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So I unknowingly walked into a gunfight with only a knife today. And to my further surprise, it was two against me. Is this really the quality of our media in Canada? Note that every time I begin to hit on some hard truth to correct their fabricated narrative, they dog pile me in an attempt to prevent it from coming out. Also notice how they didn't want to discuss why I was dropped from the wellness expo as the media is complicit with the pharma trolls that created the smoke and mirrors in the first place. Further to that, the agenda becomes quite glaring as they desperately try to bridge the passing of my son (that is fraught with medical system coverups and lies) with my involvement in Truehope.

Due to the media's involvement in preventing 1000's of individuals the opportunity to connect with us over the next 2 months, we are setting up studio and going live tomorrow at 7pm MST with the "Brain and Thyroid Health" presentation that the pharma trolls have worked so hard to prevent the public from seeing (note: this presentation will also cover the use of effective, scientifically proven natural remedies for mental illness that have been instrumental in allowing hundreds of thousands to live fulfilling, drug free lives). Praise be to God, that even though our detractors have had momentary success in suppressing this message of hope and empowerment, that we still have a venue wherein the "Rise Up" tour continues as we share the same blessing that saved my family over 20 years ago. I pray that the message will be equally as impactful through this medium as it has been for the tens of thousands that we have been blessed to connect with over the past few years. May God continue to allow the truth to come forward and may it truly set us free!



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