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In order to score political points with parents, a Democratic presidential hopeful wants to turn public schools into daycares.

Fox News reports Sen. Kamala Harris believes her proposal, the Family Friends Schools Act, would "reduce the burden of childcare on working families."

Christian author Janice Crouse, who is a former school teacher, says this is not a new idea of the Left but it's still a bad idea.

Crouse, Janice (CWA)"Having free time is necessary for kids,” she says. “And [if] you take that away, it's very detrimental to their learning.”

She says parents, and especially those who are Christians, should be greatly concerned about an extended school day.

"Anybody who reads what's happening,” she says, “would be extremely concerned about even more time for our children to be indoctrinated and more time for them to be influenced."

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[On Dreamers]

We’ve got to remember that we’re talking about people who have skirted the law, either intentionally or by virtue of being part of a family. We need to use the word ‘felon’ [instead] because people who break the law—especially invading a country without going through the channels—they need to be helped to understand that we do not have open borders.

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[On a Republican governor declaring August 4 "Barack Obama Day"]

A Republican governor heaping praise on the most immoral promoting president in American history, Barack Obama, who ushered in homosexual so-called marriage, who mocked the authority of the Bible, who promoted abortion, who loves Planned Parenthood. With Republicans like that, who needs Democrats?”

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I hope that they will point out that it is the behavior that causes AIDS. That it’s aberrant sexual behavior – male on male homosexual behavior – that is the catalyst for this horrible disease, that it is something that can be prevented simply by not engaging in the behavior that causes it.

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A federal court case involving a Kentucky county clerk could be a clue to whether the courts will honor religious freedom.

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis has declined to issue marriage licenses to same-gender pairs based on her religious beliefs.

A federal court has ordered her to do so and the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has refused to issue a stay pending outcome of her appeal.

Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel says attorneys are asking the U.S. Supreme Court now to issue a stay of that order.

"Kim Davis is not the only person to have this issue within the last few months since the Supreme Court opinion," Staver tells OneNewsNow. "But she certainly represents many people, not just clerks, but others and a wide variety of businesses and professions and occupations that are having their free exercise rights challenged."

The attorney warns that churches will be next "on the chopping block," echoing a warning from pro-family leaders in recent weeks after the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling in June.

A poll conducted soon after the U.S. Supreme Court decision suggested Americans are more concerned with religious freedom than homosexuals marrying.

So will the courts respect Davis' religious beliefs or destroy them?

"If we're going to go down this road where religious free exercise rights are just simply trampled," says Staver, "that's a completely different America. That's no longer the shining city on a hill."

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Not even close to the same thing. Interracial marriage has existed since practically the beginning of time. An interracial couple fulfilled the requirements for marriage. Nothing immoral or disordered about it. A man and a woman. It was personal hubris on the part of any Christian who objected. But homosexuality is a disordered attraction for one's own sex that goes against the very design of God (and nature). It is so profoundly different from heterosexuality that marriage was never seriously contemplated for same sex couples until the later half of the last century.

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There never was and never will be any sort of, "kinder and more reasonable" homosexual. From the beginning of time they have always been aggressive and militant. This is not just true for homosexuality however. All sin corrupts completely, and those who worship it as normal become twisted and evil. Look at all the militant defenders of Planned Parenthood. A literal holocaust, on a scale vastly greater than anything Hitler ever imagined, is going on. Yet PP supporters will defend abortion with the hatred of hell itself.

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During his visit to Kenya last month, President Barack Obama pressed leaders to accept the homosexual lifestyle and same-sex "marriage."


Such attempts by Obama, says Dr. Richard Land, president of Southern Evangelical Seminary, only further a perception that Americans are "morally degenerate."

"I think it just reinforces in the minds of many more traditional-minded folks in Africa that the United States has gone politically correct to the point of having lost our moral compass and lost our moral way," Land tells OneNewsNow. "And it just sort of feeds into the perception that we are morally degenerate."

As for the president's continued attempts to impose his pro-homosexual agenda domestically, Land emphasizes that elections have consequences.

"In my opinion, President Obama being president of the United States is in itself a judgment of God on the United States – that a God who disposes and proposes has allowed him to become president because of our moral profligacy," the seminary president states.

