TruExcellentRadFem, FemaleJustInCredible, and RosemaryHaze #sexist

(TruExcellentRadFem): It seems to me that when TIMs talk about women's clothing they mean dresses and skirts. But for many us women's clothing isn't about dresses or skirts. It's clothing that fits. For example, women on average are shorter than men. We also have breasts. So "women's clothing" for many of us is about shirts that don't show off our breasts when we don't want to do that. It's also about pants that don't go past our toes and has room for our hips.

I can't wear my husband's pants. Even if he were as short as I am, the pants have no room for my hips. The same is true of his shirts. They simply aren't tailored for my female body. It's not about their sparkly-pink-unicorn-sexpot fantasies. They like to pretend they know about about our bodies and our clothing but they really mostly have no clue.

(FemaleJustinCredible): I think Transwomen wear skirts because of either clueness about actual female lives or trying to be female by means of meritization. So they can be stereotypical women with no clue about real women. Is it also me that they look like they dress in the dark or they buy clothes that little girls would wear? Not women?

(RosemaryHaze): Because it's all about sex to them. Underneath it all, they are still male, and all men think about is sex, sex sex and what can we do to get sex. They are naturally gonna go for the most sexualized attire associated with women's wear (miniskirts, revealing dresses, short shorts, etc) to signal to their fellow who/whatevers that they are trying to attract for sex. Sex sex sex.



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