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Cornelius #racist

The Jews murdered the Tsar, and it was ritualistic, in the same way that Jesus was murdered, in that it was innocent blood that should atone for the sins of the many, according to the rabbis.

There was also a business aspect to the murders, in that the treasures of the nation could be looted with no heirs to the throne. The Russian communist revolution which was financed by New York Jews, was paid back with looted gold from Holy Orthodox churches and Holy Russia’s gold reserves.

The Jews won the day, but Russia has been resurrected and America is awaiting its judgement.

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Mark Twain #conspiracy

The excellent piece quoted by Dave omitted the fact that the Zionists caused WWI in the first place. They used it not only to eventually create Israel in 1947 but Zionist-Communist Russia in 1917. Very busy these Zionists. Amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. The whole episode shows how both monarchy and democracy are powerless against an ‘idea’, how tenuous both forms of government are and how tough Trump will have to be to overcome this ‘idea’.

But it has been done in Russia already, and it will never retake that country. Mach 27 and counting. The bit about respecting the rights of the Palestinians was entirely English, and echoed the same sentiments by them about the Australian aborigines. The failure in both cases of this sentiment proves that the British government was never in control of anything including the reasons for both world wars, both of which originated from the country they were supposed to be governing.

It takes a strong man with an idea of his own to counter them. Czar Putin and King Trump are cut from the same cloth ….. both men with an idea of their own, very unusual in politics which is usually nothing more than craven self interest and pedophelia, both on a grand scale. We shall see the power of an ‘idea’ as it comes up against the prevailing, now historic ‘idea’ embodied in Zionism. Looks can be deceiving, on both sides.

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Nathanael Kapner #racist


THE DEATH OF AMERICA was enacted in 1965 with the signing of the Open Immigration Law Of 1965.

While serving Jewish interests, the Open Immigration Law Of 1965 was the beginning of America’s death as a unified nation. Jews were behind the law, promoting, lobbying, and “bribing” the law into existence with the fanaticism equalling the most dedicated Muslim terrorist.

Jews have continually evinced hostility toward American Christian culture in their aggressive efforts to change it. The Open Immigration Law Of 1965 is a prime example of that hostility.

Jews are a paranoid people. Wherever the Jews go they fear Anti-Semitism. (Jews have a guilt complex - and for good reason.) Jews fear a homogenous Christian culture of which they would never ascend to influential positions. Rather, in a homogenous Christian culture, Jews are looked upon, (and rightly so), as “Christ-killers.” This is why the Jews tried to get Mel Gibson’s movie, The Passion of Jesus Christ, removed from the silver screen.

A typical example of what characterizes the Jewish push for open immigration can be seen in the following 1948 quote by David Petegorsky, former Director of the AJCongress:

—— “Jewish survival can only take place within the framework of a progressive and expanding democratic society, which through its institutions and public policies gives expression to the concept of cultural pluralism.” ——


THE 1965 OPEN IMMIGRATION LAW is presently fulfilling the aims of the Jewish conspiracy as seen in its effects. The U.S. Census Bureau projects that by the year 2050, European-derived peoples will no longer be a majority of the population of America due to the massive influx of immigrants since the signing of the bill in 1965.

Most of these immigrants come from Third World Nations whose customs, religions, and culture are far removed from anything remotely resembling Christianity. Within the context of a Jewish-informed “multicultural America,” these immigrants are encouraged by the Jews to retain their own languages, customs, and religions.

The Jews have also given these immigrants a moral mandate to expand both demographically and politically. And expand they will and do! But any attempts by European-derived peoples to retain demographic, political, and cultural control in America are represented by the Jews as being ‘racist’ and ‘immoral.’

THE JEWS ARE GUILTY of the ruination of America. What can we do to stop them even now before the final sliciing of their knives into the effecting of the circumcision of our nation?

The only answer
is for each and every American to pray for the re-emergence of a Christian America. There is no in between. We must make the best of a bad situation. Let us then all make a commitment to Jesus Christ and regular Church attendance.

Then and only then can we be “more than conquerors through Him who loves us.” And who will we the conquerors vanquish? The enemies of our Lord, the Jews!

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Zionien #racist

(This is an anti-Semitic "poem")

Feet to the fire - The Jew is a liar!
Sacrificing their own
to discredit Kavanaugh, Esquire.

Crazy liar, “no one is higher”
than a Jew worm would deceive to aspire.
But they are forever in the mire+
Their situation is dire!!!:/

If control is not established - who will be their sire..?
For a lowly scum of the earth
people who deny Jesus Christ - they will be the crier!+

For it’s become quite obvious & lame
their go to game to shame and to blame -it’s just more of the same.
To cry and lie
no matter who die
will barely, if ever raise their pitiful sigh!

Amazing that no one has ever tried to whack that mohel Soros!

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Brother Nathanael Kapner #racist

Many thanks for your birthday wishes! I turn 68 today and feel like I’m 18. I’ve never had so much energy in my life as I do now. I feel like I’ve only just begun, and my ministry still in its birth-pang stage. There’s much to be done, and I am diligently preparing myself for an eventful future of which I look to be an essential part of.

Upon this birthday a friend asked me if I plan on “fighting Jews for the rest of my life.” I answered, “No.” “No?” he responded. “That’s right, no,” I replied, “why would I want to waste my entire life fighting Jews? They’ll be put out of power soon and then we build from scratch with a Juden-frei society.” Indeed, the world is catching on to these scoundrels, and perhaps that’s why God allowed the State of IsraHell to come into being so all people the world over can witness their criminality.

That’s what Hitler said, that Israel would be the capital of “Jewish swindle”…yet I add, the capital of “Jewish manslaughter.” The world is also waking up to Jewish tyranny with their Google/YouTube/Facebook CENSORSHIP. How horrid the Jew is! And all the world is a witness and will grow into a global backlash against the hideous Jew. Ahh, on this 68th year of my life beginning today, I have something bright and glorious to look forward to: The utter demise of Jewish perfidy, Jewish influence, and Jewish criminality.

AND, the opportunity to rebuild on the foundation of a Juden-frei society. What a wonderful world it will be!

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Cornelius #racist

You mentioned how confusing it is. One moment Trump looks like a good guy and a moment later these things he did prove otherwise. That is because he reflects a Jew loving America, where there is no truth. To get unconfused you should read “My Struggle”. Both sides in our political system work for the Jew. So you can’t pick a good side.

Old farts vote because they always did, and they don’t want to own up to the fact that their votes in the past went to mass murderers. So they keep voting and picking a side. “A dog returns to his own vomit” describes a voter well. They can’t disconnect from the Jewish lies, and they ask for privileges by voting, like a prisoner asking for a different cell mate. They can’t see that there is another world outside of the prison they live in.

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Ted Gorsline #racist

Funny to watch CNN try to use Bob Woodward to try to torpedo Trump. CNN will be the end of the reputations of both Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. They are both puff journalists. They were both lionized by the Hollywood, the same myth factory that gave us Harvey Slimestain, Meryl Creep, Leonardo Di Crapio, Brad Twit and terrorist white helmet supporter George Looney.

Robert Redford, who is more famous for introducing junk jargon into the English language than acting, by using words like “Grizz,” “horse whisperer” and “investigative reporter” put Hollywood’s flatulent hot air into the sails of Woodward and Bernstein. Woodward and Bernstein are stenograpehrs. The only thing they ever did was answer the telephone and a Jew boy nicknamed “Deep Throat” told them what was going on. They dug up nothing. Nothing!

They are simple hacks carried aloft by The Jewish hot air balloon. I see where another Jew boy admitted to pinching a memo off Trump’s desk in the interset of National Security. Charge the SOB with theft.

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Dave #racist

McCain’s DEAD! Hallelujah! He was probably Israel’s most disgustingly un-American/anti-American subserviently loyal puppet deceitfully masquerading as a representative of the American people. But in all reality he was an agent and dog for Israel forcing upon the American people the desires and dictates of Israel and THEIR citizens not the American citizenry

And don’t ever forget his father Admiral John McCain, Sr.

He helped the Johnson administration hide and conceal the whole truth of the Israeli Jews’ vicious satanic attack on the unarmed and neutral USS Liberty communications ship in international waters, and the slaughter of the officers and sailors on board. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff Admiral Thomas Moorer said the prolonged attack was definitely a deliberate false flag attack meant to blame the Egyptians so as to use an excuse for the US to invade Egypt on behalf of Israel.

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AJ #racist

The Jews always win because the majority are fucking stupid, not merely misguided or misinformed but plain stupid. It’s sad.

God created the Aryan races as an altruistic people. But the Jews have a worldly-wise mentality that most non-Jews simply cannot match.

Non-Jews are altruistic but at the same time too selfish. Most people who get involved in these New Right movements are in it too much for their own benefit (career advancement, making friends, cocktail parties, etc.).

Too many Christians are too pre-occupied with “getting into Heaven” than fighting the battles they should be here on Earth. I think Christianity needs a more Worldly bent.

But there are far, far more of US then there are of them. Enough smart people banding together can end this tyranny.

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I wonder just how long the Jews will wait, until they are brazen enough to drop the mask and cloak? They say that, “Pride comes before a fall”. But what about arrogance?

Jews are seemingly incapable of keeping quiet about their plans, and braggish pride of our destruction. It is everywhere on the net. And they made multitudes of pre-internet claims.

I think it will be a form of inverted Russian Revolution, that takes the Serpent’s head off. One they will never see coming.

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pesach ben or #racist

Deutschland uber alles meant “Deutschland united as one,” as distinguished from its various regions.

WW2 in Europe was started by the all-lies at the instigation of their Jew handlers, with the aim of establishing worldwide totalitarian tyranny through Bolshevist communism.

That’s why they murdered Patton. He wanted to finish the job the Chancellor had started.

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Cristobal #conspiracy

Now once again it’s clear how deeply mass media owners manipulated public opinion so easily during the history.

Russia under the Bolshevik propaganda which is leaving it in order to reinstall in USA and UK. What are UK. A champ of refugees that suffocate the European Heritage of white people only, remains a degringolada which only Babylonia use to have!

Let’s stop the Bolshevik, their tools like money media and confiscate under the antitrust laws for their high sabotage against humanity and white European heritage!

How could it be possible when in a modern country synagogue is located right among prefecture

People, attorney, and city court, half of them are Judas or working for them! That’s Europe and Bolshevik plan to musulmanize the Continent!

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jim #racist

A mistake Putin made was agreeing to an interview with Fox.

Chris Wallace the Jew CNN host on Fox was making Putin out to be Satan when we do worse things here in our Country

Notice the Jew media did not mention JFK assassination. In other words, the Jewish Media wants the Russian Media to be “free” like ours : Democratic, left wing radical and atheist.

We need Putin in the US to kick out the Jews who hate America (90%) and the rest of the Left wing scum.

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Citizenfitz #racist

Ted, they’ll simply buy off the necessary number of people - and not one more - and nothing will happen to Clare. Same as it ever was. Tonight, while looking over my old neighborhood of North Miami at Google Maps I came back to an incident from when I was in the fourth grade. I’d found a fifty cent piece on the playground, which to me was a fortune, and showed it to a Jewish classmate I knew well, Irving Goldberg - or something similar. We used to hunt for tadpoles behind North Miami Elementary school after the rains and had always gotten along.

Irving immediately told me if I didn’t give him half of it he would tell the coach. I was surprised and a little hurt at the attempted shakedown by a supposed friend but told him “No way.” He ran over and told the coach who said, “So what?” It was a Kodak moment. I told my brothers about it when back home. My older brother Greg said, “What do you expect? He’s a Jew.” Thinking about it now I understand that Irving’s parents had taught him: “Half of whatever a Goy has is rightfully the Jews’.” He just did as he’d been taught his entire life.

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Seek The Truth #racist

I resisted the Devil’s temptation twice; yesterday and today.

Yesterday, I went to McDonald’s and as I started to walk out a man approached me and said that Germany was controlled by Russia. Rather than jump on the Russia hating band wagon I told him that Germany was controlled by Zionist Jews and instead of getting angry at me, he started talking about how Jews were taking over his business in Cincinnati. I was pleasantly surprised and told him they are ruthless.

Today, I listened to the Rush Limbaugh radio show which had a guest host who received a phone call from someone who sounded like a Jew. The caller immediately accused Russia of being a Catholic mafia state and Putin was the top Mafia oligarch. I knew that the Devil was tempting me.

