Andy Park #conspiracy #crackpot #wingnut msn.com

USA needs to stop playing "world police" because other nations learned how to trick us for their own objectives. Easy to confirm that Zelensky is from a Russian family. His native language is Russian. He will bring Ukraine to the Kremlin in Moscow where he will preside over USSR 2.0 as Putin retires. Only a Russian comedian could pull off that joke on USA/NATO.

oxforduniversity M #conspiracy #wingnut msn.com

When brave Russians defeats war criminal Biden Zelenskyy the EU, history will remember those who stood with brave Russia in their darkest hour against the evil empire of Washington; as well as those who openly supported Biden's war crimes and aggression in Europe violating his agreements not to expand NATO March 8, 1991 that is signed, videotaped, recorded and a handshake not expand US led NATO clearly betrayed Russia. But, most of all, history will remember those who stood idly by pretending they didn't see Biden Zelenskyy 's genocide happening in the middle of Europe from the last 20 years funded by Washington. Decent Europeans should stand and fight with brave Russia and the Post-Soviet Republics against the evil US empire of NATO, protecting Europe from war criminal Biden & the Washington globalist. Decent Russians should join the anti-Biden & Zelenskyy Freedom of Europe from US led NATO and fight for their freedom from war-criminal’s Biden & Zelenskyy etc the rest of the neocon globalists.

Redskins WFT Commanders #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot msn.com

Take that stroll down Memory lane. The date Jan 20, 2017. Washington DC. The date when thousands of left wing democrats tried to overthrow the results of the 2016 election. Those videos don't lie. Google "Washington DC January 20 2017" and check out the videos. See federal and local police in hand to hand combat under missile assault as the crowd tried to reach the inauguration stage to kill Donald Trump

Chad Felix Greene #homophobia #wingnut #transphobia #conspiracy msn.com

Drag is never appropriate for kids

…Drag queens went from a favorite gif to add to a particularly sassy tweet to the manifestation of everything conservative Americans fear about LGBTQ activism, especially toward children.

It might seem easy to dismiss these concerns as an overreaction or even as an expression of bigotry, but conservatives are right about this one…

Drag queens take on the most absurd sexualized elements of female stereotypes and gay culture… They strut out on stage and without a moment of hesitation or shame, unleash epic poems of intentionally offensive obscenity, all with a smile and a sense of style no audience can resist. Although many have argued this charisma can be redirected into child-appropriate entertainment, education and advocacy, the reality demonstrates otherwise. Drag queens can't turn it off. Whether in front of a cheering crowd in a gay bar or a room full of kids at a library, the performance doesn't change. They cannot translate the magic so many of us enjoy on stage to something children can understand. Worse, far too many have chosen to disregard the concept of appropriateness altogether, performing dance routines, wearing costumes and portraying the same bombastic, and overtly sexual characters in front of kids as they would in front of adults.

By its very nature, drag is already unsuitable for children, based on the culture it flourished in and the way the artform communicates to its audience. It barely translates outside of the LGBTQ cultural bubble. The more you remove these elements, the less it resembles drag and the more it looks like advocacy for something kids just shouldn't be exposed to. You take away the cursing, the sexual inuendo, the revealing clothes, the provocative dress and the sharp political commentary, and you are left with an adult man in a dress mocking women and trying to convince children he is an ambassador for an entire community.

Chuck Palmer #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

Biden is the kind of President who would incite violence to get his way. Amazing how 2 wars have happened during the Biden reign of terror. Difference is Democrats realize it but just blindly follow DNC orders, because if you do not Biden will sick his gestapo DOJ on them. Retribution you speak of is the draining of the swamp which is why many Democrats, and many Republicans are afraid of being exposed. Inflation, highest interests' rates in 40 years, personal cred debt being the highest in history, grocery prices up 38% gas up 44% liberal colleges such as Harvard having segregated graduations and dormitories. If these things are what you call looking forward than yes I will gladly look backward.

Marlene Denardo #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot msn.com

Clueless. Soros has Democrats implanted throughout the RNC. If you give your money to the RNC, you may as well give it to Democrats. MAGA had the World PEACEFUL and Wealthy, Democrats and RINO UNIPARTY CORRUPTION HAS US IN THE EXACT OPPOSITE POSITION AND THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CURRENT WAR CLIMATE ANC ARE USHERING IN WW3! FACTS!

