Like homophobia, but for transgender people

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Stories from young male detransitioners make me want to add this 3rd to Blanchard's "two types": autoandrophobia, hatred of one's self as a man. One might be autogynephilic or homosexual in addition, but autoandrophobia could be a sole motivator.

Especially in young people, body-hatred and self-hatred is a not-uncommon phase. ROGD in girls is largely autogynephobia, hating one's self as a woman; I'd classify my young self as such, though it was decades ago when transing teens was not a thing.

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Florida bans Medicaid from covering gender-affirming treatments

The move by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration came after the agency published a report claiming there was not enough scientific evidence to prove that the treatments improved health.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida’s Medicaid regulator has finalized new rules banning health care providers from billing the taxpayer-funded program for gender-affirming medical treatments, a move that comes as the state has sought to block such therapies for young people.

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration on Thursday added new language to the rules governing the state’s $36.2 billion Medicaid program. The new rules declare that the program does not cover services for treatments such as puberty blockers, hormone therapies or surgical procedures as a treatment for gender dysphoria, which refers to the feelings of discomfort or distress some transgender people experience when their bodies don’t align with their gender.

The updated rule will take effect on Aug. 21.

The new rule is the latest step by Gov. Ron DeSantis to restrict gender-affirming treatments. Last Friday, Florida’s medical board voted to start the rulemaking process that could lead to the banning of gender-affirming medical treatment for youths. And the Republican Florida governor has become increasing vocal in his objections to such treatments.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association support gender-affirming care for adults and adolescents. But medical experts said gender-affirming care for children rarely, if ever, includes surgery. Instead, doctors are more likely to recommend counseling, social transitioning and hormone replacement therapy.

A coalition of LGBTQ and health rights groups, including Lambda Legal, Southern Legal Counsel, Florida Health Justice Project, and National Health Law Program, said the rule will leave thousands of transgender Floridians without critical care when they need it most.


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Homocel hypothesis


The homocel hypothesis is a model of male homosexuality that suggests that inceldom coupled with the blackpill (social exclusion, sexual frustration and hopelessness) eventually causes gayness. A similar model about "peripheralized" men (incels) making themselves into the female to get some crumbs from higher status men[1] has been proposed by clinical psychologist Frank Muscarella in 2001 (alliance formation theory).[2]

Another related model is the trans-vestigiality hypothesis which states that incels turn gay and feminine to evade aggression from larger males, and then steal their mating opportunities as "sneaker males".


Resources are scarcer and hence more important in harsh ecologies such as the winter in Northern/Eastern hemispheres, so one would expect k-selected males there to exhibit more homocel and homosocial behavior to get some crumbs in dire conditions. Evidence for this may be that U.S. Asians are three times more likely to report a homosexual orientation than the country's average.[9] Homosexual orientation is in fact also related to IQ.[10]

Since autists overwhelmingly are socially excluded, have low social status and frequently experience inceldom, the homocel theory may explain why autists are 10x more likely to be homosexual,[12] or to transition to another gender, with research finding much higher rates and severity of autism among transsexuals.[13] Disabled men are also twice as likely to have an alternative sexual orientation.[14]

66% of men who were homosexual change their orientation to heterosexual five years later which might point to homocels seeing opportunities to ascend in accordance with Muscarella's alliance formation theory.[15]

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Wearing transface

( hmimperialtortie )
Yes chucklefuck, they’re women mocking you perverts. Get used to it.

( XX_Power )
Ah the trans, their only weapon is "no u" because they never learned to debate and also the main tenet of their cult is literally "men are women".

So blackface and womanface are defined by one oppressor group appropriating the struggles of the oppressed to mock them. White people aren't black people but they cover themselves in dark color, men aren't women but they cover themselves in tacky ugly makeup to try and look like us.

