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First they came for prayer in school, and I did not speak out—because I was not acknowledgeable about how the Supreme Court of the United States could make ungodly and immoral decisions.

Then they came to murder the unborn in their mother’s womb, and I did not speak out— because I was not an unborn child and never dreamed that prochoice could include murdering your unborn child.

Then they came for the legalization of two men or two woman getting "married" to upend America’s sovereignty and I did not speak out because I did not want to be called a hater or a bigot
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out for me, because I never spoke out for anyone else, always too busy doing something else and half of what I was doing did not give nor honor God's glory but was for my own selfish reasons' (words in bold are mine).

If we are willing to go to war and die for what will happen because the situation got so badly out of control, like the Revolutionary War, wouldn't it be better to confront the issues now while you, your sons and daughters are still alive before a war breaks out, possibly killing some of them by now taking the time to deal with them. One day you will be forced to take the time so why not do it now on a voluntary basis?


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Ever notice that reptiles are a rare breed as a species in that they are one of the few species that NEVER stop growing throughout their entire lifespan? According to the Scripture they also did not eat meat in the beginning but rather the green herbs and plants. Suppose for a moment the possibility of an evil fallen race of angelic-spirit beings coming down to earth and altering the genetic code of the living creation of YHWH 'Elohiym until they finally discovered that reptiles never stop growing? or that perhaps even their own alterations caused this anomaly? They apparently altered reptiles for their own purposes: to feed their own Titan-Giant offspring which 1-Enoch states that they had hoped would live five hundred years or more. Apparently one of the adverse side affects of the genetic manipulation was that some of the reptiles like T-Rex also began eating flesh instead of herbs.

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[re: Gay Marriage coming to America]

And Communism will rule America and the world(the cry of the world a few decades back). Just because things are heading in a particular direction does not mean that it will happen that way. You have two big powers on a collision course, radial Islam vs the decadence of the West. Both Islam and homosexuality are gaining in America, and both are totally opposed to each other. We do not have a gay president today but we do have a Muslim president, so I would not bet too much on the gay crowd.

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Children of a secular god lack proper interest in others. They are ill -trained to share a bed, a dream, or a life. They prove to be uncomfortable in a situation calling for commitment. They are typically users, needy and demanbding, used to getting their own way. Living with one can be like sandpapering a bobcat’s behind in a phone booth.

John 10:10 #fundie gracecentered.com

[re: working with a homosexual]

What we are seeing more and more is that homosexuals are not seeking "equal rights" in society and the work place, they are seeking "special rights" in society and the work place.

Consider for a brief moment what would be the plight of a Christian who acts in the manner this homosexual is acting. How long would would a Christian be allowed to keep his/her job if they openly witnessed their Christian faith to everyone in the workplace?

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[re: President Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize]

There's another way of looking at it.

They didn't like George W. Bush and his conservative views.

So they gave the Nobel Prize to the man he beat in 2000.

They still don't like George W. Bush and conservatives.

So they give it to George W. Bush's replacement after less than 8 months in office.

Norwegian liberals are no friends of Christians.

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[You say I like to read Richard Dawkins books. I said I read one. I plan to read another. Correspondingly, I read the Bible every singly morning. Just because you are not capable of reading Dawkins without having an existential crisis doesn't mean the rest of us aren't. I plan to be a pastor. That will probably involve some form of apologetics. Accordingly, I need to know what other people believe for the sake of conversation.]

C. look I can read anything the reprobate Dawkins puts out, if I wished to do so. The Bible tells me how to deal with unbelievers, dawkins is the devils best friend. many, many, many, young, middle and old, have their faith destroyed by this devil. Is it Hutchins also that is an atheist, destroying many's faith? If you believe Jesus is Lord, My sincere apologies, but, I want to know do you believe the Bible is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Jesus ask "Simon son of Jonas who do you say that I am?" Who do say Jesus is? The Holy Spirit did reveal Dawkins and you to me. Somehow your faith has been derailed, very badly. Do you go to a liberal college? Liberal Professors? You are only twenty, and messing up you faith is a serious thing. Did you know Jesus Loves you, saved, or unsaved? You need the voice of truth. I know the word, and I know the Holy Spirit speaks to me also. You really, really, need to find the real Jesus. Honey, Dawkins does not know any Jesus, so do not look to evil for truth, I know how to talk to you about truth, without someone like Dawkins. BTW, The Holy Spirit did reveal Dawkins to me, why do you think he did? Maybe, just maybe, Christ wants you to do a U-Turn. Think about it.

