The J Man #conspiracy

It's amazing that many criticize Obama and say little or nothing about other presidents and world leaders who conspire to bring us into a one world government. The Illuminati controls the government itself. Wolrd leaders, the golbal elite are doing the will of their father the devil, subtly bringing us into a new world order. Even the American dollar bill has symbology of the one world government, yet people scream at Obama?

The Illuminati plotted 9/11, they plotted wars that have happened and the coming third world war that is obviously going to happen soon. They plotted this econimic crash that were headed to. Why do people not speak out against these leaders? They raise our taxes as a way to keep people in financial bondage. That is a way to control people when they are in debt and financial bondage.

They would need order of chaos in order to bring in a one world government. World warfare, poverty, debt and no jobs along with desensitizng people morally, the break down of marriages, and getting the church itself to be lukewarm people who are asleep spiritually. You can see all this going on and it's been going on for years, but people blame Obama? That's ridiculous.



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