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Biology teaches “heredity & variation” - i.e. built-in limits. Science teaches that variation is limited; that is what we see in real biology. Evolution though teaches unlimited variation over time, and that heredity can be violated.

At each step of the way evolution violates science.

At each step of the way creation is in sync with science.

A creationist can predict that we live in an orderly universe - and we do! It was designed.

An evolutionist has faith to believe that nothing exploded into something for no reason, and oh yeah, gravity invented itself for no reason, and don’t forget the laws governing light, momentum, thermodynamics, etc. You see, at each step evolution defies science. Devout evolutionists deny the Creator’s power because she or he badly wants to ignore His laws regarding our lives and our morals.

An evolutionist (to be consistent with his faith) should predict that we live in a disordered unlawful universe



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