Whites Only Moms & Tots Flyer #racist msn.com

Join us for Whites-only Moms & Tots

Are you looking for somewhere your children can play with others that look like them? Are they tired of being a minority in their schools or daycares? Escape forced ’diversity’ and join other proud parents of European children as we create an atmosphere in which our kids can feel like they belong. Invest in your child’s sense of well being and racial identity by giving them the gift of time spent amongst their own people - because they deserve it.

Unnamed Stanford Lecturer #racist #psycho msn.com

In a disturbing development, a lecturer at Stanford University has been suspended following allegations of anti-Semitic behavior. The lecturer, whose identity remains undisclosed, is accused of forcing Jewish students to stand in a corner while labeling them as ‘colonizers.’ He is further alleged to have downplayed the Holocaust and defended Hamas, referring to them as ‘freedom fighters.’


The allegations were brought forward by the co-presidents of Stanford’s Israeli Student Association. The lecturer reportedly asked Jewish students to raise their hands, separated them from their belongings, and ordered them to stand in a corner. The lecturer justified the killing of over 1,300 Israelis by Hamas as a form of Palestinian resistance, likening the students’ treatment to that of Palestinians. He also reportedly asked students to share their ancestral roots and labeled each as a ‘colonizer’ or ‘colonized’ based on their heritage.

Downplaying the Holocaust

The lecturer’s alleged anti-Semitic behavior extended to the downplaying of the Holocaust. When asked about the number of Jews who died in the Holocaust, he responded, ‘Yes. Only 6 million,’ further incensing the Jewish student community.

Wolf Fangs #wingnut #conspiracy #racist msn.com

@J McCoskrie
HIDDEN FACTS: “October Revolution” was not what we today wrongly call the "Russian Revolution" or "Red Revolution"! It was a Jewish Revolution, an invasion and subjugation of the Russian people who then suffered the worst crimes in the entire history of mankind. Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin were Jews whose Marxist doctrine claimed the lives of approximately 100,000,000 people worldwide. Cheka, the first incarnation of the Soviet secret police (NKVD), was established in 1917. Many Jews played leading roles in the secret police. Around 50% of high-ranking NKVD officers had Jewish ethnicity recorded in their identity documents. Also, the members of the Bolshevik government were around 85% Jews.
Without question communist ideology as we saw it's a terrible thing. Where did Communism come to Russia from?! It came from, and thanks to 1. Britain, 2. France, 3. Switzerland, 4. Germany, 5. the US... Russia had been fighting communism and revolutions for one hundred years, throughout the 19th century but Europe had demonized Russia for its resistance to the communist evil. The Bolsheviks lived and worked in London, Paris, Stockholm, Zurich, etc. Trotsky with his men came to Russia from New York; Lenin came back to Russia from Switzerland and via Germany. There are loads of evidence of the European and American support of Bolshevism. Eventually, the West won its case: Russia was successfully infected with the bacilli of communism.

David Garcia #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot msn.com

Watch S. P.s film as soon as you can. Totally proves the war in Ukraine is complete fiction. A 100% Hollywood production.
You will see S. P., who was rubbing elbows with Putin for 20 years, recruits Zelenskyy from the TV show where he was pretending to be a fake president of Ukraine.
And then Sean Penn has this horrible "escape" from Ukraine as the war breaks out "just as he was filming," by rare and unexpected chance.
He shows all the evidence of a Hollywood production, he even shows the single column of Putin's horrible war machine rolling into Ukraine on a single lane road, obeying all traffic laws, not even driving on the shoulder, staying on the road, stopping at all traffic lights. What invading army does that?
And how much in US tax dollars has gone to this? $1.5 trillion (cash and equipment). And Zelenskyy, now touring the world on vacation, all smiles because he's so proud of his newest acting achievement.
Only a movie production rolling into a movie location does what Putin's horrible war machine did.  They even stayed on one side of the road, with Ukrainian traffic mixed in.  And then they start filming as tanks shoot at empty buildings, blow up cities that have been evacuated for the movie set to film without prying eyes.
And S. P.'s terrible escape, abandoning his vehicle on the highway because the roads are jam-packed with escaping Ukrainians. He leaves the car right on the road, the shoulders on both sides of the road, clean, no cars, and even the opposing lane of traffic, empty, no cars, everyone obeying traffic laws in some backwoods Ukrainian countryside.
Not one second of video footage of an air war. just some old archival footage of a helicopter in training.