But what could transface be... Dressing up like... Like you're trying to impersonate the opposite sex? Oh no, that's the trans 🤭 dressing up like you're trying to look like someone who's trying to badly impersonate the opposite sex? ... Okay

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Incels don't seem angry anymore
I remember back in 2014-15, pretty much every incel wanted to go on shooting sprees and hated normies, wanted to go ER etc. I know now, some were joking, but there was a lot more anger back then in general, even if society as a whole was no where near as bad as it is now. Maybe because back then incels were millenial? Seems like most incels now are just cucks, and don't really talk about going ER, or hating normies... I wonder if it is because incel zoomers are just more cucked than millenials? Or if incels just got used to it, maybe they are coping with onlyfans or twitch thots, pretty sad state of the incel community though.

With the fact that foid streamers and onlyfans being wildly successful I can see that a lot of incels are turning to cucks and severe simps.


With the fact that foid streamers and onlyfans being wildly successful I can see that a lot of incels are turning to cucks and severe simps.

I think this and the incels to tranny pipeline is basically the main reasons, but just incels in general are more depressed, less angry and pro violence, it's a soyification of the incel community, it's very depressing, I had hoped one day me and my incel brothers would rise up in rebellion against society, but that doesn't look like it will ever happen now. Incels are just too cucked nowdays.

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State Senator Josh Kimbrell is calling for change, threatening to defund libraries across the state if certain books are not removed from the kid’s sections.

He held a press conference Monday, at the Spartanburg Public Library, following what he claims are hundreds of complaints against books that teach children about gender identities. During the press conference, he added that the books are hiding behind “being educational”.

Examples of the books in question are “You be You”, “The Pronoun Book”, and “My Own Way”.

“I do not want tax money to be used to put this stuff in the hands of kids against their parent’s wishes”, said Kimbrell.

Protestors lined to streets outside the library making their voices heard against Kimbrell. One mother of an LGBTQ+ child said, by taking away inclusive books you are taking away free speech.

Jodi Snyder said, “this is our library too and our library is inclusive, diverse, and loving and we protect our children by making sure that they are learning about all people and all backgrounds and all socioeconomic backgrounds and all orientations. Josh Kimbrell is trying to ban books. That’s banning freedom.”

The director of the Spartanburg County Library said since the start of the year, he has only received six complaints about LGBTQ+ positive books. He said if anyone has a concern over books to please fill out a complaint form your branch.

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Billing itself as a home for a broad political coalition of sovereigntists, Nouvelle Alliance (New Alliance) held its first public event in March 2022, announcing its identity as a separatist group

They recently began giving out membership cards, all adorned with pictures of men wearing shirts with slogans like “Québec for Québécois” and “Québec in French”

Their launch manifesto, published on May 1, celebrates the heritage of those who “colonized the Laurentian valley, took possession of and developed the land through sweat and blood”

“This manifesto is an open act of bravery against the undermining work of anti-nationals, to whom our political landscape has been left with impunity for too long”[…]
Several of Nouvelle Alliance’s founding members – including its president François Gervais – previously formed the leadership of the Front Canadien-Français (French Canadian Front), an ultra-nationalist and radical traditionalist Catholic group[…]
Public commemorations of historical figures such as Lionel Groulx and Maurice Duplessis[…]
Duplessis was premier of Québec[…]during an era known as “the Great Darkness”[…]Groulx, a catholic priest and historian, was a vocal supporter of a movement to boycott Jewish businesses, and accused Jews of spreading communism[…]
The FCF proposed a political agenda in opposition to “individualism,” “mediocre egalitarianism” and communism, while promoting “order, hierarchy and uncompromising patriotism”[…]
Vincent Filteau[…]has several social media posts which praise white nationalist streamers, describe immigrants as “threats to Québec’s survival”[…]politicians in support of transgender rights as “psychotics and degenerates of the worst kind”[…]
On Instagram, the group once praised [Alexandre] Cormier-Denis, who believes "ethnonationalism is the only political position that makes sense," once sharing a meme describing him as a "modern patriot"

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Modern wokeness was a disaster for gays. Once upon a time, you could just be gay. Gay was gay. Gay was nothing else. Gay was nothing more. You were either a dude who liked other dudes, or a girl who liked other girls. You could be yourself and be as gay as you wanted and that was that. As simple as could be.

