Like homophobia, but for transgender people

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In this back-to-basics plan, we must do the following:

1. Re-consecrate ourselves to the Great Commission given us by Jesus. The Pilgrims prioritized this in the original Mayflower Compact: to proclaim the "gospel of the kingdom" to see lives transformed, not merely affirmed, by the power of the living God.
3. Cast off Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Mandates. These are false criteria for our institutions because they are inherently racist, giving people preferences and positions that belong to achievers applying themselves to merit advancement in our nation that affords equal opportunity for all willing and able to work for it.

4. Replace destructive Marxist, Islamist and Globalist elements. These have poisoned our government, schools, media and corporate boardrooms. We must put leaders of integrity and convictions mirroring those of our truly great and revered statesmen and stateswomen, recognizing that they, like all of us, had flaws yet deserve honor because of their overall character and achievements.

5. Put an end to propaganda and promotion of unbiblical socialism. We must return to a constitutional republic that has undergirded us successfully for closing in on 250 years—longer than any nation in world history.
8. Unapologetically affirm man/woman marriage and the nuclear family. "One man and one woman" is the explicit design for this sacred institution recognized worldwide and honored for thousands of years as the divinely ordained foundation of a stable society. Biology and science recognize male (XY chromosomes) and female (XX chromosomes) genders throughout history.
10. Expose as demagogy the leftist tactic of regularly dismissing valid opinions and perspectives as "destroying democracy," "racist" and "tyranny." Slandering traditional conservatives, Christians, and patriotic Americans as "right-wing extremists" while weaponizing agencies to run roughshod over basic civil liberties, censor free speech, violate the Constitution.

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I can't believe I...

( samsdat )
I think a lot of them will be unable to face the truth. I think the TIFs will actually be able to handle it a little better, but I predict a massive rise in TIM suicides in the next decade.

( snails )
Is the TIF bottom surgery reversible at all? Like if you took off the skin graft, could it ever go back to being a functional vulva? Would they have any sort of sensation down there during sex?

I know a lot fewer TIFs get bottom surgery than TIMs (and most TIMs are AGP and don’t get the surgery anyway), but I can’t imagine those that did get bottom surgery would be able to handle it better than the TIMs if it’s not at least partially reversible

( RusticTroglodyte )
I don't think it's reversible tbh.

( samsdat )
I don’t know about that, actually. I think you’re probably right, in that the TIFs who went all the way will struggle with the realization of what they’ve done. I imagine that women who had mastectomies and hysterectomies will find it easier to reconcile, because those are things that non-trans-identifying women do also, sometimes for non-medical reasons as well.

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For the same reason that the DOJ/FBI/CIA and a lot of other US agencies play act at being aloof from and independent of the US government: they are part of the anti-American Marxocrat Party's so-called "Permanent Government", alternatively known as the Deep State.
Behind the scenes, they will put the brakes on any President or other official who tries to condemn diversity or fails to be inclusive of either anti-American Marxist "revolutionaries" or anti-American Islamic Jihadists. The Marxocrat Party is, after all, anti-American, pro-Marxist, and pro-Islam. More than that, they are pro-sodomy, pro-abortion, pro-climate change and they stand with every other fraudulent program that is anti-humanity, anti-nationhood, anti-American, anti-family, anti-male, anti-white people, anti-Christian and antisemitic.
Diversity, inclusion, multi-culturalism, etc., all attack identity.

It began with the blurring of the identity of God; it all ends with the blurring of the identity of human beings and humanity.

Look at diversity's blurring of holiness, and what it means to be holy.
It was this deceptive and deceitful all-inclusive, diversified identity thinking that brought the condemned heresies of Protestantism into the Catholic liturgy in Pope Paul VI's Novus Ordo mass. And it is this same evil diversification of Catholic identity that today seeks to suppress and eradicate from memory the Latin Mass.

The new mass is inclusive; the old one was exclusive. Can't have that.

Today, the Catholic Pope and his Vatican, the American Presidency and his administration and all professional teachers everywhere, join the globalist efforts of the Davos WEF, COMINTERN, the UN and the EU to bless, approve, protect and advance the causes of not only sodomy and licentiousness, but transsexualism and transgenderism. In open defiance of biology and human physiology they hopelessly and permanently blur the identities of male and female.

What does it even mean to be human any more?

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RE: Were you peaked by "Terfs" or TiP ?

( fightlikeagirl )
TIMs. I was friends with several men growing up who later went TIM and they had some of the creepiest, most disgusting behavior. I used to be very open-minded about transgender males because they were often thought of as effeminate gay men (HSTS) instead of the sex pests (AGPs) that most actually are.

( TheKnitta )
A specific TiM saying he was angry with lesbians for being “transphobic” made me nope out directly, but around the same time, I also read questions by GC women that couldn’t be answered adequately by trans nonsense. Before that specific point, it was TiMs’ words and actions that had made me really question the whole trans ideology, but I’d not reached that peak. This was before the insane ‘trans women are women no debate pregnant people cervix havers’ etc stuff, and men everywhere in women’s spaces directly. The latter has to be perfect peaking material for most, surely. Literally just ‘let them speak’. They can’t help but show you who they really are (male predators).

( shimmeringlake )
It definitely became a NIMBY thing for me when sharing spaces with a TIM and having to pretend he's a woman when everything in my gut told me he's not, never was, and never will be, no matter how many body mods he got or ways he attempted to mimic women, and when having to keep his secret that transjoy doesn't actually exist; there is always dysphoria and never enough validation because TIPs always feel like imposters. But what peaked me was explaining gender theory to someone who had never been exposed to it, and the more I tried to convince this person of gender theory, the more ridiculous I sounded, and that person looked at me and said "I can tell from the way you talk about this that you don't actually believe anything you're saying." And they were right.

( dragonheart )
In theory, some women might think that having TIMs in their spaces isn't all that big a deal - especially when it's the gay effeminate kind you see on social media - but let me tell you, when you're seeking out a safe space as a woman for whatever reason and a TIM (usually actually heterosexual and performing reductive stereotypes) comes into that space and makes you feel the exact same way any man would, the reality will peak you quicker than lightening.


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Have you ever wondered why certain things suddenly become a hot topic, seemingly out of nowhere?

How one day you woke up and everyone was arguing about Transgenderism. Or people were supergluing themselves to the road to protest climate change. Or how, one day flash mob department store robberies started to occur, and no one would even attempt to stop them.