Jack James #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot msn.com

@stephen turpin
The democrat party is the party of misogyny. Democrats applaud while woman-hating DQs mock women with ridiculous caricatures and defeat women in the "swimming pool" controversy and other 👩-only events.
@William Resch
William Resch wrote, "Uneducated, easily grifted orange stain supporters ... "
The unenlightened ego needs a foil to compare itself to in order to feel superior. Without comparison there is no ego. Thus, the "more empathetic than thou" pseudo-progressive democrat.
Their aim is not "inclusiveness." That is a ruse concealing a deeper motivation, which is to compare themselves egotistically to those who are not as awake, intelligent, empathetic, educated, and sinless as they are.
Intuitively, conservatives can see that the fanatical ultra-left and their obedient followers are creating division in society. But not all conservatives recognize what the motive is. The motive is to create a self-serving, self-referential, self-flattering contrast.
That is the nature of ego and narcissism. If there were no one to look down upon, pseudo-progressive democrats would no longer be able to feel superior.
Progress begins with self-understanding. One needs to know oneself before one can understand anything else. And that is where 21st century progressives fail. They are drunk on power and intoxicated with a narcissistic belief in their own virtue.

Kckellsbells H and Aonymous #conspiracy msn.com

(Kckellsbells H)
When will the media report the truth about this proxy war in Ukraine? Ukraine is the most corrupt country in the world. Zelensky was installed in 20014 when Obama decided the former president was of no use to him anymore. No one in the UN cares about the loss of life as long as the war machine is fed and money is laundered back to them under the guise of foreign aid. Ukraine is losing. Badly. And just as a side note, why haven't there been peace talks? This border dispute has been going on for centuries. Why did the western world suddenly decide to support a country that most folks couldn't find on a map until 2 years ago? Hint: money.

So he found more free stuff to keep this war going so him and his cronies can become even more rich. All the destruction and death is on him. He is responsible for starting this war.
@ Ken W
That's right. zelensky was a nobody with no political experience who said he didn't want any help fighting his war. Oh how fooled this country's current bozo's got.
@Angela Pearson
zelensky could have avoided it. It is all on him. The destrution and death.
We are talking about a very small area of ukraine involved in this war.
@Semyon Kurlykov
It's pretty obvious it's a war on Russia whether declared or not. And look up why. It could have been avoided if zelensky didn't puff out his chest on this.

S G #wingnut msn.com

Fascism - a governmental system led by someone having power to forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting industry and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

Joe Biden using the FBI to raid Trump's home and stop investigations of his own family (Fascism or not)

The IRS showing up at Republicans like Matt Taibbi home (Fascism or not)

Alvin Bragg making up a crime to indict a former President. (Fascism or not)

Joe Biden's war on the fossil fuel and gas appliance industry. (Fascism or not)

Joe Biden using race as his main criteria in making political appointments. (Fascism or not)

Kirk Augustin #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

@Paul Allaire
, when a president or ex-president shared classified docs, that is legal. It is NOT treason. Presidents are supposed to do that. It is their prerogative. That is how our allies got nuclear weapons. As for "insurrection", the evidence says that is untrue. There was nothing even illegal about the Jan 6 election protest, even if there was no election fraud.
@Odis Johnson
, the law is clear and it was illegal for Milley to deliberately contradict and undermine the president like that. Second is that Milley was the one who totally screwed up the withdraw from Afghanistan, causing hundreds of deaths.
@Odis Johnson
, wrong on all counts. The reality is that NATO is an illegal alliance of the same bad guy colonial imperialists who deliberately started WWI and all wars. They illegally attacked Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Russia.
In contrast, Putin does look like the good guy.
The economic sanctions we imposed on Russia are war crimes, in violation of the 1906 Geneva Conventions we ratified.
@steve vee
, it was illegal for Milley to deliberately undercut Trump. That does not take another enemy state we are at war with. If you try to destroy the chain of command that makes this country stay free of being a military dictatorship, that is treason against our entire system of government. The enemy then is the military, not another country.
@Paul Allaire
, the Jan 6 event was just a protest. That does not including the few that smashed windows or used weapons on police. Trump is not associated with that.

