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You have the right, as a human being, to control your fertility, to not be raped, to not be fourced to carry a child or get an abortion, to not have your fertility tampered with by others. You have the right, as a human being, to use your own resources to make medical interventions in your fertility. Your fertility is yours to do with as you will, but there is no right or even gaurentee of parenthood.

Being a parent (like having sex) is not in and of itself a human right, as there are other people whose rights are affected when you, the individual, excersize your "right".

Why are we coddling trans people? Why is their procreation considered a human right but other people's patently isen't?

As a personal example, a relative of mine recently found out that he was sterilized by the radiation treatments that saved his life. Where was his option to freeze his sperm on the public dime? He and his wife will never have children.

My mother's procreation was cut short by a radical hysterectomy due to undiagnosed, out of control, immensely painful endometriosis. She was never even asked if she wanted to pay for alternative fertility options, let alone receive them on someone elses dime. The doctor never even brought it up. She wanted three kids, but only has two.

If trans people choose to throw away their fertility, thats a price they have to pay for being trans. Why do they think they are so special that they can have absolutely everything they want all the time?

Sorry for the rambleing and the length, buth this shit makes me MAD.



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