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[Gays are stinky!]

I'm trying to imagine a left-wing Evangelical... A person who has studied God's word to show himself approved... Who seeks first the Kingdom... Who embraces holiness and strives for sanctification...

And then this person turns around and says... "I think a woman should have the right to kill her inconvenient child... And though homosexuality is a stench in God's nostrils, I can get on board with the Gay Agenda... And the ACLU rules! Let's keep God out of the classroom and the public square."

The Church does not play paddy-cake with the Left. The Left and the Right serve different Masters.

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The Princess and the Kiss is a story about God's Gift of Purity, and was recommended by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. I bought it for my eldest nephew... Who, in my heart, I still hope is still pure... Though the fact that he and his wife have conceived a daughter burdens me with doubt.

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Based on his choice of Churches, his support of partial-birth abortion, his support of the radical homosexual agenda, and his belittling references to scripture... I doubt his Christianity. Based on these actions and opinions, he is more likely a devout Muslim - saying whatever lies will get him elected - than a devout Christian.

My guess? He is an atheist and former expatriate who cares nothing about America or her cultural heritage.

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[Fundie is aghast at the idea that preaching that sinners burn forever in a literal lake of fire isn't the best way to win sheep to the flock.]

I believe modern day preachers have been intimidated by the religious liberals and non-believers. Today, preaching about Hell is not cool... It's just not done... Makes you a Bible-thumper. Hellfire and brimstone sermons make you an "ineffective" fossil.

Somewhere church leaders became intimidated by the name-calling... And took the bait. They retooled the message to make it more palatable to the world... And they became Cool.

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For years I have believed that Senator Kennedy is a very bad man. And while I would wish cancer on no one, for me to now collapse into a fit of concern and compassion would be disingenuous. We are all going to die... (I know I plan to...) and the Senator can afford to pass painlessly and peacefully.

Maybe we should pray that this illness would cause the Senator to publicly repent - and thus glorify G_d.

Maybe the Senator will publicly turn away from his support of abortion, the gay agenda, His efforts to separate G_d from our schools and our institutions... And maybe he will repent of his personal life style.

I believe G_d uses illness to bless people... By getting their attention off the world and onto Him.

Senator Kennedy has the opportunity to turn a lifetime of mistakes into a glorious witness. Maybe we should pray for that.

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It's just one win - and too late - for Mrs. Clinton... But by 41% ?!? Obama should get down on his knees... No, he should lie prostrate on the floor and thank God, or Allah, or whatever he actually worships... That West Virginia doesn't hold its primary in January.

I'm sure Obama sees the results from last night as the irrational ravings of uneducated, unsophisticated, Typical White People... But I don't think race is the issue... I don't think the Obomber is a weak candidate because he is half black.

Obama is weak because among his confidants he has a criminal, a racist, and a left-wing domestic terrorist... He's weak because he thinks it's uncool to wear an American Flag lapel pin... He's weak because this son a Muslim want to sit down and play knees-eeze with Muslim terrorists...

He's weak because he doesn't love his country in the same way as the young men and women who are lining up to die for her...

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[Using Jesus as a home invader deterrent]

This is the doorway to my bedroom. The guy in the picture is Jesus (artist's conception). So if some night... Someone breaks into my home... And comes upstairs to beat the crap out of me...

He's gotta get by Jesus first.

This truth works on more than one level... It even works without the picture.

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[Regarding gays in the Scouts organisation]

For many of our poorest, Scouting is the first introduction to concepts like honor... The first place where they identify with the word... And... They are introduced to the idea that there is something greater than self-gratification.
The militant gays and other leftists are not interested in starting their own "gay-accepting" young men's organization... Any more than they are in starting their own Churches.
They just want to infiltrate, degrade, dilute, and "tear down" the organizations that now exist.

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Muslims in this country walk around like they own the place... because they're beginning to think they do... and we know they think that they should. There is a "racist-like" element in their attitude towards their fellow Americans. They don't like us. They want us to adapt to them and be subservient to their religious needs and preferences.[...]

So bring out the cartoons, interrupt the prayers, and throw Imam from the plane. We will not be intimidated. Our laws will not be infected with Sharia. We will not be colonized.