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[On withdrawing the Confederate flag from sale]

Walmart is so hypocritical. They say they don't want to offend anyone but they don't mind offending Chritians. I wish there was somewhere else to shop where I live and I would never go inside a Walmart again. Now Tylenol is pushing gay marriage and so is Chobani yogurt. God help America!

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"It looks like Wal-Mart has exchanged the Confederate flag for the rainbow flag," says Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality.

Walmart has announced it will discontinue sales of Confederate flag-themed merchandise after the June 17 murder of South Carolina church murders by a suspected racist.

But that announcement rings hollow in the mind of LaBarbera, who takes issue with a Wal-Mart spokesman declaring the retail giant doesn't want to "offend" people.

"And yet Wal-Mart has now embraced homosexual activism very strongly," says LaBarbera, who tracks corporations and their support of homosexual activism.

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One example of how desensitizing homosexual content reaches children is a cartoon (see video below) playing on Hulu, "The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived," in which a young boy rescues a prince and princess, and then marries the prince, who is an older man.

The animated short film, based on a previously published children’s book by Daniel Errico, premiered on May 28 to commemorate Hulu’s celebration of gay pride.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality explains that this type of video content is meant to influence how children react to homosexuality.

“It's very sad; they're robbing the kids of their innocence,” he says. “They're only giving them one side of the story. They're manipulating these young minds."

"Kids deserve stories and fairytales that represent the whole spectrum of human love and experience," Huffington Post proclaimed of the cartoon. "Now, one video streaming service is helping make that a reality."

LaBarbera also points to another video involving children that tries to normalize transgender people.

The children are shown photos of Bruce Jenner and "Caitlyn" Jenner, and the story explains that the children's reactions "are more mature and more civil than most people’s who have been taking to Twitter to express their negative thoughts."

“These are radical gender ideologues and their target is our kids,” LaBarbera tells OneNewsNow. “I think most parents are just unknowing and naïve about how great this effort is to push this propaganda."

The result of that propaganda and clueless parents, he says, is "a whole generation is brainwashed on these issues, and it's changing the entire nation.”

LaBarbera says that's all the more reason for parents to know what their children are accessing on television and social media.

More importantly, it's a need for parents to discuss the issue with their children from the standpoint of a biblical worldview.

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[Bono expressed his approval of the result of the Irish referendum on same sex marriage]

Bono is fond of using the f-word in public and he is a great admirer of race hustler Al Sharpton. There is news video footage proving this.
Besides this, he and his band mates are not "original" in any sense of the word in their music. I'm almost 65 years old and I have heard a tremendous amount of music over the years. I think they music-mine from the 1960's including from the Pebbles and Nuggets collections. Not plagiarism per se but close to it.

MANY people profess to be Christians who are not. Bono is obviously not saved. Jesus said that by their fruits you would know them (Matthew 7:16 & 20). Bono has rotten fruit regardless of his lip-service that he gives to God. God wants HEART SERVICE - truth in the inward parts.

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What are you doing with having friends that Christians have been instructed to remove yourself from as part of your "old life" of this world, meaning carnal and lust of the flesh? Either you are with Jesus Christ or you're with Lucifer. As a Christian your fellowships are to glory God, not celebrate Satan's sinful nature of adultery, fornication and relationships of vile affections. READ PSALMS 1

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Prediction for Boy Scouts: Quietly Opening Door for Homosexual Leaders

A pro-family leader is asking whether the Boy Scouts will enforce a policy against homosexual leaders.

A new policy went into effect January 1, allowing open homosexuals as members of the Boy Scouts, but not adults.

Last week, the New York Chapter of the Boy Scouts hired an openly homosexual 18-year-old Eagle Scout to work as a camp counselor this summer.

Matt Barber, an attorney and founder of Barbwire.com, predicts the BSA policy in homosexual adults will change too.

"They are employing an incrementalist strategy here - death by a thousand cuts," Barber says of the Scouts.


[H]e predicts [that] the BSA leaders will slowly allow open homosexuals to take leadership roles within the Boy Scouts, "and take boys on camping trips [...] [T]his will place boys at a risk rate of 10 times the previous rate for being sexually assaulted on these camping trips," Barber warns.

Barber says there is an alternative, Trail Life USA, which is a faith-based organization that began after the Boy Scouts accepted gay scouts.

