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ALL religions are CULTS; Biblical Christianity is the Real Deal!!

I am furious. I just got done watching a couple of videos, one about the Jonestown massacre and another about the Heaven’s Gate cult (which I couldn’t watch all the way through). Surely you knowledgeable folk out there must have heard of these.

I mean, are you serious? UFO’s? Some nut thinking he’s Christ, only in alien form? Taking Holy Scripture out of context because of demon-possessed mania? God will severely judge every one of these people who are cultic followers. Their leaders have their own special place in the Lake of Fire. Don’t get mad at me, God said so.

The only way of escape of God’s wrath is REPENTANCE through a CHANGE OF MIND, in which one acknowledges their sinfulness before God and that they are deserving of Hell. Then you BELIEVE in the Name of Jesus Christ to SAVE your soul from an eternal Hell (that He died on the Cross, shedding His blood for your sins; then was buried; then raised from death by the mighty power of God). Then you RECEIVE His free gift of eternal life. That’s the true Gospel, the power of God unto salvation to all who believe. That’s pure religion and undefiled, as James 1:27 in God’s Word declares. ALL ELSE IS VAIN, THE BROAD ROAD TO HELL.

Listed here are just a few well-known cults that deny the Scriptures and reject Jesus Christ as God. If you adhere to ANY of these, you are in big trouble with God Almighty!!


Baha’i faith

Black Muslim


Christian Science

Church of Christ

Eastern Cults

Episcopal Church (just another, lesser form of Romanism)

Freemasonry (many of our leaders are Freemasons; even the Founding Fathers of our once great nation followed this abomination)

Greek Eastern Orthodox (my best friend’s parents believe this)


Humanism (none other than New Age reasoning)

Illuminati (the pawns of the Devil)

Islamic Muslim

Jehovah’s Witness (my father perished in his sins because he converted to JW’s)

Judaism (what modern day Jews believe; they STILL reject Christ as Messiah)




Moonies (Unification Church)

Mormonism (perverts galore)

New Age (I swannee if I wasn’t a born again Christian with the Holy Spirit living inside me I’d fall prey to this)

Pagan Mumbo-Jumbo (Yin Yang)

Pentecostal / Charismatic (tongues NO LONGER exist; if you want to look like an idiot and have Satan laugh at you, go ahead and join)

Roman Catholicism (this is the greatest hoax of all, and every Romanist knows it; I know, because God took me out of it)

Russian Orthodox

Scientology (really?)

Seventh-Day Adventist (same as Mormons)

Unitarian Universalism

United Church of Christ


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I found out YouTube has a new invention. If you live stream a video, you can pay to have your chat window displayed in the ticker for a certain amount of time. “Insane” is what came to my mind. This, I believe, is vanity and foolishness of the highest degree.

It amazes me how selfish we are. While people are dying overseas in plagues and starvation, while teen girls are murdering their unborn babies in abortions, while people stay zonked out on filthy TV sitcoms like “Family Guy,” we now have this new method to get your ugly mug on the chat screen, but for a price. I tell you, this country is headed for the dust. America is not great any longer, and Trump can’t make it great again without the whole nation coming back to God. Nobody cares about anyone but themselves. That’s the New World Order for you, ALL ABOUT SELF!!

People are looking for the Antichrist to come, anxiously awaiting his imminent arrival. They even have saved a spot for him in seat number 666 in the European Parliament. Hardly anyone is waiting for the Lord Jesus Christ to come and catch the Christians out of this evil world. Even fewer are preaching the true Gospel, trying to reach these lost, even pulling them out of the fire, hating the very garment spotted by the flesh. No, the churches are asleep, content in their wicked prosperity gospel and love having their ears tickled and backs scratched instead of hearing blistering preaching and hard core truth from the mighty two-edged sword that is Word of God, while unsaved souls drop down into Hell every second of every day that goes by.

This world will very soon pass away with a great noise, and only the few that are truly saved by the shed blood of Jesus Christ will be spared from the powerful, consuming wrath of God Almighty. Where will your selfish vanities take you then? To Hell!!

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Now class, what shape is this crystal in? Yes! It’s a TRIANGLE. Can you see the shape in the center of this triangle? Why, it looks like an EYE!

What else can you think of that is in the shape of a triangle? Yes! A PYRAMID! What kind of pyramid can you think of that has an eye in it? Correct! The ILLUMINATI PYRAMID!! You get a GOLD STAR (another Illuminati symbol)!

This ILLUMINATED BALL that drops from a pole every year is covered with Illuminati pyramids. They’re hidden in plain sight, just how they like it. Nobody notices the individual crystals because when it is lowered on New Year’s Eve, it is lit up so brilliantly and people only see it from the street or news cameras. The ball is covered with thousands of individual pyramids. The “enlightened ones” have you under their spell every single January 1st.

