ChuckSherwin #fundie

Our National Cemetary is so dedicated as "Hallowed Ground" for the eternal rest of our veterans and their immediate family members that so qualify for this reward of eternal earthly care from a grateful nation. There should be a separate section, not hallowed, for these obscure "non-faithbased" (maybe there is?) as they wish to be different in life, why rush to conformity in death? The beautifully manicured Arlington cannot possibly be acceptable for Wiccans that demand the earth be in a natural state so that its beauty be manifested without interference from judgment. Liberalism...bent on destruction of all that is good and honorable; we must be diverse, non-judgmental, love everybody, accept, blah, blah. Love me, or I'll kill you...dear God in...the woods? I know two gay Wiccans...they were "married" out in a field with high grass near a junk yard. The "newlyweds" honeymooned in the woods to be near...? squirrels, I guess. I did not attend this gala, but my son and his wife did out of courtesy to their elderly grandparents that profess love eternal no matter what for those two lovers of nature, and all things good, and just, and equal, blah, blah. A celebration of love. Rejoice America.



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