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[On the Obama administration supporting net neutrality]

The internet allows us a window into world affairs that this administration has not attended to. Our government is getting uncomfortable with the people knowing as much about world affairs as they do, we expect action....controlling the internet makes us as ignorant as N. Korean's. Congress will do nothing. It's time for action on the part of the people. There are more of us than them however without internet we would be harder to organize..........yeah. Think on it for awhile.

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Say a state permits gay marriage, AND permits 15 year olds, with permission to marry from parents.

Now, a 40 yr old convicted pedophile man legally marries a 15 yr old boy in that state.

Is that state-sponsored/sanctioned pedophilia, which normally would be a felony?

Should all states honor the marriage, benefits, etc?

Would NAMBLA condone relationships like this?

Nothing will be prohibited including Sharia law multiple wives w/permitted canings; where can this end: Mormons demanding their religious rights to polygamy as well as crazies insisting on tying knots with good old mom and dad. None of that seems so far-fetched now.

We are on a very slippery slope and Target is helping push society down that muddy precipice.

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"Understanding" or NOT "Understanding" Gay People has NOTHING
to do with Rule of Law and States' Rights. The Federal Government
has been blantantly ignoring the 10th Amendment since Lincoln
first started his War against States Rights with the Civil War.
But, you Liberals want to impose your Communist, radical
and twisted views on everyone, and refuse to make the connection of
INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS= States Rights (ultimately).
I am tired of all of you citing the Constitution, and taking it
It out of Context to suit your agendas. You support Activist
Far Left Progressive Judges that are in essence writing Law
with Many of their decisions. And all of you fools see the Constitution
as a "Living" document. ..

The ONLY way the Framers intended for the Law of the Land to change
was via the AMENDMENT process..... Not Obama's Executive,
Monarchial Orders, ignoring Laws he and Eric Holder don't like and
Activist judges trampling on the Sovereignty and Rights of the States.

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Heterosexuals and Homosexuals are already protected under current laws. You can't be discriminated against based on race, color, gender, religion, ethnicity, national origin and age. Which one of those do Homosexuals NOT fall under? Marital Status is not listed because it never is an issue for ANYONE. Homosexuals are not discriminated against just because they can't get married. They have the same right to marry as everyone else. They just don't accept the man & woman definition of marriage. That doesn't mean that they don't have the right to marry. Marriage is not limited to anyone. They just don't want the marriage that is available to them. When the definition of marriage changes, it opens the flood gates of any combination of unions to be legitimately lobbied for: multiple wives, multiple husbands, marriage to animals, etc. Even NAMBLA would have a LEGAL, although morally repugnant, precedence to adult-child marriage. Discrimination in marriage in that instance cannot be partial to anyone or form if you follow the logical repercussions of that argument. But that is an issue that those fighting against traditional marriage want to just ignore and not address.

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Lets see, [Obama] had the conviction to change his name to a Muslim name, he bows down to sheiks, he supported placing a mosque on ground zero and naming it the Citadel (the name of the Islamic caliphate capital city), when rejected he went on vacation to the region of Spain where the Citadel once stood, the meetings he held there with the Muslim Brotherhood brought on the Arab spring and overturn of multiple countries, he rejects good American soldiers for Islamic terrorist. Gee, what is he?

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In his most recent official statement marking the end of a Muslim holiday, President Obama has raised some concerns that he's not being realistic about the threat Islam poses to America. One voice along that line comes from the American Freedom Law Center.

In his statement Sunday on ending Eid al-Fitr, President Obama thanked the Muslim community for its contributions "to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy." Reacting to that statement, Rob Muise – co-founder of the American Freedom Law Center – tells OneNewsNow the president has apparently ignored Israel's battle against terrorists and Jihadists in other countries targeting innocent civilians, especially Christians.

"It's quite troubling that the president does not recognize that we have a very serious threat across the world and to our nation – a threat posed by Islamic jihadists who support and promote sharia law," he shares.

Muise says the president is apparently ignoring the history of threats as well as the events of September 11, 2001, and the continuing threats against the U.S. The attorney's colleague and co-founder David Yerushalmi did a study on the terrorist threat posed by mosques in America.