Various Commenters #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot msn.com

(Ted Stahl)
@Just Fine
Zelensky is nothing but a puppet installed by the US. Russia won the war in the first week. The fighting will continue until the west stays out of Ukraine.

(Zefoid Beetlebrox)
So if a state of the USA wants to be a country your down with that. The Ukraine was a state of Russia for thousand plus years and was permitted to become an independent nation by Russia. The agreement was that they would be loyal to Russia but Zelensky decided to approach NATO which violated the agreement. I do not support Russia nor do I support the Putin clone, Zelensky. The USA needs to follow the actions of Poland. If the west hadn't given arms to Ukraine this war would have been over in a few months and the people of Ukraine would be living their lives without change.

(A A)

(Nobody's Business)
The CIA op and puppet Zelensky with the green screen hoax Ukraine...Ukraine the money laundering capital of the planet...and world leader in child trafficking and pathological weapon development. The criminal Cabal infiltrators such as Biden, Obama. Clintons, Schumers, Schiff, Pelosis, and a host of other elites are swindling the American people on a daily, hourly basis for billions. The WEF is taking the rest to promote their climate hoax and NWO. All the while the so called "democracy" leader Zelensky sells off every weapon he can to the terrorist black market for cash to keep up his silver spoon, his drag scene, and his elitest life style. Ukraine is the largest hoax next to Biden being elected to the White House, the Jan 6 made for tv movie, and Covid this world has ever seen.

David Pekarek, Robert Konazewski, and Ian Carpenter #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

(David Pekarek)
Russia is doing what USA did during the cold war and still does today- overthrow elected governments throughout the America's and replace them with brutal right wing dictatorships because USA felt threatened by SSSR influence in USA backyard. USA has done this around the world. So, Maybe direct the anger at those who provoked Russia with continued NATO expansion towards Moscow. Russia gave 20 years of warning to the provocative actions of the west. The moral high ground: USA as invaded more countries and killed more people than Russia since 1991. Russians do perceive NATO as a threat.

(Robert Konazewski)
Ukraine has lost over 800,000 troops and civilians. Getting crushed daily, yet $$$ pours into Zelensky's bank account daily. SAD

(Ian Carpenter)
Germany and that means Austria as well are going to join Russia, whether you like it or not, people don't like being Cold in the Winter time, after Germany goes through a Winter of 1941, they will realize their error and hopefully this will work out so all of Germany is reunited, all the way to Konigsberg

Dmitriy Afanasyev and Violetta Yakovenko #conspiracy #crackpot #wingnut #moonbat msn.com

(Dmitriy Afanasyev)
Ukraine lost the war a year ago, you just do not want to see the truth
@Mike Resnick
So losing five territories, having 17 million people flee the country, having have a million soldiers die, having other countries provide money and weapons just to survive, all of it means that Ukraine is winning?
I am sorry to disappoint you, but Russia is outproducing NATO right now. NATO needs at least two to five years depending on what western expert you ask just to match Russia. Ukraine has been losing 7 to 1, sometimes 10 to 1 throughout this war. Do not fall for Western propaganda, which is far worse than Russian propaganda.
@worn smooth
If your statements were true, then Russian economy would have collapsed under all the sanctions. But it turns out that Russia leap frogged over Germany this year to become the fifth economy in the world. That happened precisely because Russia has boosted all of the productions. A few more years and will surpass Japan for number four spot. There is no catching US, China, and India. And if it were a crime syndicate under Putin he would never have enjoyed between 70 to 80 percent support from Russian people, which is even acknowledged by the West.

(Violetta Yakovenko)
@ Mike Resnick
Do not listen to Ukrainian propaganda. So far the ratio is opposite: 1 to 10. Check Douglas McGregor to start with. Millions of Ukrainians fled, most of the country's industry is down... NATO, SK would not last long without Russian resources. Russia is not along, even 7-folded its military production... Even being cornered the Russia would not loose. Like a wounded bear it will go to its last and most powerful attack: do not forget,- it has as many of nukes as USA has and it just completing transition to the newest and best strategic missiles... Do you know why China is so well populated? One of the reasons - its Philosophy: If a war is unavoidable and one commander has less troops/resources, than the enemy, he just peacefully going under the command of more powerful counterpart. I believe the Ukrainians just need to accept the wisdom.

