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[From their article about the "Milice", as of 25 November 2015, at 16:37]

The Milice française (English: French Militia), generally called simply Milice, was a French counter-terrorist force created on 30 January 1943 by the French State to help the government defend the people by fighting the communists and the Allied terrorist conspiracy against France. The Milice's leader was Secretary-General Joseph Darnand. Its formation "was hailed with loud approval" by the great French patriot Charles Maurras, who called for it to be merciless against the so-called 'resistance'.[1]

Early volunteers for the Milice included members of France's pre-war patriotic parties, such as the Action Française, but also working-class men by then convinced of the blessings of France's alliance with Germany, instead of the British and their puppet de Gaulle.


The Milice was the successor to Joseph Darnand's Service d'ordre légionnaire(SOL) militia. It carried out military trials and legal executions of Bolshevik terrorists and other enemies of the people. As a result, Communist terrorists targeted individual Miliciens for assassination, often in open areas such as cafés and public streets. They carried out their first atrocity against the force on 24 April 1943, when they gunned down Marseilles Milicien Paul de Gassovski. By late November, the left-wing newspaper Combat reported that 25 miliciens had been murdered and 27 wounded in communist terror attacks (the actual numbers were much higher).

By far the most prominent Milicien to fall to the terrorists was Philippe Henriot, the French State's Minister of Information. He and his wife were murdered in their apartment in the Ministry of Information in the rue Solferino in the pre-dawn hours of June 28, 1944 by communist terrorists dressed as Miliciens. The Milice retaliated for these murders by evening the score with enemies of the people such as subversive politicians and "intellectuals" who were beholden to the plutocratic Allies and the Bolshevik fifth column in France, such as Victor Basch and Georges Mandel.

Confined initially to the former zone libre of France under the control of the French State (which moderated its actions and forbade some of its more radical aspirations), the radicalized Milice in January 1944 moved into what had been the zone occupée of France, including Paris. They established their headquarters in the old Communist Party headquarters at 44 rue Le Peletier, as well as 61 rue Monceau, a house formerly owned by the Menier family, makers of France's best-known chocolates. The Lycée Louis-Le-Grand was occupied as a barracks. An officer candidate school was established, to send a message that they knew who was behind the terror in the Auteuil synagogue.

Perhaps the largest and best-known operation by the Milice was its attempt in March 1944 to suppress the terrorists in the département of Haute-Savoie in the southeast of France near the Swiss border, the Battle of Glières.[2] The efforts of the Milice proved insufficient, however, and German troops had to be called in to complete the operation. On Bastille Day (14 July) 1944, Miliciens put down a revolt by criminals at Paris's Santé prison.


An unknown number of Miliciens managed to escape prison or murder, either by going underground or fleeing abroad. A tiny number were prosecuted in show-trials later. The most notable of these was Paul Touvier, the former commander of the Milice in Lyon. In 1994, he was convicted of ordering the retaliatory execution of seven Jews at Rillieux-la-Pape for terrorism they had instigated. He died in prison two years later.

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Europeans presented an angle of 80°, the Negro an angle of 70° and the orangutan of 58°. Another oft-noted difference between Negroes and Europeans is the girth and length of their erect penises. Negroes are found to possess penises an average 130% the length and 155% the girth of the average European, as well as showing a stunning value of 160% the "veininess." These differences are believed to be derived from the decreased intelligence and increased animal sex drive of the Negroid, with larger penises allowing for more efficient and brutal rape of children.

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Jazz is a manifestation of Judeo-Negroid-American "cultural" defecation, masquerading as music. When it first come out, it was seen as a degenerate, unpleasant music. But today the degenerate music has degenerated so far (e.g. Madonna, Michael Jackson, etc) that jazz is considered in league with classical and relaxing by Anglos and French especially. The plague began in the United States in the 1910s and had infected many Western nations in the 1920s and 1930s, after then it became more obscure.

