echo3axial #conspiracy forums.military.com

The Iranians did not revolt against the Shah.Jimmy pass the ***** Carter forbad the Shah to crush the head of the serpent Ayatolla Kohmenie(sp?).Jimmy pass the ***** Carter hater of Jews and promoter of jihad brought this evil upon us.If you think Carter was bad news God help us if that all three names are Muslim but "I am not a Muslim"O'bama gets in the Oval.
Stop Jihad

Larkyn #fundie forums.military.com

i have a friend who decided he liked men (after being married to a wonderful woman for a long time and had 3 kids..etc etc) ... he was diagnosed with HIV which then turned into full-blown (pardon the pun) aids ... he then decided that being gay wasnt all its cracked up to be (pun not intended again) and he CHOSE to be straight. his aids is completely gone, as well as HIV... he and his wife are fine together. so umm... it is a choice. and he will tell that to anyone who asks...

outlaws93 #fundie forums.military.com

[Do you realize how ridiculous you sound?

Hell, if you believe that, just make yourself attracted to men for one day and then switch back. It's not a sin if you don't do anything, and surely it would be an interesting experience.]

sure if you wanted to .... its all about mind over matter... the mind is a very strong tool...you should learn how to use it more...

if you really wanted something and put your mind into it you can do anything.... like ive said before the mind is a powerful tool and if you know how to use it you can do anything you want....

[Then do it. Make yourself be attracted to men. You don't have to do anything about it; just make yourself be physically attracted to men.]

see i dont want to...

CDBarlow #fundie forums.military.com

Not wanting gays to serve is not redneck, not lack of education, or old, it is a morale issue!
Gays do not deserve to put on a uniform, gays are not a ethnic group of people, they are ill behaved sexual degenerates like pedophiles, they have a mental issue, gotta admit that there is something wrong when a man lust for a man or a woman lust for a woman, it is against all that God has created, by the way there us a difference in people of faith and religion!
If gays get rehabilitated, get there minds straight and turn from homosexual behavior then a morale waiver for entry should be considered, other than that they do not belong!

pken #fundie forums.military.com

First Gay Rights....then Polygamy.....then Beastiality....Then The North American Man-Boy Assoc......Then the Pedifile Priests.....Then Serial Killing as sexual pleasure......and all because of differences in the brain?

The voices inside my head are saying.....NO way!

biggatorsc #fundie forums.military.com

[SeaWitch, you see this? It's okay to be a lesbian according to Leviticus! It only speaks about a man lying with another man as with a woman. Lesbians are in the clear!

Does that mean that it's okay for lesbians to get married now?]

Sure make sure you do your honeymoon in Antartica so you can get real cold because where you're going later is about 1200 degrees centigrade with no air conditioning or ice water. [smiley]

PeteCDR #fundie forums.military.com

This is historical precedent that God would destroy Israel because of their arrogance. As I had said before, Hitler was merely a tool by which God struck down Israel because of their arrogance yet again. It is in the Bible that it has happened on many occasions.

PeteCDR #fundie forums.military.com

Throughout history, "God's people" have turned their backs on God. They paid with their freedom and lives every time. Rameses, Darius, Cyrus, Nebuchadnezzar and so on. Those rulers brutalized the Jews worse than the Nazis ever did. I am of the opinion that the Holocaust was a result of, once again, "God's chosen people" ignoring His will and wishes and doing their own thing.

VietVet1stCavDoc #fundie forums.military.com

[about wiretapping]

Okay, lets give him this right to violate the constitution and totally invade our privacy. Guess what, next year he isn't president anymore and there will be a new sheriff in town. That sheriff may just be Obama. OMG are we going to give that right to a left wing almost commie, who is accused of being a hidden islamofacist. Do you think he might just start tapping all phone calls in and out of all Christian churches in our nation. After all, it is becoming down right illegal to be a Christian. This will make it real easy to round em all up and feed them to the lions.

al_Mulazem #conspiracy forums.military.com

he is just another conservative news hater. Fox News is the only network that gives the benefit of the doubt to the military. All other networks jump on any story that might discredit the military and the war effort


soscorpio #fundie forums.military.com

[commenting on Europe's ban on creationism in schools]

This is a strategic ploy to further spit on the Bible.