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In the short time I’ve been blogging here at WordPress, I’ve seen Ebola, SARS, H1N1, and other deadly bugs leave their mark through our history. You can tell these higher ups are bored out of their minds. They make stuff up, they have both the money and the political/mad-science power to pull it off, and then, BYE BYE, POPULATION OF EARTH! We’ll just hide down here in our caves and eat, drink and be merry, because WE are the only ones who are worthy to LIVE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Do me a favor. SHUT UP. You conniving, crap-eating freaks! GOD will tear down every one of your ivory palaces and you will have NOWHERE to run.

What do you expect from a half-human, half-demon creature? They’re not normal! They’re not of God, nor do they want anything to do WITH God! They are of the Devil! They are LITERALLY Satan’s brethren, or “grandchildren,” as it were. I don’t like the idea of the Nephilim but how else can you even begin to explain such freakish beings? Reptilians? Hybrids of man and fallen angel? What exactly are we dealing with here??

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Welcome friends…


This brat is flashing the Cornuto!

If you’re new here, I’d like to thank you for stopping by. You’ve joined a community of over 100 followers whom I haven’t heard from in years. Yes, that’s right, people come by and follow my blog and I hear NOTHING from them. I guess it’s a spur of the moment kind of thing. Fair weather friends might be another way to put it.

The only ones who have anything to say fall into two classes: the good folk, who are born again, loving, caring individuals, those who support me and really do read and post kind comments. Then you have the other, the God-haters, who despise me without a cause and seem to enjoy kicking me when I’m down. I’m sure their life’s ambition is fulfilled whenever they see a Christian doing his or her job working for the Lord, and they proceed to bash them in guttural hatred and gnash on them with their teeth while laughing at their pain. It’s all good though, for the Lord saith, VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY. Their day is coming.

God wants me to be humble and sweet. I cannot be like you if you despise the Lord. I am not a part of this world, but am in fact above it, seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. In fact, I am happy to receive your foolish backbitings because it is my lot as a believer who loves Jesus. Hey, look at all He went through. This is but a tickle in the throat compared to His immense torture and grief.

One last thing. I am no longer allowing comments for my own protection. I also check my feedback for spammy comments which have no place here. I don’t care if you spew your hatred and then share it for all the world to see. That’s already happened plenty of times. The internet is public, and ANYONE can see it. So as your idol Crowley said, do as thou wilt. God will make you wish you had never been born.

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This blog has six months to remain…

…and then it will be deleted. I’m sure all you God haters out there will be glad to see it go. Too bad, but I will continue to preach and expose today’s evils, because I am commanded to do so.

I had a visit from quite a crowd of the sons of Belial today. They spewed their vomitous hatred and jealousy for my posts and condemned me repeatedly for standing for God. I am not surprised, nor is that the reason why this blog has only six months to go. What I do is basically none of the world’s business so you can take your nasty filth-ridden comments and false accusations somewhere else. You are not shaking your fist at me, but at God Almighty.

Too many people have too much time on their hands, and an idle person is the Devil’s best friend. It’s sad that many people today serve the Devil, whether they know it or not.

And no, I am NOT allowing comments here anymore.

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I just received your mail regarding my husband and family attending your meeting. My husband passed away last February. He was not interested in God in any way, shape or form. He died an agnostic.

I would also like to tell you that my late father was a Jehovah’s Witness. He did not enter into Heaven the way your religion speaks of. He died in his sins and went to Hell, as did my husband, and they will remain there until the resurrection of the lost when they will appear before the Great White Throne and then cast into the Lake of Fire.

I think your religion is void of truth and a cult. It took my father away from me because he did not believe on Jesus Christ and His shed blood the way the King James Bible says. Every one of you will be held accountable before God on his behalf.

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By now you must have heard the world buzz about the new “Pokemon GO” app for Android and iPhone smartphones. This new trend says you can go out in the real world and catch Pokemon with your device. My grown kids are very enthusiastic about it. I for one think it’s sad, although the whole concept is so ridiculous it makes me laugh.

Here’s a page that describes it: Pokemon GO

As a Christian, I of course disapprove of this new trend, simply because God disapproves of it. I doubt that He created us to wander around aimlessly looking for some phantom signal that calls itself a Pokemon, e.g., a fantasy animal that He didn’t create. I don’t think He made us to idly waste our God-given time on some high-tech contraption that was thought up by the Devil while the rest of the world is dying and going to Hell. The Word of God says we are to REDEEM THE TIME, BECAUSE THE DAYS ARE EVIL…

See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Ephesians 5:15, 16

I’m preaching at you if this kind of thing is your idea of fun, but go for it. I can’t stop you. I hope you’re the next Ash Ketchum. But God calls you a fool and an idolater if you spend your life chasing shadows and worshipping vain things.

If you want my opinion, I believe this app is just one more way that the powers in high places can control us and find out what we’re doing. This is a great way to further demolish our almost extinct privacy. After all, you need to use your phone’s location as the way to find these Pokemon. Pokemon is a very popular interest that has been around since the early 1990’s. Surely it’s in cahoots with the powers that be since it is so popular for so long. That’s how they got so popular for so long!