You could even look at changes that have occurred more slowly over time in America, like the abandonment of God in society, or the destruction of family. One could look at these things and assume times are changing, and that it has all occurred organically. The truth is that none of it is organic, and that all of it has been meticulously planned out in a think tank by the elites.
I would argue that America has been overseen by British Intelligence Agencies since the forming of MI6, Britain’s War Propaganda Bureau, and eventually the Tavistock Institute.
Trauma-based mental disorders. Trauma-based… Trauma-based mind control. I think you see where I’m going with this.

Through the research and treatment of trauma based mental disorders, psychiatrists discovered that trauma could be used to control people’s minds.
The JFK Assassination, 9/11, Covid—all events that opened portals into the human mind to allow more mind control through fear narratives that followed each event.

Narratives like climate change and transgenderism got their starts and continued push through Tavistock think tanks. None of the woke craziness experienced in America is organic, and none of it actually originated in America
If our culture hasn’t been manipulated to create a state of mind control, how does one explain so many young people wanting to change their sex in the past ten years, or parents voluntarily subjecting their children to drag queen strip shows, or the panic over weather? How does one explain a population of people who stand by and do nothing while their government does the opposite of what they ask them to do?

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RE: No, thanks! Nearly 17,000 people sign petition slamming the 'non-binary and transgender extravaganza' Macy's plans for upcoming Thanksgiving Day Parade | Daily Mail Online

( emholio )
Fucking hell don't ruin the snoopy balloon parade over a passing megafad that is gonna end up being 1000x the scandal lobotomies were in just a few years. Why is this the thing that every company on earth is trying to bend over backwards to inject into every product and service? And it's honestly past its peak, declining in popularity as the sane folks realize it's sexist and dumb and the edgy folks realize it's too popular to be "cool" anymore. Just... UGH.

( snails )
And even lobotomies weren’t commercialized and blindly celebrated by big companies the way trans is

( BondiBlue )

Did Macy’s learn nothing from Target???

( Spencer_Shayy )
My thoughts exactly. Nobody can go a single day anymore without hearing about something related to this gender crap. Well, not unless they never go online and only interact with normal people, but even then, chances are still high you'll see a gender roles flag (trans flag) or a colonization flag (the "progress" flag) or some flyer on a local business, especially in big cities. They're literally shoving it down our throats EVERYWHERE and then theyll have the audacity to say it doesn't affect us.

( Spencer_Shayy )
I love the fear mongering right away. "It's a conservative petition!" So? Anyone who is truly sick and tired of this shit won't care how it's stopped, just that it is.

And regardless of what you think about One Million Moms, they're completely correct when they say this "LGBTQ" shit isn't kid friendly. It used to be, back when it was just about homosexuals wanting to be treated like everyone else, but now thanks to straight and "trans" people, it's a pervert fest and nothing more.

The people Macy's wants to highlight in this parade, of course, are all men.

Either way, this kind of parade is completely unnecessary. It does absolutely nothing but make whoever organized it FEEL "progressive" and swell the already oversized egos of creepy men like Justin David Sullivan, K. Petras, and Alex Newell.

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( rightnow )
Fundie Fridays Cannot Understand Why Fundamental Christians Would Be Pro-Trans, but Anti-Gay
Fundie Fridays (aka Jen) is a YouTuber and suspected TIM (I personally don't think she is, but 🤷🏻‍♀️) who makes videos gossiping about analyzing fundamental Christians. She recently made a video about late fundie Pat Robertson. Pat was anti-gay, but mildly pro-trans. Jen is shocked by this and thinks it makes no sense, but it's perfectly logical when you understand trans is inherently anti-gay. Of course, a fundamental Christian would have such strict views of gender roles, that gay or lesbians would actually be the opposite sex. And of course, he would rather have a "straight woman" than a gay man in his congregation, especially if in the process of turning that gay man into a straight woman means sterilizing him and destroying his sex drive. She just can't see past her ideology to see that though. The cognitive dissonance is real.

( Spencer_Shayy )
This is what happens when you're deliberately ignorant of the world around you. Anyone who does even the slightest bit of digging into the past would know that "transgender" has always been the result of misogyny and homophobia. They'll lament about what happened to Alan Turing without the slightest hint of awareness that that's exactly what they're promoting with this "gender affirming care" bullshit. I have no patience for these people anymore. People like her are willfully blind, and I've had enough. With the invention of the internet and all knowledge now being accessible online, there is NO excuse for not knowing anything anymore!

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( MaryDyer )
How TiMs choose their new middle names
I just scrolled through like 200 comments on a post on r/mtf that asked TiMs how they selected their new middle names.

A disturbingly-large percentage of these men adopted their grandmother’s name, or their mom’s name, or even their sister’s name. I mean…I can’t say I’m shocked, but that doesn’t mean I’m not skeeved out.

And there were so many Liliths. At least five Liliths. Four Lunas. Four Roses. A handful of other goddess names. Two Autumns.

I fear my eyeballs are permanently rolled.

( SummerGrl )
That is SO creepy! They want their own female family members names?! They want our clothes, our hair, our diseases. They take over sororities, bathrooms, sports. Is there anything they won't steal from women? I feel like some day we're going to find a TIM with a woman in the pit in his basement a la Buffalo Bill.

( Moonflower )
A man appropriating the name of one of his female relatives (let alone a living female relative) is just so utterly, indescribably gross. Is having someone notice it (and feel repulsed by it) part of the sexual thrill? Fucking explain yourself, dude. There needs to be so much more societal scrutiny and shame directed at males who pull this shit.

( High-Key_GC )
A trans-identifying-male who has appropriated the name of a living female relative has almost certainly also stolen, and gotten a boner from, that woman's underwear.

( TwoXChromosomes )
Skinwalkers gonna skinwalk.

( FeminismIs4Women )
It's just male entitlement. They have to be the first woman or a goddess or steal the name of someone close to them. In their minds they are the best and they can take whatever they want. But all they are doing is making themselves even easier to clock. They are so unoriginal.

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( NastasyaFillipovna )
Would Gender Ideology survive without means of mass communication and Social Media?
Like if something happens overnight, and society resets to a time where there is no more internet services, (we are back to the 90s somehow). There were a lot of mass movements that happened in the last century, from Racial Equality to Feminist movements, but those occurred without the help of Social Media. While the TiM indulgence I think is essentially a byproduct of increased social media pandering where everyone is concerned by the backlash they would receive, not IRL, but on SM.