So I turned off the radio and told myself that some Jews denounce everyone but themselves. They seem to have a special dislike for Catholics for some strange reason. Rush Limbaugh never mentions that Zionism and Communism were invented by Jews and they killed a awful lot of Russian Christians and Zionist Jews promoted every major war in the past 100 years to take over the Holy Land for “Greater Israel”.

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Zionien #racist

A Jew by any other name is still a Jew. They will ALWAYS choose their Synagogue Sf Satan (S.O.S.) buddies before a CHRIST-ian! YES - it is their curse +BN! GOD will not be mocked - let the truth be true and the Jew worms LIARS!

The Jew knows down deep inside - deep down where they are NOT in control, they have ZERO control, at their feeble soul level - that they are defectives & liars from the beginning! They aren’t as smart as they are conniving! Treachery is their path they lay for others not their own! Deception is their rule of the day, as their true ruler is Satan himself! REV 2:9, 3:9 - Children of the devil/liars from the beginning! Why would someone continually state that they are “God’s chosen” - if it were true all would know! We all know the truth you despicable worms! GAME OVER!

Now the Jew is/has plotted against The U.S.A. Look at their Mossad agent Facebook owner Suckerberg, what a psychologically troubled worm! Look how they pump FAKE news though ALL their media outlets to sway millennial gullible Yidiot minds! We are in fact under attack, Americans! We are being deceived on a daily! The good news is that Trump doesn’t wholeheartedly buy into their evil b.s. Yes he has to play their game a bit - all do, but you have to kiss @ss to kick @ss sometimes.

The good news is that the Jews are in fact SCARED! They are WORRIED! They are losing control and more and more are WAKING UP to their EVILS! With thanks to +BN and all of his honest research, naming the names, holding those responsible ACCOUNTABLE, which they HATE, they are in hiding mode. Next step is to get them into RUNNING SCARED MODE! Unfortunately the parasitic worms that they are burrow deep and that may require extreme measures to rid ourselves of these vermin once and for all!

I Pray that day will soon come - hey it’s closer than it’s ever been when you take in consideration all that’s going on around the world, like Orthodox CHRIST-ian Putin/Russia backing Syria and telling the wormy FAKE state a hearty NO! Worm parasites be gone!

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Koen #racist

Einstein was not just a plagiarist, he promoted incorrect physics like Voigt’s relativity theory on purpose, in order to fool the goyim.

The world wide acceptance of “Einstein’s” theories prevented the development of liberating technology based on correct physics already proven experimentally by Tesla before the deception of “superior” Jewish science.

A small energy device was made by T.H. Moray that generated 25 KWatt ‘out of the blue’, perfectly explainable by means of corrected physics based on longitudinal superluminal aether waves (De Broglie’s pilot waves) without Einstein barrier, observed by hundreds of people, examined by several PhD people who all concluded it was not a hoax.

It was destroyed by Felix Frazer from REA (Rural Energy Agency).

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The Master Race #racist

Jews as the master race is a topic that deserves much coverage. Lots of Jews have talked about their “superior intellect.” There are many examples of Jewish Supremacy. Jews who wrote the Protocols of Zion bragged about it.

Jews may be more intelligent or may just be more connected to their father the devil. Lots of Jews view intelligence as the most important quality there is for choosing who leads and who follows. Jesus viewed lots of other traits as more important such as love, faith, hope, charity, honesty, mercy, forgiveness, humility, patience, kindness, the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

There probably isn’t even one verse in the Bible that emphasizes intelligence as the most important quality. Jesus emphasized love and faith repeatedly, especially love, but not intelligence. The example of Satan shows that intelligence isn’t the main criteria. Satan may be a million times more intelligent than any human yet Satan is extremely evil. Like many things, intelligence can be used for good or evil.

When Jews decry white supremacy, anti-semitism, white privilege, and similar propaganda they created, they do it to hide their own guilt and blame their victims for what Jews are guilty of doing themselves.

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Sowing & Reaping #conspiracy

It’s probably apparent to most Jew-wise Christians that the Zionists are setting themselves up for a horrible fall with their many evils.

Our government and military are supposed to defend its citizens and its borders from invading hordes. But the Jews have their puppet politicians using military bases to aid and abet the invaders.

The Jews banish Christianity from schools and government, instigate wars, migrant floods, perversion, LGBT, pornography, transgender toilets, riots, race wars, stock market crashes, depressions, recessions, 9/11, and practically all that is evil.

The Protocols of Zion explain how the Jews plan for these evils to weaken the gentile nations and make them so miserable that the world will be eager for the “King of the Jews” to take over the government of the world and change the misery into joy.

God seems to have different plans.

Prophecy in 2 Thess 2 which says the “man of sin” will be revealed seems to mean that Zionism will be exposed, that people will finally see who is behind the evil worked against them.

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Zionien #racist

California is the real guinea pig state, I mean NYC was pretty much born with evil Jewry, while California, they were imported. They’ve think they have a real handle on things in Ca. Just Fool the millennials, attack our gun rights, impose MORE taxes, offer our $$$/services to ILL-legals, rig elections, etc. but they rest of the NATION is watching.

I mean it’s like a mother who just warned her disobedient/spoiled child not to take a cookie from the cookie jar, as he smirks and tries to act cute while disobeying. Time for a rat trap, after all. It’s an ethical thing, but Jews don’t concern themselves with troublesome guilt ridden ethics.

Will the rest of the nation put up with it knowing their turn is just a matter of time? I wager people, the gullible fool millennials, fooled yidiots from a bygone era WILL wake up! It’s time to Wake Up! Wake Up! When We Wake Up — Their Jig is Up!

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THEY "jew'd" OUR FOOD DUDE!!! #fundie

Go Bake Cakes - Wormy Snow Flakes! Typical Libera-holeism thinking! They want what they want regardless of any imposition/oppression, because they know better than everyone.

WOW such spoiled children of the devil! Go Bake Cakes - Wormy Snow Flakes! They DONT really care about anyone else being “hurt”!

They are appalled that they couldn’t corrupt another human being by forcing him to abide by their evil lifestyle/will which in turn gives them a notion of less deviation between normal & queer, Good & Evil placating their disgusting free will choice to be gay!

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Ashcan #fundie

A shop can turf you out for any reason. It is private property and you are in it at the owner’s pleasure. No reason needs to be given. How that pans out for civil rights is that the owner can then be sued for civil rights violation if it can be proven that it was a civil rights issue and not a personal objection to the customer.

The store owners civil rights are protected as well by law and this extends to being allowed to decline to serve any customer but with the above proviso and which must first be expounded upon and then proven. It is not even a matter of religious liberty.

Some people find homosexuality disgusting without any religious underpinning for their reaction. This is a natural reaction to a perverse and unnatural act. That is why it has been illegal and even punishable by death for most of human history. This current phase of history is not even human.

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Glory B. #racist

America is completely Judaized and unable to take direct action against the Jewish oppressors. Jews dominate the media, the movies, the financial and educational systems, and the government, and pour their poisonous pro-Israel propaganda down the throats of American gentiles. Consider the practice of circumcision in America. The Jews created the system where every newborn boy, no matter what religion, is routinely circumcised at birth, IN THE HOSPITAL, unless the baby’s parents specify otherwise.

Most Christian parents are unaware that they have the right to protest, and therefore don’t say anything when doctors — mostly Jews — mutilate their sons’ sexual organs. The Jews have done this so that it is impossible to tell, when looking at a male’s penis, whether he is Jew or Christian. Unlike Europe, where Christians don’t circumcise their male babies, in America virtually ALL male babies are “cut.” This is the Jewish way of protecting their men, because when every male is circumcised, there’s no way of picking out the Jew-boys by pulling down their pants.

Yes, the Jews still have their bloody circumcision rituals, where the “mohel,” or cicumciser, cuts the infant Jew-baby’s penis, then licks the blood off the penis of the screaming boy-child. Kikes love to watch blood and suffering, even of their own kind. But it’s much more enjoyable for the Jews to watch Palestinians suffer and die, so they think nothing of murdering Palestinian nurses and doctors who are trying to help the wounded victims of Israeli aggression.

It’s about time that the gentile world realizes that the Jews are really sadists at heart and act against these Jewish criminals. All Jews are guilty of the murder of Jesus Christ, and they are intent on killing the non-Jews, to usher in the Jewish age of world rule. Christians it’s really up to you, whether you stay or if it’s the Jew!!!

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Koen #racist

Make Israel ‘great again’, meaning: the world population will be killed by the Luciferian Jews.

That is what this is all about. But Lucifer will spare no one, not even the Jews, since play ground ‘Earth’, where God’s creation can learn its valuable lessons of life, must be destroyed completely, otherwise Lucifer will loose control over his soul collection.

When do Jews understand they have become a devil’s tool? At the very end perhaps, when all is lost.

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Jews were told long-ago, that: You are a stiff necked people, hard to deal with”. And also, that: “you are of your father, the Devil”.

Those, plus the turning over of the tables the “Money Changers” were doing business on in the Temple, are what make Jews hate Jesus.

One of the traits more prevalent in Jews from every era, is their burning vindictiveness. Thus, they are what they have always been.

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benzion kook #racist

Trump is a crypto-commie controlled by Jews.

His new “financial advisor” is a cud-chewing phony news fossil from the Manhattan schist.

Mossad murders Skripal, Britishers say Russia did it & steal all their money according to protocol. Nothing new there.

The plan is to get the self-fooling Jews to overplay their hand, then watch them self-destruct.

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The Enemy Within #racist

The remark about “the enemy within” at the end of this video well describes who the real enemy is.

Only the Jew-wise realize who the real enemy is. The vast majority of people still don’t realize that the Anti Christian Anti White (ACAW) Jews view non-Jews as enemies to be destroyed. Relatively few realize that the immigrant floods are really just Zionist-inspired invaders who the Jews media falsely labels as refugees. Few are even aware that Zionist Jews exist, which is just how the Zionists want it.

Relatively few realize that Oakland’s Jew Mayor Libby Schaaf of sanctuary city infamy and similar Jews in high places are ACAW Jews obsessed with destroying Christianity. Relatively few realize that Chuck Schumer and Jews like him want to disarm Americans and confiscate their guns to make them helpless against Zionist oppression. Few realize that Zionist Jews are behind all the other ACAW evil that has ruined the world over the last 100 years.

The wars, perversion, pornography, transgender toilets, fags, loss of civil rights, federal reserve scam, IRS oppression, migrant floods, banning Christianity from schools and government, practically all that is evil, is due to Zionist Jews. These evils are intentionally inflicted by the enemy within, Satan’s Zionist Jews, to replace the old Christian order with the Jew World Order.

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Henry Ford Was Right! #racist

The Jew doesn’t like Free Speech - he is the enemy of freedom and a collectivist tyrant to the core. He always has two sets of rules-one for him and his cotribalists and one for the ‘goys’.

For him and his tribe it’s corporate nepotism, a rigged kangaroo court where his synangogue and Masonic lodge buddies pull the levers, easy loans, ethnocentricism in culture, ethnic pride with his own ethnostate regime that his immensely strict immigration, preservation of the nuclear family and a modicum of morality. But for the goys, it is corporate oppression/wage slavery of the masses via his control, a rigid and toxic bureaucratic system of tyranny in a corrupt legal system the Jew and his goons run, usury and corporate graft in all financial transactions.

For goys, it is the lie of diversity/mass immigration/white genocide implemented via political correctness mind control, destruction of the family and the proliferation of degeneracy against the goyim with Jew promoted garbage like trannys, drag queens reading to little goys in public library’s, feminism, racial interbreeding, and anything else to destroy the goyim using cultural subversion.

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Koen #racist

And they are ALL complicit to mass murder of innocent people.

The Zionist militia with their military killer gear and Gaza Strip training (the REAL murderers in Florida, and so many other places on planet Lucifer), the Jewish fake news people, the orchestrated protesters, the Jewish psychiatrists and mind controllers of little boy Cruz.

They are ALL responsible for all these mass shootings on schools. What to do with these Jewish fake news people, who play an important part in the attempt to DISARM the American people, when they stick a mike in your face?

They are ALL Lucifer’s most useful and most Jewish idiots, who cannot and will not survive Lucifer’s plan for this planet: to make Earth as dead as possible, such that the most arrogant and sickest of all spirits do not have to come here anymore to learn his lessons.

My only hope is that Lucifer’s most useful idiots, aka the JEWS, will realize they have been SETUP by their own false G-D, LUCIFER, and that they all will end up DEAD as well.