Europe and the great minds that came from there ALL believed the Bible was accurate.

Albert Einstein saw no conflict between science and religion. Like Galileo, Newton and other immortal greats of science before him, Einstein believed in GOD.

aaron11369 #fundie forums.military.com

Anyway, remember when it was "criminal" to be a flamer? Now it's "socially acceptable" and we are being forced by the "policymakers" to accept these people among us. What will be the next tabboo behavior becoming the "norm" - incest; child molesters, animal sodomists? You watch, "We shouldn't judge". It's coming.

db45et #fundie forums.military.com

[In response to a thread titled : "Generals: Drop Ban on Gays in Military"]

the doctrine of military necessity mandates that only the most fit-physically, mentally, and otherwise-should be serving in any military branch. The dirty little secret these idiot retired brass are trying to gloss over, is that intrinsic to the homosexual lifestyle is a number of nasty little diseases not at all seen in the hetero world, not the least of which is AIDS.And beside those bugs, there is also a little thing called "gay bowel syndrome", obviously again peculiar to the gays,a case of which would also likely render a service member unfit for duty.
Finally, the inevitable plethora of sexual harassment, favoritism in promotions, and an overall lack of unit cohesiveness resulting from sexual tension and the "me first" mentality so pervasive to anyone who wears their sexual proclivities on their cuff, would be very bad news indeed.

sallycrow #fundie forums.military.com

Muslimists believe in world domination [you know like james bond-p u s s y galore in goldfinger] when they take over and are killing all non Muslim males and raping the women and chilren, that is before they kill them, this is teir belief. Who will be there to protect you? No not james bond, it will be Blackwater...............

greywolfghost #conspiracy forums.military.com

There is a fairly credible theory that the Roman Empire began to "degenerate" because its leaders were eating from plates and dishes (gold/silver) that were heavily laced with LEAD, as was their coinage, after the time of Christ. The reason lead was being added (metal adulteration) was because precious metal was in short supply. Scraping of such plates with utensils while cooking/serving/eating would guarantee consumption of lead by people like Nero and Caligula - -

It is interesting that so many products coming from China for the use by our children and grandchildren are laced with lead. The Chinese are NOT stupid people. On the contrary, they have deeply understood the use of metals for all kinds of things for 5-7,000 years. It was the Chinese who were often used in the old West to refine gold with the use of arsenic, for instance. Our dependence on trade goods from China may have given them an avenue to attack our younger generations. The Chinese are very patient people. To assume they would NEVER think of such a long range project would show just stupid we might really be -

BradleyTS #fundie forums.military.com

The reason? sex. the teaching of evolution is about sex, for sex.

older people want to seduce younger people into sex, but the younger people live in a society of Christian or other religious rules and values that say promiscuity, adultery or out of wedlock sexual relations are forbidden.

So the older people made up this idea that God and all that religion stuff isnt real, its taken many decades to get the story as slick as it is in 2007, but as we can see the progressive left has managed to outlaw the bible from public school and has worked tirelessly to get murder legalized, Roe v Wade which is there to help rapists and the grey market body parts industries that sell the aborted fetuses, the industry allowed to be legal because of Roe v Wade.

So evolution to tell younger people not to listen to God, not to obey any rules about chastity so the chance of a good marriage is harmed;

then after the rape by atheists/evolutionists on the younger people, they have legalized abortion, which is the murder of an unborn human to cover up the rape and help the abortion chop shops that drool and pay cash for the new body parts after the abortion, which itself is a human sacrafice satanic ritual.