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My remarks werent sarcastic they were truthful.Those costumes are what the shops here are full of. Yes I celebrate The birth of Jesus on Christmas day, and the resurrection of Jesus on Easter day. I am sure that you are now going to come back and tell me that they are the same as halloween, but Christmas and easter dont involve the evil things as hallowen does.Halloween is a special day for Satanists, devil worshippers and witches. People who used to be involved in these things and have become Christians will tell you this. The Bible warns us against such things, so why open the door for evil?

fanuvmxpx #fundie gracecentered.com

There are no sexual orientation genes. Being a homosexual is a perversion of the mind and while unrepentant gay/lesbian/trans are under allegiance to satan.

This goes for any sin, anyone who is slave to sin. But being gay is certainly not a blessing, and homosexuals are not children of God, as much as Oprah might like you to believe.

lightshineon #fundie gracecentered.com

[re: pro-lifer gunned down while protesting]

Well Obama will not say he was "outraged" like he did Tiller the baby killer was gunned down. Did CNN, or ABC, NBC, CBS, even find it news worthy? The good news is this man is probably with the Lord, a real Martyr, unlike Tiller who, I am sure had some explain to do to his maker. Eternity matters, and God saw this mans good work, and Tillers wickedness

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The difference is that when a "pro-life" advocate kills someone their actions prove that they are not authentically pro-life. It's kind of like a vegetarian who eats hamburgers.

On the other hand, when a pro-choice advocate murders a disabled man like today, they're just doing what they always do. It's just that this time their victim is older than usual.

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That's right folks, your tax dollars funding abortion. So it's no longer enough for liberals that abortion is legal in this country, now they've got to put the ultimate salt in the wounds of those of us to grieve over this issue, now they're going to take money that we work for to pay for abortions. That means that part of the time while we're working, we are actually working to pay for an abortion. Not working to put food on our tables but to stab babies in their heads and suck their brains out!

How in the world any Christian could support this man is beyond comprehension.

Joker2 #fundie gracecentered.com

Obama's idea of fair,

A grown married woman's decision to have her baby aborted in the 9th month because she want to go to Hawaii next month and forcing me to pay for it.

Obama's idea of freedom,

I work outside in the Mississippi sun 60-70 hrs per week. I have the "freedom" to keep less than half of what I earned. If I am fortunate enough to put aside some wealth Obama does not want me to do decide to give it to my children he wants to decide who gets my savings.

Example of the two combined,

A doctor is a christian and is forced to both preform an abortion and pay for it.

Yep Obama's fair and free country

The J Man #conspiracy gracecentered.com

It's amazing that many criticize Obama and say little or nothing about other presidents and world leaders who conspire to bring us into a one world government. The Illuminati controls the government itself. Wolrd leaders, the golbal elite are doing the will of their father the devil, subtly bringing us into a new world order. Even the American dollar bill has symbology of the one world government, yet people scream at Obama?

The Illuminati plotted 9/11, they plotted wars that have happened and the coming third world war that is obviously going to happen soon. They plotted this econimic crash that were headed to. Why do people not speak out against these leaders? They raise our taxes as a way to keep people in financial bondage. That is a way to control people when they are in debt and financial bondage.

They would need order of chaos in order to bring in a one world government. World warfare, poverty, debt and no jobs along with desensitizng people morally, the break down of marriages, and getting the church itself to be lukewarm people who are asleep spiritually. You can see all this going on and it's been going on for years, but people blame Obama? That's ridiculous.

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I hate that I can't spank my child when I need to (i.e., in public). He's only 3, and a delayed spanking at this age is simply not effective. It doesn't take much, either - one light swat and his heart is absolutely broken. I just don't dare do it in public, except at church.

Nathan #fundie gracecentered.com

The Bible states that the beings of the heavens came down to earth and defiled themselves with woman and had giants as offspring and taught man many sinful things. The punishment was to be thrown out into the waste land and pile on large stones to trap them into the depths of the earth. They were also forbidden to have any more interaction with the humans.