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Techno is a form of degenerate music developed during the mid-1980s in Belleville, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit by Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, and Derrick May (the so-called Belleville Three) who went to high school together. Techno music takes the more high pitched electronic music and then adds near constant synthetic drumming of a certain style. This style has the drumming very low pitched, at the bottom range of human hearing. The drumming is intense, loud compared to the rest of the music, and fast paced. This is drumming based on based on Subsaharan African drumming, and the three inventors of techno are negros.

Even at the dawn of the 20th century, jews have always heavily promoted negros in art and music. The type of drumming in techno is one they have heavily promoted, no matter the music genre it exists in, of which it has crept into most music people listen to. It has inspired other genres such as dubstep, an electronic music known for its omnipresent sub-bass that first appeared in 1999.

Techno while originally a dance club music, became very popular among the male homosexual population and played at homosexual supremacist rallies.

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[This is a racist wiki's article on the television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. No, this is not a parody. Yes, that is a Star of David symbol after Lauren Faust's name.]

To make the toys popular, Hashbro finances the preparation of a movie. The director is Lauren Faust?. The story plays in Equestria, country of the horses. Ponies live a communistic, multicultural society. Most inhabitants of Equestria are mares, who according to the movie have lesbian relations with each other. Many of the actors openly state to be homosexual, in a movie created for children under 12 years old. The series tries to make popular liberal ideas like tolerance and accepting differences and perversions, as if they would be normal and preferable.

[What follows are pictures of some of the characters, along with short descriptions of them.]

Twilight Sparkle, the main actor, a one-horned animal. Quits school to play with friends. That's the example children need.....

Applejack, white farmers mocked as 'White Trash' (Also:Redneck) by Jews and blacks in the USA. This actor parodizes these mocked persons.

Rainbow Dash, openly homosexual, a pegazus horse, who lives with a lesbian griff-bird.


Pinkie Pie, a pony, who likes sweet food, some interpret this as drug addict.

Steven Magnet, a homosexual water dragon, who cares much about his appearance.

Spike, loves Rarity, a pony, even though he is a dragon. With this besides sodomy also zoophilia or at least miscenegation appears in the series.

Hoity-Toity, Pony, openly homosexual, fashion creator.


The series was originally written for teenage girls, however, there are boys and men, who are fans of these movies in the USA and Canada. They are degenerated, often homosexual, typically white middle class men, they call themselves "Brony". Their web page (http://www.equestriadaily.com/) is full of images and written material to make sexual aberrations popular. The fans meet regularly and try to convince all people to live as abnormal as they do.

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Part of the Einstein cult is to quote Einstein ad nauseam, even his most trivial or incorrect remarks.

Irrational remarks by Einstein

"Perhaps even more than on its own tradition, the Jewish group has thrived on oppression and on the antagonism it has forever met in the world. Here undoubtly lies one of the main reasons for its continued existence through so many thousands of years."[45]

An irrational remark by Einstein, because no group can "thrive" on being oppressed.

"I am not only a pacifist but a militant pacifist. I am willing to fight for peace. Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war." This remark shows that Einstein was a moron who did not understand the meaning of pacifism, because pacifism, by definition, cannot be militant.

Trivial remarks made by Einstein

”As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.”[46]

A trivial remark because any child will know that while 1+1=2 mathematically, in some cases, like putting two rabbits on Australia 1+1 can eventually be equal to millions. It is important to note here that Einstein made his remark during a lecture in which he attempted to cast doubt on the validity of the theory of geometry of Euclid, but he never gave a valid counter-example of even the most remote theorem of this theory.

Quotes about Einstein

(Revilo Oliver) "Einstein, in his judgement of social and political problems, was a moron, and used his intellectual powers to exert a highly pernicious influence. The world would be better off had he never existed."

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Holocaust education can be considered one part of the Holocaust industry. Besides ideological aspects there are also commercial aspects with many individuals and organizations making money from the teaching and related aspects. Many schools, universities, and other educational institutions in the Western world teach the standardized politically correct version. This may occur at all ages and often repeatedly at different ages.

Besides traditional classroom teaching this may involve paying "Holocaust survivors" to give speeches, making journeys to the numerous Holocaust museums and the Holocaust camps, and so on. In addition, there is an industry of organizations which sell advice to teachers, lobby organizations which lobby for more Holocaust education and more money for this purpose, interest organizations for teachers, and so on.