AFRet91 #fundie forums.military.com

Our govt along with atheists and the Amerikan Commies Lawyer Unit (ACLU) are actively working overtime to destroy religion in the United States of America. We have bastardilzed the Bible and taken everything religious (to us) away from out own people. Our current Bush regime is intent on creating a atheist ununited states of north america.

scoutsout1 #fundie forums.military.com

If you have to think in literal terms vs spiritual you will miss the boat completly; the Bible is written correctly, less minor translation mistakes, that useually are corrected or debated by man; I personaly, know of none that have been proven to be 100% out there and false, even the 4 legged flying insect is possible (many species of animal life whent extinct leaving the door open), regardless of the deffenition of insect, which came much later than when the Bible was actually written.

BradleyTS #fundie forums.military.com

your post does not display understanding of what terrorists are versus what activists are.

abortion clinics are attacked because children are murdered there and the law temporarily allows it. The motivation is to stop murder.

terrorism seeks to murder and cause fear.

If you were informed and were actually educated to the level what is commonly accepted of "esquire" then you would have known the difference.

the attack upon abortion clinics seeks to stop the brutal murder of innocents.

If enforcing a belief that opposes cold blooded murder is to you a form of "terrorism" in that murderers are afraid their actions will be punished? Then youre a perfect candidate for the Taliban since your mindset fits in so well with their cause;

BradleyTS #fundie forums.military.com

Any television program, narrator, instructor or documentary that portrays dinosaurs living millions of years ago without a disclaimer? (a disclaimer saying they only are "guessing" about their details) should be prosecuted for sedition, subversion and other adjectives

The nonsense of the concept of millions of years old dinosaurs is part of the attack on civilization, part of the lie seeking to promote anarchy, lawlessness, debauchery, orgies, perversion, the ruin of marriage, the corruption of every good thing.

Migbuster #fundie forums.military.com

All this Globial Warming BS is to force the normal people to live as WHAT THE Evironential Wacko( Commies) what us to.

what food to eat, what cars to drive, what light bulbs to use.. what to think and what to read.

and who to like and who to not to like.



BradleyTS #fundie forums.military.com

That means that public school systems could have the bible as it used to be and should be, and discussion of science would deal truthfully that 'evolution' isnt even a theory, let alone fact. Its more of a fraud than Michael Moores fake documentaries.

Public schools should be talking science, which means considering what the bible says literally about how mankind came to be on this earth.

To attempt to silence biblical creationism in public school science class is exactly on par with the mentality of the Taliban, forcing a narrow minded point of view on captive subjects.

The reason? sex. the teaching of evolution is about sex, for sex.

BradleyTS #fundie forums.military.com

If science class was about science then literal bible creation would be presented.

There are good reasons why, but that is another topic. Summarily, there are no errors in the bible with regards to any physical science claims. The fact our science has in fact proven the biblical claims means that logically bible creationism should be presented in science class.

there is much work to do in science.

But the evolution debate is not about science, its about the hostile takeover of a field of study with the single goal of blocking people from hearing Gods word.

Schools should once again present the bible and what literal 6000 year creationists claim in science class. Dinosaurs existed only 1000s of years ago, not millions. the Grand Canyon was caused by the result of the great flood of Noah.

BradleyTS #fundie forums.military.com

evolution is not fact, not theory. it is VERY well supported, because for 100s of years, the goal of evolutionists has been sex. put the goal of sex on the other side of most things and work gets done. dont giggle. literally evolution is about telling younger people not to pay attention to religious beliefs that say dont have premarital sex. That what has driven the vast evolutionism conspiracy.

its not about science, its about the reward of free sex with none of the religious overtone, no rules, just like whatever... man. get freaked out and high and have sex parties... man. pinko commie hippie liberal evolutionists out to destroy society.

people who awkwardly say oh, yeah evolution is a fact!! means the person wants to declare any rules of various religions' regarding sex to be
outlawed. no such thing as creation, life evolved, therefore its all free sex, anything goes!