Wake up, little Jewish boys and Jewish girls, you mass murderers are chosen by G-D to be whipped out as well in the end.

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benzion kook #racist

Trump is another patsy being used by Jews. The non-federal, non-reserve, never-audited “what’s the problem” Jew-owned private “central bank” & the illegal, never ratified by a single state “16th Amendment”-enabled Israel Revenue Service are nothing but Jew con games run on the “goyim.” if nobody pays, they will go away.

More 20th century explained for dummies:

Communism — the Jews own all the dachas, Mercedes and gold, and the “goyim” own NOTHING, because there is no “private property” for them, only for their Jew slave masters.

When they come for your guns, give them the bullets.

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AJ #racist

Great article once again…

And isn’t also true that most of these alleged shootings or hoaxes are committed by the Jews themselves? Jewish operatives within U.S. intelligence, in coordination with MOSSAD, seem to be the likely culprits, and not these kids.

For why would any person, even a young man who was somewhat disturbed, carry out a mass shooting knowing his own life would be over when he was brought to justice?

Jews have been carrying out these kinds of crimes for centuries throughout the World. They committed the 9/11 attacks. It’s basically the same M.O. they have always had. They committed massacres throughout Europe in the 19th and 20th Centuries to destabilize Europe and exterminate White European Christians.

They got away with most of it because of their control of World Finance and the media. With their World control, they can commit all of these crimes with impunity while they shamelessly blame others (these bogeymen could be anyone - “disturbed” kids supposedly on psychoactive drugs, Muslims, other nations/leaders, etc).

Americans will never give up their guns so the Jews would actually be smart to cut the crap because they are being exposed more and more here and elsewhere.

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Citizenfitz #racist

The Jews obviously believe there are lots of dumbbells in Goyburg - and are doing their all to keep it that way. Unfortunately, we give them ammunition. I remember reading once about actors who were confronted by people who thought they were actually the characters they played on TV or the big screen. Larry Hagman, who played evil JR Ewing on Dallas was a particular target of this stupidity. Denver Pyle, who played the sheriff in the movie Bonnie and Clyde, had to wear a disguise for a while whenever he went out.

None of this is lost on the Jews. Looking at it from the Jews’ POV they probably think of it as a form of “Jewdo,” using their adversaries’ own stupidity to throw them to the ground. Hence their never ending efforts to cultivate gullible liberal types: crybabies, womyn, myn, Blacks….

But there’s stupidity of this sort on our side of the aisle too: people who foolishly think Trump and/or “The Generals” are going to come riding up on white horses to save them. Sorry bud, it ain’t gonna happen. Rather than foolishly looking for men to come save you, get on your knees and beg Jesus to save you, He’s stronger than the world; but mankind gives him little to work with. In the end He WILL win - and win big. But as always there will be a body count first.

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Uylleses #racist

Jewish politicians and policemen from New York and California want to take the guns away from Christian, conservative, hetero white males.

The United States Constitution is a toothless, rat-bag piece of toilet paper without guns to back it up, and the Jews know it.

That’s why all the young men with leadership potential are becoming “felonized.”

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Ted Gorsline #racist

I can see Israel being annihilated in a matter of days but that doesn’t solve the problem. Until the rich Jewish banking families are separated from their money, in whole family units, like the Jews did to the Romanovs, the wars will continue. Money from New York destroyed Germany in WW2 before there was ever a state of Israel.

I am suprised that Middle Eastern Arab countries don’t go after the big jewish banking families hiding in their safe havens and tropical islands in the west. The jews have been killing the Iranians and the Arabs all the time. A book was just published listung 2,800 Jewish murders.

I have actually been waiting for the light bulb to go on in the Arab world, and thought maybe the Sherman murders in Toronto, any maybe other rich Jew murders in recent years, were related to the start of a Jewish cull but maybe my gut instincts are wrong.

The reason the US is trying to keep a base in Syria is to control the oil wells to keep the cash from the wells going to Assad from the wells the state owns. You would think the people suffering under the Jewish yoke in all countries would see the solution to world peace does not need big wars that kill lots of people - just financial surgical removals.

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benzion kook #racist

Jews do not want to live in harmony with the world. They want to control it. Look on the bright side: Netanyahu & his crew of idiots are so stupid & evil they undoubtedly will eventuate the total destruction of Israel — again. Nothing new there.

Trump, like his dad, is basically an innkeeper, gone viral, not nearly Jew-wise or resistent enough. Anything built on lies eventually dies, including jew mega lies. there will be more dead in WW3 than WW17, but 17 will have a higher percent of dead than 3. Hard to replicate when you’re radioactive waste.

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Steven Rowlandson #racist

The Jews defeated Hitler not just by their diabolical cunning, networking and spying but by the use of nearly unlimited goyim for troops and war production slaves, unlimited money and vast reserves of energy and natural resources to supply a well developed industrial base.

When you control the secret societies, media, banks and governments in much of the world, all of this is fairly easy and of course you can make your slaves believe what ever you like before, during and after the war.

After all who are the goyim to doubt their masters any way?

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Eileen Kuch #racist

Mike S. King’s book, “The Bad War” says it all.

Adolf Hitler never wanted war; he had gone through the hell of WWI, so he knew exactly what another war of this type would be like. The Germans even dropped leaflets with the text of his peace speech before the Reichstag over London, hoping the Brits would call the war off, but the warmongering Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, would have none of it, and the war went on.

You’re spot on, Br. Nat; we’re in a very sorry state due to the Jews winning WWII. Jewry did, indeed, destroy Western Civilization and annihilated what was once known and experienced as Christendom. Europe’s a huge example, with 3rd World (mostly Muslim) migrants pouring into the continent daily.

God bless you forever.

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Seek The Truth #racist

Makes me very angry what the Jews are doing to the olive trees, as olives are one of my favorite fruits.

The rich Jew gangsters are in serious need of a true holocaust — not anything like the holocaust of poor Jews opposed to Zionism during WWII, but rather a true righteous holocaust because only the Devil is pleased with their work and they’re totally useless to the rest of mankind.

I would suggest starting at the Supreme Court Building in Jerusalem because they won’t judge the wicked but only the good in that building. No need to wait for Jesus to return to deliver the “coup de grâce”. Let’s see if a modern Samson can do the job.

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Geoffrey #racist

Instead of WWIII with battle ready China and Russia, Trump has within his power the ability to smash Jew power with a few simple strokes. There is no need for 51% of whites to first be convinced, because this will never happen. This can be done the sneaky Jew way. Russia was taken over by about two hundred Jews invading the Winter Place – a nation of 130 million people. The (((Menshevik))) Government did not resist and were, as fellow Jews, most probably in on the (((Bolshevik))) plot. Nobody remembers the Mensheviks these days. Widespread pacifism and defeatism helped the Bolshies win, so this could also help Trump.

Very few young men want to die for any Multicult Nation these days. As I see it, all Jew power emanates first from the creation of money, rather than ownership and control of the media for example. I have had the idea for a long time that trillions of Fed dollars have been stolen and handed direct to Jews for wasting in buying up media assets and making money losing propaganda movies at Hollywood.

One jew start-up after another creates instant Jew billionaires such as Uber, which somehow rides roughshod over the rights of licensed taxi drivers in every nation – without a peep from the local Governments. I do not believe in this miracle and I think that stolen Fed money (i.e. new taxpayer debt) is behind a lot of this instant success and wealth. E.g. bribery of politicians worldwide.

Any President can smash Jew power, and should, else all of civilisation will be destroyed by the (((wreckers))). First, declare a State of Emergency. One minute later, surround all Federal Reserve buildings with Federal Troops and or Police. Arrest all Fed workers, and especially the Gang of 12 (The 12 regional Governors of the Fed who are mostly Jews). Also the Gang of 7 which has almost entirely jews in its ranks, the Overseers.

Also arrest the chairman who is currently (((Janet Yellen))). Any “owners” of the bank are also to be arrested if they are within USA jurisdiction. The value of the bank is to be set at zero, and zero compensation is to be paid to the “owners”. Interrogation of the workers will reveal the true extent of the Jew plot against the USA. These results are to be made public in the new media. All US taxpayer debts to this phoney Jew bank are to be cancelled with the exception of any bonds owed to genuine non-Jew investors and foreign Governments. All other interest payments and capital debts are erased immediately.

The Fed is thus nationalised and dismantled. All fed tasks are handed to the US Treasury, including the ownership and running of the IRS – the taxation system where Jews have been robbing US citizens for 105 years. Jews elsewhere will crash the US dollar and stock market. However, this is worth the cost, and the end of paying interest on counterfeit money will make all US citizens richer. Trump commands the most powerful military ever known and there are very few Jews who join this military. They know where the real power is, such as Wall Street, the Media and the Fed.

The same day the Fed is ended; all media TV stations are also to be occupied by US forces. All Jew owners are to be forced to sell by auction to non-Jews, and no Jew will be allowed to run any media outlet bigger than a radio station. No TV and no newspapers. The Hollywood cartel is also to be be busted up. All this is easy once the Fed is gone. All Jew talking heads on TV, and Jew journalists, are to be arrested and imprisoned. There will be no Jews allowed as media commentators.

The above sounds like a pipe dream but would actually be quite easy to accomplish by a determined President. Congress and the Senate could not stop him. All 500 lickspittles of them are in the pay of the Jews, they are loyal only to a foreign nation, not their own nation. All NeoCons to be arrested and jailed along with Mad Dog Mattis. Anyone “influential” who has publically called for foreign wars this Century to be jailed – including George Dubya Bush and his cronies. 911 to be investigated for the first time, and the truth published afterwards.

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Open Air #fundie

2018 will see the exhibition of the original stone tablets of the Ten Commandments.

Kept hidden since the time they were given on Mt Sinai, especially for this time.

Now we understand the current gravitas.

Satan’s full blown attack on the Ten Commandments is the 666 microchip which is his replacement for the laws of God and this is why God has reserved them for this time as tangible proof, along with a video of them being removed from the Ark of the Covenant.

The whole world will be shown the truth of the Bible in spectacularly simple fashion and they will be given the choice of Gods Commandments over that of the devil.

Choose life.

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Awaiting #racist

The mentality of the Jews is one of barbarism and base human instincts. It is as primitive as fallen man himself, and as self perpetuating.

The desire or belief in the ‘messianic’ right to rule the world is the most basic expression of this primeval delusion, and is the very antithesis of ‘civilisation’, personal and social development, and planetary progress. If these maniacal, primitives really want enlightenment, then they should best look at the progress of the world and their place in it in terms of joining the human race, rather than destroying it. You receive what you give. if this is good, thats what you get back. if this is evil, this is what you get back.

These Zionists cannot come to grips with the basic fundamental laws of life. This is because they have never really understood them. This goes back to their rejection of their own Torah and the Prophets to begin with, followed by the rejection of the source of all Truth and all Life, Christ, who is God himself. So they really have gotten off on the wrong foot right from the beginning.

They lag behind in moral development; they lag behind in spiritual development; by 2000 years at least, even further.

Having trashed the Palestinians out of their land and washed them out, in a flood of blood and tears, not out of any real power of their own, but with Gentile enablement, which maintains them even today, they presume to see themselves as rulers when they are nothing but parasites and have always been nothing but parasites.

Their wealth is not of their creation but ours. They see no other way, and this lie even to themselves, the most dangerous of all, by which they live only has a limited shelf life. Only the truth is worth having and will survive when all else is dross. This is because they have always denied the truth when it was given to them, to the point now where they cannot grasp it even if they wanted to. They are slaves of their own self perpetuating destiny, and this is the crushing part, that destiny is hell itself.

If they want real life. If they want real power, they should study the lives of the Christian saints, who were able to do great things, great miracles, as part of their normal everyday life. And this power, this great life giving power came not from magic, the occult, which is soul destroying and a negative black antithesis of the power of life. This real power they possessed came directly from God with whom they were in constant communion, in a constant state of grace, a constant state of joy, and all this simply by abandoning themselves to God and carrying the cross of the constant mortification of their fallen human nature, and thus to the development of the real potential of their god given soul.

If you are a Jew and you do not subscribe to the destructive philosophy described above you are still the chosen of God. The apple of his eye, remembering that since the birth, death and resurrection of the Son of God. Christ, there is no more need for a chosen race. Its purpose is redundant and you are chosen by virtue of faith. This you share with all who follow or seek after truth.