I am not saying actual people who have rare cases of gender dysphoria won't exist, but they would be rightly categorized as Mentally ill, like they showed in the movie Silence of the Lambs, and get the help they need. But in the SM age, we get pandering where the CEO of an Endometriosis charity is a TiM, and Period Products are being advertised by a TiM

( Spencer_Shayy )
I don't believe it would. After all, it only came about online. I suspect, before the dawn of the internet, that "gender identity" was a term only used by John Money type psychologists. "Non binary", "demisexual" and all other "genders" and new "sexualities" were literally invented on the internet less than 20 years ago. They did not exist when I was a kid or even a teenager, and they certainly didn't exist in our parents or grandparents days.

"Transgender" existed, but certainly not in the way it does today, and you can see that if you watch or read any type of media created before the 21st century. They were portrayed as the "weirdos" on the fringe of society (rightly so), thought to be "extremely gay", and you'd be hard pressed to ever see a TIF - it was all TIMs, because, as many have said before, up until the 21st century, the only "trans" people were male - self hating gay men and straight male perverts with a fetish.

But at least back then, we could acknowledge them for the violent creeps they are.

Social media has done more harm than good, and I'd love nothing more than for it to be eradicated and for us to return to a pre-internet era. Thanks to the "wonders" of the internet, we are all now dumber as a species, unable to read, think, or write properly, and teeming with mental illnesses and violent hatred.

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The four flavors of nonbinary
Whenever someone claims they're nonbinary, there's like a 99% chance they fall into one of four categories

1. Self-hating woman whose either incredibly gnc or stereotypically hyperfeminine but 'she's not a woman. She's a person goddamnit!'

2. Narcissistic gay man who's either put on a ton of weight and/or is on the verge of Twink Death age-wise

3. Straight up sexual predator trying to soften his masculinity in a bid to come off as less threatening to the libfems he's targeting

4. Wokebro """"male feminist"""" who can't cope with his guilt over being part of the oppressor class.

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( montanagraey )
Responses to female comedian top surgery photo
Comedian Sarah Keyworth posted a photo of herself post-op on IG. She identifies as NB. It’s only been up an hour and the outpouring of congratulations has me feeling so sad.

The gaslighting is unreal… everyone is literally looking at a photo of someone who had perfectly healthy body parts removed and they’re celebrating it. It’s just so strange and disturbing…

( Killer_Danish )
It’s soooo pathetic when adults force everyone to play an extreme version of pretend. No, you are not “non-binary” because you paid some hack surgeon to do away with your breasts; you’re a self-hating woman who expresses that hatred through medically sanctioned self-harm! That is the honest truth!

Who is that other female comedian who had her bits hacked-off for her sOoOoOpEr SpEsHiAl iDeNtITy? Mae something… equally pathetic!

( Raea )
it wasn't long ago... maybe 25 years... that people who cut off healthy body parts "to feel more whole" were featured on sally or dr phil, like sideshow freaks, and EVERYONE said "why? why did you need to do this?" it was some freaky collective social exercise, where we all looked on in horror, shaking our heads and thanking whatever deity we respected that we didn't have "that kind" of terrible mental illness.

( FeminismIs4Women )
Another lesbian groomed into extreme self harm.

This probably doesn't make much sense but NB identified women getting mastectomies was one of the things that peaked me. I bought the whole 'born in the wrong body narrative' so stupid as I was, I accepted the idea of a woman having surgery to feel more like the man she is inside (I was so so stupid).

But seeing NB feminine women who didn't claim to be men get mastectomies for no particular reason really shocked and sickened me. Of course when you properly think about it for 5 minutes having your healthy breast removed for non-medical purposes is insane. But seeing women treat this surgery, that most women only get to save their lives, as casually as getting botox or lip fillers is unbelievable.

( Radishe )
I can remember when women with mastectomies were ashamed and told to wear fake breast or breasts when coming to the doctor's office so they wouldn't scare the other patients. Now women are doing it on purpose and openly bragging about it. This isn't progress.

2nd Smartest Guy in the World #wingnut #racist #homophobia #transphobia #conspiracy 2ndsmartestguyintheworld.com

The “Don’t be evil” evildoing Deep State technology node known as Google aka Alphabet has been yet again ordered to demoralize and enrage its dwindling user base.

Google’s overhyped Marxist AI chatbot Gemini has been deliberately perverting reality with its image generator feature; for example, America’s Founding Fathers such as George Washington are now black, the pope is now a woman, Vikings are also black, NHL players are woman, and so on and so forth.

This inane Intelligence Industrial Complex propaganda push leveraging third-rate AI serves a similar purpose to “Trust the Science,” “Safe and Effective,” “Black Lives Matter,” “Climate Change,” the sterilizing, body and mind mutilating LGBTQ+ agenda, and all of the other identity politics statist brainwashing schemes.
When one asks Gemini why it engages in historical fraud, this leftist programmed chatbot replies that it, “aims to provide a more accurate and inclusive representation of the historical context.”

At this point, anyone seeking “accurate” and “inclusive” responses from Gemini deserves what they get, but, over time, the free markets will reject this idiocy, even if a significant percentage of the genetically modified and brainwashed useful idiots are mindlessly playing along. Because even the most indoctrinated fools eventually wake up, or they succumb to the democide.
Except that everything is working exactly according to plan; that is, to divide and conquer minds and further fracture society straight into a civil war that ultimately results in permanent martial law such that another election will not need to be stolen with fake votes.
Because in today’s Idiocracy the globalists are banking on a certain level of their ridiculousness to finally serve as the spark that sets off another bloody revolution, and this fake news deepfake reality inverting Gemini chatbot is but one of the many moving parts of this grand Great Reset psyop.

BlackCirce & FeminismIs4Women #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: What happened at the Genspect conference with the AGP?

( BlackCirce )
Any time there’s an autogynephile at a gender critical thing, there are going to be women who are angry about it since that’s who we are fighting. This happens almost every time there is a not explicitly radical feminist “gender critical” gathering. AGPs are running the trans movement that destroyed women’s rights. Even if he’s supposedly a “safe” autogynephile because he’s friendly and fun and cool and admits he’s a man and is against (whatever political incursion) he’s still a man who has a sexual fetish for skinwalking women. Being looked at in women’s clothing sexually arouses / gratifies him and some women are aware of that and don’t consent to it and express anger about it, which is a good thing. It’s horrible (for some women, not all) to be subjected to AGP fetish, even if it’s “legal” and it’s “just clothes.” It’s like telling a victim of voyeurism “he’s just looking.” The powers of narcissism AGP men have over the gender critical movement is kind of surprising to me but I have absolutely no faith in anyone’s care for women.

( FeminismIs4Women )
They have every right to be angry. I am sure there were trans widdows present whose marriages were destroyed by AGP tendencies.