Ever notice? people who have no formal education in science and dont care, wanting so desparately for evolution to be approved of, which is the secret code word for free sex.

Oh YES, faster, faster! make evolution the law! yeah, thats it!

Evolution! oh yeah! Evolution.... ahhhhh.

BradleyTS #fundie forums.military.com

To attempt to silence biblical creationism in public school science class is exactly on par with the mentality of the Taliban, forcing a narrow minded point of view on captive subjects.

The reason? sex. the teaching of evolution is about sex, for sex.

older people want to seduce younger people into sex, but the younger people live in a society of Christian or other religious rules and values that say promiscuity, adultery or out of wedlock sexual relations are forbidden.

So the older people made up this idea that God and all that religion stuff isnt real, its taken many decades to get the story as slick as it is in 2007, but as we can see the progressive left has managed to outlaw the bible from public school and has worked tirelessly to get murder legalized, Roe v Wade which is there to help rapists and the grey market body parts industries that sell the aborted fetuses, the industry allowed to be legal because of Roe v Wade.

BradleyTS #fundie forums.military.com

evolution is just on par with supposition, speculation. Christians do not object to the stories of evolution being presented in science class next to biblical creation. but evolutionists are super duper afraid of the mere mention of creationism expecially biblical literal 6000 year creation to be taught in science class. A main goal of evolutionism is to block hearing Gods word in the bible.

if evolution was about science or truth? it would be saying that the bible's account of literal creation is more likely to be correct.

ergo, biblical literal 6000 year creation must be, I DEMAND IT BE taught in public school, RIGHT NOW!!!

scoutsout1 #fundie forums.military.com

Lightyears is yet another UNPROVEN scientific theory, when one looks in a telescope at an image it is in real time and nothing exist to prove otherwise, just think of the ill-logic the image is not really reality, there is no looking into time by looking at the galaxies, IMPOSSIBLE!

stanabobana #fundie forums.military.com

[Snip for brevity]

Rep.Keith Ellison, the first Afro American treasonist Communist Democrat Muslim from Minnesota to serve in Congress, you all remember him; Communist, treasonist, Demorcat Nancy Palosi swore him in on the Koran instead of the bible. Radical Muslim Ellison was back in the Muslim Capitol of the United States, Edina, Minnesota this week, speaking to a group of Atheists for Human Rights-group that opposes all 'authoritarian' religions. "You will always find this (Democrat) Muslim standing up for your right to be atheists all you want. This Democrat terroist supporter in Congress is nothing more than an evil treasonist who is WORKING for the subversion & overthrow of our government,& nation...

[unintelligible rant continues ad nauseum]

steadman1972 #fundie forums.military.com

Here is the link for the Hindu praying with/on Senate floor.....

Hindu prayer in Senate..

So I guess Muslim, Mormon, Witchcraft, voodoo, and any other crap we can fit in here....well, look at the bible, whenever the Israelites turned their backs on God, they went down hill!

whinyliberal #fundie forums.military.com

[Typical fundie persecution complex]

We, the Democratic party of America, have a dream. We dream of an America where:

