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Family of Anis Amri Under Siege Falsely Accused in Berlin Hoax Truck Attack

The people of Islam are, once again, under siege as a consequence of a plot fomented by their arch-enemies, Zionist Jews. As is the standard for the Zionists a patsy was selected, in this case a runaway Muslim, who did not practice his faith. After several run-ins with the law, he was contacted by agents of the Mossad, who coordinated his role for the upcoming Islamophobic Berlin Christmas attack hoax.

Amri was selected, since the involvement of a real, life person of Middle Eastern, in this case, North African background would give realism for the fake and the fraud. Amri did nothing, other than to, perhaps, agree to participate in the fraud for his own gains, including most likely release from criminal judgement. No doubt, money was exchanged, of which Amri was likely in desperate need. As a Tunisian refugee he had nothing. So, temptations were high for him to participate for mere material gain, although it must be said the exact circumstances are unknown.

What is certain is that he is the patsy for the operation. Was he coerced into it? Did he have no choice? Moreover, Mr. Amri was the baby of the family of nine children. He likely cannot function on his own. Thus, he is most vulnerable to cash bribes from Mossad-controlled elements.

His confession or so-called ISIL (that is Mossad or Israeli Secret Intelligence of the Levant) confession or proclamation was also staged, fully hoaxed:

His family says he has an alcohol problem. Does anyone think that really changed?

Regardless, these family members are suffering greatly, all as a result of an Islamophobic fraud. They must know one thing; they are responsible for nothing. It’s a total fake. No one died, and no one was injured. Let the entire world realize this.



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