Some incels #sexist

Re: This only applies to incels, right?


Women want to walk around half-naked to offer potential Chad's their assets, but criminalize the sexuality of all non-attractive low-status men. Non-attractive low-status men will now even be criminalized for daring to look at half-naked women in tight yoga pants etc.

Feminism cannot be outargued, women can only be oppressed.


Cucks will apologize for this shit.

Cucks and white knights are the problem. Women will always be amoral and subservient to their dominant culture and it’s fashions/ideals. Women don’t care about what’s fair or right, they care about status and out competing other females for high status men; Most women honestly don’t care about much more than what other people think of them.

Cucks and white knights are raised/trained to worship women and empower them to gradually oppress and demonize men for essentially lacking status smh, since that’s what most women are focused on and lust for. Cucks and white knights think doing this is literally the same thing as being a good man, they are brainwashed.


I honestly feel like I'm the crazy one when I see a post like this and it has gotten so many likes and retweets. It actually affects me inside. There's a rage because its so absurd to me Women walk around with half their asses out everywhere. Their smelly bellies and boobies rubbing in our faces. As I began to accept I was incel I found it criminal that they can walk around like that. Forcing us to see that and then punish us for even staring.

They know exactly what they're doing, too - and every so once in a while, they'll admit it.

No woman wears short shorts or hip-length skirts because it's comfortable (spoiler: it isn't). They do this because they enjoy men's attention and because they want to draw more attention than the Beckies in their peer group.

They dress to provoke, and they're fully aware of this. But they actually have the gall to get angry when you point out that their behaviour has consequences.



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