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[Re. Christian images on jack-o-lanterns]

I saw these photos below on Google and immediately I thought it didn’t look right. To me, it’s well-meaning Christians compromising with the world. However, if you love Jesus, you will want to be completely SEPARATE from the world, right? Okay, the carvings on the pumpkins attest to the Saviour… but Halloween is the Devil’s holiday. Why would Jesus Christ in ANY way be associated with the Devil, that is, UNEQUALLY YOKED with him, so that these people would create such things? I don’t like it. I doubt the Lord approves of it. I think, and this in only my opinion, that these folks are promoting filthy lucre, that is, they want to sell their product of pumpkin-carving templates. Think I’m being a wacko? Whatever, think what you want. But just look at it. It doesn’t look right. It doesn’t lift up the Saviour if it’s mingled with Satanism! It’s corrupted! The Devil destroys everything he touches! The Devil doesn’t want you saved and going to heaven! So how is this foolishness going to draw people to the Lord? That’s the in-thing with professed Christians today. Mingle the holy with the unholy, compromise before truth, salvation by faith PLUS WORKS. Let me tell you right now, God says, THAT STINKETH!!!

Look at the detail on these. THESE ARE PUMPKINS that will rot in a few days. Can you imagine the time spent and exhausting, meticulous carving on them? It’s mind blowing! I was shocked to see them! Why don’t these people spend their time, effort and God-given talent serving the Lord in other ways that are pleasing to Him? Try passing out Gospel tracts to the masses of people who bombard your door on HELLoween night!! They don’t want candy, they’re miserable and looking for the REAL DEAL!! They’re all bound for eternity in HELL, and all they see is a pumpkin with a “Jesus” face on it!! Do you honestly think that will change their life?? Candy is a front! Costumes are devilish!! “Haunted houses” are from the depths of HELL!! It’s all a big show, people!! GOD’S WORD saves souls, NOT artistry of ANY kind!! NOT pictures!! NOT music!! NOT candy!! STOP TURNING THE WORKS OF GOD INTO COMMERCIALISM!!! NOTHING of the world can save a soul from Hellfire. ONLY THE WORD OF GOD. Period.

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I just noticed that one of my followers has a site that doesn’t seem to be his. Then I see another blog by the same author. Obviously, you can have more than one site here at WordPress, but that is up to you.

The one I saw first seemed out of place as a follower of mine. It advertises yoga (I call it “yogurt”) and massage, and other New Age crap that I have no association with whatsoever. There’s a big Illuminati pyramid right at the top of the header. So what’s this person or organization doing following me? I don’t condone New Age crap. In fact, I EXPOSE it!! Get out of my site, Devil worshipper!!

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I refuse to give in to the lies of modern science and technology. Okay so we’ve come a long way in both areas, but since we are a fallen people, we unfortunately would rather believe in things that are NOT TRUE. Why is this? Because we are SINNERS.

The media is largely to blame, as is the public school brainwashing that’s been going on for 50 or so years now. Many folks refuse to recant what they were taught in their formative years, and they won’t be convinced otherwise. They take those who believe to the contrary as lunatics and fodder for people who love to waste their God-given breath in debate and scorn.

It really upsets me that we can be so gullible as to believe lies like the earth is round, mankind walked on the moon, there is no Hell, there are many ways to Heaven, etc. But there is coming a day when the Judge of all the earth will do right. God will set everything in order the way it should be, but not before He purges this existence with fire and makes all things new.

You want to believe we live on a spinning ball, that’s your choice. But last time I looked, the earth seemed pretty flat to me… Where do they get this globe stuff? Oh yeah. The DEVIL.

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Surveillance Blimps In The Sky Near You!

I’m passing on this article because I think you should know what’s happening in the world today. While we sit around on our computers or watching the HELLivision, the government that you pay taxes to is watching us on the internet, via the military, and now, tada! We have spy blimps in the sky. Could we possibly expect any worse? You better believe it!! The spy state is here, folks!

Check this out. This article was written 2 years ago, but that doesn’t mean the powers that be have decided to quit where they were. Oh no, just imagine how much MORE sophisticated and improved they must have gotten in the past two years! Wake up out of your slumber! Knowledge is power!

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Bible Proof of the Flat Earth Truth

This is an excellent video of how preposterous it is to believe in a globe earth. Yes, I’m still fuming at the Illuminists for teaching us that lie. They lie about everything. Our public schools have been teaching our kids lies since Satan took over and God was expelled from the classroom. Why do you think they’re growing up into demon-possessed murderers who allow the Devil to control them through demonic rock music so they shoot up whole schools full of children? We’ve been “educated” (brainwashed, programmed) into believing that we’re descendants of slime-eating amoebae. God is gone, but Satan has the upper hand. But oh, the end will erase every lie there ever was. God is on His judgment seat even now. The books are being written. I solemnly warn you, reader. You better get right with God. You may get away with your sins for now, but God will hold you accountable for every one, and if you do not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, you are doomed to Hell forever. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. John 1:3 KJB. HEAR YE HIM!!