Then came the "community" mafia. Suddenly gay being meant you were apart of some coalition with other non straights. Gay was now a community you HAD to be in. The gays had to get along with the lesbians, the lesbians had to deal with the gays, and everyone had to deal with the troons. It was the lgb"T" community after all. You dykes and fags HAVE to get alone with troons. Never mind the fact that transgender isn't even a sexuality so the whole thing makes no sense, STOP THINKING TOO MUCH BIGOT. What's that, you're a lesbian who obviously doesn't like cock because that's the whole point? Too bad, suck the girl cock anyway or else you're a bigot!

The problem with this is that gays don't really have anything in common with lesbians. They're never going to get along organically. And nobody has anything in common with troons, so that's a non fucking starter right from the get go. When the T got associated with the L and the G, the T brought along with them all their baggage and woke nonsense. Being gay was now an aggressive political statement.

As a homo I cannot even begin to tell you how hard it is to find non woke partners nowadays. I just want a cute girl to cuddle and do cute things with, I don't want to read your fucking twitter or talk about how great abortion is or how much you like multiculturism or whatever. Finding a normal gay is next to impossible. It makes you realize why everyone used to hate us and why they're starting to hate us again.

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Demi Lovato's LGBT Drama

As-salamu alaykum guys and welcome to another episode of Smile 2 Jannah.

The LGBT community has been leveraging certain aspects of our society, be it government, education, Hollywood and even media in general. The music industry has been utilized by the LGBT, we've already had movies like Lightyear and Doctor Strange and the list is of course growing, but there are also musicians that are being utilized by the LGBTQ community.

You've got Demi Lovato, she transitioned in 2021. For this individual to transitioning is easy, she's got money, access to the best health care, the best minds around her.

But what about the millions of people that follow this individual? Millions of people that unfortunately and sadly don't believe in a higher being, so they try to compensate for that void by attaching and latching themselves onto sports teams and celebrities? There are people who take what these individuals say as gospel.

Let's look at a 2021 UCLA research, it says that most non-binary adults are born in the United States, about 96%, 58% are white and 82% faced emotional abuse as a child. Another research that is very, very interesting, only 13%, yes 13% of those who detransition received help from LGBT organizations compared to 51% of those who transition, so the community is only there for people that conform to their ideals.

"What is a woman?" by Matt Walsh, definitely a documentary that you guys should see, every household should see this documentary.

Now, what does the Quran say about all this confusion? So the Quran chapter 16, verse 97, gives a clear distinction between male and female and then it goes on to say that they will be judged on righteousness alone. So we have all these organizations trying to tell us that our life is predicated on who we want to have intercourse with, it's just, everything seems to be related around pleasure, but, the Quran tells us otherwise. The Quran gives us depth, gives us substance, it gives us purpose and it tells us that nothing matters other than the righteous deeds that we will do, and it also has made clear that we have our roles.

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Every western government is run by satanists, and they are now openly carrying out public rituals to celebrate Lucifer’s (temporary) dominion over Earth.

At the British Commonwealth Games opening ceremony this week (involving 72 nations), a horned bull creature representing Baal was rolled out in a hellscape arena, complete with depictions of burning lava fire pits, while dozens of satanic worshipers bowed to the demon creature as part of the public ritual. This was publicly broadcast in broad daylight, indicating that the satanists are no longer trying to hide their rituals in dark forests and secret dungeons… they’re now invoking Satan right out in the open, for an international audience.
Rituals are tools of summoning to bring demonic entities into this world. The more people that are involved in the ritual, the more powerful the summoning. That is exactly why these luciferian rituals are being performed by hundreds of participants in public arenas where tens of thousands of people are watching in person. This is a deliberate strategy to increase the power of the summoning, allowing increasingly powerful demonic entities to enter this world through the opened portals.

What you are witnessing right now on a global scale is the coordinated, government-funded, ritualistic invocation of supernatural demons that are flooding into this world to wage war against humankind and God.

