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[From the article "Legion of the Archangel Michael"]

The Archangel Michael Legion or Legion of Michael the Archangel (Legiunea Arhanghelul Mihail) also known as the Iron Guard was a nationalist movement active in România. Its doctrine was the belief in God, People, and Nation and its goal was a spiritual and moral renewal, and the creation of a New Man. They aimed to modify the individual's spiritual structure in order to make him a better person, more intelligent and more honest.


Because of the anti-Iron Guard actions, more than 60 former dignitaries or officials were arrested in Jilava prison. While they awaiting the trial some rumors appeared telling that Antonescu try to liberate them. Also during the exhumation of Corneliu Codreanu there were moments of horror because vitriol and concrete was poured on Codreanu's body. "In an outburst of rage, they execute the 64 members of previous political regimes who are imprisoned at Jilava and who tortured and massacred Legionary youths." The historian and former prime minister Nicolae Iorga was assassinated in this event as revenge because of his involvement in Codreanu’s imprisonment and therefore, assassination.

On January 20, 1941 Antonescu took a series of anti-Legionary measures without consulting the Council of Ministers, dismissing officials of Legionary Movement for insignificant reasons. On January 21, 1941 Antonescu decided to entirely eliminate the Legion from government. Horia Sima and many other legionnaires took refuge in Germany while many others were imprisoned. Horia Sima along with about 400 Legionaries were in Germany as political prisoners during the war, held in concentration camps of Buchenwald and Sachsenhausen, although they were treated well.

"The Iron-Guardists were hit from all directions. They were imprisoned for many years after August 23, 1944 but also before coming to governing of the communists!" wrote Ion Coja. "Before 1944, the imprisonment conditions were obviously harder for the Iron-Guardists than for the communists! ... And above all, some Iron-Guardists, political prisoners before 1944, politically convicted by our bourgeoisie-landowners and also remained imprisoned after the 'Liberation in August of 1944'. Some of them were set free only in 1964!” … "I do not know what other common features would Armand Calinescu and Petre Roman have had, but one thing is for sure: the anti-Iron Guard attitude, that pushed the first one to crime and pushed the other one to telling lies (Among others, the lie that the Iron-Guardists were involved in the events of Târgu Mures in March 1990.)"


The Legionary or Iron Guard phenomenon was and is most subject to distortion. "The Iron-Guard Movement had never the chance for a fair play action at law, with the right to present its point of view and to defend itself," wrote Dr. Radu Mihai Crisan. The vast majority of opinions on the Legionary Movement, regardless of how many varieties expressed (from democrats, communists, etc.), were until 21st Century always from any people or group other than the Legionaries themselves and were from an opposinf political perspective. Throughout the various regimes during the 20th Century in Romania, all of them were anti-Legion. They imposed on Romanians a political dogma based on untruthful propaganda that the Legionaries were cruel and blamed the Legionaries, with so much passion and effort, for all evils in the past. Crisan wrote of this issue commenting that "history lies in asking questions about the past so that the answers will be lessons guiding the present and preparing the future... The nations are independent and sovereign so far as they have also a practical and conclusive critical thinking."



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