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They installed one of those giant plasma TV screens in the waiting room of the doctor's office a few months ago. Recently I complained because they were showing famous celebrity murders. I told the receptionist that I was offended by what they were showing on TV. The last thing a person in agonizing pain wants to see is blood-stained walls and hear people screaming on 911 calls. It was really sick. What is wrong with people these days that they enjoy watching garbage like that? People are so far from God. It's bad enough that the daily news is filled with so much tragic news. No wonder violence is increasing in America. Christians ought not watch violent shows on television.

Anyway, the receptionist changed the station to the Food Network. Rachael Ray came on promoting “Sin City” Las Vegas, showing a bunch of whores doing gymnastics with their underwear exposed, and boasting of all the sinful glamour of “Sin City.” I was so disgusted by their glorification of sin. You can't even watch a cooking program anymore without the Devil putting a bunch of filth and temptation in your face. It makes me angry as a Christian. I got up and walked to the other side of the waiting room. Rachael Ray is living for the Devil, working for a heathen company, and is in trouble with God for making light of wickedness. Las Vegas is a disgrace to America. Every website that promotes “Sin City” Las Vegas promotes immoral topless dancing, strip clubs, pornography, prostitutes and fornication. Las Vegas is of the Devil.

I pray for God to curse America, because we deserve nothing less. Why should God bless a nation that commits so much sin, openly, with no remorse nor shame?



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