Paul Bantick #fundie

Trevor Davies: And a typical response from a hissy fitter! You want to give a Country up to an un-elected clique who want a modern version of the Louis XIV, Napoleone Bounaparte, Wilhelm II, Adolf Hitler, type of super state? Then I suggest you move to one of those Countries. This Country had fought all those above and lost almost two million men and more than three times as many wounded, with countless others affected and cast into despair, to keep Europe free from dictatorship, Oh! And that Britain stays a democratic, independent nation and where the will of the people is respected, and that will was to get out of the E.U.

And who the hell are you to say why people voted the way they did? Gut feeling is just as much part of rational thought as just using ones brains. in fact, using the gut and the brain is doubly advantageous, and if one throws in the heart too it's threefold,



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