The results of this are easily seen everywhere:

School teachers turned into transgender demons, preying on innocent children, pushing grooming, pedophilia and genital mutilations.
The total corruption of the Church as they embrace homosexuality, transgenderism and child mutilations.
National leaders appearing either brain dead (Biden) or possessed with neurological seizures (Clinton), or self-medicating to avoid the pain of the demonic possession (Pelosi).
666 symbolism everywhere, from the Google Chrome logo to the CERN supercollider.

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Allison Bailey is the very definition of ‘intersectional feminism’. The fact that MRAs & their neo-lib feminists have gone after her proves gender woo woo is not a civil rights movement but a totalitarian, misogynistic & lesbophobic movement.

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Encouraging people to pursue fundamentally impossible outcomes is nothing more than enabling them to live lives of bitterness, resentment, and self-loathing.

There are aspects of life that cannot be changed, and one of them is the body you are born with. Puberty, and the development of your body is NOT a reversible process, and neither is any tampering by outside chemicals and injections.

Furthermore, the origins of modern academia's perspective on what they term "gender", as well as the concept of "gender" in the first place, were founded on the works of a man named Dr. John Money. Specifically, an experiment Dr. Money performed on a pair of twin boys, one of whom had a botched circumcision. The twin whose genitalia had been irrevocably damaged was then placed on hormonal treatment and raised as a girl. In addition to being dosed with estrogen, the boy was also forced to perform mock sexual acts with his twin brother in front of Dr. Money, the doctor even recorded these himself.

This led to lifelong mental issues with the "transitioned" child, David Reimer, as he struggled with suicidal thoughts over the abuse he suffered and his physical state brought about through the treatment and initial botched circumcision. Ultimately culminating in his suicide, with his brother also committing suicide some time later.

The experiment was considered a success.

The hypothesis being that someone's identity as a male or female was entirely predicated on how they were raised, with no biological impetus whatsoever.

And with two ruined lives culminating in suicide, this was ruled a success.

Gender ideology has been, and will continue to be, harmful psychotic rhetoric put forward by pedophilic academics who care not for the health of the people struggling with self-loathing and mental illness, but instead only wish to profit off of and proliferate this doctrine of self mutilation.

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[From "Lightning Strikes Near White House"]

Liberals didn’t take the hint when lightning struck an icon of their anti-god George Floyd, so…

Several people have been transported to local hospitals and are in critical condition after getting struck by lightning outside the White House

Four people suffered life-threatening injuries in Lafayette Square, near St John’s Episcopal Church, which was set on fire by Black Lives Matter rioters in 2020

Chris Vagasky, a meteorologist and lightning expert who works as an analyst for a company that makes weather instruments, told The Washington Post that there was a “6 stroke flash near the White House that hit the same point on the ground” which means that six separate lightning strikes hit the same exact spot in a fraction of a second

The evil emanating from the White House is most conspicuous in its aggressive promotion of abortion and the surgical transsexualization of children. Given the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah, worse than lightning strikes can be expected. A large meteor would be more appropriate

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Is War Just A Puppet Show?
I like An0maly, he talks some common sense that should be a mainstream opinion, and maybe it is, but he gets shut down by the media industrial complex and big tech censors because it doesn’t make money for the right people.

I’ll get to the point I wanted to talk about, which is whether Putin is a puppet of the very same people who own Zelensky, and Biden, Trump, Trudeau, Macron, etc, the World Economic Forum, or the bankers, the Jews.

It might not make sense immediately, like why would they be so vicious in the media against Trump and Putin if they were just the other side of the same coin, owned by the same people, who own almost everything?

Well, most people get convinced by everything they say, they faked the moon landing, and even when Buzz Aldrin went on Conan O’Brian and said it didn’t happen, it was faked, (that wasn’t the only time he said it), they still haven’t caught on.

It takes a special sort of awareness and skepticism to be able to see something as obvious as that, but with the more important lies, they might not let you say anything at all.