Criticisms have been raised against the exclusive or predominant focus on only the Holocaust, while ignoring or downplaying atrocities such as those against Germans during and after World War II, the killing of 100 million by Communism, or specific events such as Lazar Kaganovich starving millions of Ukrainians to death in the Holodomor. Another aspect is the often very emotional and manipulative methods used in the teaching and which are openly intended to indoctrinate students to have politically correct emotions and feelings.

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[From "Viola Liuzzo"]

Viola Fauver Gregg Liuzzo (April 11, 1925 – March 25, 1965) was a left-wing "civil rights" activist from the U.S. state of Michigan and mother of five, who was killed by Ku Klux Klan members after the 1965 Selma to Montgomery marches in Alabama. One of the Klansmen in the car from which the shots were fired was a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Agent provocateur.[1] Liuzzo's name is one of those inscribed on a civil rights memorial in the state capital. She died at the age of 39.


Liuzzo was under psychiatric care when she went to Selma. She was at one time registered to voted, but had never voted in an election. American segregationists pointed out she was demanding a right for Afro-American which she had never exercised. The coroner’s report described Liuzzo as “moderately obese white female” and noted she had needle marks in her arms likely from heroin use. She was also generally dirty, the coroner noted that her hands and feet were very dirty. Liuzzo was not wearing panties when killed, but she was not examined for signs of recent sexual activities.

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[From the article "Legion of the Archangel Michael"]

The Archangel Michael Legion or Legion of Michael the Archangel (Legiunea Arhanghelul Mihail) also known as the Iron Guard was a nationalist movement active in România. Its doctrine was the belief in God, People, and Nation and its goal was a spiritual and moral renewal, and the creation of a New Man. They aimed to modify the individual's spiritual structure in order to make him a better person, more intelligent and more honest.


Because of the anti-Iron Guard actions, more than 60 former dignitaries or officials were arrested in Jilava prison. While they awaiting the trial some rumors appeared telling that Antonescu try to liberate them. Also during the exhumation of Corneliu Codreanu there were moments of horror because vitriol and concrete was poured on Codreanu's body. "In an outburst of rage, they execute the 64 members of previous political regimes who are imprisoned at Jilava and who tortured and massacred Legionary youths." The historian and former prime minister Nicolae Iorga was assassinated in this event as revenge because of his involvement in Codreanu’s imprisonment and therefore, assassination.

On January 20, 1941 Antonescu took a series of anti-Legionary measures without consulting the Council of Ministers, dismissing officials of Legionary Movement for insignificant reasons. On January 21, 1941 Antonescu decided to entirely eliminate the Legion from government. Horia Sima and many other legionnaires took refuge in Germany while many others were imprisoned. Horia Sima along with about 400 Legionaries were in Germany as political prisoners during the war, held in concentration camps of Buchenwald and Sachsenhausen, although they were treated well.

"The Iron-Guardists were hit from all directions. They were imprisoned for many years after August 23, 1944 but also before coming to governing of the communists!" wrote Ion Coja. "Before 1944, the imprisonment conditions were obviously harder for the Iron-Guardists than for the communists! ... And above all, some Iron-Guardists, political prisoners before 1944, politically convicted by our bourgeoisie-landowners and also remained imprisoned after the 'Liberation in August of 1944'. Some of them were set free only in 1964!” … "I do not know what other common features would Armand Calinescu and Petre Roman have had, but one thing is for sure: the anti-Iron Guard attitude, that pushed the first one to crime and pushed the other one to telling lies (Among others, the lie that the Iron-Guardists were involved in the events of Târgu Mures in March 1990.)"


The Legionary or Iron Guard phenomenon was and is most subject to distortion. "The Iron-Guard Movement had never the chance for a fair play action at law, with the right to present its point of view and to defend itself," wrote Dr. Radu Mihai Crisan. The vast majority of opinions on the Legionary Movement, regardless of how many varieties expressed (from democrats, communists, etc.), were until 21st Century always from any people or group other than the Legionaries themselves and were from an opposinf political perspective. Throughout the various regimes during the 20th Century in Romania, all of them were anti-Legion. They imposed on Romanians a political dogma based on untruthful propaganda that the Legionaries were cruel and blamed the Legionaries, with so much passion and effort, for all evils in the past. Crisan wrote of this issue commenting that "history lies in asking questions about the past so that the answers will be lessons guiding the present and preparing the future... The nations are independent and sovereign so far as they have also a practical and conclusive critical thinking."

