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Right wing and left wing both match American progressive ( liberal) actions. Conservatives dont fall on that scale anywhere. In dictionary left means commie, right means fascist. The 2 ends of the SOCIALIST spectrum. Freedom and the US constitution dont fall anywhere on that scale.

Campbell Hayden #racist answers.yahoo.com

Adolf Hitler looked like a Jew.

If he'd worn a full mustache, he would have looked like he owned a Pizza Parlor.
So, he trimmed it down to distract those who took notice of the appearance of his fairly long nose.

He also had the sloping forehead common among Jews, as well as the characteristic sad sack eyes. Without the mustache acting as a distraction from the length of his nose, Hitler may have been seen as a Jew .... and the World would now be a much different place.

crimthann69 #fundie answers.yahoo.com

Sorry Marty, you are way off base. Jesus committed no sin. It is true that he was tempted in all ways common to man but unlike us he passed and sinned not. If he had committed adultery you can know three things the Bible as far as the NT is a lie, Jesus is not Lord, and we are lost in our sins without an approved sacrifice.

I do not know what your table talk is, but nothing in the Bible even remotely alludes to this accusation.

anonymous #conspiracy answers.yahoo.com

Check in 1950, the first year it was counted how many got Cancers. In 1950 Zero Children got Cancers! Only three percent of adults got Cancers and moist of them smoked!
All the way back in the 1940s a 100% All Natural Cure for ALL Cancers was discovered! This doctor cured every one of his patients without loosing even one! (*DHC 2001)
Back in 1930 another All Natural Cure for ALL Cancers was discovered in Germany, by a Jewish doctor! With a Ninety-seven percent Cure! (SDA TV stations)
Look at the list on this Internet of all the Natural Cures! The lowest one about 36% has a much higher cure rate than anything that the drug companies have put out!
But Drug companies, that canNOT make any money off of anything that is Natural, have paid the USA'a and Canada's countries/congresses to make it "illegal for Natural Cures for Cancers in them"!
IF we want one of these cures, up to 100%, we have to go to a country where its still legal. Like Mexico. I don't know if England is still safe. It was on England news, the obsession to remove natural cures! They stopped this just months ago. I don't know the results.

Ilanna and MonkeyPig2 #conspiracy answers.yahoo.com

(Note: Post is 9 years old)

What will this mean for America when Obama signs over our Sovereignty in Copenhagen in Nov, New World Order?
He is expected to sign us over and once it is done, there will be no retraction, even if we elect a new President, in a couple of years, the New World Order will be here to stay, and America as we knew it will be gone,.?.
Update: I just got out of High School, and I am appalled to see so many Ignorant Americans,
So before you call me a Republican, I am just a blond with a brain, and I will have to grow up in a communist country
because of you!
NewFlash.. your welfare will be pulled, and you will be sent to hard labor camps, there will be no Government Handouts, if you are not productive,...
you will be dog meat,..


Best Answer: It will mean a socialist dictatorship from which there will be no escape, This is Obama's master plan. That is why the Marxists in Washington are out to destroy this country's economy on purpose!! They want as many people dependent on the government as possible. Everything they have been doing since Obama was installed is designed for this very objective!! The media are all on George Soros's payroll. They have been using the Clowerd-Piven strategy to do this, and Saul Alinski's rules for radicals.

TERRYBRO #conspiracy answers.yahoo.com

It looks like many people are on the right track. I don't think that I am paranoid, however, I have never had a flu shot and never will. I had a chip inserted in my pet and noted that all it took was a shot with a small needle.
Wonder how many people already have a Govt. Marker in place?