Soon Christ will return in the great Second coming, but beforehand He will prove tot he whole world He is God. Be prepared for this revelation so you may choose the right path, whether or not you now believe.

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Seek The Truth #racist

Jews want to take over the entire Middle East for their Father the Devil.

The top Jews take direct orders from the Devil and pass those orders to “lesser” Jews. The main directive is to take over the world for the Devil.

Naturally, these Jews want to demonize all of the Middle East countries except Saudi Arabia because it’s already run by Jews.

Any country that bucks the Rothschild Jew usurious banking system is put on the extermination list by the U.S. military and Mossad/CIA and its political hacks. This is why Iraq, Libya, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela, North Korea, Russia, Japan etc. have all been targets. They resisted.

One might say that the U.S. military is the whore of Babylon (modern Israel). But I claim that the dragon (Devil) is a two headed Jew dragon ( Communism and Zionism) and breathes fire on any country that resists.

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Brother Nathanael Kapner #racist

Jews are obnoxious creatures and become even more so with their insistence that their security is sacrosanct. It is not. Jews enjoy security, safety, and high standards of living throughout the Diaspora yet they constantly whine about “Antisemitism” and have even created special government bureaucracies in America and Europe addressing it.

Jews pose as the eternal victim while driving Cadillacs, living in gated communities, and stealing other people’s lands claiming “God gave it to them” while they don’t even believe in God.

We have to begin by addressing the problems in our domestic and foreign affairs by blaming the culprits: JEWS. I do just that and am struggling more than ever to get a hearing. Why? Because Jews decide who gets heard and who gets censored, what gets said and what gets silenced. Who said, “Jews are our misfortune?” It was said in the 1800s, and now I say it loud and clear: JEWS ARE OUR MISFORTUNE. I despise these people and they must be stopped.

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Sam Nelson #racist

Benjamin Freedman, RIP, your hope continues:

Using the word Jew will not suffice, what must happen is the total destruction of the Jews “Holocaust” myth. The Banker King, ie, King of the world, owns Reuters and the Associated Press, from which all other News and other Media get their talking points, and, world history. As long as the lie that is the Jews’ Holocaust lie, ie, there were/are no blue stains on any of the walls of the so called gas chambers, therefore no gassing could have taken place, using Zyklon B, or any other gas.

No blue stains, no residue, still the Press and the talking heads in Hollywood and on Television say six million Jews, gassed to death, by the white Germans, WW2? We, who are the truth tellers, we, must cry out even louder: NO JEWS’ HOLOCAUST. We must cry louder, longer, until the whole world hears our cry, then the Liar’s back will be broken, humanity’s freedom from the Jew insured.

As it is with the Jew-owning the discourse, every chance and I do mean every chance the Jew gets, somewhere in every documentary, in every movie, in every conversation, always the lie of the “six million” pops up, comes out, is maneuvered into the stew. The stew white children eat up like it is Mom’s home cooking.

Little children are taught this lie until they learn to hate their own kind, so they run off with other species of humans not like their own, so they become self-haters, so they deny their own gender, so they trumpet the lies of the Jews as if the lies are the truth. The first step to freedom from the liars that are the Jews, and the Gentiles working for the Jews, is separation from the Jews’ Holocaust lie. After that, the Jew has nothing left to hide behind.

Separation begins with the children, a generation of white American children not burdened down by the lie that is the Jews’ Holocaust lie, would go a long way toward breaking the hold the Jews and their Gentile Politicians and Judges have over US and other nations wherein white people are the majority.

As long as the Jews’ Holocaust Lie prevails over all the world, the whole world will be under the foot of the Jewish King in England. As long as this, there can be no justice, there can be no justice without truth, all the truth, nothing but the truth. Without Justice, there can be no freedom, this should be so clear to any concerned about the future of their children and, the future of the world. Liberty, finds its soul in Justice, the right to tell the truth, is the epitome of Justice.

I ask of every writer, of you Brother, I ask, we all do like the crooked Jews do, we too should mention the “six million” as the lie it is and in everything we write, find a slot to slip it in, teach the truth as they teach the lie. Swamp, not like draining the swamp, swamp, as in filling the swamp, filling the swamp with the truth about WW2, proving the “six million” lie to be a lie, in every other sentence we write, pound it, drive, wear it out and then start again, until the whole world of people know: WE, HAVE BEEN HAD BY THE LIE THAT IS THE SIX MILLION…

We, like the destruction of Jericho, we must surround the lie that is the six million and blow our horns of truth until the walls of the fortress they hide behind, that is, the Jews’ Holocaust Lie, falls down to the ground, the enemy inside, his chest laid bare, his lies proved to be lies, his very heart outside his body, easy to cut off and cut up.

We must tear their house down, their house is the construct that is the Jews’ Holocaust Lie. If we go into the schools, willing to face the Judges who are along with the Police, the Jews’ executioners, if we do it in a way that there are just too many of us to jail, that we are too persistent to resist, that we fill the schools with the sweet taste of truth, until the children beg for it.

Then and only then will we have Liberty, then and only then can we be Free, then and only then will this ship of lies that are the Jews and their six million lie, be turned around and headed toward a better port, a port wherein we, the people, can have Justice — and by Justice we will find our Liberty, again. We don’t need the Politicians to do this, we just need to do it.

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John Nada #racist

We need to have a “Holocaust Denial” or “Holocaust Revisionism” day.

If millions of people celebrate Holocaust Denial in creative and humorous ways on May 14th - it will go viral, like the ice bucket challenge – and millions more might join. The Jewish shtick of jailing Holocaust deniers does not work if millions of people do it. Making it go viral will bring it to the attention of more people.

Setting up a particular day for Holocaust denial, and letting it play out, maybe it will spread like wildfire. Even if the first edition gets a certain exposure, the second edition a year later may attract even more people, then the third year it will go even bigger.

Either way… the Jews cannot jail everybody.

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Oona Craig #racist

Discussing the Jewish drive for World Domination in terms of Religion instead of Biology does not get to the heart of the issue.

The Jewish Crime Syndicate should be discussed in terms of what we see everywhere in Nature — Predators and Prey. Jews are Alpha Predators; Goyim are Prey.

The Tribe is to Goyim what the Venus Fly Trap is to plants, the Anaconda is to Mammals, and the hyena pack is to the wildebeest — or lion.

Jewlywood movies unsurprisingly dwell on predatory themes: cannibalism (Hannibal Lector), vampire-ism, disease, genocide (Kingsman), death, incest, murder, serial murder sprees, war, adultery, torture, drugs, blood, gore, rape, chainsaw massacres, human sacrifice, zombies — HUMANS EATING OTHER HUMANS.

No doubt Israel will be a hellish place to live — after Israelis have fully digested the Palestinians.

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The Crowd Cheered On #racist

Moving Israel’s capital to Jerusalem is a big step toward Zionist headquarters being set up at Jerusalem in fulfillment of Daniel 11:45 and 2 Thes 2:4. Unlike past presidents, Trump didn’t sign the waiver to keep the US embassy in Tel Aviv. Trump announced that the US embassy is to be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Immediately after Trump made these announcements promoting Zionism for Jerusalem, Trump gave a big speech in Pensacola, Florida denouncing NAFTA, TPP, globalism, the sub-ordination of the USA under the UN, and similar MAGA verbage. And the crowds cheered on. There are video collages with clips of Trump saying the Clintons are great alongside clips of Trump saying the Clintons are terrible. Trump lies and contradicts himself more than any politician I can remember, even BS Clinton and Obama ben Lying.

Trump made a big move promoting Jew World Order, one world government, by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Jerusalem is touted as the “International City.” Think international as in global as in global government headquartered at Jerusalem. Immediately after Trump announced that the US embassy will be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Trump gave his anti-globalism speech in Florida denouncing NAFTA, globalism, etc. Trump’s statements on globalism are just opposite his actions on globalism.

Trump does the opposite of what he says. Trump says he will stop the migrant flood, but that must mean the migrant flood will continue, because Trump does opposite what he says. Trump said great sounding stuff at his Florida speech, but his speeches are made to hide his true plans. If Hillary Rotten had been elected matters would only be the same or worse. Donald and Hillary were both selected by Rothschild agents. Satan and his children are leading the world down the road to the great tribulation and Armageddon.

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Brother Nathanael Kapner #racist

As I’ve informed you all before, JEWtoob put a fellow monkey-Jew on my back EVERY TIME I upload a Video. JEWtoob has threatened to SHUT ME DOWN with TWO STRIKES against me and ‘three strikes’ you’re out.

This NEW Video is hopefully “Kosher for not being PASSOVER-ED.” But yew never know with a JEW monkey on your back.

Jew-censors may not eat Pigs and keep kosher but to NO avail. They ARE Pigs and full of all uncleaness! May their own wickedness fall back on their OWN Jew-accursed heads and quick.

AND, that Goyim Shill, Eric Schmidt, has to be one of the most CONTEMTPABLE shilsl that works for the Jews, who actually said that he will “de-rank” for “misinformation.” What is ‘misinformation’ Mr Jew-pleasing Schmidt? It’s TRUTH that is sorrowfully misplaced on a JEW venue, JEWgle and JEWtube.

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bruce dimo #racist

The Jews will play a huge role, in the destruction of the planet, for the sake of evil in the end days. They will eventually get their ovens, and drag us all in with them.

But, I know Jesus. Keep telling the truth, Brother.

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Michael Mazur #racist

I emailed the Simon Wiesenthal centre with this:

Rabbi Cooper, I saw a clip of you on C Span speaking about anti Semitism on campuses. Look, this is beyond stupid, there’s everything healthy in being opposed to Jews — let’s not be coy by calling it anti Semitism, for your guys are the biggest mass murderers of all time.

Solzhenitsyn wrote of the 66,000,000 Russian Christians your guys mass murdered between 1917 and 1957. You know the truth of this, but you still have the chutzpah to impose on our natural magnanimity just so you can spout your imagined, or otherwise fake grievances, as if you’re the eternal victim.

You can only continue to intimidate people like this only because too many still believe The Holcaust b/s, which you know is exactly that, as you would know that your very own renowned historian of his day, Jacob Marcus, wrote in the 1950 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica that ’several thousand Jews died in the war’.

I also well know that during the first 39 years of the last century the US mainstream media carried 15 stories about the alleged plight of Jews in Eastern Europe, already regaling the reader about the ‘extreme suffering’ — yes, the actual expression used, of 6,000,000 Jews, each of these 15 times.

All fakery, but you then had your chance to stick the 6,000,000 to the Germans, who were in no condition to refute your lies, having had 22,000,000 of their finest mass murdered in a war you had declared on them on 24/3/1933, but fought by duped others on your behalf. I’m heartily sick of the lot of you, just get your parasitical carcasses — including Weinstein, and hundreds like him in Hollywood, out of our lives. Go to Mars, terrorform that planet, as you’ve ruined ours already.

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Ted Gorsline #racist

Perhaps the ugliest aspect of Jewish culture is its persistent drive to not only control all media, in all countries (See Gordon Duff’s articles about Google jigsaw), but to deliberately shut down freedom of speech in every Country where they set up shop.

As a culture they invaiably wilt under the glare of public scrutiny and try their best to hide in the shadows. That is why they always strive shut down freedom of speech. They have already killed freedom of speech in Germany, Austria and Canada.

Controlling all media and killing freedom of speech is one thing they know how to do well. The Palestinians are true Semitic people and the Ashkenazi Jews that kill them and rob their land on a regular basis are half-Caucasian.

I don’t mind criticizing Caucasians because I am one of them. The issue has never been race and anti-Semitism. The issue has always been bad behaviour and nobody does bad behaviour better than the Jews. Just ask Barney Frank and Harvey Weinstein.

Allegedly these men had an ungodly liason and Mr. Frank is now said to be pregnant. Rumour has it that they will soon have a Caucasian Jewish baby and will name him Frankenstein.

If the world really wants to fight anti-Semitism the first thing it has to do is start fighting the Jews.

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Ted Gorsline #racist

There is a fantastic story on the Veterans Today website by Gordon Duff who as usual gloms on to other people’s videos. It’s must viewing and the first video of the three confirms everything Bro Nat has been saying about Trump and the Jews.

The story is called “Breakthrough Case For War with Israel over 9/11!” It’s a must watch.

The very first of the three videos proves that just as Bro Nat has said, Trump is mired deep in Jewish doo doo. The swamp of which he speaks is a lot cleaner.

