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If you doubt that the people who control what you see on television have an agenda that involves what Obama would call the “fundamental transformation” of America, you must have joined me in skipping the Super Bowl.

One of the extremely costly ads, ostensibly intended to sell Coca-Cola, featured an exotic variety of peoples from all around the world singing “America the Beautiful” in foreign languages[...]

For all the maudlin emotion the ad attempts to evoke, the message was as subtle as a sledgehammer: there should be no such thing as American people or American culture. They should be replaced by all peoples and all cultures.

Almost half a century has passed since Ted Kennedy’s Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, which was evidently intended to displace the almost uniformly European population of America with Third Worlders inevitably less likely to assimilate into American culture and thereby come to share traditional American characteristics that impede our ruling class, such as belief in natural rights, individual responsibility, and limited government. But even now 78% of us are white, and 80% of us speak English at home according to government statistics.

Poking the overwhelming majority of the population in the eye to advance an ideology that calls for their displacement by a multicultural Tower of Babble hodgepodge is no way to sell soda. But commercials are no longer about selling products; they are about selling the agenda.

Cheerios ran a Super Bowl ad that advanced the same objective by asking us to feel warm and fuzzy about interracial marriage[...]

Since the children produced are black, this trendy phenomenon offers progressives the hope that whites might breed themselves out of existence. After MSNBC excreted a tweet crowing in delight at the idea of conservatives not liking this idea, Republicans puffed themselves up with such righteous anger at the accusation that the tweet was deleted and MSNBC apologized (yet again).

The objective is to erase us by our own consent, which we willing give because objecting to our extinction is the ultimate taboo according to the prevailing dogma of political correctness. Despite the clearly ideological rather than commercial objective of both ads, and despite them being likely to be viewed by a significant number of Americans as unsettling if not downright threatening, how many supposedly conservative representatives of the Establishment have you heard objecting to them?



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