"[That study] shows that [in] 80 percent of the U.S. mosques, their imams promote violent jihad against the West," Muise explains. "... Sharia law, which is the foundational law of Islam, is antithetical to our fundamental values and beliefs, particularly the right to free exercise of religion [and] the right to freedom of speech."


Muise says it's inaccurate to suggest the teachings of Islam are consistent with building the fabric of America. "It's just the opposite," he adds, noting of course that not all Muslims support jihad.

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The Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act – which is to take effect July 1 – mirrors one passed on a federal level during the Clinton administration. It is designed, in part, to protect business owners who don't want to do work to promote homosexual activism.

In response to passage of that bill, owners who want the business of homosexuals are now posting blue, circular window stickers that incorporate the rainbow colors typically associated with homosexual activism.

Buddy Smith, executive vice president of Tupelo-based American Family Association, offers his take on the sticker campaign.

"It's not really a buying campaign, but it's a bully campaign," he says, "and it's being carried out by radical homosexual activists who intend to trample the freedom of Christians to live according to the dictates of scripture.

"They don't want to hear that homosexuality is sinful behavior – and they wish to silence Christians and the church who dare to believe this truth."

Smith offers a word of caution for those who do business with facilities posting the decal supporting homosexual activism. "If you do that, you are agreeing with these businesses that Christians no longer have the freedom to live out the dictates of their Christian faith and conscience," he tells OneNewsNow.

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Sad enough I just had a Catholic Priest tell me God created the homosexuals and it is innate. Meaning God created sin and the Bible is not truth about the condition of homosexuality being a condition of the depraved mind and desire left unchecked. What is the world coming to. When confronted over if God can commit sin, create sin, if God lied, or if the priest was wrong all I got was that the priest was glad the WORLD had decided the issue and I was wrong. All I can say is the issue was decided by the world in Sodom also and we see how popularity of sin effects God's judgment.

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Disney should be a warning to all who compromise on the homosexual issue. Whether it be an individual, a church, a government, or an organization. Once you start it is very rare to stop! An individual maybe able to repent and start over(Luke 13:1-5; Rev.2:5) but it is very rare for churches, organizations, etc to stop once the ball of compromise on homosexuality starts! I would tell anyone who claims to be saved and in a church that compromises on the issue of homosexuality to do what the Bible says which is to "come out from amongst them and be separate(II Cor.6:14-7:1; II Tim.3:5). I personally believe once a group has gone that far ICHABOD is on its door!

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[If I am a devout Catholic and a divorced woman came into my restuarant could I refuse her service?]

Your analogy doesn't apply, for no business owner is seeking to avoid serving certain PEOPLE, but rather, to avoid providing certain SERVICES. Christian bakers and photographers are not seeking to avoid serving homosexuals; rather, they want to avoid providing services for flagrantly anti-Christian, pagan ceremonies that purport to be "wedding ceremonies," but which no Christian can ever recognize biblically as being in any way, shape, or form an authentic wedding ceremony. Although it may sound harsh to say this, Christians actually view these ceremonies as demonic in nature, since they represent a flagrant rejection of God's law regarding marriage and are based on satanically-inspired teachings of the last days that the apostle Paul refers to as "doctrines of demons" (1 Tim. 4:1). How can any business owner, contrary to his religious convictions, be compelled by the government to provide services for a ceremony which he regards as demonic?

Kentucky Baptist Convention #fundie onenewsnow.com

The Kentucky Baptist Convention is calling for change at a ministry for abused children to make sure it's in line with scripture. The change is directed at the head of Sunrise Children's Services, an agency affiliated with the KBC.

The Convention last week issued a vote of "no confidence" in Sunrise CEO Bill Smithwick after he proposed hiring homosexual at the children's ministry – reportedly in hopes of preserving millions of dollars in state and federal funding. Although the Sunrise Board subsequently voted to keep its ban on the hiring of homosexuals, the KBC voted to replace all members of the board.

