death of River Phoenix, Cobain dedicated a song to him at one of his concerts. Phoenix and Cobain died within six months of eachother, both dead of heroin overdose.

My guess is that if Cobain saw 'My Own Private Idaho' when it came out in late October 1991, or later, it would have had a major personal impact on his psyche.

interesting but probably useless tidbit:
Nirvana's hit record 'Never Mind' has an infant immersed in water on the cover, and MKUltra is known to begin conditioning subjects from infancy, with torture techniques that are known to include water boarding.

totalreality2012 #conspiracy davidicke.com

Was Mr.Rogers a Satanic Pedophile?
By all evidence i've seen, i'd say yes indeed, and I never watch this as a kid! maybe thats why Its so obvious to me as im older

I made two videos on the subject, of which I've combed for clips for his "show", and compiled them in a way you'll most likely understand (those who know what to look for)

Aside from the constant sexual innuendos, phallus references, masturbation cues, a whole host of symbolism flowing in the background...it's mystifying and disgusting when you look at it

Here is the first video, you see the obvious satanic references to the 'dragon' riding the dragon, the Dagon representations, the sick evil clown! how traumatising is that?

It's unspeakable

Here's the second video, where it gets EVEN WORSE..total conditioning to accepting 'different looking things', and a weird mark of the beast, the whole dragon symbolism, shapeshifting...being related by 'heart' to an obvious reptilian looking demon and so BLATANT phallic references throughout...

You can't look at whats going on in the cavern and think that's right!

it enrages me to know that millions of children watched this vile propaganda day in day out while this monster is praised as a saint! only in this world!

and yes, 2 to 5 year olds watched this...

Ian2day #conspiracy davidicke.com

This is getting more bizarre as it goes on for me. My own birthdate forms the number 888. My family can be traced back to Switzerland. Before then they can be traced back to the Crusades in the Holy lands. I think that I may even be a direct descendant of Judas of Iscario. I know it is some far out there shit.

I use to be an emperor. My own father was a carpenter. My Relatives all have birthdays on significant dates in the year. Something which use to be an interest of mine is linked to the Pliedissa constellation. Some people attached to that have been killed in accicdents. My friend who told me about the IBM 5100 computer died in a strange way. About the time when I was trying to get in contact with him. I will soon be involved in the world of politics. My ability to write poetry. My manifesting ability by abstaining of sugar intake for 40 days and nights. I am the anti-Christ or I am delusional. I also have other knowledge which I need assistance with. I can't do it on my own. My life is fucking unreal. This must all be a book or a movie. As what I am experiencing is a total mind fuck. Who am I? I can prove the existence of God, Budha, Alah or whatever name the higher power goes by. I have seen a Reptillian and it is the Annunaki as depicted in Sumerian artifacts. It wants us to know it exists. It wants us to unite in a one world government adn religion. It really does. They ae going to be coming back, to be returning soon. Now is all that a real memory or is it a false memory/knowledge implanted during NLP session.