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What does science mean to me???

Oh Owlswing can’t you come up with a more taxing question??

Science for me, is, accepting all the science that has been discovered by modern science as true and accurate, and then realising that they are stumped over unifying the four key universal forces—and so, doing it for them—and in so doing unearthing much more than I actually bargained for—like—the universe is made from a single, and wonderful material. It is invisible, superabundant and follows repeatable patterns, over and over again. Your Jewish God speaks of it in Isaiah, as his “Mighty Power” and in my Holy Bible as his superabundant “Dynamic Energy” . Science has a more drab name for it.

The key knowledge it yields is that there are two dimensions working one over the top of other and the conflicts between the two create a “Magnetic Friction” and it is this magnetic friction that gives us gravity, nuclear power, electro-magnetic force and life—but you can find all that in my previous posts—especially this...God's Mighty Power' is all owned by Almighty God and his much loved prodigy Jesus Christ.

Now—it doesn’t matter whether you are Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindi or any other religion—the only way to the root of this science is by following the accurate teaching of Jesus Christ.



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