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Man Buried Alive in 1994 Argentina Jewish Community Center Bombing is a Hoax

Nodisinfo.com has revised its position on the Argentina Jewish Center bombing. Rather than an act of terror from any element it was, rather, a staged event. The bombing was merely a controlled demolition. Within this stage was a fabricated rescue. The story line itself is proof of the fraud. They made a hole so they could lower the coffee down to him. Who believes such gibberish.

“Perhaps the most dramatic story was that of Jacobo Chemanuel, the man in charge of the building’s coffee shop:”

Sure, right, they lowered the coffee right down to him, the best thing to do when you are without fluids for nearly two days; give him a diuretic.

Now, consider this:

Chemanuel died few months later due to his injuries. AFP PHOTO/ALI BURAFI (Photo credit should read ALI BURAFI/AFP/Getty Images)

What about him is dying? Is something missing, here? He doesn’t have even any wounds or evidence of blunt trauma. Moreover, how is it that he would die “months” later? And not anything specific, merely “a few months” later.

Sure he was, dead: as far as a footprint in Argentina was concerned. Yet, most likely in the Zionist entity he remained alive and well.



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