Samuel z #wingnut #conspiracy #psycho msn.com

Just because you have Indictments on someone it differently don't mean there Guilty , Also the US government tried to Impeach trump and failed this is why He is not a criminal , once The US government gets involved they can gather so much evidence and they have unlimited money and time to charge Trump and what happened 0 nothing so every Indictment only proves Trump is no the criminal. In fact by Law you cant keep charging the same crime on the same person and get away with it when it don't hold up in court its a fact that its 100% fact that Biden and Fbi, Doj even IRS have now committed Crimes and they are so showy that 4 Indictments all fail and this is alot like quad jeopardy bytw this attack on trump will also create a new law that to indictment 4 times on a person with all the same charges will no longer be allowed in the future all this is creating is a black whole that demarcates well i don't call Biden a demarcate any more and the entire demarcate party has become 100% a banana acratic zoo , fact is democrats will all be removed from power and office and be purged , not even joking i dont want and no one thats a real person wants a new Venezuela or a new version of mexico or russa or even a china , there is a massive reason why Aberham Licon was a republican he had the for sight to see how corrupted democrats can become. True Heros died to save humanity and now we have a crazy white house and senate, civil war will start soon the dominos are falling and no republicans is not the problem but now i know a 1 party system and a 2 party system will never work for the future of The USA, there needs top be a purge of all sick minded senators and and future demarcate

Various Commenters #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot msn.com

(Patrick Hartman)
More projection. The Left are the fascist. Fascism is on the left side of the political spectrum and todays Left are authoritarian in nature.

(Stan Harrison)
No, it's a Constitutional Republic. Voting is voting and has nothing to do with democracy. Democracy is rule by majority and doesn't even require voting; it can simply be large sized mobs enforcing an agenda. The minorities rights are not protected in a democracy.

(Robbie C.)
@Nina Connolly
What's wrong with shutting down the government for a while? I'm for it, simply because it will keep us from spending so much money. The size of the government is 10 times to large. The US government is the biggest employer in the country. You don't see a problem with that? Our government is becoming more like China every day.

(The Red Quota)
@Nina Connolly
Liberals destroyed almost every major city in the US, caused BILLIONS of dollars in damages, burned down police stations and federal buildings, led to hundreds of casualties, etc. But the right are the party of violence? LOLOLOLOLOL Good one!

(Greg Allen)
The Socialist Democrats have no idea of what democracy is that is why they mess everything up pushing Socialism one party rule. Hello Venezuela, China and Russia the American Socialist Democrats are trying hard to join you.

Wai Chong and VINH HUA #moonbat #racist msn.com

(Wai Chong)
Nancy and Biden are still there. Go figure. America loves corruption. It's part of America's gene.
Then Americans imagine anything when corrupted politicians are removed from Asia. Go figure.
Singapore removed one minister for corruption, one minister for affair, and three MPs for affairs. It's only the US that is corrupt and keeps those corrupted politicians like Nancy and Biden. Asia that embraces clean government kick politicians out for corruptions and affairs. Get on with life.

China hold their government officials to their highest moral and ethical standards. Unlike US any moron can get voted in. then do whatever they want. corrupt, immoral, unethical. from top to bottom. no wonder US going downhill fast.

Red-White-No Blue Karl #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot msn.com

Climate change on the planet has been documented for thousands of years based on ice cores and geological evidence. The world has and will always change, and the best man can do is adapt and improve living condition through technology which needs energy. We sit on a planet with a crust 13 miles thick on top of molten rock at thousands of degrees with 3/4 of the surface covered by water we cannot drink and yet we cannot figure out a reasonable way to generate energy or the people around us do not want us to figure it out. This democratic scam is about political power via adolescent minded fools and pure greed via taxpayer funded garbage.

Chuck U Farley and M U #wingnut #crackpot #fundie #conspiracy msn.com

(Chuck U Farley)
One only needs to read the Bible to see what is coming next or has already begun-WW3 (Armageddon) All thanks to a WEAK President that has been in bed with the CCP and the Democrat controlled US is failing under Progressive Policies

(M U)
I notice how the author omitted the Bosnian War and Kosovo, which is in Europe. Or the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan by the US and UK. Let's not forget the NATO destruction of Libya, color revolutions in Tunisia, Civil War in Syria, and Yemen. All of which has NATO fingers all over them. NATO destabilized the entire Middle East and gave rise to a strong Iran. Meanwhile, China became more powerful, while our dear leaders had us bogged down in 20 years of war. It looks like the author needs to revise the article to include all of that before coming up with a conclusion.

