savagesusie #conspiracy

Finally, people can “see” that Limbaugh is part of the Hegelian Dialectic—put in place decades ago (and ALWAYS controlled) so that the Leviathan could get complete control over all three branches of government. He was the “release” valve to thwart true, effective revolution.

They accomplished their “goal” now with obammy. They own the SCOTUS which passed two of the most unconditional, insane “Just” Laws of all time after abortion (killing human babies).

Complete takeover of people and elimination of the Christian Worldview—the only one which encompasses Free Will (choice) and Individualism (the only Freedom in history of man).... and the culture/schools have total control of the Minds (worldview) of our children to force Satanism which is the only religion allowed in the public schools and public squares for DECADES now (and crickets from Rush).

Now they can kill the true masculine moral patriots (LeVoy) (crickets from Rush) (the needed Revolution) and do it with State protection and giving misinformation to the Masses (thanks to Rush) using our OWN taxpayer money, as they steal American land and sell it to China or Russia. (Crickets from Rush again on Reid and tyranny).

The evil satanists control EVERYTHING now....and they back it with Rule of Obammy and Brownshirts/mercenaries and trained Bots who are incapable of moral actions since sodomy is a Virtue now and using others as a Means to an End is for the “Common Good”. They threw out the Constitution in the 50s and 60s and even before and “crickets” from Rush-— as the Left killed Rule of Law for Stalin’s constitution and put actual Satanists and Marxists like Kagan on the court (and crickets from Rush).



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