Martin Rizley #fundie onenewsnow.com

[emphasis added]

If judges and lawmakers in our land fail to respect the limits of legitimate government power, then we as free citizens of the U. S. must do the right thing by refusing to comply with government mandates that violate God-given rights. In that way, we remind our government by our actions, not just by our words, that it is not God, and that it loses its authority to compel obedience when it violates our rights with which we have been endowed by our Creator and which are secured to us by the highest law of the land-- the U.S. Constitution (particularly, the Bill of Rights and the ninth amendment concerning 'non-enumerated rights'). Government has no legitimate authority to pass laws that violate the superior claims of natural law or that seek to nullify natural law. That's why these 'gay marriage' laws are bogus-- for government has no right to compel citizens under threat of penalty to recognize and treat things as equal which nature teaches are unequal, nor to recognize and treat things as unequal which nature teaches are equal. Hitler tried to do that when he tried to get the German people to treat the Jews as 'unequal' to other citizens; he had no authority to do that, just as our government has no authority to compel us to treat homosexual unions as "equal" to heterosexual unions. Civil disobedience was required of freedom lovers then (under Hitler) and it is required of freedom lovers now (under Obama).

Englein #fundie onenewsnow.com

Pornography is addictive, it's a plague upon our nation, and it does lead directly to child molestation, rape, and human trafficking. Americans need to wake up to what pornography does to users, how it destroys families, and its connection to sex slavery.

Kirk Zimpfer #fundie onenewsnow.com

Are you one of those gay bears? As predicted, sexual assaults have skyrocketed since DADT was repealed. There have been outbreaks of HIV since the repeal. All that was predicted and the problems are going to get worse. Only someone devoid of commonsense can't see those problems get worse when members of the military that have sexual attractions to other members are allowed to live and shower with one another.

Rent a brain.

David Eternburn #fundie onenewsnow.com

[Regarding Minnesota's legalization of homosexual marriage.]

Living in Washington State, I share Ms. Markel's concern. Every society that has endorsed Homosexuality met its doom, usually within 50 years. Be patient, those of you who think nothing will happen; that God is not real; and that it's ok to mock God. Next week, next year, five years from now - who knows - you will reap what you have sewn.

No, we are not the judge, only the messenger. The message is, homosexuality is more than just a sin, it IS an abomination, right there with beastiality, cannibalism and child sacrifice, all the things the Jews did in 586BC before Jerusalem fell to Babylon. (Fortunately, we have not sunk this low...yet.) Fortunately, there are still enough of us who respect God's laws who pray daily for God to spare His judgement on not just America, but the entire world.

We may see tornadoes in Seattle, or an earthquake in Minneapolis. We may see volcanic eruptions, a meteor, or simply an economic collapse resulting in social chaos and anarchy. A strange virus may be rear it's ugly head. Methinx it will probably be all of the above.

The book of Revelation says that this "stay of execution" of God's wrath won't last forever. He is patient, wanting no one to perish, yet He will respect the choice of those who choose to reject His Son. Supporters of these "alternative" lifestyles will eventually win the battle, and have their way on earth, but ultimately they will lose. The good news is, you have a choice. Which side do you want to be on? The winning side? Then repent and turn to Christ. It's very, very easy to do. Rejecting Christ or not choosing puts you on the losing side. Don't be on the losing side; you won't like it.

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With yesterday’s historic “coming out” by an NBA player, one cultural commentator is very concerned how that announcement may influence children who view professional athletes as role models.

NBA veteran Jason Collins disclosed in a first-person account posted Monday at SI.com that he is “gay.” Collins, 34, is a 12-year veteran of the National Basketball Association and has played for six teams during that time.

“I’m black. And I’m gay. I didn’t set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport. But since I am, I’m happy to start the conversation,” he states in the article.

White House spokesman Jay Carney on Monday called Collins’ decision to come out “courageous,” and added the White House supports him. The seven-foot, 255-pound center becomes the first active male player in one of the four major professional sports to publicly reveal his homosexuality.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality tells American Family News that Collins is actually struggling with homosexual sin.

“He was born with genes that made him tall. He wasn't born with a gay gene,” says LaBarbera. “I feel sorry for this man. He's being celebrated, which will encourage him to stay in his sin, and he needs to leave it like so many men and women have before him.”

The family advocate adds there is "a huge push to have homosexuality embraced in professional sports." Teams in the four major professional sports have special events to draw positive attention to the lifestyle – and LaBarbera contends that is not healthy for children.

“These professional athletes are models for children, whether we like it or not,” he says. “And so this will lead the children embracing homosexuality and saying, Hey, it's good enough for Jason Collins it's good enough for me.”