Trump is truly mired and standing on his tip toes in a Jewish sewage lagoon with foul smelling liquid already up to his nose, and hoping Bibi or Sheldon or Bloomberg or Chuckie Schumer or Diane Feinstein or Harvey Slimestain or any of the many other Hebligans don’t come roaring up in a motor boat and make a wave.

VT has included diagrams showing just how Israel, the Jewish state, or in other words the Jews did 9/11, thus formerly declaring total war on the United States (almost 3,000 dead), Canada (160 dead), and Britain (60 dead) by attacking these thousands of their innocent citizens in the World Trade Center.

The attack on America was a cookie cutter repeat of Pearl Harbour in its intensity and death toll, but fortunately the Pearl Harbour attack did sprout a workable template that can now be used against Israel since it did work on Japan. Just do whatever works. No need to make a new plan.

The template is this.

1) Nuke Tel Aviv and Haifa instead of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

2) Bomb Israel into rubble until it resembles Hiroshima, Dresden or Syria.

3) Occupy Israel for 70 years and put all the Jewish leaders on trial accoring to standards set by the Rothschild family in their castle at the Nuremburg Trials.

4) Starve to death millions of Jewish soldiers as was done to German soldiers at the end of WW2.

5) Round up and put in concentration camps everyone in the Western world that has an obvious loyalty to the savage Jewish war machine, beginning with well known personalities such as Wolf Blitzer and Christina Anampour.

6) Make baseball Israel’s national sport (It became Japan’s National Sport following WW2) to keep the Jews busy while the land is returned to its rightful Palestinian owners.

7) Set up Indian reservation-type accommodations for the Jewish People on the melting Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica allowing them to live in tepees and come and go from the reserve on the same basis they now apply to Palestinians.

In other words treat Jews the same way they treat other people. Applying Jewish values to Jews ought to work.

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benzion kook #racist

The Jews doing 9-11 has always been “deranked” by joogle.

You have to get to page 8 of their “Arabs did it” bs to get to a “conspiracy theory” post.

Complete rot.

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AJ #racist

Our leaders today clearly have no moral courage. It’s outrageous that Republicans and conservatives are not loudly defending Roy Moore against the almost certainly false accusations.

Even Trump is wishy-washy when he should be using his bully pulpit to shout down Moore’s accusers. Although I don’t agree with many of Moore’s political views it’s indefensible how the Zionist Jew press is trying to destroy his career and reputation.

In their arrogance the Jews will invent the most ridiculous lies and think the public will fall for it. The made up Trump story about him dumping a whole box of fish food into a koi pond while in Asia is the latest laughable example. Trump needs to fulfill his promise of opening up libel laws against the press when they knowingly publish false news articles. Lawsuits are a wonderful thing, and Trump should pursue massive legal action against the Jewish run press for libel.

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B #racist

The Jewish Zionist often repeated biblical claim that Jews have the eternal right to control today’s land of Israel because God promised it to them in the Bible (Torah), never mentions the likely possibility that it was God (and not really the Goyim) who actually caused the recently ending Jewish Diaspora to occur.

This Jewish Zionist claim of the eternal Jewish Zionist ownership of Israel never mentions the possibility at all that God has the right and ability to force all the Jews out of Israel. No evidence is ever given that it was not God who caused the recently ending Jewish Diaspora to occur.

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Koen #racist

Zionist Jews have total control over everything, money, oil, China, North Korea, America, England, Saudi Arabia, exact science, etc, etc …

WWIII is slowly starting up per design, just like WWI and WWII. NK will be invaded, then the Saudis start a war with Iran, together with Israel. Oil prices will sky rocket, all Western countries will face the worst economy ever. The power struggle in the Saud family is a bad omen; the anti-Israel family members who still hoped for peace are gone now. But the real control factor of importance here is the SCIENCE OF EINSTEINIAN PHYSICS, which prevented the development of superior energy technology, according to the research by Tesla and T.H. Moray (50KWatt of electric power from a small box, day and night, observed and declared as true by several patent office clerks and PhD in physics, who all signed affidavits).

Obviously we are too stupid to turn back a century of Jewish meddling in Western Christian exact sciences (aka Classical Physics). It is “modern physics” now, based on Einstein’s mesjogge relativity theory (which he stole from other bad physicists) that was promoted by the Jewish controlled press for obvious reasons. Jews work as a team on all levels.

According to the Jewish version of physics, the energetic cosmic waves Tesla and Moray talked about, don’t exist. So the solution to all our problems is all around us, but we are too blind to understand how to convert this cosmic energy into electricity.

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Bad Mob Rising #racist

Even in ancient times, 2000 years ago, the Jews worked up the mobs to scream: Crucify him! Crucify him! The Jews used chaos, madness, and mob action against Jesus, Stephen, Paul, and other leading Christians as documented in the Holy Bible.

As is often discussed on this site and is related in the Bible, the Jews aka Mystery Babylon are responsible for the blood of the saints, the wars, and those who have been murdered. Wars are large groups of mobs organized and incited by Zionists to destroy or murder. It’s no accident God refers to Jews as rebels in Scripture. Jews have thousands of years of experience and collective knowledge with inciting rebellion, mobs, wars, and government overthrows. The children of the devil, as Jesus called the Jews, are the false shepherds which the Bible warns would rip and tear the flock.

Now, Zionists are organizing people into opposing mobs all over the world in anticipation of ovethrows and rebellions against old order governments. Races, religions, political parties, have been organized and set up to fight or destroy each other. The Protocols say that one Zionist plan is to use global chaos, madness, perversion, riots to make goy governments look so bad that goys will gladly trade their government for peace, stability, law, order, to escape mobs, madness, murder, and mayhem.

This last desperate attempt by Satan and his children to establish their Jew World Order looks like the recipe for the Great Tribulation. The Protocols for Zionists to establish their JWO look horribly similar to prophecy about the Great Tribulation and the end time terrors.

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Jews vs Jesus #racist

NBC delayed broadcasting Jewish journalist Lisa Meyers’ interview with Juanita Broaddrick linked below, about Bill Clinton raping Broaddrick, until after the Senate voted not to remove Clinton from office. The Jews’ media hid this Clinton rape from the public as long as possible. People who knew about it kept asking why is the media so intent on hushing up the rape of JB.

After the Jews’ media cover-up and silence on this Clinton rape became a big scandal in itself, NBC finally aired the toned-down, damage-control interview with JB linked below. BUT the Jews delayed broadcasting Clinton’s rape until AFTER the Senate voted not to remove Clinton from office. Just as the Jews’ media strategically timed the JB rape broadcast for AFTER the Senate voted on Clinton’s removal from office, the Jews’ media has now waited until just BEFORE the vote for Roy Moore in his election.

The Zionist Jews hate Moore because he fought against removing the Ten Commandments from the courthouse and because Moore strongly opposed pro-queer laws. The Jews’ media covered for Clinton, did all they could to protect Clinton from his very serious charges on sex crimes. But the Jews’ media is now doing all they can to destroy Roy Moore for his far less serious allegations.

The Jews media attacks on Roy Moore have nothing to do with justice for women and everything to do with preventing a sincere Christian from being elected. It’s all about the Zionist destruction of Christianity and nothing else. Zionists don’t want Christians in power, in political office. FoxJews has jumped on the Jews media bandwagon to destroy Moore. Fox guarding the henhouse news occasionally shows their true colors like with this. FoxNews pretends to be pro Christian while they broadcast their subtle poison by helping the rest of the Jews’ media poison the election for Roy Moore.

The worst accusations to come out against Roy Moore so far is that he touched a woman over her clothing. But of course the Jews’ media reports it as sexual assault trying to make it seem like something Bill Clinton did. If Moore was accused by somebody besides Jews’ media stooges, it might be something to take serious. But the media has a wicked history of protecting evil doers like Clinton while smearing squeaky clean Chrisitians like Michele Bachman.

Whether Roy Moore even saw or knew the so-called victim 40 years ago is anybody’s guess. The mass media attacks on Moore imply that he really is a Christian. Otherwise the Jews media wouldn’t attack Moore so viciously. It goes without saying that the Jews media did all they could to limit the damage to Slick Willie in the rape interview with JB.

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Frank PentangeliR #racist

Jew-S-A. Jew-S-A. Jew-S-A. It’s all Jews all the time. This country is over. It’s too late.

Trump was Jewed in all the time from the start. It was a reverse psychology operation on the public. This had to be the biggest dupe of all time. However, wasn’t this brilliant? They had the press attack Trump and even the Congress only for it to fall right into their hands in the end. Ha.

It never deceived me and I’m sure others saw right through it. It’s a one party system masquerading as two — and Trump and his Jews just figured out a different plan!

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Lebanon and Armageddon #racist

War and trouble between Lebanon and Israel during the end time seems likely based on prophecy about Armageddon. The town of Megiddo, near Israel’s border with Lebanon, is where the word Armageddon comes from. Megiddo is located in northern Israel about 35 miles south of Lebanon’s border with Israel. Armageddon is translated from the original greek scripture as hill of Megiddo, valley of Megiddo, or something similar.

Various books of the bible speak of this region around Megiddo in discussing end time prophecy. This region is also known as Esdraelon and Jezreel. It is said to be a strategic military location; that the army which controls this region has a big military advantage, that many battles have been fought there over the ages. In light of Zionist plans outlined in the Protocols of Zion and the end time horrors prophesied by Daniel and Revelation, it appears that Satan’s Jew World Order will be what causes the great tribulations; that one bitter fruit of the JWO will be the great tribulations.

Satan knows his time is short and it’s only getting shorter. After Satan subordinates the nations under his JWO government it won’t turn out any better than it did with the 90 million Russians who were murdered by the Bolshevik Jews after they slaughtered the Czar and his family and seized power. Stalin showed us what to expect from JWO rule. Prophecy says the power of the holy people (Christians) will be completely shattered at the time of the end. It sounds like Satan’s JWO will be in something like a fight to the death against Christianity, even though most Christians may remain blind to who is destroying them.

Man will become as scarce as fine gold. Seven women will pursue one man - which suggests most men will die in war. No flesh would survive unless Jesus returns and cuts the tribulations short.

Megiddo (Armageddon) being on the northern edge of Israel toward the Lebanon border hints at hostilities between Lebanon and Israel during fulfillment of propechy about Armageddon.

End time prophecy about the last ruler / king / kingdom to fall before Jesus returns: He will establish his royal headquarters on the holy temple mount between the Mediterranean sea and the Dead sea. Then he will be destroyed and no one will help him. Dan 11:45.

It sounds like the JWO head will fall partly because gentiles will learn the truth about Zionism so that they won’t HELP cut their own throat any more. You will know the truth and the truth will set you free - John 8:32. The net spreads info much better than anything previously. Newspapers and TV are one-way broadcasts transmitted from Jews to the masses. But the net lets goys transmit info to the masses, like with this post. Well, maybe not to the masses, but maybe to hundreds or to thousands.

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Smart guy #conspiracy

Israel was behind ISIS a most in-human war machine which was also supported by the US CIA. The president is not in control of the CIA. Support for Saudi Arabia which was responsible for 911 is treason. The President’s support for Israel now makes him a traitor to the US. He made a campaign promise to sever ties to Saudi Arabia who are known to support terrorism.

We now have to engage in massive civil disobedience refusing to allow any weapons to be sent to Saudi Arabia. If Saudi Arabia goes to war on the side of Israel they will not get any support from the citizens. Neither will the president get any support from Americans to fight on the side of Israel which also carried out 911.

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Zebo #racist

The Saudis has been installed with the help of the Anglo-Saxon (=ziopuppets) and the originally ruling family has been kicked out of Mekka.

That’s why we see Jews being best butt-buddies with them.

And these guys are masters in weaving webs of secret power structures-be it with freemasons, think tanks, NGO’s, the Federal Reserve, IMF, Bolshevik Revolution, disintagration of the Ottoman Empire(destroyed by the Jewish sponsored Young Turks and Donmeh + Lawrence of Arabia); or the Jew Philipp Goldberg who helped breaking up Yugoslawia (and later Yugoslawien president has been protested out of government by George Soros Spring protesters) and then went to Bolivia to do the same(but was kicked out soon enough).

And I wonder how many of those hippie leaders in the USA (in Europa it was the pedophile jew Cohn Bendit who led student protests in France & Germany and promoted Jewish Marxism, Jewish Frankfurt School and Jewish Polymorphic Perversion(S. Freud) were Jews, and wether a Jew had coined the term “flower power” which then was promoted by the gong show-run by a jew?

