AmentiHall #conspiracy

We are close to some level of unveilment already.

There is not any invasion happening, but those who are Returning do want to remove (if necessary, by force) the UN, and general NWO affiliated people- as well as the beings they are loyal to who reside within the earth. So if it came down to that event, the powers that be would organize (along with other off world groups) against those who are Returning and claim it was an "invasion. " Not true at all. Unfortunately people are too ignorant of the scale of expolitics of what is truly transpiring on this world.

The government won't do it. But others who do NOT answer to the government "may." I already know people who were very close to disclosing some very important things recently but were shut down by our enemies. It's only a matter of time before the window opens wider that will make the scene comfortable for those who have wanted to come forward, but couldn't for fear of ridicule (and their lives).



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