Ryan K #conspiracy answers.yahoo.com

It's the Vatican
America is bowing down to their plan to rule the world through the Jesuit Order.
Obama is just a patsy
a stooge for Rome.
"those who dont bow down to the beast wont be able to buy or sell"
"those who dont bow down to the beast shall be killed"
The beast is Rome.
Study the papal crusades and throw away school history books!
Yes it's a shame the older generation is thoroughly dumbed down and teaching it to the young to stay entertained.
I knew these things would happen back in the 70's but we didnt know how it would come about but
now it's really happening!
The death camps are in place
the foreign troops are here
the vaccines are ready
The tall boxcars and body tubs will be used soon and they are simply letting us chat here to create an uprising so they have a good reason to take away our guns.
This has to be done in order for it to go smoothly.

Revelation 13
Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
Jon Phelps

Diamond-flame of the Holy Spirit #fundie answers.yahoo.com

It's simple. By healing our chakras and spiritual-bodies, which is
where the root causes of disease takes place, we can cure almost anything.

Humans have seven chakras, which are like vortexes
up and down the spinal-column. Chakra means "wheels."

We have the root, sacral, solar-plexus, heart, throat, third-eye and crown-chakras.

Humans also have four main spiritual-bodies. Those are the etheric (electronic-template),
the astral-body (which governs emotions), mental-body (personality) and rainbow-body
which houses our soul-records.

anonymous #fundie answers.yahoo.com

You need to know that the animal kingdom is sick of the gross actions of humanity and the abuse they have given to animals and they are tired of getting fixed by having their balls cut off and they would like vasectomies so they can continue to have sex. Animals have feelings too and that is the way God created them and evolution would not ever produce an intelligent species and the only evolution I have ever seen is when birdies poop out seeds and when bees cross pollinate.

Lissa #fundie answers.yahoo.com

IDOL WORSHIP IS ALL AROUND, IF you don't worship God and you give undivided attention to other things Ahead of God it's considered a form of worship.

Regarding idols, the Bible says: “A mouth they have, but they cannot speak; eyes they have, but they cannot see; ears they have, but they cannot hear.” Then it adds this sobering warning: “Those making them will become just like them”—lifeless!—Psalm 115:4-8.

Idol worship is also an act of injustice. Ask yourself, ‘How would I feel if I gave my child an expensive gift and he walked away and thanked a total stranger or even a lifeless object?’ That may help you to appreciate how our Creator and Life-Giver feels when others—including lifeless idols—receive the credit and worship that are due him.—Revelation 4:11.

Think, too, how degrading it is for a human—made in God’s own image—to venerate an inanimate object! (Genesis 1:27) Concerning some who did just that, the prophet Isaiah wrote: “To the work of one’s hands they bow down, to that which one’s fingers have made. And earthling man bows down and man becomes low, and you [Jehovah God] cannot possibly pardon them.”—Isaiah 2:8, 9.
What makes false worship even more offensive to God is that it is, in reality, the worship of demons—God’s enemies. When the Israelites abandoned Jehovah for idols, “they went sacrificing to demons, not to God,” says Deuteronomy 32:17.

Then there are the more subtle forms of idolatry. Covetousness is idolatry (Col 3:5), since the object of an individual’s cravings diverts affection from the Creator and thus, in effect, becomes an idol. Instead of serving Jehovah God in faithfulness, a person can become a slave to his belly, that is, to fleshly desire or appetite, and make this his god. (Ro 16:18; Php 3:18, 19) Since love for the Creator is demonstrated by obedience (1Jo 5:3), rebellion and pushing ahead presumptuously are comparable to acts of idolatry.—1Sa 15:22, 23.

Who OR What may I ask Do You Worship???

@ Message... Lots of people Saw Jesus (bible talks about him walking around and talking to people), No Man Has Ever Seen God and Lived Exodus 33:20

. #fundie answers.yahoo.com

[those benevolent Christian slave owners]

The Christians didn't bring the slaves here, but once they were here, somebody had to take them in.
Naturally, good Christians treated slaves better than bad Christians.