It is LaBarbera's hope that Collins will encounter Christians who will help him leave the lifestyle by embracing Jesus Christ.

Bryan Fischer #fundie onenewsnow.com

The CDC informs us that over 90% of all men who have ever been diagnosed with HIV-AIDS contracted it through having sex with other men (61%), intravenous drug abuse (21%), or both (9%). Homosexual conduct thus is even more of a risk to human health than intravenous drug injection. We should no more normalize homosexual conduct, let alone homosexual marriage, than to normalize shooting up with needles

Offensive_Bias #fundie onenewsnow.com

One of the issues I find with homosexuals is they live that life style because they feel "attracted" to the same sex. I for one would not let me "attractions" affect my life to be normal. I know of formal homosexuals who don't struggle with the temptation anymore, that's all it is. Some people are attracted to younger/older, animals, ect. it's not sinful but when they give in then that's when it becomes sin. God offers a way out. (1 Cor. 10:13). the exception is hermaphrodites because they are born with both sets reproductive organs.

The debate isn't about allowing homosexuals full rights, they already do. It's them creating special rights to bring their lifestyle more into the mainstream. With all the media attention on their side, no one in the media hasn't challenged them scientifically of what makes them homosexual. That needs debating rather their agenda be rushed through.

Tim Todd #fundie onenewsnow.com

An evangelist who visits Russia frequently believes the move afoot there to ban the public display of homosexuality is because the nation's leaders -- both political and religious -- have seen the damage American culture has suffered from the homosexual movement.

As an evangelist who works in Russia, Tim Todd tells OneNewsNow that is quite a contrast to America, which has the most pro-homosexual president in the country's history. Todd, who heads Revival Fires International and has worked in Russia, understands that country's stand against the homosexual agenda.

"America is opening the floodgate -- and if you want to know what God thinks about the sin of homosexuality, you can look at his urban renewal development plan in Sodom and Gomorrah," he points out. "It gives you a pretty good idea."

Todd says Russia has had an opportunity for years now to observe the homosexual agenda in America and Europe and learn firsthand what it has done to the culture.

"[In America] there is open, blatant homosexuality on television and on the Internet where the homosexuals have come out of their hideouts in publicly proclaiming their sinful activity," he observes.

Todd adds that he believes Russia has known all along the detriment homosexuality has on society -- and now they have proof in the United States.

Pat Trueman #fundie onenewsnow.com

While authorities continue a crackdown on child pornography, an expert suggests they are failing to deal with the real problem.


Pat Trueman of Morality in Media (MIM) is pleased that those involved in the business are getting caught, but he tells OneNewsNow authorities are still missing the root of the crime.

"Any law enforcement officer can tell you that the taste for child pornography is acquired in most perpetrators through the consumption of adult pornography," he notes.

According to Trueman -- a former prosecutor for the Department of Justice's Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section -- men who are not pedophiles absorb adult porn, changing their thoughts by fueling a desire for harder and more deviant material. So they often times end up consuming, producing and selling child pornography.

"Now the Justice Department refuses to prosecute under federal laws that prohibit distribution of adult pornography," Trueman reports. "In fact, most people think the distribution of adult pornography is legal. It is not -- but the Internet's filled with it."

As a result, child porn -- something that was virtually nonexistent 20 years ago -- has become a prominent crime. "That's what the consumption of adult pornography has done," the MIM president concludes.

Stand For Christ #fundie onenewsnow.com

Just because something is legal doesn't make it right.......slavery was legal, women not having the right to vote was legal but KNOWING all men are equal and our Constitution says these things I KNOW these wrongs were overturned such as the homosexual agenda will soon be. I specifically mentioned the USA for a reason and that was because 1-2% of the homosexual population is responsible for over 62% of all aids/hiv cases in the USA band that is up 10% in 2009. What goes on in the rest of the world doesn't affect the USA.

Dr. JT #fundie onenewsnow.com

[emphasis added]

No true Christian should ever be surprised by the godless actions of our wicked culture which is simply the Western Civilization expression of Satan's world system. This same culture that disrespects the Creator-endowed distinctions in the roles and functions of men and women in the family, church and government (for example, by disrespecting its precious daughters by allowing them to serve in the military) is the same culture that disrespects the Creator-endowed distinctiveness and exclusivity of marriage.

