TheGoodGuy #sexist

What's with foids' obsession with feeling "empowered"? Can they talk about anything without using that word?

I agree I get so pisses when I hear that word I can´t stand to hear it anymore because the only thing that word is associated with nowadays is females.

Holes are so shallow and conformist. Once many people start using a word the just have to use it too, without even questioning if that is the right word in the right context

It doesn´t even make sense for them to use that word anymore they already got THEIR "equality" by being allowed to work and vote which was the original goal of feminism they even are allowed to dress as slutty as they like e.g. yoga pants/tights the battle is over there is no more to "fight" for, at least for women but they just want more and more they don´t seek equality they want superiority; I never heard of any man getting a high position job just because of his gender like women do because in the higher end jobs like ceo´s and stuff there need to be an amount of women not only men, so even if other men had better credentials they wouldn´t get the job just because their gender as a male isn´t that what feminism was trying to get rid of that we should be equals? No it´s all a fucking joke.



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