usachinanukewar #fundie

Lord Jesus Christ is my Hero, my Only Hero. I wanna kiss His Lips if He allows me to kiss His Lips, not just Cheeks, in our eternal life. And, if He allows me, then I desperately wanna kiss Him deeply, placing my immortal tongue in His Mouth intertwining with His Tongue, a French kiss. Very deep kissing with two tongues intertwining each other. I wanna taste His Tongue and the Smell of His Mouth deeper and deeper. But, I desperately hope Jesus can shave clean. Or, my cheek and my lips will get slightly scratched by Jesus’ beard stubble, and that would be hurt. You know. I don’t like beard stubble, indeed. Too scratchy. But, I desperately and earnestly love Jesus’ everything, everything that belongs to Jesus, His Whole Immortal Face and Body and Hair. Beard stubble is the only thing I don’t like, and that’s it. And, while conducting deep kissing with Jesus both our tongues intertwining each other and turning sweetly, just like two anacondas’ breeding ball intimately interlocking each other slowly spinning ceaselessly, relentlessly and endlessly, I desperately wanna inhale Jesus’ breath into my mouth, because I desperately want His Breath and the Smell of His Mouth to remain in my immortal body and mouth the longer the better. I cherish His Smell and Breath that remain in my immortal mouth and body, so sweet and lovely.

And, in my eternal life, Jesus is the only one I do kiss, a French kiss. I don’t kiss others. Jesus is my only one lover in my eternal life.
what if other saints wanna kiss Jesus in a French kiss way? Am I gotta get jealous? Yeah, a bit. I have to confess this point. But, the Church is Jesus’ Bride, so every saint can kiss Jesus if Jesus allows. I will just turn my eyes away from the kissing scene or look out of the window when the kissing is being conducted. I’ll learn how to share Jesus with other saints at that time. That’s gotta be a big lesson and huge adjustment in my heart. But, I can promise and I do promise I will never be acting like a jealous immortal concubine hysterically weeping, crying, just because Jesus conducts a very long and sweet French kiss with another saint in front of my immortal eyes. I’ll be cool and calm. And, I’ll be fine, indeed. Every immortal saint is Jesus’ beloved kid.



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