All guns are confiscated, so no one can defend themselves
Where all prisoners, except Christians, are set free
Where no white men exist
Where no Christians exist
Where all churches are closed and burned to the ground
Where Evolution is dogma that cannot be challenged, and Christiantiy is a crime
Where all priests and pastors have been jailed
Where marriage between men and women is outlawed, but gays are encouraged and permitted to marry
Where the tax rate is 100 per cent
Where all private property has been siezed and put to the use of the people
Where the IRS has hounded the NRA and the Christian Coalition out of existence
Where all crosses have been removed from everywhere
Where Islam has become victorious
Where private property is outlawed for the crime it is
Where no Republicans can ever again get elected
Where elections are outlawed so that we can do what we want without fear of being voted out of office
Where we can raid the treasury for ourselves and our communist endeavors
Where no dissent is allowed
Where dissenters are shot
Where liberalism becomes the religion of the land
Where God is removed from our money and courts
Where Hillary Clinton is a saint and no one is allowed to say otherwise
Where all Christian books are burned including the Bible
Where adult child sex is normal and abstinence is abnormal
Where no more prayer is allowed and is against the law
Where all borders are erased so that all who want to come here and get welfare are free to do so
Where men are jailed for looking at a woman
Where men are jailed for asking a woman for a date
Where men are not allowed to live in the same town as their children
Where any race or sex but white heterosexual men can speak in public and hold office
Where global warming caused by humans is accepted as truth and cannot be challenged
Where no white person can hold the office of presidency unless they are liberal or gay
Where the state takes children away and 'educates' them as soon as they are born
Where men who fail to pay child support regardless of the fact that they are not allowed to see their children are put in prison for life
Where all talk radio is outlawed
Where PBS is mandated for children to view
Where Rosie O'Donnell is regarded as a saint
Where no white male can be the head of any company unless he is gay
Where no white male can serve in the military unless he is a private and no higher or he is gay
Where the pagan god Queztocotl is worshipped
Where all pro life persons are imprisoned
Where women are required to dress like men and vice versa
Where lying by us is unchallenged
Where all monuments to Conservative politicians or war heroes are destroyed and replaced with feminist or gay icons
Where the antichrist can come to power without opposition
Where animals are not hunted
Where the eating of meat is outlawed.
Where chimpanzees are considered persons but some humans are not
Where no woman takes the name of any man

These are just some of our dreams. Will you join us? We know paradise is just within reach. Vote democrat to make these dreams come true

ChuckSherwin #fundie forums.military.com

Our National Cemetary is so dedicated as "Hallowed Ground" for the eternal rest of our veterans and their immediate family members that so qualify for this reward of eternal earthly care from a grateful nation. There should be a separate section, not hallowed, for these obscure "non-faithbased" (maybe there is?) as they wish to be different in life, why rush to conformity in death? The beautifully manicured Arlington cannot possibly be acceptable for Wiccans that demand the earth be in a natural state so that its beauty be manifested without interference from judgment. Liberalism...bent on destruction of all that is good and honorable; we must be diverse, non-judgmental, love everybody, accept, blah, blah. Love me, or I'll kill you...dear God in...the woods? I know two gay Wiccans...they were "married" out in a field with high grass near a junk yard. The "newlyweds" honeymooned in the woods to be near...? squirrels, I guess. I did not attend this gala, but my son and his wife did out of courtesy to their elderly grandparents that profess love eternal no matter what for those two lovers of nature, and all things good, and just, and equal, blah, blah. A celebration of love. Rejoice America.

OldArmyWOPA #fundie forums.military.com

I’m not now, nor ever will I ever be ready to accept Wicca as a legitimate Faith. It is just one 1/2 step away from NAMBLA. And I think that is what we will be accepting next at Arlington.

I guess that should have hit a lot of liberals where it hurts. Perfect “PC” - let’s include everyone.

12838108 #fundie forums.military.com

(About Wiccan marker on soldier's grave)

What a travesty. Still can't believe that we gave religious status to an idea that was founded in 1953, that's nothing more than a combination of about 5 cultural eastern beliefs. I guess everyone needs imaginary friends like fairies and unicorns, so why not throw witches in there too. Sad to think that the definition of "tolerance" has changed from "I can accept you for you and not like or agree with it" to "I'm gonna be a politically correct, ignorant idiot and allow you to have your way so I don't hurt your feelings. And, while I'm at it, I'll promote your unfounded belief in a sacred place of rememberance." Ridiculous. Maybe I should make a religion that worships Barney the purple dinosaur and complain to the government until I get my tax-exempt status too. Read 2nd Thessalonians 2:11-12 and 1st Timothy 4:1.