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I saw something today there about the disaster in Florida being remembered with rainbow colors. (You’ll have to excuse my absent-mindedness, it only was a glance before I muted the post.) I know that it was simply another set up false flag that the elites want us to gawk at instead of us wising up and figuring out their evil schemes to wipe us all out. That’s what they do. They give the sheeple more bad news, more lies, more ugliness and sin to debate about and waste their God-given intelligence and time on. Do you realize how powerful the subconscious mind is? What a world. What a waste of God-given life. Those poor families. What will happen tomorrow, should the Lord tarry longer? God help us! Oh, I forgot– God has turned His back on America!!

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I am bracing for my blog to be flagged any time now, and to my knowledge, mine is one of the lesser known blogs. WordPress is one of those in cahoots with the elites, because it is owned by Google. If these people in power can detect and ban the greater ones, the ones who have been around much longer, then surely mine is next in line. I don’t compromise truth, I expose sin and I preach the Gospel, as you must have seen by now if you’ve followed my blog for any length of time. Be grateful if you see these precious words, because these words are NOT my own, but of GOD!! Be GLAD you still have light to see by in these dark days and a chance to be born again!! I would JUMP at the chance if I were you.

Please, I am begging you. I tell you tonight, and this may be the last of my posts that you will ever see, that you are in grave danger without Jesus Christ. You must NOT go on one more day without Him. He is the reason you breathe! He is the Creator, Sustainer and Provider you’ve been searching for all along. He loves you so much that He gave His life for you. He awaits your prayer!

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You might ask, well, what’s wrong with the world? What’s so wicked about it? One tiny word. SIN. We are all sinners by birth, and we continue living in sin unless we are saved by the precious, atoning blood of Christ Jesus shed on the Cross for us all. None of us know how long we are going to be alive. You can die just by crossing the street, or choking on your last meal. Even if God allows you to live until you are 100, you still CANNOT go to Heaven when you die if you are not born again by the almighty blood of Jesus Christ. If you are not saved by the time you die, you will most assuredly drop down into Hellfire, and there you will remain FOREVER. I am saying this in love.

This fact of going to Hell scared me when I was young and impressionable, and I thank God for it!! I knew nothing of the blood of Christ or its power to save except that we “drank” it when we went to Mass. Yet even then the priest never mentioned Hell, or sin, or anything like that. Looking back, I don’t ever remember using a Bible at church! Even the songs were light-years different from the old time hymns of the faith. There was no such thing as the preaching of the Word of God nor a relationship with the Saviour, only catechisms and confessions, Mary-olatry, icons, rosaries, repetitive prayer books, stained glass windows and crucifixes. There is no power in them at all, only scare tactics.

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Look at this video. Chemtrails are the reason for all the unusual weather we’ve been having lately. I live on the East Coast but I’m sure any one of you has seen these crisscrossing trails in the sky in your locality. You probably also saw how silvery the sky looks in the mornings, and how the sun looks like it’s dimmer and clouded over. This is because the powers that be are using “geoengineering” to control the weather! Don’t brush me off, you know it’s the truth!

I can’t help but think that since the earth is already under God’s curse and over the thousands of years that humans have been alive, that since we are sinners, we will do anything to corrupt and ruin everything that God made. Pollution is just a minor cause of the weird weather; try looking up “chemtrails,” the HAARP in Alaska or any other such weather modifications.

GLOBAL WARMING IS A HOAX!! Fact is, the weather is being purposely changed so that millions of people will die and the Illuminists will get their satanic wish for global (or rather, world) depopulation.

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People are so into the Earth and how to save it from our own destructive tendencies. Let me say now, the Earth is in no danger. There is no global warming. There is no shortage of trees. There certainly is no valid reason for animal rights, because whatever God created and made, He preserves exactly the way they were created and made. There is no reason whatsoever to preserve the Earth because GOD ALMIGHTY is doing just fine with it. Whatever man puts his hand to, he destroys.

People hate God, so they take Him out of the equation and stick in New Age garbage that’s become a plague throughout all the world. The unsaved delight in propagating lies about New Age and becoming gods because they KNOW God will have the final word, and they HATE IT. That`s why there’s so many false religions out there, to DECEIVE YOU into thinking YOU have the power to change WITHOUT the Lord Jesus Christ! You’re being indoctrinated with New World Order lies and propaganda! And you’re going to sit there and tell me, “It’s good to ‘go green.'” Okay, your choice.

All those who take part in the New World Order will surely be destroyed. So much for the Earth.

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On the bus the Holy Spirit prompted me to take a look around. He said, ‘These are souls worth saving, because I gave My Life for each one. Tell them.’ It wasn’t an audible voice, but I sensed a powerfully compelling urge to give someone a tract that I knew I must obey.

The bus driver I had intended to give the tract to was speaking to someone when I got off at my destination. So I got off the bus and went in to my appointment, and when I got out, I waited for the next bus to take me home. When the bus arrived, to my surprise, the same driver was at the wheel. Divine appointment? I believe so. I sat down and praised God for the many mighty miracles He works in my life.

