Malott #fundie

It's just one win - and too late - for Mrs. Clinton... But by 41% ?!? Obama should get down on his knees... No, he should lie prostrate on the floor and thank God, or Allah, or whatever he actually worships... That West Virginia doesn't hold its primary in January.

I'm sure Obama sees the results from last night as the irrational ravings of uneducated, unsophisticated, Typical White People... But I don't think race is the issue... I don't think the Obomber is a weak candidate because he is half black.

Obama is weak because among his confidants he has a criminal, a racist, and a left-wing domestic terrorist... He's weak because he thinks it's uncool to wear an American Flag lapel pin... He's weak because this son a Muslim want to sit down and play knees-eeze with Muslim terrorists...

He's weak because he doesn't love his country in the same way as the young men and women who are lining up to die for her...



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