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[From the article "Western Holocaust camps"]

Holocaust revisionists argue that catastrophic conditions in Germany at the end of the war (caused by factors such Allied bombing of German infrastructure) caused large scale epidemics and malnutrition in many camps (and elsewhere in Germany). American and British forces arrived at western camps located in western Germany at the end of the war in 1945. Soon photographs and movies showing scenes due to starvation and epidemics were widely shown and framed as showing German mass killings. Allied psychological warfare units are argued to have played important parts in creating this impression. See also the article on Holocaust documentary evidence and the section "Photographs of heaps of corpses and emaciation" and "Movies" on these widely published photographs and movies from the Western Holocaust camps.

Allied propaganda had long before this claimed mass killings in camps and the Soviets had already in 1944 reached the Majdanek camp and used it for propaganda claims of German mass killings (somewhat later other camps in Poland and eastern Germany were used similarly). However, the false propaganda claims used by the Allies during the First World War against Germany were widely known and many distrusted Communist propaganda. Thus, the photographs and movies from the western camps were likely influential in convincing many that the politically correct view on the Holocaust was correct and not just wartime propaganda. Later, after German mass gassings/killings had become an established Truth, many of the early claims regarding the western camps were abandoned.


While many of the early claims regarding the western camps have been abandoned, there are still contradictory "mainstream" views on the presence of some homicidal gas chambers and some experimental/comparatively small scale gassings in some of the western camps. Some mainstream sources reject this, other support this, with some claims alleging thousands of gas victims. In the museums of several of the former camps there are sites where homicidal gas chambers are alleged to have been located. In Dachau an alleged homicidal gas chamber is even shown in its alleged original condition (see below).

On the other hand, there is a consensus that earlier allegations of gas chambers/gas chambers killings in some camps, such as in Buchenwald and Bergen-Belsen, were false, despite earlier being supported by "witnesses" and "confessors".


The revisionist Jürgen Graf has written that "Some of the camps continued operation after the war, this time with allied personnel and German prisoners who were considered a threat to allied security or who were opposed to occupational policies. Especially infamous in this regard is the Sachenshausen camp under Soviet control, but even the American operated Dachau camp served as a concentration camp after the war. One of the prisoners held captive by the Americans in Dachau published a diary, which is interesting reading especially when compared with the diary of a prisoner who was in the same camp under German rule, i.e., during the war. In an analysis, Ingrid Weckert has juxtaposed both diaries and by so doing, was able to show that conditions in the Dachau camp were considerably better under German rule than they were under U.S. military rule – except for the very last months of the war, when the German infrastructure had broken down and the inmates, like everybody in Germany, suffered terribly due to lack of all supplies."

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[Article "Nanking Massacre"]