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WATCH THIS VIDEO. These puppets like Obama, GaGa and all the other higher-up reprobates push the homo agenda because they serve Satan. They are literally puppets, with Ol’ Splitfoot pulling the strings. The Devil is their god, and if they should show any sign of defecting, they are killed and they go to Hell. The only way they can have any victory is if they turn to Jesus Christ. So basically, either way, unless they repent, they will die and go to Hell whether they are for Satan or against Satan. They have more than heart could wish, they have fame and the vain, silly worship of countless sheeple, yet when they perish, it will all vanish away. Some life huh. And this is what you enjoy watching.

I am fuming, absolutely red-hot ANGRY that they think they can get away with this. Since I am decent and fear God, and I assume you can do it yourself, I won’t show any pictures here of the results of homosexual sex. They’re out there, and I’m positive that since I have my filters on, I’m not seeing them all, thank God.

Will the Devil consent to you seeing the horrifying results of sin? NO!! He is a LIAR and a THIEF. He will NEVER divulge the whole truth behind a matter. Never in a million trillion years!! He shows the glitz, the glamor, the cha-ching, the power, the fame, the little children smiling and laughing while over their heads rainbow flags wave triumphantly in the breeze. Gimme a BREAK!! You deserve what you get if you believe this crap. I am here to WARN YOU. GET SAVED, before the wrath of God consumes your soul and sends you to the Lake of Fire.

I sometimes wonder if any other Christians on here preach against sin. Am I the only one? I hope not, because the Bible says that if we don’t WARN people of their wretched sin condition, their blood is on our hands. I for one don’t want that! I am not perfect, but I need to get the truth out at all costs, whether it hurts your feelings or not! And I am NOT judging YOU, I judge your SIN! So don’t get it mixed up! Believe me, I don’t enjoy being righteously angry, but if GOD says for me to DO something, even if I don’t LIKE it, then by His grace and immense power, I WILL DO it! Can I get an AMEN??

I noticed that if I turn off my comments and pingbacks, nobody bothers to view these strong posts. That’s just fine, I like it that way. I suppose that if a person can’t speak their mind, then why bother reading it. Oh well, I did what was required of me. Your blood won’t be on my hands at the judgment, but you will be required to give account of your life, and so will I.

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Rational Wiki is IMMORAL and HATES GOD


This is just one of the many wicked, reprobate websites that bashes Bro. David Stewart of Jesus-is-Savior.com. If you search for the term, “jesus is savior .com,” you will find many of such. Typical scorn and hatred for a true, bonified fire and brimstone preacher of these days. What about Pastor Danny Castle, another fire and brimstone preacher on YouTube? What about those here at WordPress who preach the true Gospel without apology? I KNOW the same goes for us.

People hate God and God’s Truth in His Word, the King James Bible, and will go to any length to discredit and wrongly accuse God’s man (or woman). They did the same exact thing to the Lord Jesus Christ, then they killed Him. They love the world, they worship Satan, and they’re all hellbound in their sins.

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Chemtrails over my house…

Some will say they’re clouds. Clouds that eject from the back of an aircraft?? Clouds that are seemingly drawn in the sky for questionable purposes?? Look up “chemtrails” and you’ll understand my concern. I call them “sky graffiti.” Check this out–

Chemtrails are NOT contrails! Contrails are water vapor escaping from the engines of aircraft. They dissipate. Chemtrails stay in the sky for long periods of time. You do your own research. Don’t take my word for it. I am, after all, a tinfoil hat wearer!

I remember a couple of years ago I posted an image to Facebook of the morning sun and clouds. Chemtrails were also present in this photo. Someone commented and mentioned the chemtrails. I didn’t know about them then, so I thought he was nuts. Turns out I was blind to the truth. THEY DO EXIST!

It’s great to know more people are waking up and demanding to know what’s going on in our increasingly dangerous world. The higher-ups are terrified of that happening. They know that if their cover is blown (and they have LOTS of cover), they’re finished. Kaput. Ruined. Defeated, like their master, SATAN HIMSELF.

These planes aren’t your regular run-of-the-mill passenger jets gong from point A to point B. These are specialized craft with tanks of chemicals in the back with which the chemical is sprayed into our atmosphere. Why would they do this? To control the weather, and why not, the PTB assume they are God in other ways as well… Check this out also–

Go ahead and mock me. I’m expecting it, or else just outright ignorance. I am even bracing for the coming day when I may be prosecuted for speaking truth.

Do you believe your own eyes, or is your head buried in the sand? Even if this is all faked, why would they put it here?? Why put on such an elaborate, super expensive show? You tell me if you have the answers.

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All entertainment is EVIL! Wake up, church!!

Sometimes I just want to unplug this computer and take a vacation from all the filth and violence so readily available. It’s not like I go looking for trouble, it’s trouble finding me when I least expect it.

My persecution here is indirect. I go to YouTube, for instance, for some Godly music, and I end up looking at a bunch of trashy videos that wouldn’t have existed 40 years ago, when decency and the fear of God still reigned. There was no such thing as a computer back then, and folks were better off. Then when I try to speak of the Love of God and pass on the Gospel, I get ramrodded.

I tell you, the elites who dredged up the slime and filth of the occult system wanted to control mankind so much that they started Communism within our own borders, e.g. the brainwashing of public school students circa 1963. They cried, “We don’t want the Bible! Goodbye God!!” And the church of Jesus Christ quietly stepped aside and proceeded to fall into a deep slumber.