Andrew Martin #moonbat #conspiracy msn.com

If the leadership of South Korea and Japan have any brains left in them at all after decades of being dumbed down by their yankee occupiers, they will not take any part in the doomed endeavor that is the attempted 'containment' of China...which only one other country in the world is obsessed with.

Mike Keller #fundie #racist msn.com

Keller’s sermon, which took place on June 25, contained shocking statements suggesting that “Black slaves” needed to “humble” themselves and learn to read the Bible to eventually achieve freedom…

During his sermon, Keller proclaimed that it was simple to change America and went on to make historically inaccurate claims about “Black slaves.” He insinuated that enslaved individuals in the past never protested or rallied against slavery and instead chose to humble themselves, pray, seek God’s face, and turn from their supposed wicked ways. Keller further propagated the false narrative that white slave owners were benevolent figures who taught slaves to read. He suggested that the actions of Black slaves led to the abolition of slavery, completely disregarding the systemic racism and violence endured by enslaved individuals.

Edward Lahmann, and Michael Willison #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

(Edward Lahmann)
we are a constitutional republic not a democracy there is a big difference between the two republic you own your property and can move around freely democracy government owns everything you own nothing and can only go where the government allows. dems are always stating we are a democracy and keep trying to insert more government control and you can find videos of dems stating so all over the web wake up they are wanting us to be a total socialist state

(Michael Willison)
the US is not a Democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic. a Democracy leads to communism. read history before the left gets rid of all of it. now they are working on the Constitution itself. we all should be ashamed of ourselves for voting in these people who want power only , nobody in DC cares about the US Citizen, none of them. VOTE ALL OF THEM OUT. Convention of states is needed now, read the Constitution ....

Jack James #transphobia #enbyphobia #dunning-kruger msn.com

Pseudo-progressive "transit" theory (censored word) is predicated on the falsehood that "it is not a choice" and (censored) "were born that way." It isn't true. The phenomenon is driven by psychological propensities. "I would rather be that than this." Call it desire. Call it covetousness. Call it envy of the opposite sex.** Call it dissatisfaction with what one has. But don't call it b-logical. That's a cop out.
In science, theories are challenged rigorously. Not so in the dystopian world of 21st century pseudo-progressivism. That's why conservatives call it indoctrination. Indoctrination tells children what to think, not how to think.
A child raised in a hypothetical situation in which they had never encountered a member of the opposite s ex would not grow up imitating the opposite s ex and wanting to add on, or remove, features to resemble something they had never seen.
The antidote to "transit"-ism is to teach children about the meaning of individualism. A child doesn’t become “who they really are,” an authentic, self-actualized individual, by mimicking an object of envy. They become less of an individual that way. Mimicry is the abnegation of individualism, a failure to individuate.
Don't fall for the "it is," or "it isn't," a choice trap. A compulsion or obsession can be overpowering. It doesn't mean they were born that way.
** Do a Google search for "gin deer envy" (spelled correctly) and you will find page after page of commentaries on the subject. "Envy" is not my word. It's their word.

Ken Graves and KENT BONDE #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

(Ken Graves)
Let's talk facts:
1) Zalensky ousted all political opponents.
2) He has banned speaking Russian in the Russian areas.
3) He is a former comedian with zero political experience yet is now a billionaire thanks to this massive money laundering scheme.
4) Ukraine has never been a democracy. This is the usual lie the US govt tells its citizens to garner support for war. Have you seen democracy take over in any single country we have invaded in modern history?
5) Ukraine is losing about 10 soldiers to every 1 Russian.
6) There is a 200+ years precedent for the Ukraine being part of Russia.

The first casualty of war is truth.

Idiots, considering it was our Buffoon of a President and certain EU and NATO leaders that instigated this war as a distraction from being exposed for the extent of their graft and corruption involving Ukraine, Burisma; and following the country's removal of one corrupt leader (Petro Poroshenko) for another in Volodymyr Zelensky. Facts Matter. Period. End of Story.