This is the reason for the original Pyramids to cap the entrance of where they were cast into the earth to be held until the coming judgement for their acts. This is also the reason there are different Pyramids around the different regions of the earth. I would even venture to say that if we were to count the original ancient Pyramids we would come very close to the number of heavenly beings that came to earth and defiled themselves and were cast into the earth. Further I would say that the reason for each Pyramid to have a different astrological significance and being built in direct alignment with there original constellation in the heavens is because that's where they came form. Also the date can be calculated as of to the alignment of when they were cast down.

The Bible is a divine book with several messages and to me the most important besides the actual existence of God is that it is a History book and history always repeats itself.

Look one time at EZEKIEL 1 it tells of God riding in on an extraterrestrial machine and giving instructions to warn thous around him. He is also told latter in the book that if the people he gives the messages to warn others does not warn them, that they themselves will die.

Again look at the message in Revelations , it calls for the destruction of the surface of the earth and the cleansing of the human race. This tells me not only has it happened before but it will soon happen again.

The messages are once again coming in from the same source and once again most of society is not listening. The exact messenger as before in the form of an extraterrestrial machine has left what we call crop circles and these can be easily seen as signs of warning of the coming devastation.

The first crop circle I saw that gave me no doubt of this warning was the one of a simple triangle with a circle around each tip. This is clearly the sign for shelter. I started looking at other crop circles and of course found many to be misleading and more than likely fake, but some are truly fascinating and elaborate with definite links to the Mayan calendar and other ancient cultures. This is not to be taken lightly and if God delivered his messages in the past with this method I for one plan to listen to them.

I am for some reason getting these and other messages from like a thought that is not mine for about a month and would like some help to process them. Thank You

Memphis Dwight #fundie gracecentered.com

[Yeah, but that's the thing. Promoting polygyny narrows it down by making sure women don't have the same rights, thus keeping them enslaved.]

I didn't write the bible and the MEN that did write it were writing what God told them. And you're the one that would keep single women from having a husband. Yes, Social Security can take care of them.

It is not a matter of women belonging to man versus women being independent. It is either women belong to man or women belonging to the State.

Those telling the lie to woman that she can get a better deal by 'working for herself' always leave out that no one wants to marry an old spinster. That is why Match.com and other dating websites are making money hand over fist. Its because these women that either put off marriage till late in life or divorced their husbands thinking they would trade up have begun to realize they were sold some magic beans.

Woman was not made independent. When she was made, the man was already here. As the writer or I Corinthians puts it, Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man, 11:9.

Nilli #fundie gracecentered.com

Unfortunately I paid money to watch Watchmen.... I am 22 years old and most people my age (well lately its just most people) think its a little weird that I will not watch movies that are rated R. But my husband wanted to see Watchmen and from the previews I thought it might be okay. I was so disappointed! The movie was filled with violence for one thing but also I thought "why in the world do we need to see naked characters all the time!" And you may find this amusing but I wont let my husband watch sex scenes (of course I don't watch them either) so we covered our eyes. Alot! I just kept wondering what has happened to society that this kinda movie is acceptable? Also violence upsets me and I cover my eyes not to have those images stick in my head. So I think all in all I had my eyes cover for at least half the movie. I also didn't think the movie was that good in general. As we left the theater I remarked to my husband that I didn't think the movie would have done very well without all the graphic violence and nudity to interest people. I said it with a sigh. The world is starting to worry me now that I am old enough to pay attention to what is going on.

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...I don't "SMACK" my kids... I spanked them. I used a belt, or a paddle. You use terms like "abuse"... "smack" ... to make it sound like abuse when it is and was not. I didn't just hit my kids or whale on them at a whim... We talked to them, we explained to them why we believed what we believed, our responsibility to God as their parent, how serious we took that role and then we spanked them for deliberate disobedience...

Why DO YOU try to make those who consider spanking... "NOT SMACKING" or "BEATING" or Abusing suitable for training a child in the way he should go.... appear as abusers? Is it to excuse your lazy attitude towards your own responsibility in raising your own children? Don't accuse me of smacking my child again... or abuse.


PS.... I would use a switch also if I did not have a belt or a paddle, I'm not hurting my hand trying to spank the bottom of a disobedient child by hitting his jeans...

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["How widespread was the pagan baal cult in the ancient world circa 1000 bc?..."]

...'Ba'al is a title applied to several different localized Western Semitic Fertility cult deities - Hebrew prophets see them all as one big monstrous abomination, which is correct.