Ever since those horrible days of “free love” and the Beatles (or the “roaches,” if you ask me), everything decent turned foul and began to rot spiritually. Without God you have chaos, anarchy and pure evil. I am completely ashamed of and embarrassed by my own generation. You think it’s bad now? Wait till the church is raptured out.

Kids today wouldn’t know decency if it hit them upside the head. Apparently our children and youth are being indoctrinated into thinking that watching and recording violence and scum are much to be desired. Since we are “conveniently” living in a spy state of everyone recording everyone else, as soon as a scandal, an undesirable person or fight comes on the scene, they’ve got to break out their iPhone or Google Glass and start filming everything. Then they post it on BoobTube and they get millions of hits, and in some instances, they get paid big money too. You know who is in charge of all this, don’t you? Old Splitfoot!! The one for whom celebrities worship and eat feces and drink urine! Hip hip hooray! (UGH.)

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My family and I had gone to my son’s graduation yesterday. Supposedly a joyous occasion, I was disappointed that those kids were mostly in the Devil’s camp, trusting in works, achievements and do-gooding, receiving their temporary reward now and not laying up treasures in Heaven. Nothing was mentioned about the God of the King James Bible, although several of the speakers did mention a few NIV verses (I say NIV because by and large that’s the world’s bible).

I was saddened when I saw that one of the brightest young ladies who had achieved so much for herself in school is a LGBT pusher. It’s so sad to see so many young folks, having been brainwashed by the Communistic public school system, raring to get out and conquer the world, and precious few know or want to know Jesus Christ, the One Who gives true satisfaction, not just from works but a personal relationship with Him, the everlasting God of Heaven and earth.

There were over 1,000 young people present to receive their congratulations and diplomas, but how many will receive a “Well done, thou good and faithful servant” from the lips of Jesus Christ? Only God knows.

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•The Earth is flat, surrounded by ice, topped with a dome, and the sun and moon go around parallel to the earth. Neither is the sun nor the moon a sphere.

•There are stars but no outer space. Aliens are demons from inner space, not extraterrestrials from outer space.

•Every rocket or shuttle launch travels up to about 80,000 feet then levels off and ditches into the ocean, and a carefully crafted, identical prop shows up for the news cameras.

•Mankind has never gone to the moon, let alone walked on it. The “moon landings” were all staged events in movie studios. Both the sun and the moon were created by God to be light sources to the Earth, nothing more.

•Evolution as taught in the schools is a religious farce, a cruel joke, an outright blasphemous lie from those who hate God and the truth of God’s holy Word.

•All of the history books are full of brainwashing propaganda instead of proven facts.

•In 1963-’64, the public schools kicked God, the Bible and prayer out of children’s lives, satisfying the wicked pride of certain parents and plunging our future into spiritual darkness.

•The public school system has been teaching lies ever since, letting students’ grades slip but allowing them to graduate anyway. Hard work is avoided and shunned. Students are told that they are good even when they are bad, and vice versa. Teachers no longer teach, they indoctrinate.

•Nonsense like CERN, pandemics, and false flag events like 911 are designed by satanic fearmongers to subdue and submit those who are blind to the Truth of God’s Word and the truth of our own senses.

•Big Brother-type surveillance cameras are everywhere. We are being carefully watched, with facial and retinal scans becoming more commonplace, especially at the borders of our country. Personal privacy, like our God-given morals, is now a thing of the past.

•Jobs are being relocated overseas, which is why it’s so difficult to find a job here in the “Untied States.”

•McDonald’s, Walmart, and other major stores and restaurants are in bed with and working for the elite.

•The economy is imploding and the stock markets often show signs of plummeting. A cashless society is imminent.

•There are miles of underground tunnels and cities for the wealthy and powerful of society. They believe they will survive the onslaught of death to 90% of all humankind as inscripted on the Georgia Guidestones.

•People in general do not work in the Biblical sense, they have a job but take it for granted, or they merely survive on government welfare and are considered by some to be parasites to the failing economy.

•That many, if not all, of our leaders of this country have been/are Freemasons, even the ones who claim(ed) to be Christians.

•The superabundance of lies upon lies from the newsmedia, the entertainment industry, and Hollywood. Real truth, worldwise, is outlawed as lies and ignored.

•There is a handful of powerful elite (Illuminati, the “enlightened ones”) controlling the world and everything in it who are in alliance and directly under Satan, the god of this world, the prince of the power of the air.

•The in-your-face symbolism, such as the devil-horns, the six-six-six, the one hand covering one eye, the pyramid, etc., of allegiance to Satan from the entertainment industry, the newsmedia, government leaders, world bankers, and powerful heads of royalty.

•The sharp rise in wickedness and fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

•I am determined more than ever to be a witness to the lost, to lead folks to Jesus Christ, the only Way to Heaven.

•I am determined more than ever to promote and live by the 1611 Authorized Version King James Bible.

•I am determined more than ever to attend and support my home church in every way God gives to me.