They were making the best of a bad situation.
You have to think.
If the slaves went free, then where would they go? To the North, heaven forbid?
It was bad for blacks anywhere in America.
Still, many Christians assisted slaves in becoming literate, in buying their freedom, and in being able to support themselves in the New World.

Regarding the North and other solutions...
Christian Southerners reacted to the African immigrants on a human level.
Southerners shared resources and depended on each other for survival.
The African immigrants also understood family, tribes, bonding, and kinship.
Northerners, however, turned to money as the solution, in a very unChristian manner.
Northerners expected everyone to open a bank account or withdraw some insurance money to solve their problems.

Diamond Heart #fundie answers.yahoo.com

Africa was NOT the birthplace of humanity, Lemuria was.

Now, Lemuria was a grand island-continent that stretched
from Madagascar to Hawaii over 500,000 years ago. It
was called the Mother-Land because it was named after
Mother-Mary in the bible.

The Lemurians were a magical and even telepathic race.
Many could fly and teleport. They had faster than light
space-ships, living biological computers and even healing
chambers that can reanimate the dead.

There was no government because the people were wise
enough to govern themselves. Lifespan was 10,000 to 30,000 years.

Accepting Reality #fundie answers.yahoo.com

Atheists follow a Satanic religion known as Veganism. Many have become deceived by this false religion (veganism), and have forsaken the religion of truth, Islam. Animals were not created to become our idols or gods, they were created to become our food source and slaves. Our Creator Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala has specifically commanded in the Qur'an that a cow that does not produce milk must be slaughtered immediately to feed the poor and hungry. In fact, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala has commanded that animals must obey their human masters. It was recorded in Sahih Bukhari, a baby donkey had kicked it's own master, and as punishment, that donkey was thrown into the lion's den where it was eaten alive by hungry lions. It's soul was then cast into Jahanamm (Hell). Allah Aza Wa Jal created animals for our benefit, and refusing to eat that which Allah has provided is an act of direct disobedience. Vegetarians and Vegans are destined to burn in Jahannam (Hell) because their worship the devil Shaytaan by following his ideology. In Hell, Vegans and Vegatarians shall watch their own animals being tortured and killed by demons while they burn. Islam is very clear about sin. When a person commits a sin, he is placing his entire family at risk of Jahannam (Hell). Sin is a disease, and family members shall inherit the punishment.

Julia Encarnacion #fundie answers.yahoo.com

(=What is the hebrew word for Homosexual, and what is its true translation?=)

Yet another attempt to employ rhetorical tricks to get around the Bible's prohibitions against homosexuality???

The relevant verse in Leviticus doesn't use "homsexual" or "pedophilia" in its prohibition against homosexual behavior.

It simply says that a man is not to have relations with another man, as with a woman. Simple as that.

The New Testament gives us nothing to replace or supercede that teaching, as it does with Old Testament teachings on other issues.

In fact, the NT clarifies that prohibition even further by clearly stating that it applies to women sleeping with women as well. See Romans 1.

AntiApollyon #fundie answers.yahoo.com

Study it in Hebrew, it means the same thing. We have two sources which confirm each other - the older Hebrew/Chaldean of Leviticus, and the newer Greek of Romans.

You use the word "discriminate" as if it applies to sinful behavior. Be careful with your assumptions, this is called "forcing the issue." The scriptures also say to seperate oneself away from the wicked, so I think the term you are looking for is "segregate," not "discriminate." And yes, it is for the benefit of others. A little leaven leavens teh whole lump. That is, allowing a little sin is like letting a poison into the church. It is for that reason that Paul instructs us to cast out those who refuse to repent.

I did my questioning of the scripture and studied it intently - its history, its language, its origins. There is nothing to question except certain translations, that is why one has to study. It is impossible to accurately translate from Hebrew to English, and very difficult to accurately translate from Greek. The concept of sexual immorality which includes homosexuality is clearly expressed in both the Hebrew and the Greek.

