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So the real question here is, do I believe in biology, and to that end, do i believe the evidence that suggest man, just like every other living creature, has evolved over time by way of natural selection, and the answer to that is absolutely, yes.

I believe that homosexuality is a biological disorder, and that transgenderism, (excepting intersex people) is a mental/emotional disorder.

If we are to believe that man has evolved over eons by way of natural selection, then there is really no way someone can call a trait that leads to reduced reproduction or retards reproduction altogether as anything other than a disorder.

I think homosexuality is completely natural in occurrence (thought there are clearly people who ascribe it in a quest to be special) however that does not make it normal. People born with one foot arrive that way naturally, that by no means makes them normal.

To that end, I think homosexuals have no choice in their sexual attraction and as such should receive the same rights and have the same responsibilities as anyone else in society - that does not mean extra special rights, or the right to force people to labor for them, etc.

Transgenderism on the other hand, I find to be a mental or emotional disorder, as the person legitimately believes themselves to be something they aren’t.
I think most trans individuals need their family’s support, guidance, and help - not their enabling of a mental illness.
If after extensive counseling and therapy, a professional determines that the best way for a person to live through their disorder is to transition, then I see no issue with that. However, transitioning children, giving them hormones before they’re even in puberty yet, etc I see as child abuse and indicative of the parent’s own mental illness - a parent is there to raise the child, and that means sometimes you don’t give them what they want, because as it turns out, children are very poor longterm decision makers.

I don’t hate gays or trans people. I accept however that they are not what “normal” looks like, and for good reason - the species selects traits that make it stronger and better adapted to the world, and allow it to reproduce as much as possible, not traits the halt reproduction.

There would be, in my estimation, almost no anti-LGBT sentiment, if there wasn’t a practice of forced integration and acceptance by that movement.

The more a guy in a wig demands to be able to use the same restroom as a young girl, the more suspicious it becomes. The more gays try to force private businesses to serve them and use the law as their broad sword of forced tolerance, the more push back we will see.



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