•Other bible versions, though easier to read, lack the spiritual power and authority of the KJB to convict hearts and save souls.

•World religionism cannot and will not allow true Biblical Christianity.

•Jesus Christ is blasphemously downplayed as weak and powerless, instead of the Omnipotent King of kings and Lord of lords that the Bible says He is. God is not “the man upstairs,” He is the Creator of all things, and your very life is in His hands.

•The signs of Antichrist’s impending arrival are part of every broadcast and are swallowed up by weak-minded people (sheeple).

•The “chip” (the mark of the Beast) is encouraged and thought of as “cool,” and will soon be mandatory.

•I realize that I may be and am persecuted for my faith.

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Mole people

I hate to admit it, but I’m addicted to YouTube. I’ve been watching videos about the elites and their plans to usher in the New World Order, a.k.a. the Antichrist system. I’m convinced from God’s own Word that these ARE the end times. Society has never been so messed up and deprived of morals as it is now. Children growing up in this generation don’t stand a chance of making it to Heaven unless they are raised by Godly parents who fear Him. Everything is so backward and abominable anymore and sin is pushed so much that we’ve become hardened to it. We don’t flinch, or cringe, or blush. This is total depravity at its worst, and I’m talking now, BEFORE the saints are raptured out. You think it can’t get any worse? WAIT AND SEE

One thing about these underground cities they’re building. They stretch for miles and miles, dug out of the earth in the middle of nowhere. These people are smart, and they’ve made preparations for the mass chaos that is about to ensue after Jesus calls out the church. They can live underground in these bunkers and facilities for years, staying out of sight of the unfortunates who are on the outside being killed by the plagues of Revelation. They will be that much closer to Hell in those underground places. Yes, the population WILL be massively decreased– but it won’t be by THEIR hand, it will be by the hand of a just, holy, wrathful, vengeful, and all-powerful God.

Goodbye to their plans for world domination. Goodbye to their much sought after state of godhood. Goodbye to their evil, sick, twisted, demented ravings. They will beg and plead and cry for mercy, but there will be no mercy. They will perish out of the earth, and none can deliver them out of God’s almighty hand.

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I am sick with worry over the kids, the babies, the little ones, growing up in this world today. I shudder for my own adult children. I saw on Facebook just now that a relative is going to a gay bingo party today. I didn’t want to see that. It makes me cry inside. She has no clue what wrath she is going to endure if she is not saved. Our beautiful children, the gifts from God, need JESUS CHRIST in their lives! But it appears that nobody wants to go against the grain and stand in the gap for the lost. They all want to be “politically correct.” God pity us enough to send us a Billy Sunday or a Jack Hyles man of God to step up and defend the faith! Whom shall I send, and who will go for us, saith the LORD of hosts (Isaiah 6:8)? HERE AM I, O LORD, SEND ME.

My son calls me a “homophobe” because he knows I am against the LGBT lifestyle. Be that as it may, I will continue to be a “homophobe” because God wants me to be one. The Bible says sodomites will surely perish except they repent and believe in Jesus as their Savior. Homosexuality, like drunkenness, lying, doing drugs, disrespecting your elders, etc., is just another sin which the Blood of Jesus Christ has the power to wash away. Just because our society has praised it and encouraged it lately (and is force-feeding it to our kids) doesn’t make it any less a sin in the holy eyes of God Almighty. He said it is an ABOMINATION, and that’s that.

Confession time: Something that bothers me is that a cross-dresser comes every week to my church. I see him in the back, but I rarely speak to him. I feel guilty because I know I should reach out to him in Christlike love, but at the same time I know God is not pleased with the way he presents himself in God’s house. I suppose he comes to church because he wants to know the Lord, and my Pastor welcomes him just like anyone else. Not only that, but I’m sure church is the only real refuge for him away from taunting, prying eyes. Yet there is always that stumbling-block that I need to get past whenever I see him. This is something only God can handle, so after fretting over it for a time (‘Which bathroom does HE use?’ ‘How long does it take for him to put on all that girly stuff?’ ‘He looks ridiculous,’ etc.), I give it to Him and leave it alone. God knows I am still a sinner, yet saved by grace. The Lord will handle him, of that I am certain, in spite of what I think.

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I had an unexpected encounter earlier today with a bunch of preteen kids. They were playing around across the street from me. One of them said “Hi.” I said nothing and continued to walk. They said, “Hi” again, and I still ignored them. Then a girl about 9 years old said “Hi,” and when I didn’t respond, she said under her breath, “BITCH.”

I snapped to attention and walked back to where I could see this little ingrate. I didn’t cross the street to where they were, but I said with a raised voice, “Who are you talking to?” She lied and said to her friend. I pointed my finger at her and said, “YOU DON’T TALK TO YOUR ELDERS LIKE THAT. YOU RESPECT THOSE OLDER THAN YOU!” Then, fuming, I proceeded on my way.

Such is the by-product of parents who don’t know God, or the Bible, or the Lord Jesus Christ and His gift of eternal life. They were never taught to act properly, to mind their manners, to be respectful, etc. They are the progeny of God-haters and atheists, and they need Jesus to be the Ruler of their lives. The parents do as well.