We have a lot of war talk going on, the UK army commander and top generals are talking about a war between the UK and Russia, at a time when if you gave half the people guns, they’d probably shoot their own leaders, if they could get away with it.

Why so much hate for “our own side” you ask? There is no part of anything I’ve seen them doing in the last two years that couldn’t be clearly defined as an attack designed to destroy the West completely.

This is how they’re training the Navy to fight in world war three, against Russia and China. I don’t really care if they don’t get it, but this is the kind of thing that would make someone defect, and they’re not training kindergarten teachers.

My view is it’s good to be nice, but what this actually is is sabotage, they’re making the USA a laughing stock, it’s cultural marxism, the plan is to show that capitalism failed, America failed, so the world moves on to the next thing.

There’s no way that will catch on even just in America, it wasn’t designed to catch on, chest feeding isn’t a real thing, it’s just stupid.

Men don’t give birth, and if they did it probably should be illegal for very good reasons, and the hormones are just the start of that argument, it would mess up a kid’s head for life no matter what anyone says.


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🎥 Elaine Gallagher’s been elected in Glasgow Southside and becomes with first Trans councillor in the city.

She tells our chief reporter @imNatGoodwin it’s a massive step forward for equality ⬇️

If "Trans Rights" don't conflict with Women's Rights, can
tell me why the Trans agenda entails removing the legal right of females to bar biological males from female-only spaces?


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One of the most jarring arguments in anti-trans discourse lately is "this treatment will prevent adolescents from experience sexual pleasure." In addition to being almost entirely untrue - coming from the people who literally don't believe in sexual pleasure it's a lot to stomach

If you advocate amputating, restricting or otherwise chemically interfering with the parts of the body that give sexual pleasure -
you really can’t say you “believe in” sexual pleasure.
Gender euphoria isn’t remotely the same thing.

When did TRAs start saying that GC people "literally [whatever that means] don't believe in sexual pleasure"? As in: we don't think it exists? Or we want to forbid it?
It's "prescriptive feminism" all over again.

Around the time they started saying GC gays were part of heteronormative culture because reasons. It’s not supposed to make sense, it’s meant to silence.

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The only difference between public school and home school curricula is home schooled kids aren’t taught to hate, mutilate, and kill themselves.

Unless their parents decide to teach them those things.

In which case, every sane person would agree those parents belong in prison.

Which leads to the inescapable logical conclusion that all parents who still refuse to home school should be imprisoned for child endangerment.

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Is War Just A Puppet Show?
(Continued from https://fstdt.com/JD9FVTHBBTNDK )
That might sound transphobic, but I don’t have a problem with trans people, I think they should just shut up about it, and just be a human being like everyone else, but realizing they chose to try to be something they couldn’t actually become and it’s a mental illness not a virtue signal.

It’s not really the real issue, it’s a diversion and it’s not organic, but it’s important enough because it’s part of the general destruction of tradition, morality, common sense, courage, and democracy that is letting any of this happen in the first place.

The US and UK governments are killing old people with midazolam because they don’t have enough money to keep the old people alive, social security is insolvent, so why is the public health system paying tens of thousands of dollars to transition kids?

Well, big pharma want the money, they’re probably planning on killing all the old people and useless people anyway, and I think they’re actual, literal Satanists, for real and it’s like a ritual thing as well as a money making scam and a eugenics program.

Most of the population says they don’t trust the media, and if you push them they will all admit the corporations are ruthless monsters who do anything for the bottom line, but on any particular media narrative, they still fall for it every time.

You can objectively prove that these people are not just ruthless, not just criminals, but genocidal maniacs on a mass scale who show a pattern of psychopathic mass murdering insanity that belongs in a horror movie.

Which people? The government, the corporations. It’s not all of them exactly, but they’re all under the same umbrella due to the way the money flows.

This is what makes it hard to put your finger on who is a traitor, a terrorist, an infiltrator, a spanner in the works, committing treason, selling us out to a foreign power or corporate criminals.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell, like most Americans would argue that either Trump or Biden was the “good one” because that’s how they been trained to think.