I believe in God and his son the Lord Jesus Christ, who has been proven historically, cross-culturally, archaeologically, spiritually, and personally. My research says one thing: people are blind and stupid. See what's going on in the world around you and reference it to the Bible and Torah. It's not a metaphor. It's all coming true. Wanna know what else is true? Unbelievers burn. End of story. Sorry to be harsh, but truth hurts.

crashhall #fundie forums.military.com

[On the removal of the 10 commandments from yet another courthouse]
They can place a monumental stone in a school yard for a mass murderer, but the Book which inspired so very many of our laws (thru its moral teachings and passages), is banned from display. One would think that we would embrace it with both hands clutched to its binding, knowing the Freedom that it has empowered us to have.

crashhall #fundie forums.military.com

The true purpose of the display of such things [Bible Display at Courthouses], though never mentioned, is to re-iterate the freedoms beheld by US due, in no small part, to the Christian fundamentals. If American law were derived by buddhists, we would be communist. If it were derived by muslims, we would be dictatorial and/or totalitarian. If we were established by an aetheistic society (ie Babylonia), it would be totalitarian. In following the true teaching of Christ, our government is Democratic.

Digital_Warfare #fundie forums.military.com

Witchcraft/ Wiccan symbol OK for soldiers' graves

After seeing the this article on tv and then having to read it to make sure that I was not dreaming. It made blood shoot out of my eye's, What is this country coming to? The far left is coming out now far more insidious and offensive than any other time before.

It's bad enough that we had to put up with the west side baptist nuts spreading hate for Americans who fight and die for this country by protesting funerals and now we have to put up with people who want to defile the graves of our fallen soldiers by letting these nut jobs post Pagan/Witchcraft symbols on or near other soldiers graves. And really for what? A political statement against the Bush Administration. Even so called diversity has limitations.

The implementations of this is far more reaching than what most people actually will ever realize. All I know is that, If these people try to put something like this near my family it will come down by what ever means necessary. Somethings are about right or wrong, Not left or right political beliefs.


While I have no problems with one last wishes, They need to take it where it will be accepted.

I my self think that this will not last. In my part of America the community will tie these people up in court Or take it upon them selfs to remove an obscenity from the burial site of multi-generations of jedo-christian who actually fought for God, Country and Christian beliefs.


In the tradition of our great country, I did not think about atheist, to think about atheist is to think about communist as they both go hand in hand.

Both believe in Communist organization called the ACLU who's sole purpose is to use our courts to pervert American values.

Geosword #fundie forums.military.com

[On how the ACLU and atheists are to blame for the Virginia Tech shooting]

I hang my head in sorrow and pain at this horrible incident that has left many dead and wounded, destroyed families and scared a school forever...

And I believe this is just another example of how far American society has slid into the shitter because of two major factors;

1) We have allowed our Government to interfere with our ability to discipline our youth. Parents dare not raise a hand against their children now for fear of prosecution. The Government should NEVER have been allowed to dictate how parents raise their children and how they discipline them. Kids and young adults now have no sense of moral right and wrong because of this interference and lazy parents of the 20th and 21st century that have let Grand Theft Auto games, violent laden TV and other various medians that promote the idea that human life is worthless, just a game and that killing has no consequences, raise their kids. Good work there…

2) Thanks to Federal interference and organizations like the ACLU that somehow are allowed to thrive in America, God has now become the new Dirty Word of the 21st century and all references to his word and power and laws has been stripped from places around the country where it is needed most. Suddenly it is an unbearable sin to pray and to thank God for all we have. God has always listened to the will and wishes of his children, us… and when you keep saying GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT he listens and gets out and who the hell do you think is going to fill the void left by us removing God from our lives? Our little pal Lucifer and what a fine job he is doing destroying the greatest country on this planet while simultaneously raising the power level of his devoted followers in the Middle East in his bid to do exactly what he has desired most, destroy God’s creations.

This type of thing was unheard of when I was in high school. To live to have seen it degrade to this great evil weighs so heavy on my heart… and there is no fix for it now. We have let it go to far. We will continue to slide into the toilet until the end of the Earth.