ScaliaAlito #fundie answers.yahoo.com

Hi! You allege Leviticus 18:10,17 countenances polygamy and pedophilia. You then use that as the backdrop for arguing that ministers who preach against homosexuality from Leviticus 18 are inconsistent and, hence, wrong about homosexuality.

Your argument is flawed because you're attempting to refute a claim by attacking the consistency of some ministers. A claim or argument is independent of its proponents' consistency or lack thereof. When you attack the person, his/her argument is left alone and, consequently, unaddressed. This is known as the ad-hominem fallacy. In short, your argument is completely irrelevant to whether the Bible teaches against homosexuality.

Leviticus 18:22 clearly teaches against homosexual acts and that message is plain REGARDLESS what the other verses teach.

That being said, the verses you cite DO NOT teach what you allege:

Lev. 18:10: The nakedness of thy son's daughter, or of thy daughter's daughter, even their nakedness thou shalt not uncover: for theirs is thine own nakedness.

This is a proscription of intrafamilial intercourse. As such, there is NO implication or explication for pedophilia. You assert an implication unwarranted by the text. It is unwarranted because we are not told how old these "grandchildren" are. One cannot legitimately read into the text what it does not say. Let's say you're a single grandparent. The BIble prohibits you from marrying your grandchild, but it doesn't prohibit you from marrying in general; and, mind you, anybody else you DO marry will be somebody's grandchild, regardless his age.

Lev. 18:17: Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of a woman and her daughter, neither shalt thou take her son's daughter, or her daughter's daughter, to uncover her nakedness; for they are her near kinswomen: it is wickedness.

Again, we're not told the age of these sons and daughters, so it is incorrect to assume they are seven or eight years old. The Hebrew words used here are used elsewhere in the Bible to include *adult* children as well as prepubescent ones. This DOES NOT say God likes polygamy nor does it say He countenances it. You're again turning a proscription into an endorsement which is to read into the text what it does not say.

The "fundamentalist" teaching on homosexuality is far more comprehensive than you indicate in your question. They use many verses from the Old & New Testaments and the laws of nature when teaching on that subject.

Feel free to email me if you'd like to discuss this further.

Best wishes,


Since you clarified what answer you're looking for, I shall add to this post what I've sent you via email...

As I stated, our doctrine is based upon Scriptural teaching and the Natural Law (since God is the Author of nature). God designed human beings with the ability to reproduce only after physical maturity. Since sex is designed primarily for procreation (see Genesis 1 & 2), you cannot procreate with children. The Natural Law forbids sexual relations with children and God's word ONLY countenances heterosexual marriage between one man and one woman.

Gen. 2:24. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

Mt.19:4-5...4. And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female,
5. And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?

Notice, marriage is between one man and one woman. The only sexual relationship countenanced in the Bible is the marital one:

Heb. 13:4. Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.

You are incorrect to say God allows pedophilia. I've offered you a rational argument. If you disagree, please give me a rational reason why.

With respect to a *specific* Scriptural reference against pedophilia, none is needed. The Bible clearly teaches what marriage is and that any sexual relationship outside of marriage is sin. No specific verse is needed in this case.

There are many things the Bible teaches against without specifically naming the practice. For example, Christ taught that any man looking upon a woman with lust has committed adultery in his heart. This is sufficient to teach against pornography and similar forms of "entertainment." There were many forms of sexual entertainment in the Roman Empire, but very few of them, if any, are mentioned in the Bible. This verse, along with similar ones, is more than sufficient to proscribe that behavior.

"What The Hell Are You Doing You Motherfukers?" Award

? #fundie answers.yahoo.com

Harry Potter is not a Christian story it's about a little boy that survived a voldermort. Which is a very nasty sex crime .look up on the search engines what the sex act called volder Mort is

In the story Harry gets his lighting shaped scar from a magic wand blast.

But once you read what's really going on.

You see Harry Potter is a story about parental murder . child molestation! And really not a story for your little kids to be fantasy and playing!!