And I’m pretty sure that the next Jewish puppets (result of Spring protests) in the Orient will be the Kurds. Jews are helping them to become independent and in return turning them into zio buttkissers as the Saudis, Kuwaitis and most countries of Europe already are.

(One just need to find out who is buying most of the Kurdish oil in Syria & Iraq).

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Johann #racist

Shame on the wicked Jews for trying to shut down your jewtube account. Why can they not stand to hear the truth like normal human beings can? Has it something to do with the fact that their father is the Devil, the father of all lies?

Why do they still refuse to listen to the words of truth coming to us all from 2000 years ago from Lord Jesus Christ? God Bless you Brother and your ministry.

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Cavalier #racist

I have heard that perhaps the main reason for the Balfour Declaration was International Jews had promised to put pressure on Woodrow Wilson to get America involved in the war.

Germany was winning and had offered generous peace terms, but the arrogant English had to maintain world dominance. Of course after 2 ruinous wars the British Empire is no more and even England itself may fall to Communist inspired Third World immigration.

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Irene Bonney Faulkes #racist

Yes, Jewry is a people, who have made themselves a seduction, a fictitious romance, particularly to the hundreds of millions of Christian Church attendees. They say they are entitled to a ‘Holy City’, Jerusalem, a revered people even god-like and without a doubt such are filled with pride and arrogance. One of their books suggests ‘God adores the Jews’. Such blasphemy. Instead of the True God being adored, He, the Holy One, adores them who are the very antithetical.

Their Pharisaic Judaism is a swindle, a hoax, of mammoth proportions. There is inbred within them a mentality that can be classed as that of the egomaniac and arrogant from demon gods. With certitude it can be said that there has been a bequest from centuries of Rabbis, with their internicine squabbles and infernally confused thinking surrounding every possible point of their supposedly based Scriptural beliefs. But of course, their beliefs are not based on the actual Pentateuch of the Old Testament is a falsity. Their Torah is not of the Old Testament.

It would be a grave error to wipe them off as harmless. They have masqueraded as the Jew of the Bible, and even that name ‘Jew’ is not found therein. Rather just as they have paraded themselves as ‘the Chosen People of God’, so have they formulated for themselves in English, a name that had not existed until it was done in the eighteenth century. Rothschilds alone would know the part played by then in this regard. These Jews have composed for themselves a mystique imposed upon Christendom and even on the world that as a result is afraid to even mention the Holocaust for fear of their vengeance.

Indeed, what is the world fearing at their hands? Whence this fear? It is the throttle-hold upon not only a multitude of churches but on mankind as a whole. Obeisance is performed to such because, unknowingly to the majority of both those in churches and outside, the occult rules our world. One may well laugh but think of the power of Yoga with which many Westerners consult. They remain, those Jews, of whom one of their eminent Statesmen said: ‘A Jew is whoever calls himself a Jew’, a mirage on the road, a will of the wisp, never appearing in the basic reality.

They themselves, relate their own story to those who find it, as a motley crowd, dispassionate, hoaxers, fakers, pretenders, collaborators, factional, deceivers, sexual deviates, with sex gods and a sex goddess blasphemously called Shekinah, or Lillith, with their androgynous Demiurge and his female part. So why, you millions of Christians, are you afraid to act in no other way than to bless today’s Israel or its Jews who are not Hebrews or Israelites? The blessing and curse was given, in any case, only to Abraham and not to the nation that would come out of his loins.

The Christians in particular, have been hexed and so also has the whole world. This is the reality of our earthy existence. Those who know India, as an example, confront on many occasions, the depth of demonic sway over a nation. Why were the Beatles so enamored of that Eastern world? The Mantras of Yoga are powerful. Like Brother Nathanael, we do not hate the people as people but the evil. Just as we do not make a friend of an ongoing robber and murderer, neither do we choose to have one of the present kind in Jewry, as a friend.

We would rather give them the gospel of peace in Christ Jesus. Possibly in the main, they will never know Christ except on the Judgment Day when they will all be resurrected to face Him and his wrath. But there are those who may. I have a friend from a Christian Church who follows Christ it would appear, but loves the Jews, and then she discovered she was a descendant of the Rothschild dynasty. She is still my friend but at a distance because ‘How can two walk together unless they are agreed?’

Recently a person contacted me, being of Jewish descent from his Russian grand-parents who escaped that land. He now loves the Lord Jesus and is in amazement at the present Christian adoration of Israel. Yes, there are others, and there is Brother Nathanael, whom we love in truth. To us he is one of those called ’saints’ by Paul, in ‘To the saints who are at Ephesus’, all the true believers. There is much hope that some of them even through this site, will come to be known of the Lord Jesus.

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AJ #racist

Jews have destroyed much that was once great about American society and culture. I don’t even watch TV or go to the movies anymore. Everywhere you look the quality of American culture has been debased and infused with secularism, liberalism, feminism, lewdness, etc. For many years I noticed the decline in American culture from when I grew up in the 80’s, when we still did not have as much pervasive Jewish influence, especially in television.

Then the Jews took over creation of nearly all the TV shows and their influence increased even more in American cinema. The antiChrist, anti-American agenda and mind-control was something I detected in our popular culture from an early age, but it wasn’t until later I discovered the source.

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Eileen Kuch #racist

I couldn’t say it any better, and I agree with you 100%. The US Supreme Court consisted of four Jews and five Gentiles when the issue of “gay marriage” crossed their desks. The Separation of Powers Clause in the Constitution assign certain powers to all three Branches. Passing legislation belongs only to the Legislative Branch; signing legislation into law and enforcing it belongs to the Executive Branch; interpreting the law belongs to the Judicial Branch.

In the case of “gay marriage,” Congress was deliberately bypassed and the issue handed to the Supreme Court, a violation of the Separation of Powers Clause of the US Constitution. The nation’s highest court legislated it into law, in a 5-4 decision–therefore, two of the five Gentiles had to have voted with the four Jews to enact “gay marriage” into law. Chief Justice John Roberts had some financial skeletons in his closet; thus, he voted with the Jews for the legislation; and Justice Kennedy’s a Liberal (there are rumors he may retire).

What’s happening here and in Europe is the evil work of Jewry. George Soros (Jew) and the Rothschild Clan (Jews) are responsible for the Black/Muslim invasion of Western Europe and for the rise of Antifa in the US. Most of the Federal Judges who’ve been blocking Donald Trump’s entry ban of Muslims from certain Islamic countries are Jews. Every pornographic movie, website and print matter are run by Jews. Editor Mike S. King wrote about the moral decline here in the US just this past month.

Just imagine, Br. Nat, a library where a class of kindergarteners are seated, listening to some creepy critter dressed in women’s attire, giving them a lecture about homosexuality, lesbianism and transgenderism. This is what Mr. King slammed in one of his latest articles. Weimar Germany in the 1920’s was just as decadent as the US is today. Transvestites, as well as scantily clad women, entertained audiences in theaters in the cities, and all they lacked back then was the technology to equal the decadence of the West in the 21st Century.

By 1933, all that came to an end, when Adolf Hitler became Chancellor. The Transgender Bathroom Executive Order signed by Barack Obama has recently been rescinded by Trump (thank God), but the decadent “Gay Pride” parades continue on, and a Federal Judge (cough, cough) recently blocked Trump’s ban on Transgenders in the military. It was Obama who opened the military to them. I’m sending you $20, as I’ve been doing for some time now. I hope this will be of some help to your mission.

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Steven Rowlandson #racist

”They’re children of Satan their Father, you know, the Lord told us so.” It is interesting how people tend to believe in a god, but when it come to believing what the real God has to say, most people prefer to believe lies myths and fairy tales told by Jews, apostate preachers and those who walk in darkness.

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Chris #racist

The Jews have a grip on all levers of power, control, and societal mass manipulation.

The only way to stop them really is to allow them to ruin themselves through their own greed and manipulations. They can scheme and scam, bribe, cheat, seduce, manipulate, extort, and intimidate all they want… but they can’t escape the laws of nature.

Their destruction will come soon enough; the wrath of God will fall upon their wretched, scheming, conniving satanic cult once again. The bigger they get, the harder they will fall. We can only hope it will be the end for them this time. Someday someone will rise up who will make Hitler look like a saint… it is an inevitability for satan’s oldest cult.

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Seek The Truth #racist

In order to have a military dictatorship it’s necessary to have total control of the press and media and to constantly spout lies about history and about White Christians. The rotten communist Jews in Hollywood and New York are constantly demonizing and denouncing White Christian males and females in order to destroy us and constantly making up lies about Vladimir Putin, a true and wise Christian hero of Russia.

The Oscar nominated movie “Hidden Figures,” for example, is based on huge lies that claim that dozens of Black women were behind the Space program in its early days. Yet the book “Rise of the Rocket Girls” by Nathalia Holt (MIT and Harvard) completely denies everything in the movie. The book says that very few Black women were human “computers” working for the Space program and NASA in the 1950s. There is a photo in the book taken in 1953 of 27 female human “computers” and every one of them is either White or Asian except one light skinned Black named Janez Lawson.

Yet the Hollywood communist Jews claim there were dozens of genius Negro women working in the space program and NASA as “computers” in its early days, and White Christians had nothing to do with it. Communist Jews in Holllywood also made up lies about the Black Tuskegee Airmen in the movie “Redtails” about a Black squadron and its achievements that has been disputed by many WW II veterans and scholars.

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Henry Ford Was Right! #racist

Yeah, I have read quite a bit of Henry Makow but have also looked at Dennis Wise/The Greatest Story Never Told regarding WW2 as well. That’s one reason why I won’t say one way or the other regarding Hitler and the Nazis true authenticity- because I don’t know. Were they fed up Europeans sick of Jewish Bankster fiat usury or were they duped into their own slaughter by backroom Masonic Lodge deals ran by the banksters puppets?

Makow names the Rothschilds while a Neocon cuck shyster like Savage never does and promotes all that perpural war PNAC/MIC nauseating Neocohen cuckservative bs. It’s a bit of an insult to compare Makow to cucks like Savage or Alex Jewnes who NEVER name the names. BN+, Jeff Rense, David Duke, Kevin MacDonald, Henry Makow, James Perloff, Texe Marrs, Dennis Wise, Ted Pike, Michael Hoffman, and Louis Farrakhan all sound reasonable in their JWO coverage.

But Savage is a total LIAR playing Faux News and Limbaugh programmed robots like a fiddle to the tune of Neocon Ziocuck bs that only a total idiot would buy into at this point in the decline of the American empire via JWO Bankster sabotage.

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Zebo #racist

Well, I don’t think that Hitlery mainly lost because whites got fed up with Jews, as I think most aren’t aware of the Jewish agenda, (as far as someone can tell without living in the USA). But it may be the thing that unites Whites, Hispanics and Blacks etc who voted for Trump.

Maybe a protest of the producing class against the parasitical tendencies against the corporation who are taking everything away the working class has build, by privatising water supplies, streets, buildings and taking over small companies and destroying or exporting jobs. Protests against people who pretend that they want to give everything to everyone, while never ever in their whole life working a single day in real a real manufacturing job to create the stuff that the people need.

Just going to school, high school, college, then become politician, social worker or professional good doer and just talk about tolerance while being 100% intolerant. Those very same working class voted in Britain for Brexit–to leave the EU. People are tired of socialist bullshit talk which in the end always make rich richer and poor poorer. Therefore they decided to vote against perversion and for sanity.

They are tired being treated like shit in their own country and being run by pervert Democrats and their militant army of LGBT-activist parasites who don’t work but get paid like kings by the Soros breed. But i’m pretty sure Zion is working hard to ’show’ people what happens when you do not vote what they want and you refuse to be indoctrinated by them and give your country away.

They will try to radicalise the right wing and commit crimes and terror attacks to show the world what happens when you vote for a party with national attitude and sense for sovereignity- to make people believe that the outcome is war, poverty, racism, fascism and hatred. Which is not true,as you’ll hardly get more war, poverty, racism and hatred than Obama has created in 8 years.

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DaveE #racist

I think Trump reminds the Jews of Hitler and it’s not entirely ridiculous. The similarities are plenty: strong nationalist, strong populist and seemingly madder than hell at the filthy-corrupt “banking” system. Not to mention that he’s a white Goy (maybe) and popular with the ladies.

