Mack Major #fundie

You cannot mix Christianity with other religions. The moment you do it's no longer Christianity.

Would you drink a tall glass of fresh cold water if someone dropped just one tiny drop of sewer water in it? What about two drops - or three?

You say no: yet that is exactly what many of you do by mixing other religions and forms of spirituality with your Christianity. You're mixing sewage with fresh water. And this is why so many of you are spiritually sick.

If you're a Christian who thinks it's okay to fornicate a little bit (or a lot) and still think you're okay in God's eyes: you're a sick Christian. If you believe it's okay to tell little lies, slander others or spread gossip about them - you're a sick Christian.

If you think it's cool to bow to Jesus and yet still practice yoga, live by horoscopes or dabble in the occult - you've been drinking cups, not just drops of sewer water! And your spirituality stinks to high heaven.

You need a spiritual detox!

God wants His children to live pure lives. He wants us to be holy like He is holy. Only then can we demonstrate to the world that our faith, our beliefs and our religion carries the power of heaven in it to transform lives and destinies here on Earth for good.

It's our difference from the world that makes what we have so unique and interesting: not our similarities with the world.

It's time for you to recalibrate! Get back onto the right frequency - the Jesus Christ frequency. Tune away from sin and tune back into holiness, without which no man can see God.

When you take God and His Son Jesus seriously, only then will God start revealing Heavens secrets to you.

I can always tell when someone who claims to be spiritually deep is a fraud. I just check their lifestyle. Because I know God never reveals His secrets to someone who is not living holy.

Let's get back on track saints. Massive awesome power awaits us the moment we begin to live out a pure expression of our Christian faith. God wants to work wonders through our lives. But He wont do it until we start living right.



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