John Doe #fundie answers.yahoo.com

If you really want to know if the grim reaper is evil, then talk to someone who had an encounter with him/her. I did, and it wasn't pleasant either. Here's my encounter wit the grim reaper; The grim reaper appeared when I was asleep. The grim reaper was chanting. What it was chanting I don't know, But the grim reaper chanted and the I lost control of my body. My body sat up in bed and I threw a punch at a toolbox I kept on my dresser. When I regained control of my body, the grim reaper was gone. I'll never forget what it looked like. Don't pay attention to the cartoons because sometimes the grim reaper DOES have a body of it's own! He had a wrinkly old face, and his robes were as black as the darkest midnight. I even saw his eyes, the grim reaper STARED at me the whole time during my encounter with him. The bible says he is one of the four horsemen, on a pale horse, (although according to wikipedia, his horse was described as pale, maybe yellow greenish according to the Greek text). Anyone without proper knowledge of such an experience shouldn't throw in their two cents, (no offense intended). I say The grim reaper IS evil! Not neural, EVIL! If I'm wrong then please, YOU tell me what happened to me! I'll need to calm myself down after this but you get the point. If I offended anyone, then I'm sorry. Such an encounter is ANYTHING but nice.

anonymous #fundie answers.yahoo.com

Know the way to make people convinced to be a Christian is to start burning the wicked people at the stake publicly like they used to do with the witches. People need to wake up from their demon fog. the 80% of the population that believes in God needs to start taking that other 20% doesn't and burning them at the stake I guarantee you that will put some belief in t real damn fast.

arimatthewdavies #fundie answers.yahoo.com

I feel spiritually raped. By Bruce Jenner becoming a woman. All my younger life I ate Wheaties and admired Bruce Jenner has one of the masculine figures that I wanted to be like big and strong and fast. He was a good male image to me and I looked up to him. As did many children of my age group. Then he turned around and turned himself into a woman. I feel like somebody has shoved a cactus up my butt!

arimatthewdavies #fundie answers.yahoo.com

The Bible very clearly explains the days of creation the Bible says that God lives in unapproachable light. God dwells at the speed of light there for when God gives you a timetable it's his timetable the one that's on Lightspeed that's considerably more than the time of a man. I've actually done the calculations the Bible draws the conclusion that if you were going by man's timetable you would have a 6900 year time.. using one day is a thousand years to the Lord. But that's simply not true. if you set there and properly do the calculations you will find that the real age of Earth is 4. 769 billion years old using the light speed calculation.

anonymous #fundie answers.yahoo.com

In 1884, meridian time personnel met
in Washington to change Earth time.
First words said was that only 1 day
could be used on Earth to not change
the 1 day bible. So they applied the 1
day and ignored the other 3 days.
The bible time was wrong then and it
proved wrong today. This a major lie
has so much evil feed from it's wrong.
No man on Earth has no belly-button,
it proves every believer on Earth a liar.

anonymous #fundie answers.yahoo.com

[Why does the Bible say a mother is unclean for twice as long after giving birth to a girl?]

It takes lots more hormones for a girl to be made and the mother needed more time to recover from the stress on here body and there might of been more girls than boys at the time and perhaps that is why the rule was made.

Jim W #fundie answers.yahoo.com

Sin is anything outside the will of God. God never does anything outside His will. Therefore, He has no need for forgiveness.

You attempting to ascribe your erroneous view of things does not make God a sinner.

God allows free will. Thus, He allowed Satan to do things to Job. And, Job grew closer to God because Job was a righteous man.

He never coveted the wife of Joseph. It is only a perversion of the story that causes people to put sex into Mary's conception. Reasonable people understand that a virgin birth could not occur if sex had. God caused the formation of Jesus in her womb supernaturally (because God is supernatural).