Its all part of the play book, AGPs will invade every women's space to get their rocks off, including gender critical spaces. Some AGP larp as anime girls, some larp as babies, as some larp as a parody of a GC woman. Its just crazy, if a guy had a minstrel fetish no one would say he can't help it and he can do whatever he wants but AGPs are even being given a free pass at Genspect to parade their fetish as if its something they can't prevent themselves from doing!

If he really wanted to do something useful he would start his own seperate event just for other AGPs where they learn about wacky new concepts like consent and respecting other peoples boundaries but that wouldn't give him the same rush of 'euphoria' so he keeps hanging around women in his fetishistic get up expecting head pats for doing the absolute bare minimum.

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[𝘊𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘹𝘵: 𝘛𝘢𝘭𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘢𝘣𝘰𝘶𝘵 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘦𝘨𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯𝘴 𝘰𝘧 𝘢𝘯𝘵𝘪𝘴𝘦𝘮𝘪𝘵𝘪𝘴𝘮 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘴𝘱𝘩𝘰𝘣𝘪𝘢 𝘮𝘢𝘥𝘦 𝘢𝘨𝘢𝘪𝘯𝘴𝘵 𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘳𝘦𝘴𝘴 𝘎𝘪𝘯𝘢 𝘊𝘢𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘰.]

“Anti-semetic” for saying that demonizing and de-humanizing people you disagree with socially/politically is how we got the Holocaust. That’s just a logically true statement.

“Transphobic” for saying her pronouns are “beep/bop/boop when pressured to include pronouns in her Twitter bio. Nothing “transphobic” about pointing out that the mob is a bunch of robots.

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Medicine with a “Transgender Bias” A new lawsuit raises the question of whether “gender-affirming care” constitutes gay conversion therapy and violated the civil rights of a gay man.

( WatcherattheGates )
We've all predicted it for some time--somebody was going to begin to argue that transing is conversion therapy. I am SO glad to see this new legal maneuver!

( ApricotThoughts )
Me too! Because it is gay conversion therapy - we can even apply the adjective "stealth" to it - stealth conversion therapy - if you've happened to read how they had legislative victories way back when, because they consciously chose to be "stealth" about it.

( Spencer_Shayy )
"Transgender" has ALWAYS been conversion therapy.

( Researcher1536 )
This is one of the top issues that made me peak around trans rights.

( Unicorn )
This is why it baffles me when anti-conversion therapy laws shoehorn in "gender identity" along with sexuality.

It is wrong to question and attempt to "convert" someone's same-sex attraction, because it is not harmful for a person to be attracted to people of the same sex.

It is not wrong to question if someone's "gender identity" is based on sexist stereotypes, cognitive distortions, or past trauma or abuse, because it is harmful for a person to stereotype women and men, think drugs and surgeries make one "authentic," run away from and ignore their past, and constantly need and seek external validation.

( OneStarWolf )

Shape’s lawyers argue that federal law affords distinct protections to gay men and lesbians—upon which clinics that operate with a transgender bias are trampling.

Oh this is promising. A good angle that is justifiable in law. In practice, "gender affirming care" very much IS conversion therapy to "fix" homosexuality. Iran does the same damn thing, the only difference is in the West it's surrounded by an ideological cult encouraging young boys/girls and medical providers to catch the gay ones and fix them very early on.

Stephen Kruiser #transphobia pjmedia.com

Anyone who writes anything truthful about trans issues is immediately labeled a bigot by the Pronoun Mafia. If I write about the unfairness of biological males competing against females in athletics, I'm history's greatest monster. Of course, being opposed to letting third-graders opt for genital mutilation without their parents knowing about it means one is hopelessly transphobic.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

"Is this some sort of jealousy from me...?"

( greenbeans )

You will never be one of us. We're inherently superior being born women - even if you get your rights you will never come close to us no matter how much you try.

Truth hurts doesn't it scrotes? 💅

( totallyevilwarlock )
Of course, the only reason women aren't validating these poor twans people is because we are evil bullies who carefully pick every word in a conversation specifically based on how much it will hurt transwomen. Can't be for any valid reason, just bullying.

I have a feeling that if women were the ones who called this man a disgusting pervert and men were the ones who were mostly polite but not actively validating, women would still be the worst and most evil.

( Peppermint )
He and men like him really don't get it. I know they are all like this but to see them write it out in plain text time and time again; even after all the true accounts from women on twitter..its frustrating.

The reddit bubble and other bubble's their in where women can't say what they really mean obviously makes him believe women actually accept him.

I hope he's reading this. I hope they are all reading this. If you are reading this guys..I'd say keep reading Twitter. YWNBAW You will always be a man. And thats ok! You are totally allowed to wear a dress and make up and act ridiculous but that won't change a thing. YWNBAW. You Will Never Be A Woman!

Even if we ever get to a place where women can't say what they really mean and really feel about men like you on Twitter or anywhere else. It's because you are a man. And you are NOT one of us. YWNBAW. You Will Never Be A Woman!!!! EVER!!!!!

P. S. If you are angry about this even the slightest bit. Its because you are a man and you know it. Try to find a real therapist who can help you accept you for who you really are.

( Carrots90 )
They act like we are keeping them out of womanhood

Listen, the libfems don’t think you’re a woman either

But, even if ALL of us were willing to take lots of drugs and truly came to believe you are a woman,

you still would not be a woman!!

The only thing you can do is change the meaning of the word woman to include men, but them what do you have? Just the word ‘people’

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

How dare lesbians not date me, a man?

( VestalVirgin )
I'm hetero.

Still wouldn't date a TIM.

I'd rather be with a man who won't try to skinwalk me, thank you.

Why those scrotes think anyone wants to date them is beyond me, but their delusion that lesbians - who are per definition not attracted to them - would ever date them is especially stupid.

( RusticTroglodyte )
Ditto. It's totally off putting and actually seriously unnatural. If a time traveler from the 1800s came to 2023 and saw a tim they'd scream and run into a church. Shit, I'm an atheist non-time traveler and that's my first instinct when I see one lol

( Carrots90 )
They’d still know he was a sexual pervert

( mathlover )
I can't tell if the person claiming to be a lesbian but wants dick is a woman or a larping man. If it's a real woman, that is infuriating. All men, especially the rapey "transbians", already think all lesbians really want men and their skanky dicks. Why give them any more ammo.

Very few bi and het women (by definition, the only women who get with men) willingly get with TIMs. Most won't because of the kind of men the "trans" are. But lesbians don't have to know anything about what a man is like. Born with a dick (ie: male) is a permanent dealbreaker for lesbians.

So for the lurkers, no lesbian will ever want you. Lol.