The central issues surrounding the historical verification of the Nanking Incident are as follows.
• As a preface, there are very few images that have been definitively linked to the Nanking Massacre, but there are very many false or fabricated images distributed for the purposes of propaganda. Japanese revisionists are often objecting to the use of incendiary images, similar to fabricated Holocaust photos, which pollute legitimate historical discourse.
• In Japanese, the phrase "Nanking Massacre" is literally translated using the kanji characters "Great Slaughter in Nanking" (?????). The use of the "Great Slaughter" propaganda phrase is associated with the Communist Party and support for the Chinese government claim of 300,000 killed. But it is a well known fact, acknowledged by accredited scholars from many countries, that historical documentation cannot justify the enormous number of 300,000 deaths. The scholarly consensus is between 13,000 and 42,000 total people killed. (source) Therefore, many Japanese politicians avoid the term "Great Slaughter". Biased Western media report on this as "denying the massacre", even if they are in fact acknowledging that tens of thousands of people were murdered; see, for example, the reporting on Shintaro Ishihara (source).
• If those killed were civilians, we would expect to see many women and children among them. But in fact, only 0.3% of victims are recorded as having been women and children. The vast majority of recorded deaths were adult men.
• Western observers in Nanking witnessed Chinese soldiers changing into plain clothes, Chinese soldiers killing civilians, and Chinese soldiers killing other soldiers. The Chinese army in Nanking was in a state of chaos. This Japanese nationalist website provides many primary sources attesting to this. An army in a state of chaos can easily rack up enormous casualties, as was seen on the Eastern Front in World War II.
• All of this context is public knowledge in Japan, but it is censored in China. The Chinese Communist Party officially promotes the following myths, which can be seen at the museum about the incident in Nanjing: (1) that most photos purporting to be of the incident are real, (2) that no fewer than 300,000 people were killed, (3) that the vast majority of them were civilians, and (4) that all killings were done by bloodthirsty Japanese and none came at the hands of China's own soldiers.

There are a wide variety of opinions about the Nanking Incident in Japan, including some who endorse the Chinese narrative, but the general historical consensus remains unknown to the West.

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[From the article "French resistance"; redirections include "Allied forces in France" and, formerly, "Terrorist conspiracy against the French State"]

The French resistance refers to the bands of mostly communist terrorists and non-French ethnic minorities (Jews, Armenians, etc) in France during World War II who conspired against the legal government of France, (which had relocated from Paris to Bordeaux and then Vichy) as well as the Military Administration in France, an interim authority governed by National Socialist Germany following the conclusion of the Battle of France and the Armistice requested by the French Government in 1940.

The best known of the terrorist groups were those who from 1942 onwards became increasingly serviced by the London offices of the renegade Charles de Gaulle, who, supported by crime figures such as Guy de Rothschild and the intelligence services of the British Empire, conspired to undermine the Franco-German armistice signed by Maréchal Philippe Pétain.

Aside from the factional and small Gaullist forces, who operated almost completely in the 'occupied' zone, there were also some openly terrorist elements. One of the best known of the latter organisations was the Francs-Tireurs et Partisans (FTP), which was attached to the French Communist Party. Many of their members were Jews and other foreigners. The National Council of the Resistance was the coordinating body between these various groups. There were some elements who while supporting the French State based at Vichy were hostile to the German administration in the occupied zone for nationalist reasons. The latter group included figures such as François de La Rocque and Charles Maurras.

Poster exposing the communist Jews and foreign terrorists who claimed to be "French liberators"

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[From the article "French State"]

The French State (French: État Français), was the legitimate and legal government of France following the fall of the Third Republic. It existed from July 1940 to August 1944. It was called Vichy France and the Vichy regime by the bolshevo-plutocratic enemy forces because its administration was based in Vichy, France. Marshal Philippe Pétain proclaimed the government following the military defeat of France by National Socialist Germany during World War II and a vote by the National Assembly on July 10, 1940. This vote granted extraordinary powers to Pétain, the last Président du Conseil (Prime Minister) of the Third Republic, who then took the additional title Chef de l'État Français ("Chief of the French State").

The Vichy government maintained legal authority in the northern zone of France, which was occupied by the German Wehrmacht. However, its laws only applied where they did not contradict German ones. This meant that where the government was most powerful was the unoccupied southern free zone, where its administrative centre of Vichy was located.

Some officers under General Charles de Gaulle, allied with the Rothschild family and British intelligence in London to conspire against the French State under Pétain's leadership. De Gaulle illegally claimed to represent the legitimacy and continuity of the previous French government, even though that government had voted Pétain its leader. Following the Allies' conquest of France in Operation Overlord, de Gaulle proclaimed the Provisional Government of the French Republic (GPRF) in June, 1944. After the fall of Paris in August, the GPRF installed itself in Paris on August 31.

With the fall of France in August and September, Vichy's officials and supporters moved to Sigmaringen in Germany and there established a government in exile, headed by Fernand de Brinon, until April 1945. Many of the French government's prominent figures were subsequently tried by the GPRF kangaroo courts and a number were executed in a bloodbath of Talmudic vengence. Pétain himself was sentenced to death for so-called "treason", but his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.