As th Bible explains, the Sabbath was made for man. It was the Pharisees (also not always a reasonable group) that raised the complete absence of work on the Sabbath. The priests had always worked on the Sabbath. It was also the Pharisees that made Saturday the Sabbath. If you searched God's word (instead of man's ideas), you will find no such mention.

Why is it that sinful man seems to want to judge a holy God? Feeling guilty?

ari #fundie answers.yahoo.com

Christianity makes the most sense because and has the most immediate benefits to a person's life when you start doing good things instead of bad things good things start happening in your life if you have legal problems they go away if you owe people money you get them paid off you find a better job you get a nicer house you get a nicer car instead of a nasty old junker your insurance rates go down your credit score goes up the police are looking for you this is a good reason to be Christian! Yes it's nice to believe that when your dead you'll wake up Sunday at the resurrection but it's much better to have something immediately here now and today to look at it and say hey my program works better than yours.

gomakawitnessofjesus #fundie answers.yahoo.com

some of them are working up to a spirit of hate and reviling. but you cant have strong feelings if you have a dumbed down society by putting floride in the water. and the ones that know how to kelate their blood, have the ability to think better and they manipulate the mass population into Not believing in God. just a guess based on personal experience. but history shows that people can be managed by fake news and then on both sides of the conservative - liberal debate . actually its the progressives that are the traitors to american constitutional freedom but there are fake conservatives too

anonymous #fundie answers.yahoo.com

The edges [of the flat earth] are what we know as Antarctica. If you look at the UN flag, you will see the Flat Earth model with what you call the North Pole dead center.

The sun is actually far closer than the NWO want you to believe, floating at a height of 100,000 feet. It moves in a generally clockwise direction, centered roughly over the equator. That is why the Arctic Circle is cold, and why you have never been to the edge. Antarctica grows colder and colder, until no one could possibly survive. Compasses become useless at that outer edge, and people get lost in the snow. That's because the true purpose of the magnetic field at the center of the earth is to keep people from wandering off into the Antarctic and dying.

A Yahoo! User #fundie answers.yahoo.com

You may not know this, but the rainbow had never been seen until AFTER the great flood of Noah's day.

And God said this will be a sign to us to remember that God will never again send a worldwide flood to this earth.

Prior to the flood, they had never seen a rainbow in the sky. Why? Because the entire earth had a layer of water or water vapor around it up by the stratosphere that prevented direct sunlight. That was removed at the time of the great flood.

And that is why they saw a rainbow for the first time.

Jeff #racist answers.yahoo.com

Tough questions, for sure.

Typically speaking, given their suppressed frontal cortex, low IQ, simian features, and volatile temperament, there's no worthwhile communication any of them would impart to an intelligent individual. So I'd not worry about it, if I were you.

As far as telling apes from black people; if they're in the zoo behind a cage they're probably a monkey. If they're in the unemployment line getting Obama bucks or in the prison system they're blacks.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous #racist answers.yahoo.com

Why do black people sound like monkeys?

Every time I hear one of them "speak" I have to ask them to slow it down. They're constantly eeking and ooking, like monkeys. It just sounds like "eek eek ook ook muhfukkuh muh dick" to me. When they try to "speak" in an intelligent manner, I see them scratching their heads, struggling to form a coherent sentence, speaking way too slowly, and using words out of context. Is ebonics actually a separate primitive language, a combination of human and ape speak?

Black males often sound and act like gorillas, showing off muscles, grabbing their crotch and making the monkey noise "ook ook."

Females can be a lot louder and make a high pitched noise that sounds more like "eek eek."

Also, when I visit the zoo, sometimes I notify the zookeepers that one of the monkeys has gotten out of its cage. When they get to the scene, it turns out the monkey was a black person. How can I tell the difference between the two? I usually assume if something looks like an ape, smells like an ape, and acts like an ape, it's an ape.

. #fundie answers.yahoo.com

The Christians didn't bring the slaves here, but once they were here, somebody had to take them in.
Naturally, good Christians treated slaves better than bad Christians.