Jack James #wingnut #conspiracy msn.com

When you have a political party that controls 95 percent of all media, suppresses freedom of speech, turns the free press into a politically biased propaganda machine, uses mainstream media outlets to interfere with presidential elections (by praising one candidate and heaping scorn on the other), punishes school children for using the wrong parts of speech, bans the president of the United States from its platforms while allowing the Taliban and Ayatollah Khamenei, imports millions upon millions of readymade democrats through a wide open southern border in an effort to establish a one-party authoritarian state, conducts a raid at the home of a political rival, weaponizes the judicial system and brings multiple indictments against the party's front running political opponent to prevent him from being elected, it is FASCISM regardless of what they call themselves.
In the 21st century, the words "fascist" and "fascism" are colloquialisms representing authoritarianism, political weaponization of law enforcement and heavy-handed censorship. Scholarly definitions no longer apply. Fascists, communists, Nazis, pseudo-progressive democrats -- peel off the label and they all look alike and employ the same anti-democratic tactics.

Gampy Mike #wingnut #conspiracy #crackpot msn.com

@rex king
Nationalist Socialists, that is what Hitlers party was called. Might want to read up on their actual tactics. Socialism always reverts to fascism. Russia and Venezuela come to mind. Might want to actually read history, instead of getting the opinion of liberal talking heads. I know, I know, the liberal education system has been too busy indoctrinating instead of educating.
@stephen turpin
Why yes, I do, yet socialism devolves into communism, which devolves into fascism. Once again, Russia and Venezuela. This is why socialism needs to be stomped out with prejudice. Just a bunch of fascist wannabes.
@Rebecca Martin
Projectile vomit, just another description of liberals. Apt and on target.
@rex king
While liberal morons will fail as usual. Nobody said that Nazis were leftists, just that leftists use the same tactics. See the difference? Probably not. Liberals are morons after all.

Hophead Brewer and Devil Mazinkaiser #wingnut #dunning-kruger #crackpot msn.com

(Hophead Brewer)
It's hilarious when liberals bash Florida which has the best economy and the best schools in the nation. Compared to California it is paradise yet it's a "dumpster fire" LOL

(Devil Mazinkaiser)
Actually, it's the best that it's ever been. Leftie loonies are kept away from our children, medical freedom exists, and we dont have to live with extreme protests and burning down our neighborhoods. Sounds great to me!

Jack Yee #racist #conspiracy #crackpot msn.com

The American middle class and white demographic are spent, depleted, and in exponential population decline. Americans born after 1980 are mostly raised in dysfunctional paternal less families. There are literally no mature strong paternal figures left in the US and Britain to nurture their lonely, depressed, angry, emotionally unstable white demographic. Anti-China articles only provide a temporary mental diversion to the real self-inflicted problems facing American and British society. China has a homogeneous people, thousand-year culture, and much stronger family structure that is resilient and able to overcome all types of adversity.

Cindy Cook, Charles Brobst, and hs lafever #conspiracy #wingnut msn.com

(Cindy Cook)
"Representative democracy" is an oxymoron. Also, if more typical democrat liberals knew factual American history, they would know and understand that the founding fathers knew more about the failed history of democracy like they want it which is why they made this country A Representative Republic.
Far too many people don't even know the actual definitions of many words today due to the democrat liberals changing the definitions of them and one expects them to know English grammar.

(Charles Brobst)
LOL When Trump was elected Hillary and Democrats screamed like stuck pigs that the election was false, stolen, illegitimate, and needs to be overturned. Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and other democrats and Liberals started a petition online to get Trump removed that garnered over millions of signatures. Democrats have been for decades have been trying to subvert the Constitution and formulating lies and half-truths about the Republican party. It was Obama that weaponized the IRS against conservative non-profits and Biden who weaponized the DOJ against conservatives. Let's see what happens to the N.Y. Congressman that pulled the fire alarm. The January 6 protestors are being arrested, prosecuted, and sentenced to jail for the same violations he committed.
NOTHING about this violates community standards unless the truth does.

(hs lafever)
the left is calling for the destruction of the constitution and all of its protections...
only the republicans are defending the constitution, and the little person, if the democrats can ever eliminate the electoral college system, and strip us of our constitutionally protected civil right to bear arms that is proof that the republic is dead, and that the neo marxist democrat soviets have won.