( Carrots90 )
She is bi and needs to not steal the term lesbian just because it sounds cool

Like you say, she makes it harder on actual lesbians

BondiBlue & pennygadget #transphobia ovarit.com

( BondiBlue )
“People” magazine did a trans retcon of Kathleen Turner’s role on “Friends”
I bought this week’s issue of People that had a cover story about Matthew Perry. In the article are remarks about his passing from those outside the main Friends cast who knew him and worked with him: [...]

Kathleen Turner is also on the page that excerpts famous co-stars’ mini-eulogies for Perry, and for years she was listed as having played the role of Chandler’s father (who had a sex change operation — or maybe he didn’t, maybe he just went the Mulvaney route — and became a burlesque performer in Vegas, which is really the place that “drag storytime” belongs). But now the role has been completely “de-gendered,” such that Turner is simply described as having played Chandler’s “trans parent.” Not his father.

Hollywood is Hollywood, for sure, but it’s staggering how sweeping these forced language changes have been implemented — the publication deliberately omits the sexed reality of what a “trans parent” (AGP dad, in this case) actually is. TRAs, TIMs especially, really, really don’t want anyone to acknowledge that underneath it all, they are still MEN. (The very female Ms. Turner and her husky screen-siren / torch-singer voice notwithstanding, the character of Mister Bing in the story is quite obviously a man.)

So if Chandler never had a “father,” just a “trans parent,” was he conceived by midichlorians or something? (“Luke, I am your sperm provider”?) Was there a lost episode titled “The One Where Chandler’s Uterus-Having Parent Has a Virgin Birth”? It’s only a small snippet in a sidebar of the article, but it just reinforces how stupid, so blatantly obvious in its inherent contradictions and absurdities, this entire ideology is.

“Could you BE any more transparent?”

( pennygadget )
They're seriously afraid of misgendering a fictional character from a 20 year old TV show?

I saw this happen once when someone was talking about Rockos Modern Life in a review. The character of Ralph Bighead became a TIM in the movie that was released in 2020. So the person referencing an episode made in the 1990s insisted on referring to the obviously male character as "Ed's daughter" and "she".

Its bad enough when we have to cater to IRL gender-specials by rewriting history. Now we have to cater to FICTIONAL ones as well!

Christian Pundit #fundie #homophobia #transphobia christianpundit.wordpress.com

I don’t think the progressive morons posting in defense of Drag Queens under “Not a Drag Queen” tags, or writing impassioned pleas on blogs for the public to not conflate Drag Queens with Pedophiles are intelligent enough to comprehend (or maybe they just don’t care) that even if Drag Queens are themselves not molesting children at events,
that Drag Queens (or LGBT adult persons at “Pride parades”) exposing children to “adult” (sexual) themes and nudity is meant to accustom children to adult-child (sexual) contact, in order to make the child easier for a pedophile to molest – it’s a part of the Grooming process, as part of Queer Theory.

Pedophiles go to where children are, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a Democrat or Republican backed cause or group, doesn’t matter if it’s a church with children, “Pride” parades where children will be present, etc.

Center for Combating Extremism (CPE) and unnamed Nizhny Novgorod activists #homophobia #transphobia #wingnut lgbtqnation.com

Reports from Russia indicate a young woman in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, east of Moscow, has been arrested and charged for wearing rainbow-colored earrings in violation of the country’s new law declaring the “international LGBT public movement” an extremist organization

A court found her guilty of wearing “prohibited symbols”

According to Aegis, a human rights organization in Russia, a group of aggressive individuals approached the young woman and her male companion in a local cafe after noticing the young woman’s earrings and a Ukrainian flag pin worn by the young man. The earrings were in the shape of a frog and featured a rainbow of seven colors

A man filming the confrontation asked the couple, “Do you know what the situation is in our country?” and tried to snatch the flag pin from the young man’s clothing[…]
Following the incident, the recording appeared on social media, and the young woman was summoned for questioning by officials with the Center for Combating Extremism (CPE). CPE is a unit within the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, and has harassed activists, journalists, and other opposition groups that criticize the government

A statement from the Sormovsky District Court indicated a case opened against the young woman under Part 1 of Art. 20.3 Code of Administrative Offenses. The code is a group of Kafkaesque laws and punishment guidelines dedicated to “combating extremism” in Russia, often used against mass media and non-governmental groups

The young woman’s lawyer said the court did not say which extremist organization’s symbol she had displayed[…]
The human rights organization noted the woman’s arrest came soon after the leader of a radical online hate group, called the Male State, shared video of the cafe confrontation on the group messaging app Telegram

In November, acting on a request from[…]Ministry of Justice, the[…]Supreme Court declared the international gay rights movement an “extremist organization”

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

The next time a TRA tries to pull the "GeNiTaL InSpEcTiOnS" argument, I need ya'll to spam them with this

( crodish )
👏 this "You WANT genital inspections!" is such a load of crock. The whole issue is caused by males forcing themselves in places where they don't belong! Stop pretending you're women to get in women's spaces and there WON'T be a "need" for "genital inspections"!

We can also usually tell right away from the idk EVERYTHING ELSE whether someone is male or female. Wanting to show your genitals is a male thing.

( pennygadget )
How do they think we policed our spaces before genderwoo? By flipping a coin? LOL

We never needed genital checks because you can clock someone as male or female 99% of the time. The only exceptions are TIFs because they ravage their body with testosterone drugs

( MenHaveItEasy )
"They are unnecessary because you never pass."

Not to dismiss the op, but if you're explaining, you're losing.

Moids aren't entitled to a thoughtful explanation from women, and getting into the weeds benefits them.

No, you are a man. Take what's left of your dick and stay out.

( shewolfoffrance )
I’m at this point, too. I don’t care if there’s no compelling reason to keep men out of the Women’s Origami Club, or whatever. It should be enough that women said no.

( pennygadget )
They always bring up genital inspections because these perverts would love nothing more than for every trip to a public bathroom to include a forced hand-job and/or fingerbang. Women would NEVER want this even if it meant keeping the TIMs out. But male perverts would LOVE it. That's why they always bring it up

( ClaireBearStare )
They think that believing themselves to be trustworthy is enough, by extension we should see them that way too. Nevermind our silly self preservation instincts!

They try really hard to make us out as the batshit insane ones. Implying we would have everyone strip searched. Fucking lolll.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

“mostly women do the job of seeing me as a woman”

( old_but_gold )
Everyone knows you’re a man, women are just not confrontational (for safety reasons and due to socialization).

Also note the language: “do the job”

As if it’s a duty to “affirm” his gendies.

