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The feminists (feminazis) have infiltrated movies and television. It has really become ridiculous. It's commonplace now on TV and in movies to see women giving men orders, leading armies, women commanders, women overpowering men, women leading the family, etc. I call them "she-men." It's just not reality. TV is a lie! The truth is that women need men. However, the feminists would lead us to believe that women don't need men at all. Such nonsense is kin to a car speeding off a cliff to sure destruction. The result is a massive lesbian community. Most homosexuals are women. God made men and women to fulfill different roles in life. Like it or not, men are natural leaders...women are not. I realize that some women can lead, but they are generally more like men than women. I believe that every woman should be as feminine as possible. There is something wrong with a woman who has lost her desire to be feminine. This is why I am against women being out on the battle-field fighting. Women don't belong on the battle-field. Women don't belong in Police cars driving around with guns. Women don't belong on a man's job. And by the way, no man should work in a nursery (a woman's job). That's just my opinion. We've got too many sweet men in society today, and too many rough women. Something is very wrong.

God created women to be mother's AT HOME, not to spend their child-bearing years in a "career." You don't need that bigger home or a second car, you need to be at home with your children (1st Timothy 5:14). Money will have meant nothing when your life is over.

Only on TV can a man get away with sexually-harassing a woman. In real life, a man who touches a woman is most likely going to end up in hot-water with a sexual-harassment complaint against him (or worse). Movies are very unrealistic these days.



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