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The holier than thou sanctimonious b@stards on this website will instinctively respond with something that condemns you as a bad person for not wanting to help refugees.

However it is these people that are often the same as refugees. They don't pay taxes, they don't work, or they're 25 year old kids still living with mommy and daddy. They don't oppose the continual shelling out of tax payer money because THEY don't pay taxes or they pay very little.

That's why they're so easily all about welcoming in refugees, like inviting random strangers to a restaurant when the inviter was never going to pick up the check anyway.

Taking in refugees is bad enough, but we as the US under barack obonzo's direction are taking INTENTIONALLY UNVETTED MUSLIM REFUGEES.

Look I don't give a single damn about the uneducated SJW's who have surrender intelligence in exchange for increased passion, when you invite people into your country to live off of tax payer dollars and these people just happen to be the same islamics that ISIS brags about having infiltrated the US with, then you are doing nothing but harming ACTUAL citizens.

But does obama care? Why should he? His dedication from day one has been to islam, he see's America as some evil decadent 'western' civilization satan, and he wants the US taken over.

There is so much evidence and instances that demonrat fcks have chalked up to 'oh well it doesn't actually mean he's a muslim'.....uh yah...after you use that excuse for the 50th time in a DOES mean he's a muslim.

But that's fine, we knew terrorists like democrats and radical islam would eventually break the borders, why do you think gun sales in America have quadrupled under obama's 8 short years? It's because half of us are not stupid, the other half voted for hillary clinton.



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