They were making the best of a bad situation.
You have to think.
If the slaves went free, then where would they go? To the North, heaven forbid?
It was bad for blacks anywhere in America.
Still, many Christians assisted slaves in becoming literate, in buying their freedom, and in being able to support themselves in the New World.

Shadow #fundie answers.yahoo.com

[incest in Adam and Eve's family]

In ancient times, when the air contained double the amount of oxygen, there was nothing wrong with incest. Incest was genetically safe.

A brother and his sister are still a man and a woman. Nothing wrong with that. People today are just grossed by it due to cultural influence.

anonymous #fundie answers.yahoo.com

[posted anonymously, but all the regulars know this is geessewereabove who posts this kind of random idiocy regularly]

The GOD of the Old and New Testaments is very real! Just look at the people that DO Believe and obey GOD vs. Atheists; the people that Do Believe in GOD and obey live very happy lives with LOVE in them. We are ALL here being tested so of course negative things also happen in life also.
Atheists and fake god believers canNot feel anymore then each of their own LUSTs for only their own wants! Laxking lots of meanings from their lives!
SO LOVE it self confirms this.
Are you aware that six days of the week are named after old roman so posit gods, thurs-day through tues-day? Wed-nes-day was the day of weddings.
Every single item that the4Atheists had paid to be made-up top look like their dreamed up theories were Ordered to be tested by Science! This took years and it was in 2007 that ALL of these tests were completed and ALL had been discovered to be fakes! Most of what the Atheists had calmed to be "millions of years old" were really New BONES! BONES so new that most also still have dried blood in them! Of what fossils they did have not one tested to be any older than 6,000 years! Same age as the Bible states we are! Thus every fossil the Atheist had used have also now confirmed the Dates in the Bible!
Plus every single sentence of History in the Bible, records have been found confirming! Anywhere from three records to over 250 records found - confirming each line! Even communist China has admitted to finding records of Adam & Eve!

razzle-dazzle #fundie answers.yahoo.com

Mary was medically proven to be a virgin while carrying Jesus.
If she was NOT a virgin at that point,she would have been an outcast,& no Jewish man would have ever married her.

If you can't understand how women can be proven to be virgins;Then you have a lot to learn about the female body!

Doug #fundie answers.yahoo.com

Ghosts are actually demons who are trying to deceive. They are perfectly capable of taking on the form of a deceased individual, and they often do this to pull unsuspecting people away from the truth of Jesus Christ. Do not be deceived by their tactics!

A Yahoo! User #fundie answers.yahoo.com

The babies who died in the great flood of Noah's time were not human.


They were a genetic mix between humans and demons, like half human and half demon. And demons CANNOT be redeemed, and their offspring cannot be redeemed either. If God had not destroyed all of them, it would mean that no one born in the future would ever be redeemed. The entire world population would not be redeemable. Some of these half-breed offspring were giants. They were known as the "mighty men of old." (Genesis 6)

Noah and his family still had a pure blood line. So they were allowed to live.

Diamond Heart #conspiracy answers.yahoo.com

Lifespan in Atlantis was 800 to 1,200 years...and before that,
lifespan in Lemuria was 10,000 to 30,000 or sometimes 50,000 years....and before that, we were living-Immortal.

In the beginning, humans were created perfect in every-way. Human DNA composed of up to 36 DNA-helixes which
allowed us to fly and teleport; shape-shift and bi-locate; speak any human-language; travel the stars and remain Immortal.

Everything ran smoothly for millions of years. Then a very great evil developed in Atlantis but that is a story for another day.

ari #fundie answers.yahoo.com

[If money is the root of all evil, why don't Christians give theirs away?]

Because of Christians gave away all the money the evil people would have more money to commit evil with That's Why Us Christians collect your money because if we collect it and put it into good use you won't be able to get into trouble with it and we will have invested it wisely for you.