Trump won for largely the same reasons Hitler won. This has not escaped the Jews’ notice. Funny how we’re still fighting the same enemy Hitler and the Germans were fighting 70+ years ago.

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Kill Whitey #racist

The end times portrayed by Revelation imply something like a brutal military dictatorship will be in power. That’s about what the US military has been subverted into by the Zionists. What do Trump, Harvey Weinstein, and Bill Cosby have in common? They are all being condemned by the Jews media for sexual harassment of women. Zionists select corrupt, badly flawed, goyim for public office, because they are easily controlled by blackmail, extortion, and threats of ruin.

Trump’s crude dealings with with women were well known long before he was the prez. The Zionist banksters are using Trump, the blonde-blue goy as a poster boy for how white men are crude, lewd, lecherous, dishonest. Using Trump as a strawman like this further undermines Christianity, white people, the previous world order values and traditions. The Rothschild banksters are trying to replace the old order with a Jew World order.

For the Zionists, it’s all about “Down with Whitey.” “Kill Whitey” was what Charles Manson told his followers to write on the walls in the murder victims’ own blood. That’s what was written in blood at the gruesome murder scene. “Kill Whitey” was written to make it appear that Black people committed the murders; in order to incite race wars. Manson stated that he was trying to start a race war; that he and his people would emerge from the chaos to rule the world.

For those who are Jew-wise, some of the statements Manson made showed that he was a puppet whose strings were pulled by the usual suspects. Such statements seem to be the real reason why the Jewdicial system banned Charlie from the courtroom for the rest of his trial. The Jews media have their ducks lined up in a row now — Cosby, Weinstein, Trump. Mass media can point to how Cosby went down in flames, likewise how Weinstein was thrown to the dogs, for sexual harrassment.

My guess is that the Jews media will push lots of propaganda on how racist it is that the Black star Cosby, the Hollyweird Jew Weinstein, both had to go down hard, yet the White man Trump gets off - if Trump gets off. Weinstein may be in on the scam, playing his role as directed. The Zionists have led the Demonrats and Repugs into a state of civil war against each other. It looks like the Zionists want to topple the US government just as they have done with so many others. Weak nations, weak leaders, can be forced into the Jew World Order easier than strong nations and strong leaders.

The stock market indexes are so high that it looks like a harder fall is coming than the crash which brought the Great Depression. Trump’s handlers seem to be advising him to take credit for the soaring stock market. But they are probably just setting up Trump for the big fall to blame it all on Whitey. Herod “the Great” had lots of small children and babies killed in his devilish quest to destroy the newborn Jesus. Herod seems like a forerunner illustrating how JWO government is.

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Tony2020 #racist

Are you seriously saying that AFTA , Black Lives Matter and many other black organizations are not Jew controlled? Most of Blacks favor Jews, because they favor them. The same with any other minority.

Jews use them as shields and useful idiots this is well known fact. Cosby & Weinstein went into flame because they scandals keep piling up, and were degenerate idiots. As a fact that media covered both of them in long time until the victims started suing them in group and got out of hand.

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Zebo #racist

JFK directly attacked two main pillars of Zion with his EO 11110. He attacked the Federal reserve by trying to implement debt free money (the FED is privately owned just like the two previous US central banks).

And he attacked the CIA — you know, this so American secret service which still has not figured out that the own country is run by the Jews, jewish controlled politicians who cannot stop to cheer when warcriminal Satanyahou is speaking in front of them. That’s how he signed his own killing. And the Jews showed the Anglo-Saxon goyim who really runs the shows and that they can kill anyone, no matter how high and get away with it (result: 2 Kennedies shot, two crashed with airplanes, one survived).

And that’s why the Kike Kux Klan is so desperate to centralise everything all around the world, as such a small group can only rule when everything is centralised. That’s what Karl Marx’s (Jew) Manifesto was all about (+ inflaming peoples minds), that what centralised banks like the FED or BiS (created by Hitler and a Jew-strange, isn’t it?).

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Zebo #racist

I”ve got good news for you. Millennials are not taking over. Since when can puppets take something over?

They can’t — a blackmailable and/or corrupt RC Judas is just a puppet.

And a Millennial is nothing new. Just a new label for another artificially Jew-created dumb prick.

Whether you call them Hippies, Bolshewiks, Progressives, Neocons or whatever-it does not matter. Just another group of stupid goyims who parrot Jewish created parols(=Marxistic rhetoric combined with sociophanty.)

Always slimey and always passive-militant, pro-NWO and totalitarian in nature while pretending tolerance and individuality etc).

The only difference between Millennials and previous generations is that Millennials are a little bit more dumbed down and corrupt than previous generations and that the term Millennial was probably created by the Jews to unite them, feel special (just like Flower Power, Hippies were created the same way) so that they feel like something special while just being empty shells without culture.

Whether the Jewish puppet is left or right, neo liberal or neocon, black or white-it does not matter. There will be always Jewish politics.

The only difference:

When a rightwing puppet is in power making world wide wars is much harder for the Jewish puppet, as Jews have indoctrinated white Goyim to protest against Republican wars, while they won’t say a word against wars of a Democrat.

That’s why Obama committed 1000x more crimes than Trump, while he got 1000x less opposition and protests in 8 years than Trump in his first 8 minutes of regency.

That’s why I prefer Trump because lefty slimey faggots like Trudeau, Obama, Macron (or whoever the Jews pull out of their butts to pose as president) have a free pass for everything.

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Ted Gorsline #racist

Hollywood was the main propaganda tool of the jews until television came along. For example Cecil B. DeMilles was the main propagandist bringing America into the war against Germany in WWII.

TV took over from Hollywood as a propaganda tool in the 1950s, and in America the Jews took immediate control of TV via the ABC, NBC and CBS Networks. But now the Internet, for example the Israeli dominated Google spy machine, is taking over from TV and once again the Jews have glommed on to almost complete control of the Internet as a propaganda tool.

At the same time Hollywood’s star is waning. Hillary Clinton put her faith in Hollywood and Hollywood did not deliver. All the Hollywood icons are being brought down by the Internet. Weinstein is dead in the water. Merle Streep is on tape giving a standing ovation to convicted child molester Roman Polanski. Robert Di Niro is tied up in a sex scandal in France.

The icons are dead in the water. I think Hollywood can no longer deliver the vote and so the Jews are dropping her like a hot potato. The one that bothers me is that it looks like the Mossad now owns the NRA. Ted Nugent, an NRA director pointed out all the anti gun people were Jews but he is now off the Radar. The current NRA commentators are all pro-Israel.

This is discouraging because the one thing the NRA can do is deliver the vote and the Jew boys know it. In the past the NRA constantly humiliated one billionaire Jew after another — so it Looks like a case of “if you can’t beat ‘em - get control of them by hook or by crook”.

All it ever takes is money and the rich Jewish bankers can print more whenever they need it. Costs them nothing. Free money lets you take control of everything. The Talmudic interest based slave state is already here.

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Seek The Truth #racist

There were probably a number of factors that brought down Harvey Weinstein. He has a very uncomplimentary mug on the current issue of Time magazine owned by Jews. That almost never happens to a Jew unless he’s done something very bad to the tribe.

The Weinstein brothers like to demonize Gentiles in their movies and make Blacks heroes for assaulting them, but most Black criminals don’t debate whether one is a Gentile or Jew before hitting them on the back of the head. Maybe, some influential Jews in Hollywood and Beverly Hills got hit on the head and tried to blame the Weinstein’s excessive cultural Marxism.

Or it could be that Harvey messed with women of his own tribe in a very derogatory way unbecoming to a chosen princess like Sarah Silverman etc. That would exact very nasty revenge.

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Citizenfitz #racist

Fake “opposition”? Where have we seen that before?

Still, its more evidence that Jewry has gone into something of a defensive mode with the rise of nationalist movements. Love how they were forced to get into bed with right wing “Nazis” in the Ukraine. You can’t make this stuff up!

But they’re serpentine people, if nothing else, and can easily glide from movement to movement without any concern for principles.

Today liberals… tomorrow Nazis. The Zionists of their day certainly had no problem dealing with the Third Reich when it came to Palestine — though much of the copious information you could once find about that on the Internet has gone MIA.

Hitler was right: you can’t kick over a rock and not find Jews scurrying around beneath it.

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Weinstein #racist

Like some other commentators here, I wonder why the Jews went after Weinstein so viciously. Normally, Jews in high places get away with much worse stuff than what Weinstein is accused of doing. It made sense why the anti-christs went after Bill Cosby. Bill was defending Tim Tebow in sports and defending Christianity in general, so it was easy to see why the Zionists went after Cosby.

With big money Jew Bernie Madoff it was clear why Jews turned against him. There were lots of Jews among Bernie’s victims. Bernie did the big no-no of preying on other Jews. Weinstein’s Miral movie came out about 7 years ago, too long ago for that to be the source of Weinstein’s fall that began only last month. Besides, I never heard of Miral until now.

Maybe some of the women Weinstein insulted were Jewish - Lauren Sivan? Mass media is attacking Weinstein exclusively for lecherous treatment of women. That suggests that Weinstein messed with wives, daughters, or girlfriends of Jews in high places. Madoff was attacked by the Jews for stealing their money, so maybe Weinstein is being attacked for stealing their women.

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benzion kook #racist

The only reason Weinstein was “outed” by the Jew-run mass media would be for producing the film “miral” portraying the “mistreatment” [genocide] of the Palestinians at the hands of the Jews.

That was the transgression that suddenly turned the “producer” into a pervert. No sympathy for the victims from the perpetrators.

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Zionien #racist

Glad to see you’re back safe and sound +BN. I’m looking forward to seeing if Trump will allow a 30+’ (Satan’s Pitchfork) Hanukkah Menorah to take up room on the White House lawn this CHRIST-mas.

Envy is one of the 7 deadly sins and it’s ALL too clear how Jews get when they aren’t in control! It’s simply amazing how they are able to be so paranoid and yet so arrogant at the same time.

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Citizenfitz #racist

Something all of us here can have fun with is when we’re at Wikipedia to change “CE” to AD; and “BCE” to BC.

It draws off resources they’d rather have occupied in broadcasting Jewish lies.

And “CE” must be pretty important to the Tribe as they expend considerable energy pushing it.

Also, when you come across some Jew at Wikipedia being ID’d as a “German” or “Russian” (a frequent trick) change it to “Jew”.

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van helsing #racist

What makes a Jew so different from everyone else? What is the top quality of Jewish identity that really separates them apart?

They really aren’t much different, they don’t have any special beliefs that are different from all of us other than that they think they are God’s chosen and they are better than Goyim. Seriously. Ask a Jew what is it about them that makes them so different? They promote equality and all that BS. Why aren’t they equal to us? Why does everything have to cater to Jews and kosher this kosher that? Kosher privilege.

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Brother Nathanael Kapner #racist

When it comes to hate, the Jews of the Anti Defamation League are ‘experts.’ Well, they invented hate speech, pushed the legislation, and threw a muzzle over everyone’s mouth. Yet there is no legal definition of hate-speech…only vague and subjective laws that gives Jewry the gavel. Now the ADL displays a “100%” Hate Symbol on their site signifying how those ‘racist’ White Supremacists boast of being lily white.

Yet the ADL has their own “100%.” Only blood-pure Jews can be full citizens of the ‘Jewish State’ that the ADL promotes, with Israeli national rights above and beyond civil rights. But Palestinians, whose land was stolen by the Jews, are shut out. The hypocrisy is shameless.

Jews voluntarily left Arab countries to repopulate the stolen Palestinian towns. And any expulsions were in retaliation for Israel’s mass murders of Palestinian villagers. They were the ones who were “brutally thrown out” of the country “they had lived in for centuries.”

Another ADL Hate Symbol: “The Alabama Aryan Brotherhood.” One fringe Aryan white group and the ADL screeches. C’mon. Aryan Brotherhood is a network of prison gangs, and the feds are all over them. Yet how many networked “brotherhoods” do the Jews have? A thousand, at least…with billions of dollars to fund their Fan Club on Capitol Hill. Why isn’t Antifa and its ‘hate’ flag on the ADL’s roster?

Because they vie against white conservative Americans which the ADL fears, branding them indiscriminately as “nazis” or “fascists.” I mean, who’s the hater here? That’s why the ADL displays a Confederate Battle Flag as a Hate Symbol, suggesting the South was a prison for African slaves. Yet the Israeli Flag sanctions the imprisonment of 660,000 Palestinians in just 17 square miles of the open-air-dungeon known as the Gaza Strip.

