Rob #fundie

"Understanding" or NOT "Understanding" Gay People has NOTHING
to do with Rule of Law and States' Rights. The Federal Government
has been blantantly ignoring the 10th Amendment since Lincoln
first started his War against States Rights with the Civil War.
But, you Liberals want to impose your Communist, radical
and twisted views on everyone, and refuse to make the connection of
INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS= States Rights (ultimately).
I am tired of all of you citing the Constitution, and taking it
It out of Context to suit your agendas. You support Activist
Far Left Progressive Judges that are in essence writing Law
with Many of their decisions. And all of you fools see the Constitution
as a "Living" document. ..

The ONLY way the Framers intended for the Law of the Land to change
was via the AMENDMENT process..... Not Obama's Executive,
Monarchial Orders, ignoring Laws he and Eric Holder don't like and
Activist judges trampling on the Sovereignty and Rights of the States.



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