Wake up Christians and read your Bibles without the egalitarian, Western Civilization, 21st-century, evolutionistic bias taught you by this godless culture. Take the message of your Bibles literally because it is still fully relevant today. Don't explain its precepts away by simply saying "Things are done differently now." Things are done differently now because we have departed from thinking and acting biblically. We must get back to the Bible. Start now with you and then begin to prayerfully influence your family and those around you.

Mat Staver #fundie onenewsnow.com

Concerns are being raised about Stanford University's new law school clinic on religious liberty.

Mat Staver, who founded Liberty Counsel, is fean of Liberty University's law school. He welcomes Stanford's effort to raise up religious liberty lawyers, as long as it centers on the constitutional basis of the rule of law.

"One of the issues, however, that needs to be considered is whether or not there will be much emphasis placed on advancing the Muslim cause," he notes. "Certainly that could be a concern to many people around the country."

He explains why that should be a concern in a law school.

"Islam is a political ideology. Certainly it takes characteristics of religion, but by and large, at its core, both in the United States and around the world, it is a political ideology," Staver asserts. "Consequently, to use the same kind of laws for an advancement of a political ideology that you would for religious liberty could eventually cause some concerning issues that we want to address."

In other words, it would mean advancing a political ideology under the guise of religion.

While Stanford claims to be first in establishing a religious liberty law clinic, Liberty University has already had that distinction in conjunction with Liberty Counsel.

Dr. James Hutchens #fundie onenewsnow.com

Advice for Netanyahu: 'Give war a chance'

A retired Army chaplain and expert on the Middle East says it is a mistake for Israel to continually agree to cease-fires whenever Palestinian terrorists launch rocket attacks against innocent Israelis.

Brigadier General Dr. James Hutchens (USA-Ret.) is a former chaplain who now serves as president of The JerUSAlem Connection. He says the same sad movie continues to play time and time again: Israel is attacked by Arab terrorists, they respond, and when they get the upper hand, they agree to a cease-fire demanded by the U.S., the U.N. and the E.U.

But Hutchens believes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should "give war a chance."

"There are those who have been advocating all along that there is a diplomatic solution to this, and I just don't believe it," Hutchens offers. "I don't think you can deter Jihadists. I don't think you can negotiate with them. They have to be defeated. There has to be a military solution -- Then you can talk about any diplomacy afterwards."

He asserts that peace will only come from the Prince of Peace.

"We're praying for the coming of the Messiah, for the return of Jesus," the former chaplain states. "He's the only one that can bring peace. When He comes, there's all kinds of havoc that's raised, and those who oppose Him cease to oppose."

Hutchens adds that the Bible is clear: a colossal clash between Israel and the surrounding peoples is coming.

shorelineliz #racist onenewsnow.com

The majority of Latino people in the USA are poor. They want more government handouts. This article is absolutely true. The majority favor the Robin Hood Plan. Take from the evil rich white colonizers and give to the sanctimonious poor brown and black people. Because everyone knows that poor people are all good people. They are all holy and spiritual. They are closer to God. And that rich people are all evil and of the devil. My husband worked in Mexico. No one demonizes the rich more than the poor people of Mexico. As far as they are all concerned every rich, white person in the USA is in the paid service of Satan himself while they are perfect little angels and the Lord has a "preferential option for the poor" in every Latino/Latina. Their "brand" of Christianity is Liberation Theology. GEt rid of all the evil rich white people so the poor brown people can rule the Kingdom of God. This is their theology and that is how they vote. If it is white and rich it is evil. They talk incessantly about this, are resentful and bitter and for the majority of them they would enjoy it if every white person was their pool boy instead of the other way around. They often laugh about how they should sit around by their own pools and spas and order little white boys around to cut their lawns. They want revenge not equality. Just write them all a check. They are entitled and owed since they are brown and poor.

savedbygodsgrace101 #conspiracy onenewsnow.com

When you have government controlling our healthcare like ObamaCare will be doing, you are going to have the type of healthcare that have all sorts of restrictions on what they will pay for and what they will not pay for. There are going to be shortages of doctors, nurses, hospital care in order to save money. What type of healthcare do you think you will get? The elderly will be pushed aside and will not be taken care of properly because the government will turn their backs on them and let them die. The ones with long term illnesses will be turned away and not helped either for the govertment will not pay out for such expensive healthcare. When you take away and cut back on hospital staff, doctors and so on; you will not be getting the proper healthcare that you think you will be getting when the government has your health in their hands.