The problem with being trained how to think is almost everything you been trained to think is wrong, and the people who are training you to think are sabotaging your brain with almost every single thought.


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Euphemisms blur the truth. Here’s the ACLU defending racial discrimination against whites and Asians.

BREAKING: We filed an amicus brief today urging the Supreme Court to protect universities’ ability to consider race in college admissions.

Ending these considerations would ignore our country’s present-day racial inequality and threaten diversity on campuses everywhere.

The Supreme Court could ban “affirmative action.” Leftists will try to discriminate against whites anyway. We must always identify it clearly: racial discrimination.

It will be a hard fight though. Corporate America is on the other side.

Mainstream conservatives are willing to take on absurd gender theories. It’s sad it’s even necessary, but one reason America’s in this fix is because conservatives didn’t fight racial egalitarianism. Conservatives might disagree with me, but at least some leftists are on my side.

Many whites may be claiming to be “trans” or “queer” or “non-binary” because it means they can play at being victims. That may not work much longer.

White people can’t be non-binary because it’s white supremacy that upholds the oppressive gender binary

The Los Angeles Times has an odd view. Is it “imperialist” now for migrants to travel for a better life?

"Californians and other Americans are flooding Mexico City."

This isn’t Europe. Recently, a growing number of tourists and remote workers have flooded the nation’s capital and left a scent of new-wave imperialism.

One almost admires the insult to Europeans. Still, we can’t let anyone get away with claiming demographic change might change a society. That’s a racist conspiracy theory.

The South African Freedom Front Plus party is protesting a poster that suggests apartheid still causes violence in South Africa today.

It’s bizarre to blame today’s crime on apartheid. The new South Africa is an explicit repudiation of the white republic, but South Africa is now an embarrassment by comparison. The “education” campaign blaming whites for black failures is a clumsy justification for taking their property. We have the same thing in America.

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The fuck is inappropriate with the word Wendigo? Fuck this. If they're gonna side step all the native stuff for muh colonialism white guilt and stuff fuck this edition. It's already doomed. I also imagine they're gonna try and put less emphasis on how based werewolves are. Because gaaaaayssss. Ten thousand dollars they're gonna start including tranny Furies and gifts to change gender that are permanent and not just man skin. They allow metis males but never in a thousand years would they allow a true male especially considering their decades of culling male true.

But this complaining about BF isn't new. This classic sperging from 2016 shows its already begun and poor troons were crying about an all female tribe for ages...Which is hilarious to me. Since again, a female only thing is cried about by woke left men who call themselves feminist for not accepting men who think they have dominion over the space of women just because they say so. The irony of it is just...astounding. I don't even like Furies all that much as a tribe but they at least have a hard line stance that flavours them and they are uniquely female in the very least.

Onyx Path discord is full of trannies though. So that tells you something. W5 is probably going to be bad honestly. I was semi interested but this development of censoring a word for being 'bad' is red flag one.

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Women, children & LGB's have sex based rights. If, as is being asked we defer to gender, then these rights are removed. By removing sex based rights safeguarding of Women, children & LGB's are also removed. Simple! If you don't see this as a problem, YOU are part of the problem!