The world is full of lost folks in these end times. You can’t walk down the street without being harassed in some way, whether it’s booming rap music spewing out of dark-windowed cars, or someone being rude in some way. Christians truly are, as Jesus said, sheep among wolves (Matthew 10:16).

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I went with some friends on a community outing today in which the main activity was singing Fanny Crosby hymns. Fanny Crosby (1820-1915) was a blind woman whose prolific talent for hymn writing earned her fame as one of the greatest of all time.

We spent an hour singing, then a pastor from a certain church came up and started preaching. I was fine and having a great time until this pastor started quoting from the damned NIV instead of the King James. This is what he said, speaking of Jesus’ deity in Philippians 2:6, a VITAL doctrine in the Word of God:

6Who, being in very nature[a] God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped,

May I say, this is WRONG-O!! The CORRECT verse is:

“Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God:” Philippians 2:6 King James Bible

I actually felt sick and had to go to the ladies’ room to avoid hearing the rest of his sermonette. I was the only person who got up and left, but I didn’t care. I will NOT bear with ANY version of the Bible if it is NOT King James. To do so, in my opinion, is to insult the God of the REAL Bible by allowing the Devil’s disgusting lies and half-truths into our hearts. Those present were mostly elderly folk, not even aware that this fake was feeding them spiritual NIV junk food instead of strong meat from the KJB. It’s so stinking sad that even our aged, as set in their ways as they are, can also be led astray.

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I discovered something eerie about my phone. It keeps track of my whereabouts all the time. Whenever I leave the house, it follows me. It marks off the exact places where I’ve been, and the route I took going to them. I do NOT like that at all. So I just turned the location off completely, except for my apps. Now it can’t find me, haha! The phone makers insist that it marks off my path for my benefit, in that I can more easily find certain locations based on my own, but I think that’s hogwash. I think the government is spying on me and everyone else who has a “smartphone,” which is about 9 in 10 people, I’d guess. They should admit what they’re really up to and call it a “SPYphone.” I bet it wouldn’t be so much of an idol as it is now if people knew the truth.

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I’m taken aback at how many times I find formerly trustworthy people going against the truth. One such example is David Stewart of jesus-is-savior.com. I don’t condemn him as an outright liar; however, one would have to have no common sense to disbelieve the obvious. Why doesn’t he believe what is so plain to the senses and constantly in front of him 24/7? I honestly don’t understand people anymore.

Here is an example, one of many, of his absolute faith in the “universe” and that we live in a “solar system”–

“There is a specific design in the universe. The solar system is a perfectly balanced sphere. Each of the planets exert gravity upon one another, the larger planets exert more gravity than the smaller. They all rotate around the sun. They all rotate in their own designated orbit.”

If I may borrow one of Bro. Stewart’s own terms: “BULLCRAP!!” He apparently still believes the LIE that the public schools indoctrinated (INFECTED) us with well before we had any chance to discover the contrary. Oh, if he only knew the truth, that the lies he’s telling are the same as those of the evolution-pushing Satanic elite! He would probably call me nuttier than a fruitcake. The sarcastic “idiot” also comes to mind. How the Devil laughs at such ignorance from believers in Jesus Christ.

Lord knows I love this brother in Christ and I still refer to his website for recent happenings and timely teachings. But I suppose since we are imperfect and we have our own free will, we are bound to have differing ideas about certain subjects. Granted, the Flat Earth fact has little or no importance as to how a soul is saved, but, if you look at the bigger picture from a Flat Earth perspective, you see how much more marvelous and all-powerful our Creator is in designing such a perfect, unique environment for us, albeit tainted with sin.

I can understand why he would be so adamant about praising God for all His mighty works, and I agree with him wholeheartedly about that, but how does he know that there’s a specific design to the universe? Has he been in the “universe” to see for himself? There’s a specific design to the EARTH, but not the “universe.” How does he know the solar system is a “perfectly balanced sphere,” when the Earth itself is NOT a sphere, and there IS no solar system (another ingrained lie)? How does he know the “planets” exert gravity upon another, if we live on a PLANE and gravity is a made-up sham?

Does the Earth really rotate around the sun in its own designated orbit, Bro. Stewart? Yes? So you agree with the heathen masses that insist we are NOT alone in our existence and that the “solar system” and the sun and “planets” are careening through “space” at millions of miles per hour towards the outermost reaches of the remains of the cosmic poot of the “big bang?” Sorry to say, but in this matter you are against the truth of God’s own Word, and I can no longer trust you in regards to this issue.

It’s simply disheartening to see your own friends, family and acquaintances seemingly fall away from you one by one when you seek the whole truth about all things. I am not big-brained, just simple-minded, and I for one MUST know the WHOLE TRUTH. I don’t want ANYTHING to do with the sinful world, society’s lawlessness, religious vanity and heathen garbage. I WANT THE WORD OF GOD, NOTHING MORE AND NOTHING LESS. It is who I am and how I live, and God blesses me for it.