kingjameswriter1965 #conspiracy

Now class, what shape is this crystal in? Yes! It’s a TRIANGLE. Can you see the shape in the center of this triangle? Why, it looks like an EYE!

What else can you think of that is in the shape of a triangle? Yes! A PYRAMID! What kind of pyramid can you think of that has an eye in it? Correct! The ILLUMINATI PYRAMID!! You get a GOLD STAR (another Illuminati symbol)!

This ILLUMINATED BALL that drops from a pole every year is covered with Illuminati pyramids. They’re hidden in plain sight, just how they like it. Nobody notices the individual crystals because when it is lowered on New Year’s Eve, it is lit up so brilliantly and people only see it from the street or news cameras. The ball is covered with thousands of individual pyramids. The “enlightened ones” have you under their spell every single January 1st.



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