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Unlike the "stunning and brave" caste of XYZ challenged degenerates I don't have to lie to myself that IF I do A, B and C my life will miracously get better because I will be a new man, somehow. No, it will not get better, and this "new" will be jast a sick, wicked masquerade gone too far. Yeah sure call me transphobic because of this but I spell what's essentially and realistically true. Ignore or deny, it will not change the actual state of things. That's first.Second, whatever you like it or not but:1. There always will be people that are homophobic, mainly because homoseuality is against their life staples and the ways of their social mentality compass (like in my case although I know some gays IRL, even worked with a bunch and can confirm they were whining spoiled brats)2. There always will be people that are transphobic because no healthy people would suggest to themselves "boy oh boy, I don't think it was fair that I was born X instead of Y!". That's just a demonstration of illness to them, again because of transgenderism is against their life staples and the ways of their social mentality compass. I wouldn't have been so harsh on these petty meatsacks if I was not aware of what kind of crimes the trans people do perform mostly (spoiler: rape, and not only of full legal age human beings) and what utterly atrocious agenda they push. Do you really want me to believe that 5 year old Bobby would understand the context of gender dysphoria and feel himself to be actually trans? No, he can't, he's just a goddamn KID, he don't know shit neither should to, according to his age. BUT THEY (trans) WANT HIM TO, DUH. Also google "egg hatching" term in trans "language" for get better understanding why am I so highly negative of this kind of human beings.3. Politics, like it or not were always a part of communities, nor necessarily IRL ones though. The desire to get rid of this shit from your hugbox is understandable and goood and shit, but, like I said, people are retarded and they WILL bring politics in either way. It's just how it always works.4. Can't say much on wordsalads, we all have moments of skitzo, that's not something that can't happen to anyone of us. 40oz with this thread or Kontra's mumbling regarding DBP48' negrating are the most obvious examples.

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(NOTE: Just for context, this is from the r/Transmaxxing subreddit.)

Passing matters

Don't let people bullshit you into thinking "i don't need to pass as a female". While many people claim to be supportive of trans people generally unless they think you are a female they will not threat you as such and a lot of people will not view you as a female if you know you were born male


This is at large a consequence of the left pushing for gender-identity nonsense instead of focusing on sex-characteristics. US conservatives have been very aggressive in using gender identity politics against trans people in general while the left has been unable to give a good answer to what a woman/female actually is (it's about sex-characteristics).

Given this political climate your best course of actions is to become stealth, once you are able to pass you move to a different area and begin your new life as a female there. Keep your old identity separate from your new identity.

True. It's mostly old rapehons saying passing doesn't matter, it's just hard cope.

Not be able to pass at the end is exactly one of the biggest reason that I haven't decide to start hrt yet.

Generally i am not comfortable recommending medical transition to people who cannot pass. A transition without any great goal in the end isn't something i can really get behind. I do understand that some people are severely dysphoric and might have to transition anyway but even then it's hard to be enthusiastic about it.

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Here's the truth; if you were born with a penis, you're male. If you were born with a vagina, you're female. There are people that will rebel against the truth, and there are people that will obey the commandments of Jesus Christ.

This is why those who know the truth fought against the redefinition of marriage, and against the propaganda of the glbt community.

Now, because of the propaganda of the glbt community, it is legal for a man to walk naked in the women's section of a spa, and expose his penis to underage girls.

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LOL m8 I hate to tell you this but one half of the USA's political spectrum is explicitly anti-democracy and pro-censorship against anyone not sharing their views. Handing control over Twitter/Facebook et al to the GOP every few election cycles would be an absolute disaster. You think it's hard for LGBT folks to exist on social media now? Try having Trump/DeSantis/Abbott at the executive helm and outright striking those pages/accounts from existence out of some faux concern for "the children" or "treating mental illness."

This has to be one of the most absurd statements in this thread. I would argue that this is the easiest time in the history of social media for LGBT folks to exist.

EDIT: If you need to experiment, make a Twitter account, post something like "gender is immutable", and see what happens.

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Message to India Willoughby, Katy Montgomerie and every man who pretends he is not a man :

"If you want to avoid being classified as a predator, campaign for and achieve your own third and separate spaces and services.

"STOP violating our boundaries against our consent."

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Message to every deranged cosplaying woman hating loon. The answer is NO! Make your own spaces and get lost out of ours

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At the root of transgenderism is cluster B personality disorders. One of the symptoms of cluster B's... these people attach themselves to random fads or political causes they see in the media to an extreme extent, because they don't have a normal "identity" - IE, long-term hobbies, goals, and interests.

The tranny fad is just the latest thing to be literal crack for BPD's, like the scene/emo trend and third wave feminism before it.