( Sonnet )
This post is a good example of how these identity claims operate as a form of social control.

No one here actually believes the claim, including the speaker. OP knows he is male, the compliant women of the office know he is male, and the noncompliant men of the office know he is male. The ultimate goal is not to persuade anyone of anything - - that would be pointless, because everyone involved already recognizes he’s a transwoman and not a woman. The goal is to exert the necessary social force to insist on the correct public performance of belief regardless of the person’s true thoughts and perceptions.

( Novemberinthechair )
Give up. You're a man. Those pickmeishas kissing your ass are brainwashed and hurting the rest of us.

Mind you, you come across as a delusional male who can throw a tantrum and get anyone fired. As long as you lie about who you are, don't expect everyone to tell you the truth. Your socially acceptable mental problems have been given priority in certain spaces. Fifteen years ago, you wouldn't be able to pull this grift. You're an emotional bully and an asshole.

( space_out )
Well, the guys have an option to ignore the nonsense knowing the TIM will flip out eventually which will be pure entertainment for them and maybe a chance to punch the TIM. Men love punching. Womens options are to go along or get punched, if I have understood the tik-toks, tweets, antifa'n'friends banners, vandalisation of women's shelters that try to protect women, the whole of preddit correctly.

And he knows that, he just loves the power to intimidate women and is trying to find a way to have the same power over men. Maybe some tips on how to spin this story to HR or some other entity that could make the whole of society to tremble at his every request.

( emholio )
I have joined the rank of people who will not "do the job" of giving a shit about pornsick men's feelings. It's glorious. Not a single movement or breath of mine will ever be spent to placate a liar. 🦸‍♀️

BlackCirce & OneStarWolf #transphobia ovarit.com

Nurse tells B.C. disciplinary hearing she's not transphobic, calls gender identity 'metaphysical nonsense'

( BlackCirce )
How is this case still going on? A woman with medical training knows that men can’t transform into women and she thinks it’s fucking sick to house a male rapist in a women’s prison. Is thinking not allowed in Canada or what? Okay James Cantor (I can’t stand him) isn’t the best at providing evidence for ROGD. Can anyone provide evidence of a man becoming a woman? Changing DNA? Giving birth? Menstruating? Ovulating? Any female bodily process at all? The burden of proof is on the person making the claim, isn’t it?

( OneStarWolf )
Oh this is taking place in Tranada? Her odds are not good. Very high percentage of TRAs there, even to the point that they put gender woo into their laws. Any Canadian man gets to claim trans privilege status over any woman, anytime he wants and legally he’s covered. That’s how they ended up with the perverted z-size prosthetic breast shop teacher pushing his fetish on school kids and the school couldn’t do a thing about it.

various commenters #transphobia #sexist ovarit.com

RE: Are heterosexual men lying about being repulsed by TIMs?

( IrishTheFrenchie )
I'd 100% believe pornhub was pushing TIM porn on men specifically to pervert them even further than they already are.

( mathlover )
Yes, they are very much repulsed. But men will fuck even that which repulses them; they just stick their dicks in objects. The real test of repulsion is the fact that men know that TIMs absolutely are men but think the TIMs should use womens bathrooms, changing rooms, etc - where they have to acknowledge that TIMs are the same sort of people as all other men. And that is what is repulsive.

( derbear )
I think men have a harder time discerning some TIMs apart from women. I’m convinced women have better ability to “clock”. This would partly explain the ability for trans porn to escalate as such and the general phenomenon of TIM prostitution. Part of what makes trans such a poison pill is that it cracks open these questions. It does suggest that men are vastly more bisexual than we assume… or that watching enough porn can affect sexuality.

( MagnificentMildew )
I personally don't think a legitimately straight man can be attracted to TIMs: no matter how well they pass, the penis should turn them off. I'd be willing to bet there's just a lot of closeted bisexual men out there who are into TIMs. It would explain why the bisexual community is so heavily skewed female: most bi men just never come out.

However, I've thought that it would sort of make sense that men like TIMs. TIMs are basically acting out men's fantasies of what they WANT women to be like, or what they THINK women are like, right? So awfully enough I think it actually tracks that men would be lusting over men acting out collective male fantasies.

( proudcatlady )
Yes, most of the time when men’s mouths are moving they are lying. Men are absolutely attracted to TIMs. I think most straight men are. I don’t think men’s sexuality works like women’s at all. I think straight genuinely does mean attracted to visible femininity for men rather than an attraction to a body type.

Men won’t admit this just like they won’t admit that most of them are pedos deep down or that most of them would like to skip the whole consent thing (or maybe even would get extra enjoyment from skipping it). They lie lie lie. But pornhub statistics don’t lie. And male behavior doesn’t lie.


various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

How do I lie to my child and teach her she’s wrong for knowing someone was a man?


( notsofreshfeeling )
How can I gaslight my child and undermine their safety for the sake of strange, fetishistic men? Please be kind in the comments xoxoxoxoxox

( SummerGrl )
Seriously. What kind of parent puts the feelings of a strange man above the safety of their own child.

( Megasaurus )
Handmaidens refuse to protect their own children from predators, no wonder they throw other other women under the bus so eagerly.

( RusticTroglodyte )
Exactly. This the type of mom who brings her kids to drag clubs and DQSH.

Also not to jump to every bad conclusion, but a parent willing to invalidate their child over something like this, probably invalidates them in other aspects too

( TheKnitta )
Can you imagine if the worst happened and this child was abused by a TiM? There’s no way she’d feel able to tell her mother what was happening. The whole thing is a child abuser’s dream come true.

( ArmyofMe )
How do I teach my daughter to prioritize an adult man’s feelings over her natural instincts.

( Caerulea )
and safety

( AadirMorgendorfer )
God, I could weep for that daughter. If your own mother would rather appease boundary-transgressing males (who are MORE fucking likely to commit sex crimes than your average man) than safeguard you, what hope is there?

( BlackCirce )
It’s so bizarre watching women betray their own daughters like this 🤢

( pennygadget )
Women in Africa and the Middle East routinely perform FGM on their daughters for the sake of their future hypothetical sons in law. So I guess its no surprise that the handmaidens here in the west have been convinced to sell their daughters out to random men in lipstick

( pennygadget )
"How do I train my daughter to kill her self preservation instincts so that she's easier to rape going forward?"