I am just totally disheartened…

SwissFan #fundie forums.military.com

[Compilation of two posts]

Hey, I live in Europe, man, you cannot imagine the madness that reign here.

"300" is the only pro-Western movie which supports the US war that we can see here since... 2000.

Imagine living in a near-communist area.

Bush is definitely Leonidas - a strong, courageous leader who's not affraid to stand for what's right. If you disagree, then you're as gay as the entire Europe and your friends, the nazislamists.


Kill the traitors, kill the Dems, crush the anti-war fanatics, destroy Saddamists, hang members of Al Qaeda and then, go home with the job finished. That's the lesson of "300".

blessedafwife #fundie forums.military.com

[On geology and the age of the Earth]

I dont have a lot to offer in this subject as I suck at science AND math! However, I just want to say that I have never felt the need to question the Bible and creation because it is the Word that I live by. I know many of you will say that I am crazy to not question or be open-minded to the notion that the Bible may not be totally true. I don't even want to go there...

Ranger_b #fundie forums.military.com

[Well, I'm done with him. It does not better me at all to try to discuss ANY topic with him as he will simply come back with a childish response as opposed to trying to answer the question and defend his position. As I've said before, there are Christians on here I've come to respect through the quality of their posts, but this is most certainly not one of them.]

Good, Satan's view lost out as Satan will to Jesus. Thank You Jesus of this victory over the agents of Satan. Those of you setting on the fence see the power of your savior. God wants you with him. Call on Jesus to save you. Know he over came death you can also. Believe Jesus is your savior and his father rose him from the grave, and be saved.

Prasie The Lord Jesus

Ranger_b #racist forums.military.com

(in response to) [Ranger B. Dear, dear, Ranger B. I've looked at your profile. I see you're a retired Army E-8. I salute you for your many years of service, and I'm glad you made it to retirement. Perhaps now you should take the time to attend a high-school English class. You write so poorly, sometimes it's difficult to be sure what you're trying to say. Your most recent post is so disconnected, I'm not even sure that people who agree with you could understand you. You bring up my family, but what does that have to do with any of this?

I will offer one piece of specific help. You signed off with: "HEAVEN ARE HELL YOUR CHOICE." Sir, the word "are" is the present-plural form of the verb "is." What you wanted was the word "OR," which indicates a choice between two alternatives*. And it wouldn't hurt to put some sort of punctuation, such as a colon ( : ) or double dash ( -- ) after the word "Hell." This sets off your introductory phrase, and signals to the reader that the following phrase is connected to, but a separate thought from, the introductory phrase.

* Now, as for those two alternatives: Prove either one exists. Not you of course, but someone literate. Since all these people are jumping in with you, you should have plenty of help]

Another unbeliever that reverts to grammar correction..Prove?....you'll see HELL close up unless you get "SAVED".There is "NO NEED TO PROVE". Jesus preached more about Hell than Heaven. I believe the Bible is the word(s) of God. That is all the "PROOF I NEED"


Ranger_b #fundie forums.military.com

[compilation of three posts]

We were founded on a nation of being Christan. Not any other....their is only "ONE" GOD. Buddhists are idol worshipers.

See how much know about the Bible. Moses brought Gods 10 commandants for mankind to follow.Off the mountain in stone tablets. Not the first 10 Bill of Rights. Oh! yea your a atheist, have fun in the triblation. Next stop is HELL. This "IS" the end of the line and your stop.



Answer "NO" to the above they are not freedom of religions.....only Christan nations are. If you go to any nation that is not...to practice the Christan you have to do it in secert...are risk be putting to death. Here in the US you can practice any faith you want. Just don't try to change our foundation this is "CHRISTAN".



Well you expect him ...you most likely want ever see him death will come apron 1/4 of the people on earth still here. After the church is removed.

They don't worship that fat, potbelly little statue? Looks like they do to me. I don't study false religions, no need to.