Stand For Christ #fundie onenewsnow.com

Considering that Global temperature hasn't risen/changed since 1996 proves that what the schools and climategate are teaching is an out right lie. The BIBLE has historical facts about society and climategate has none it's not hard to see which one is based on factual evidence.

Steven H. Aden #fundie onenewsnow.com

Abortion numbers have dropped five percent -- the biggest one-year decrease in at least 10 years. An expert says abortion proponents are misinterpreting the significance of that figure.

What they are saying is it is due to better use of birth control during tough economic times. But Alliance Defending Freedom senior counsel Steven H. Aden tells OneNewsNow "the abortion industry talks out of both sides of its mouth" when it comes to figures like this. "Previously, the industry said that abortion figures tend to rise during a recession because more people are aborting their babies to avoid the economic consequences of childbirth," he points out.

"But with this drop in abortions during the recession, they're saying it's because of better birth control."

But Aden says that is false as well. Studies show birth control does not correlate with abortions at all. He says "what it really shows is that America is truly becoming more pro-life and that more women are wisely choosing to give life to their unborn babies."

In addition, government figures continue to show abortions are much higher among minorities.

"It's not surprising that the abortion industry would see a rise in abortions in minority populations because historically they've always targeted minorities for abortion," he says.

"In fact, Planned Parenthood itself was based on the eugenic principles of Margaret Sanger, who believed that birth control and abortion should be available to reduce the numbers of so-called 'undesirables' in the population."

What the? #fundie onenewsnow.com

I think we have already tried to love [gay people]. They don't want it!!!! You have to have s e x with them them they will know you mean it...... maybe..... they might just have you do a bunch of stuff afterwards, like clime a tree naked, hold a sign in Town Square that says "I am a bigot and I am really a qu ee r"..... then just maybe, just maybe you can be their pet and eat the crumbs of food off their floor.....

Peter Heck #fundie onenewsnow.com

I recently read an article from a self-proclaimed "Christian Democrat" explaining why they would be voting for Obama, and to a larger degree, supporting the Democratic Party. I am intentionally not linking to the original article for a reason. The article was full of the very kind of "fine-sounding arguments" that Paul warns us in Colossians to be on guard against. Given the sorry state of biblical Christianity in America, I know that several of these arguments could easily ensnare and trap a lot of confused Christians -- and I won't willfully provide a potential stumbling block to any believer.

gary morgan #conspiracy onenewsnow.com

i wonder who is going to win in this staged, fixed, rigged Presidential Election. when Obama showed the American People his phoney Forged Birth Certificate, is Obama eligible to be in a Presidential Election ? one of the networks of the secular MSM has already placed Obama as the winner of the election, they will report the lies that Obama won with 46% of the votes to Romney's 41% of the votes. Did you know that are several people that lost an election but is still allowed to be an Representative, example, Al Sharpton.

Richard Diaz, Sr. #fundie onenewsnow.com

When in the world are these liberal secular humanistic people going to get it through their thick skulls that Almighty God all ready made a ruling about the homosexual issue centuries ago and what is it? HOMOSEXUALITY IS AN ABOMINATION AND A PERVERTED EVIL that is completely and totally against His teachings. From Genesis to Revelation this unnatural and abnormal death-style is spoken against. Talk about brain-dead people who insist on defying and rebelling against the will of God.

David Madison #fundie onenewsnow.com

I wonder how many unplanned pregnancies of minors occurred before the advent of "the pill" and Planned Parenthood? The word "few" comes to mind but, then, people respected their parents, parents instructed their kids about the birds and the bees, (because schools were only obligated to educate them; not sexualize and encourage lying to parents and, passing out condoms, telling them, "Go ahead, it's fun!") the Bible was still used for instruction in public schools and, things like Columbine didn't happen and, drugs, and guns on a school campus were virtually nonexistent.

Remove moral instruction and, teach kids that they are just animals with better brains than those in the wild and, well, they begin to act like those wild animals because, it doesn't matter any more what they do.