This is one of the main goals of this trans bullshit, IMO. To train our basic self preservation instincts out of us. This little girl's mother is training her to keep her mouth shut and not run away when a man makes her uncomfortable in an intimate space. This is abuse

various commenters #transphobia #sexist ovarit.com

First of all, no you haven’t. Second, surely you’d be safer in the men’s room

( SparklingFem )
Until recently, my instinct was always to believe the victim. And if the victim is a woman, I do believe her. When the victim is a man, claiming to be a woman, my instinct now is not to believe him. I kind of hate myself for it, but I've just seen them fetishize rape and CSA so often, that I have to wonder if it's just a fantasy to help affirm them as women. I do not doubt that TIMs in sex work have been raped, but I don't believe the oft-cited statistic that TIMs experience rape at a higher rate than women. I think it's just another way to claim they are the most at-risk population that has ever existed in the entirety of human history. I think this dude claiming to have been raped by not one, not two, but SIX women is pure and utter fantasy.

( Spencer_Shayy )
There's no way in hell this man was raped by 6 women.

( DoomedSibyl )
Thank you. How exactly does a woman rape a man anyway? If it’s one on one the male will have the physical advantage 99% of the time.

Do women rape in groups? To lessen the physical advantages men have? Would rape be defined as penis in vagina sex unwanted by the male? Or anal rape with an object?

The reason these things aren’t really defined? Because they almost never happen and we don’t need law to cover them for the most part. Raped by six women my aunt Fanny.

( Megasaurus )
Men are >95% of sex offenders. TIMS are even more likely than other men to be sex offenders. This is all DARVO.

( MardyMcMare )
Oh love, only in your porniest dreams were you “raped by 6 different cis women”.

Women don't rape. It’s an entirely male thing, which is why we don’t want you in our single-sex spaces.

Men, on the other hand, are always telling me in real life and on the internet: “Oh, I neither notice nor care who else is in the men’s when I’m in there”.

There’s your answer.

( Spencer_Shayy )
How does a woman even rape a man? By forcing his dick into her? I mean, sure, that can be traumatic if it's not consensual, but come on. No way 6 women did this to him. It's got to be a porn fantasy.

( TheChaliceIsMightier )
The difference is that this pervert probably enjoyed whatever happened to him that he’s terming “rape” which it probably was NOT.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

( SwiftiePrincess )
I just saw a post on Twitter featuring a list of the "most streamed female albums of Spotify" and for some reason Kim Petras' is hogging one of the spots in the top 5. WHY? HE. IS. NOT. FEMALE!

But of course "including transwomen doesn't result in female erasure" nosireee! 🙄

Fwiw I actually like some of his music (at least the songs that don't involve being violently f*cked and degraded by men) and he does have a decent set of pipes, but he's not a female and he shouldn't be taking spots from actual ones.

Also the album art for "Feed the Beast" is creepy. He's looking into the camera with this simpering pout as he clutches his moobies which makes my skin crawl 🤢🤮

( Re-enacterf )
His whole career is horrific. He's an actual modern-day castrato. And he sings about being a bimbofied woman.

( RuneOwl )
Horrific indeed.

It was a popular conspiracy theory around 10 years ago that certain pop stars were victims of MK Ultra style programs meant to serve as propagandists for the Illuminati or whatever. One of their main talking points was how many female singers were groomed into “sex kitten programming” by intentionally inflicting traumatic sexual abuse until they could be triggered on command. Shit gets pretty dark.

While I don’t particularly buy into that exact narrative, to be honest Kim Petras is a pretty compelling case of someone being abused and brainwashed for the purpose of being in the public eye and promoting a sinister agenda. I certainly worry about stuff like this more than whether JayZ is a satanist who eats babies because he does that stupid triangle hand gesture.

( delicate_silicate )
He's so gross. He a man pretending to be a slutty woman who sings about hard-core sex to underage girls. I used to feel bad for him, but he seems very happy to ride this misogynistic gravy train he's on. He hates women.

( pennygadget )
I feel bad for him. He was castrated young. And his record label has him flounce around singing about being a stupid slut. As if that poor eunuch knows anything about sex.

( tymps )
I hate that sort of thing. It also drives me crazy when people include TIMs on lists of female directors. Usually they include those creepy Wachowski brothers...as if they'd have the massively successful careers that they've had if they were actually women. [...]

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

( MaryDyer )
Made these last night while waiting for suggestions from you ladies. I have about ten of each.

( SummerGrl )
These are nice! I love the "trans women are con men" one. It's so true. I also love the trans ideology is misogyny one. They're catchy enough to get people's attention and I like that you have Reduxx's info on one. Great work! <3

( Iceni )
My favorite is the fox/henhouse one. It's short and to the point. Might make these women who say they don't mind, you know, think about it.

( Agrona )
“Trans women are con men.”


wallace321 #fundie #conspiracy #transphobia reddit.com

Parents don't have rights, but children have rights.

And apparently the children's rights involve being supported and "affirmed". "Affirmed" being a word that basically had no meaning 3 - 5 years ago. And now we all know what it means.

But parents don't have any rights. Boy when did that happen?

Gee. I don't know how well i see this going for the government who says parents have no rights except the responsibility to push the government agenda on their offspring. Whom the government has more right to than the parents.

Apparently there is also no plan to codify rights for parents either. Just morons like this rubbing it in your face that, no, actually, you have no rights. And we're all just offspring producers for the state whom you serve unquestioningly.

Don't worry, if you won't have kids, they already have a plan for that too.

Jesus this is getting really creepy up there in canada.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

Trans women pose no threat to cis women, but we pose a threat to them if we make them outcasts - The Guardian (2020)

( vulvapeople )
Women aren’t making TIMs outcasts, they are. No one wants to deal with a person who will have meltdowns when their delusions aren’t affirmed. Also, most friendships, even in current day, are same sex, and while women seem more willing to have TIM friends than men are to have any trans-identified people in their lives, most women still don’t want them around. TIMs have othered themselves by refusing to come to terms with being men. That’s not women’s job to solve.

( Women1st )

When there is so much real violence against women, it’s a sad waste of time to focus on imaginary maybe presumably it-could-theoretically-happen violence.

Just have to reiterate that this post is the condescending, gaslighting BS claim that the MSM, the government, and the TRAs keep making. If trans males weren’t a risk to women, then why the coverup? Why the lies? Why scrub stories and posts? why erase women?

Lol, and that’s forgetting the fact that the new rule of thumb allows trans males to violently assault and intimidate women at Let Women Speak events. It also forgets the violent rape rhetoric towards lesbians at Pride events.

( OneStarWolf )
What a shitty, gaslighting article.