The best movie version showing what a fertility cult world is like is Mel Gibson's Apocalypto. Both Mayans and Aztecs practiced human sacrifice fertility cults, as did a number of other American Indian tribes, many Polynesians, some southeast Asians, and a number of sub-Saharan Africans.

As Christianity - which is the force that ended all those fertility cult abominations around the globe - has become effeminate, limp-wristed, and defensively determined to see great good in all other religions and cultures, child sacrifice has been making a comeback.

sopranette #fundie gracecentered.com

What I cannot understand is why anyone would want to live a lifestyle of which they are ashamed to tell anyone. Wouldn't it just be easier NOT to do it? There's NO such thing as I was born that way. We are an empty slate at birth on which a personality, beliefs, disbeliefs, desires, likes and dislikes are written.

Jon-Marc #fundie gracecentered.com

[More Hypocrite than Fundie. So abortion is wrong but miscarriage is a blessing?]

My younger daughter who is now 34 was pregnant for the first time at age 15. Fortunately, it was a miscarriage. The second one (still as a teen) was still-born. After she got married, she had four beautiful and healthy children (3 boys and 1 girl).

nicefin #fundie gracecentered.com

[Speaking of his Catholic girlfriend, and ignoring the fact that Catholicism is the largest and most powerful sect of CHRISTIANITY]

She does not want a Catholic wedding, she is certainly not Catholic but a Bible believing Christian.
Although I will admit she is not as knowledgeable as I am since she grew up in the Catholic Church. However her parents do read the Bible with the family pretty often, which gives her a good background in the scriptures.

archaeologist #fundie gracecentered.com

[In a thread about the CNN specisl "God's Warriors"]

one key point (and i wrote cnn with a list of 14) was she did not compare any of the segments with any criteria taken from the Bible. it was assumed that all were fighting for the same God, which they are not, and it was assumed that each faith had it right, which they don't.

Dennis #fundie gracecentered.com

[in response to another poster's bring up of the death penalty's contradiction of scripture]

Is it necessarily sinful to impose the death penalty? Although I have struggled with this issue for [many] years, my current judgment is that no, it is not. There are some crimes so heinous, I would have no trouble imposing the death penalty and even pulling the switch myself.

nicefin #fundie gracecentered.com

[Upon finding out that his girlfriend was an illegal alien]

I never have considered her a selfish person...she always wants to do what is best for me in other situations I have encountered, but this does seem like a selfish act. I talked with my parents and they are devastated...and want me to immediately break off the relationship( my parents are strong Christians). My parents don't know her very well mainly due to the fact that she is a very private person, but they do hold the fact that her parents are Catholics strongly against her. I'm trying to find a Godly way to approach this situation and I personally think that God brought her into my life for a reason and cant bear to part with her. Any advice would be appreciated.

admin of GCF #fundie gracecentered.com

It kind of reminds me of when Israel thought they wanted a king like all the other countries. God said it was a bad idea, but Israel wanted to be like all those other "modern" countries. Sounds just like today when our people say that Canada, Europe...whatever has government-run healthcare and are adding to the "government-run" list every day. And "it's just so wonderful."

Alistair #fundie gracecentered.com

Okay as a scientist I am of course very interested in how sciece relates to the Bible. For quite some time now I have wrestled with the idea of the Laws of Science. I have now come this conclusion: there is no such thing as the Laws of Science. That the Laws of Science are a philosophic invention rather than a scientific fact.

So, let me explain. Take an object like a bunch of keys in your hand and let go. What happens? It falls to the ground. Why? Laws of Science says because there is a magnet in the earth called gravity that pulls all objects down. I think it is because God made it drop and if He had not made it drop it would have hovered about in the air.

In other words everything that happens in the scientific realm happens not because of the Laws of Science but by the direct action of God. The Laws of Science were invented by philosophers to explain away God. Look at Psalm 104:14 to find out why grass grows in your garden.

Charlie #fundie gracecentered.com

(To another Christian who was complaining about all the "witch craft" being sold at Barnes & Noble)

Doesn't the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon promote disrespect for parents, destructive anti-social behavior, sexism, and belief in evolution? I know I've seen that flagrantly displayed and even jokingly encouraged throughout its pages. Bookstores carry that awful material too.

Charles Sloan, you should be ashamed of yourself. Please tell me that you at least shield that cartoon from your children, even if you do brashly display it in your avatar and your signature.