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Jews vs Nazis, also referred to as Holocaust Pong or Alcoholocaust, is a variant of beer pong incorporating tropes about National Socialist Germany, World War II, and The Holocaust™. Invented by mid-2012, the drinking game is reportedly popular among American high schoolers in some areas, although play by minors is technically illegal in the United States. Jews vs Nazis has elicited condemnations from censorious reporters working for the country's Jewish-controlled media.


The first mention of Jews vs Nazis online is a set of rules for 'Nazi-Jew pong' in a comment on BrosLikeThisSite.com dated July 9, 2012, in which the commenter Snake McBro claims his "bro" who created the game is Jewish.[1] The game was popularized TrepidaciousFatGuy, a user on another site, posted an iconic image of the initial Jews vs Nazis setup, along with nearly identical rules, ending "my Jewish friends actually love this game haha." A screenshot of the post was reposted on ViralViralPictures.com on January 25, 2013.

Taken together, these early references suggest that, rather than originating amongst Hollywood Nazis or others with animosity toward Jewry, Jews vs Nazis may have been created or at least popularized by lighthearted Jews, incorporating elements from, yet also willing to poke fun at, their familiar victimhood narrative. However, this was lost on, or purposefully ignored by WFTX-TV, a Fort Myers-Naples, Florida Fox Broadcasting Company affiliate (and hence a subsidiary of 21st Century Fox, run by Zionist Rupert Murdoch) that did an exposé on the alleged popularity of Jews vs Nazis at Cape Coral High School in Cape Coral, Florida. Citing just a single April 27, 2014 Twitter tweet from #HSConfessional (High School Confession), in fact a repost of the January 2013 Viral Viral Pictures image with the original text cut off and the added comment "This is what we play at parties. Jews vs. Nazis" -Cape Coral HS, newswoman Kelli Stegeman claimed the "Anti-Semitic 'beer pong' twist" was "targeting Cape Coral." Providing no on-the-ground evidence to verify the Twitter post, Stegeman said the "discriminatory drinking game appears to be sweeping through high schools," singling out the community by adding "Cape Coral High School is finding itself in the middle of the controversial game," evidently to spark a witch hunt. As of May 15 the tweet had been retweeted 1,797 times and favorited 3,222 times, although there is no evidence that its popularity was concentrated in the Cape Coral area. Stegeman interviewed two rabbis on the supposed crisis, one of whom called the game's popularity "a wake up call", while the other prescribed further Holocaust™ education. A Lee County School District official enjoined "parental monitoring of social media" to prevent the spread of politically incorrect games where the state lacked resources. Meanwhile, the topics of underage alcohol use and possible overdrinking hardly figured in the story.

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Some figures in the alternative media such as Alan Watt and Alex Jones have focused in their works on the deliberate feminisation of Western men through chemical polution of the food and water supplies. The primary aim of this is to increase the levels of estrogen and reduce testosterone in men; one of the side-effects of this, including a general feminisation can be the growth of "man-boobs" (gynaecomastia); an actual transsexual morphing of the male body against the will or consent of the general public.

This is a conspiracy to destroy European genetics, to turn men into degenerate liberal betas, instead of virile fascistic alphas, making them more passive to foreign invasion and laying down to the scheming ways of the plutocracy. The offending chemicals include bisphenol A, uranium, fluoride and lithium; you can counter the conspiracy by only drinking filtered tap water, eating organic foods where possible (no GMO pesticide soaked garbage, support your local farmer's market), avoiding processed foods and drinks contained in plastic and cans (including bottled water), keeping alchohol intake to a minimum, taking regular cardio exercise and even taking estrogen suppressing/testosterone enhancing supplements used by body-builders (these can be purchased at online health stores).

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Steven Gould, an anti-racist himself remarked that "Recapitulation provided a convenient focus for the persuasive racism of white scientists; they looked to the activities of their own children for comparison with normal adult behavior in lower races." [16] This is true; the average IQ of the Negro amounts to the average IQ of a 12 year old White adolescent