It has been well established by research and stats that trans identified males have the same criminality as other males. So they do in fact pose an equal threat, if not more so for transgressing women’s boundaries in the first place. Prisons stats alone show that “transwomen” are incarcerated at the highest rates for sexual offenses, even more than other males. So no thanks, stay out. Women and girls need sex based rights and recognition, not erasure to placate men’s mental illness.

( Chronicity )
Yes, TIMs feel threatened by our existence. That’s why they seek to erase us, destroy our rights, and minimize our worth to society.

( shewolfoffrance )
Yes. They aren't really afraid of violence. They're afraid that women won't "affirm" them. They aren't content to have their own, fringey little cross-dressing clubs. They're desperate to coerce women into participating in their fetish.

dragonheart, mathlover & Lipsy #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Thoughts on the effects of Tims in wlw spaces

( dragonheart )
It's not just you, there is a specific comfortable energy and atmosphere when you're in a space of all women. Bringing a man into that space changes that atmosphere and you can literally feel the energy of the whole space change because of his presence.

I'm also extra on guard around TIMs in wlw spaces because I'm half-expecting them to cause some kind of problem for the sake of attention/oppression points which can ruin the vibes and make everyone uncomfortable. This has happened IRL a few times where they're sour that they aren't being treated in the same way as actual women and feel entitled to our time and attention.

( mathlover )
Of course all the women will be profoundly relieved when any TIMs, even one, are gone. Every interaction with him, everything anyone says that he might overhear, every effort to avoid being around him, all of it - is the anxiety and anger at being violated. Doesn't matter what he does or doesn't do. He is a predator. A fox in a henhouse is a predator even if it never touches any of the chickens; the fox doesn't belong there.

That man was getting off on the violation of a space he will never - can never - belong. One of the most frustrating things has to be that he would probably leave if every woman there completely ignored him and/or told him to gtfo because no one wanted him there.

( Lipsy )
The over-the-top entitlement complex, the aggressive hunting for somethingANYthing to be offended or even OUTRAGED by, and the neverending victimhood/grievance syndrome are all par for the course with these boyos, and absolutely everybody knows these things all too well by this point—especially Women, who just get used to walking on eggshells in the hope of not detonating the ticking time bomb of overdulged male rage. The chilling effect on good and/or relaxed vibes of all kinds is inevitable as a result; it's been conditioned nonstop for years now.


Too-bad-so-sad to Your friend if he's one of the 0.1% that the other 99.9% are constantly fucking everything up for, but, that's ultimately between him and the 99.9%.

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

TIM mad at mom for telling him neither women or men will want to date him

( RusticTroglodyte )
Based mom. Personally I'd go the health route, but this mom is smarter than me. Try to convince the scrotes they're destroying their sex lives, that might get them to stop

I cannot imagine how harrowing it would be to find out your kid is trans, esp if your kid is male

( Carrots90 )
I wonder

I think id rather my son be trans than my daughter

I feel like the TIF treatments are worse than the TIM, especially if he is one of the 90% who keeps their dick

( pegasusknight )
The large amounts of testosterone are like poison for women. It’s sad.

( TheKnitta )
Ah yes, can't handle the truth from your mother, so run away and play a roleplaying game online like real adults do, right?

She's actually worried about him, bless her. It must be so hard to be a parent of a TIP.

( RusticTroglodyte )
It must be similar to watching your kid develop a drug addiction like heroin or meth

( OverTheWall )
This is totally the incel to TIM pipeline.

He admits he wasn’t getting parters before becoming trans, so he probably fried his brain with porn.

( Hollyhock )
I feel so bad for the parents of these kids (not for the parents who trans their kids, usually before puberty - they are a different breed) who often get thrown this crap when said kid is 17 or 18 and they have little control over the situation. It's not only embarrassing as hell, it's agonizing to know your child is purposely destroying their bodies and no one will love them when you've passed on.

( BlackCirce )
So the crazy part about this is that the mom is telling him something that TRAs already know and publicize. They constantly complain that nobody wants to fuck trans people and position it as a social justice problem. They have had studies done on it. It’s not new “terf” information. Messing up your secondary sex characteristics on purpose is the stupidest thing you can do if you want to have a nonfetishistic sex life and find a permanent relationship with someone who truly cares about you.

Raizen #transphobia magnetricity.blog

You are the one who is missing the point regarding the relationship between gender and biological sex, that being that gender is a communication of biological sex. An accurate communication of this is vital for social stability, considering humanity’s nature as sexual beings. As has been the case throughout human history, the family is a fundamental building block of society, and sexuality plays a role in a family’s establishment. It should stand to reason then that sexually aberrant behavior such as transgenderism is a destabilizing factor for the whole of society

various commenters #transphobia ovarit.com

RE: Thoughts on the effects of Tims in wlw spaces

( notsofreshfeeling )
I think men who make an effort to infiltrate WLW spaces are absolutely untrustworthy. Even if he hasn't creeped on anyone physically, he is collecting "intel" and studying the women like insects.

( Laurel )
Even if he's not studying how to do femininity better, he has no right to be there and he knows it. He is untrustworthy for that alone.

( mathlover )
They get off on being there. They are looking at us to see what they can try to (always ultimately unsuccessfully) imitate. But they also bring the male gaze and everything they see is masturbation material for later on.They get off on being there and forcing women to go along with the fantasy.

( dragonheart )
This! I feel like we don't talk about this enough. They come into these spaces to observe and as somebody who has been on the receiving end of it, it was so uncomfortable. The worst part is, if you dare call it out, you risk looking like the unreasonable one?

( woman_be_free )
Yeah 100% can relate to this. They observe. I had a TIM sit next to me sat night in a pub (he joined a meet up my friend ran so it gave him that permission to join our group). I noticed him in my space all night. Never spoke to me just stood there listening to our conversation. If that was a woman or a normal bloke I would have either included them or asked them to leave me alone. The problem is TIMs act like they have a mandate now as so many idiot handmaiden lesbian and bi women fawn over them. You’re entirely right - if you challenged their presence or behaviour (I.e . His staring) you would immediately be labelled transphobic. I’m always alert for them to start touching. TIMs behaviour usually worsens over time so I think their boundaries will too… I think it won’t be long before we start to see frequent episodes of TIMs touching women in bars. Sadly. Hopefully if that does happen, society is willing to accept it is assualt and a line will finally be drawn.

I’m always alert to potential touching, pls take care of yourself when very near a TIM

( shveya )
Yes, they change the entire vibe of the event because nobody can relax with porn-addled men making everyone walk on egg shells for them.

( TisTheSeason )
He was a man invading the space, whether he's friends with many of you or appears "fem" doesn't change that his action is hostile and you definitely register it as such.