These people also can't regulate their emotions or participate in nuanced discussions because that's literally how BPD works. This is why they can't hold jobs, can't into relationships, or do anything beyond sex work.

BPD tranny sees someone misgendering ChrisChan on Twitter, immediately they take it as a personal attack because it's all they have (like telling an autistic kid you think trains are boring), and their emotions shoot to 100.

Read this over and over again as much as you need to.

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‘Child Abuse:’ Marjorie Taylor Greene Slams Trans Kids Agenda After Twitter Censors Her

Twitter has censored the official congressional account of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) after she criticized transgender Biden administration official “Rachel” Levine for supporting what he calls “gender affirmation treatment” for youths. Greene told Breitbart News that, “Corporate communism is destroying America. Who’s going to suffer in the end? Right now, corporations are shoving their political ideas and policies down their employees’ and their customers’ throats, and people are getting sick and tired of it. That is what Big Tech has led the charge on. They have been the leaders in corporate communism, and Twitter has been one the biggest abusers.”

“We must do everything we can to prevent Dr. Dick Levine’s pre-tween #WeenieChop” said Rep. Greene on Twitter, in a tweet that was later censored by the far-left platform.

In a follow-up tweet, Rep. Greene said “Now that I think about it. As Dr. Dick Levine advocates for ‘gender affirming care’ for minors, has he undergone the #WeenieChop himself? Or is he just pushing this on children?”

Users who wish to access either tweet must now click past a warning message saying it violated the platform’s rules on “hateful conduct.”

In a comment to Breitbart News, Rep. Greene said she would continue to defend kids from the genital mutilation involved in what Dr. Levine calls “gender-affirming care.”

“That is not me being hateful,” said Greene. “I am a mom. I’m going to defend kids. If that’s the hill I have to die on, fine, I will die on that hill.”

“These kids are being brainwashed. It is grooming. They don’t like that word, but it is grooming, and it is child abuse.”

“Surgery that removes a preteen boy’s penis is not ‘gender-affirming care,’ it is genital mutilation, it is child abuse. Most of these kids are having an identity crisis and they will change their mind later in life if they’re left alone.”

“It’s going to be too late for these kids. They’re going to realize what happened to them, they’re going to regret it so much, and they are going to be devastated and changed forever — physically mutilated and changed forever.”


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The Method Against Social Justice Warriors

No. 1: Drop all social graces with them. That may be hard, but remember Social Justice Warriors take advantage of good manners and put no value on them anyway. Our objective is to trigger them via harsh criticism and ridicule — not threats or violence, in case that’s unclear. For example, the ultimate insult or trigger to a female Social Justice Warrior third- or fourth-wave feminist is the word “cunt.” That’s a bit over the top for me, so I’m mostly going with “bitch.” Absolutely refuse to engage in sex with Social Justice Warriors or Pervert Justice Warriors.

For non-cucked men, never ever trash talk femininity, but rather defend heterosexual women passionately. Winter Watch addressed this in our old Milo Yiannopoulos article. (((Milo))) was a problem because he as a homosexual trashed women generally. Keeping such women out of harm’s way is the mark of manhood. Also, do not use racial slurs. This is about individual behaviors and culture wars only. The term “dindu” is only descriptive of behavior and thus appropriate.

No. 2: Show no sensitivity toward Social Justice Warriors. Insult them matter of factly. If they show marginal or metro-sexual gender identification, insult their appearance (“there is a new thing going around, it’s called soap”). If they are over-the-top Social Justice Warrior homosexuals or transgenders, never use the contrived newspeak term “gay” or LGBT. In fact, avoid their shadow language. Let them know that you are armor proof to their accusations.
No.4: Knock the Social Justice Warriors unearned trophies and “specialness” badges off the shelf by telling them they have little of value or intelligence to offer anyone.

No. 5: Demonstrate thumbs up, support and accolades to the anti-Social Justice Warrior movement. Older generations need to wake up and get engaged. So do decent folks in the black community. Offer carrots and sticks and encouragement to repressed normies. Godspeed.