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The Satanic ones are at it again, this time with a fake truck attack in Berlin. It’s merely staged, just as was the Nice arch-phony. As in Nice, there is no real footage available of the truck striking anyone. The lack of any such footage proves one issue. This is the fact that it’s a drill and nothing else, fully staged by the Zionist-controlled German government, just like all the others.

This is easy to prove. It is demonstrated by this PressTV video, which shows a man painted up with Hollywood-style moulage. There are no actual wounds on the individual, no lacerations: nothing. A truck striking a human at any speed would cause significant injuries, including crush injuries that would largely be fatal. There is not a single crush injury seen in any individual. It’s purely concocted. Regardless, the Zionists must continuously demonize Islam. It is a part of their plot for global domination.

It is said that some 60 people were injured or killed. It’s a lie. No one was killed, and no one was injured. It can be seen, here. Obviously, the Germans are staging this. Who is the man in the dark coat? What’s he doing there? Aren’t the EMTs capable of feeding an IV line? If this man is really bleeding, why not dress the wound? It isn’t dressed, because that would take away from the visual impact, the ‘shuck’ and awe:

What are they both looking at? It’s all an act for the camera, no doubt about it.



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