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The only Laws that should ever be used, if the US is really a Christ guided country, are either the Ten Commandments or the two Laws of Christ: seek the Power and Gnosis of the Infinite Creator at each and every moment of one’s existence (Zen); and treat others as you would treat your self (Karma).

From this perspective, one can investigate one of Scalia’s pet peeves, marriage of same sex couples.

The fourth Commandment states that one is to hold one’s parents in the highest regard. But how does one hold same sex degenerates in high regard, when they clearly cannot breed and only wish for financial benefits from the communist and thoroughly God-less US Government?

The Karma aspect is that gay sex is diseased from the get go, as they seem to require hundreds of sex partners, whether “married” or not, involve the anal cavity, rodents, and who knows what else, and the majority of pedophiles are faggots.

The bottom line is Christianity is against homosexuality period, and they used to rightfully murder folks for that sin. If you claim to be a Christian and a supporter of same sex marriage, then get the hell off of your prescription drugs, stop listening to NPR and CNN, and wake up to reality.



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