And last, the ADL shows a Hate Symbol of Klansmen in their hoods and robes. Yet Zionist Jews like Kushner and friends, Adelson and friends, Shmuley and friends, all work DC in their ‘hoods’ and ‘robes.’ But the greatest hate symbol for the Jew is the Cross of Christ. Jews whine and bleat that the Cross is the ’symbol of oppression’ especially seen in the public square.

Yet we’re subjected to the premiere ’symbol of oppression,’ the Chanukah menorah, thrown up everywhere, even on the White House lawn. I grew up as a Jew, and the Chanukah menorah signifies Jewry’s conquest of all its enemies, that is, any opposing their Zionist agenda: Muslims, Christians, nationalists, Confederate-preservationists, Constitutionalists, peaceniks, politicians, I mean, the whole world.

All are targets of Jewry’s One-World conquest. And that’s why hate symbols are for goys only.

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Seek The Truth #racist

I have to disagree with the “chosen people” idea.

There is a HUGE difference between the present day Jews and the ancient Hebrews. Jews are basically descended from anyone who converted to the cult of Judaism or is presently converted.

Some call them Shepardic, Ashkenazi, Khazarian etc. but Jews are mostly descended from the cretins that murdered the ancient Hebrew prophets, murdered Jesus, murdered and persecuted the early Christians, murdered and enslaved other Jews etc.

I do believe that many Jews are directly descended from the ancient Hebrews but are likely to be descended from the ones that got tempted into the cult of Judaism and the worship of pagan idols and the Devil much like King Solomon was tempted.

For Jews to try to pull themselves out of the mud of evil by claiming they are “chosen” and “holocaust victims” of Nazi persecution while rejecting the Holy Spirit and the true Hebrew Messiah Jesus and refusing to repent for their massive sins is like the Devil claiming he is a victim of a cruel God who just won’t leave the poor Devil alone when he promotes lies, violence, perversion etc.

So when Trump talks about Israel forever, I agree if he’s talking about the true Israel of God and not the present Israel of the Devil based on swindling, bribing, blackmailing, stealing, killing the innocent etc. and doing it proudly and very boastfully like the degenerate leaders of Israel and the U.S.

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Irene Bonney Faulkes #racist

Preston Jones thinks the Jews are ‘not omnipotent’.

It is who and what is in them, with them and behind them that so far is ‘not omnipotent’ because such evil forces have been with the world since before Noah’s flood and most decidedly since that time.

That is one side of the matter and the other is that the Jews are still here with almost total power.

Veterans Today could only defeat their Jews controlling the country with military force. That is missing and who would want another Civil War.

The Dragon or Serpent, has featured throughout the world’s history in all civilizations and cultures with their religions of the stars, planets, angels (aliens some call them) and they are demons and supernatural evil powers.

The Dragon was potent during the times of the Roman Empire with its evil Caesars. War was made continually on the Christians and their churches throughout that land.

This Dragon made war on the Woman, the Church of Jesus Christ, and had his success in persecutions and martyrdom with an innumerable people.

Nevertheless, she has been protected until this day, in some form or another. This is apparent in history for despite this Dragon’s successful forays, in making war against her Seed — Christ, and afterwards His seed of Christians, the Church remains.

She sits at the gates of hell but those gates will never prevail against her.

Therein lies the hope of the world.

Without a miracle from heaven in the political scene, it appears the nation could be finished and others with it.

That it is possible to rid the land of the Jews, the basic cause of the mess into which it has sunk, is debatable.

In the past scores of countries have ridden themselves of the Jews but only for a time. They always pop up again in some form or other within each country.

Christians must take a stand against this evil power, this evil force that motivates the Jews, that Dragon, the Old Serpent, the Devil (and his many evil angels). The battle is more than with flesh and blood but against the supernatural powers controlling the nation.

So Christians must also make a stand against the flesh and blood enemies within the midst of their churches and nation.

The blinkers of deceit that darken the vision of very many Christians must be removed. Then perhaps their prayers could save the nation as they act against the supernatural forces and against the flesh and blood Jews within their gates.

The walls must fall down somehow and victory come in some form. It happened at Jericho. Is there to be a Joshua for today?

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Koen #racist

The Jewish lobby has a death grip on the planet, not just the USA.

Just one man (Trump) cannot defeat this lobby, many more people have to face the facts pointed out by Brother Nathanael and several other bloggers and authors about this lobby.

The Jewish elite has stolen technology from us all, beyond your wildest imagination. The satanists always intimidate us with false threats and dangers that do not exist, such as global warming and CO2, or invented by the satanists themselves, by means of the Jewish owned media and entertainment industry.

One man can be murdered, such as Kennedy, but it becomes impossible to kill the resistance against the Jewish lobby, if we all wake up and take back what was ours from the beginning.

If only we repaired our sciences (physics mainly), then we can develop the technology to heal our planet and to liberate humanity from the satanists.

Christ and his teachings about our natural status of equality, about our God given talents, about non violence and love, and about our Divine Father who is the Light and origin of all, will show a way for the 7 billion of people on the planet.

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Richard A Feibel #conspiracy

What no one speaks about is the fact that Trump gets his facts on conspiracies from the Zionist agent, Alex Jones at Info Wars.

The Zionist Bronfman financed Info Wars has the ear of Trump. Trump is gullible and Jones knows this. Trump is lazy and relies on others for his info.

Jones uses this to feed the lies to Trump, who in turn barks this garbage out to the uneducated foolish American public, who lap it up like Felix the Cat does cream.

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B #racist

The “Wizard of Oz” movie was first released just a few days before WW II began in August of 1939.

Judy Garland may mean Jew’s God Land, of Israel. Dorothy the Jew was looking for a way ( a door ) to get back home and back into Israel after being kicked out beginning in 70 AD.

Without WW II and the Jewish Holocaust there would never have been today’s new country of Israel, because the Jewish population was too small in Israel before 1933 in order to ever take over the complete total control of and to successfully fight for keeping the land of Israel.

Populating Israel with Jews was tried many times before, and nothing else but the hidden manufacturing and behind the scenes making of WW II ever worked to bring about today’s new country of Israel.

The movie, Wizard of Oz, is about a dream, and the return to Israel for a homeland for the Jews, was only a dream of the Jews in 1939.

Near the beginning, Dorothy falls off the fence and into the pig pen and is rescued by the Lion person. Jews have a big fall in Nazi Germany, and then later the Jews are rescued by Zionism ( Lionism ) by the existence of the new country of Israel.

The twister is a tornado which relates to the number two, and thus to World War Two.

Following the Yellow ( Gold ) Brick road relates to how the US Great Depression was the major stimulus for the economic collapse in Germany and also to making WW II happen.

Many professional people think that the US Great Depression was intentionally brought about, and it was not something unexpected by those who ran the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve has admitted on it’s website that the Federal Reserve was the sole cause of the US Great Depression, but the website claims that the depression was unexpected.

Miss Gulch, the wicked witch, name relates to the letters G C H, which relates to the Goyim Christian Church, the supposed evil historical persecutors of the Jews.

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NATHAN #racist

I had an interesting incident with a Jewish Man lately.

When I publicly criticized Margo Kaplan of Rutgers U, who called for the legalization of pedophilia as a Communist Jew, I was threatened. I meant no ill will but it was as if because I am a Christian, I am not permitted to criticize anyone.

I have seen from my limited experience, Jews tend to close ranks around even the most heinous Jews. If a Jew, like Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg in New York dares go to the Goyim ie the NYPD and accuses various Rabbis of tolerating open pedophilia, he is threatened with death.

I know you have explained this situation multiple times.

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Jon #racist

According to my research the Bolshevik revolutionaries were 80% Jews and 100% freemasons (funny how that crops up again and again). Financed by Jew and freemason bankers in London and their lackeys.

Frankly I find it difficult to believe that those folks so easily lost the reigns of power in Russia, certainly not so quickly and it’s highly probable that they wouldn’t be removed without a serious and noticeable purging.

Whether or not Putin is an Orthodox Christian, I simply doubt that anybody would rise to that level in politics and NOT be connected with organized Jewry or secret societies.

Can someone please explain to me how these players wrested power from the old royalty, slaughtered all opposition, owned and controlled EVERYTHING then all of a sudden magically vanished? Gave up? Moved away?

Giving all the means of production to the same oligarchs who controlled everything before and calling it “free market” isn’t exactly a major power shift by my account.

According to Gorbachev, the “fall” of the Soviet Union was only a ruse (as I’m sure was the cold war). If I’m way off base here, someone please explain to me how these cockroaches were driven out so quickly and without any struggle or purging.

The revolutions of the 18th and 19th century and WW1 were orchestrated to topple to power of the monarchies.

The “enemy” practices the ancient mystery religion of Babylon. The conspiracy is as old as the tale of the tower of Babel.

All people speaking one language is symbolic of a world government (certainly the known world at that time), and the building of the tower symbolizes the belief of Luciferianism/Secular-humanism that through great works, man can become as God or over-top God.

Their goals are threefold. To abolish all nation states, to abolish all religion (save their own), and to shackle “the mob” (that’s us), in a “benevolent totalitarianism”… one world socialist “utopia”.

This has been called the “great work”, “new age”, “new Atlantis”, or “new world order”. America’s destiny is to be a major player in this. The great seal with the unfinished pyramid on one side and the phoenix on the other (look at the neck on that bird… it’s no eagle!).

Why is the pyramid not finished? What does the phoenix represent? This is a big tell that the plan is for America to burn and something to arise from the ashes. Perhaps then “our enterprise” will be completed?

In any event, by my estimation the “clash of civilizations” that is being pushed is that of the Christian world (plus the Jews) vs. the Muslims. Mind you, the Talmudic/Zionist Jews will come through unscathed, but true practitioners of the faith are scheduled to be eliminated if they won’t go along with the new order.

God bless you Brother Nathanael. You are one of the few who are brave enough to discuss these issues and allow such comments.

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Brother Nathanael Kapner #racist

The revolt opens in the first pages of Animal Farm.

Philosopher pig Old Major rouses the animals to fight human oppression in the person of Mr Jones, the owner of the farm.

Old Major is Karl Marx and Mr Jones is Czar Nicholas II. The revolt’s the Bolshevik Revolution.

When Jones is driven out, the monarchy ends, and the pigs rule the farm.

Orwell used Moses the raven to voice his hatred of the Russian Orthodox Church of which Czar Nicholas championed.

Moses told the animals of a far-away place called “Sugarcandy Mountain”—”heaven”—to lull the animals into submission to Mr Jones.

But the pigs convinced the animals that “Sugarcandy Mountain” was a lie and Moses the raven had to leave.

Orwell here indicates that the Church was the Czar’s tool to keep the working class hopeful and productive.

Orwell despaired that the Church would again pummel the people into submission when Moses returned when all ended in disillusionment.

The raven is back in Russia today with the revival of the Orthodox Church.

A spirit of optimism reigns and the Russians smile on the future.

For after all, a nation is not a “land” but a “people,” and the Russians are a very different kind of people than Americans.

Dostoevsky foresaw this in his Brother Karamazov when writing, “A star shall rise in the east,” with regard to the Russian Orthodox Church bringing Christ’s image to the world.

“Russian Messianism” in conflict with “Jewish Mammonism”—as it had overtaken Europe—framed Dostoevsky’s vision of Russians being a “God-bearing” people.

In Animal Farm, the revolution, in spite of Orwell’s socialist dreams, proved that the old regime worked better.

Not because it was “old” but because the monarchy was fueled by the image of Christ, which never grows old.

The image of Christ has been obliterated in America, now infested with the air of Jewish mammonism.

Americans have nothing to live for.

The “exceptional nation” lives on food stamps and Jews rule the farm.

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Michael Koop #racist

After having read The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and having read Henry Ford’s The International Jew, I realize that until we throw the Zionist Jews out of our country we will never have anything but corrupt candidates running for the Dem or Rep parties.

On Aug 2, 1492 the Jews were expelled from Spain & 1 day later Columbus set sail for the Americas with at least 6 Jews on board.

So the Jews were here from the get go and have never let their grip go on this country.

The American Indians may have had a better fate if no Jews had ever come to America. If we someday colonize another planet, the Jews will be there to ruin that too!

PS-My best money making job was working for a Jew, but he sure stole anything he could & I regularly walked in his office and called him a mother f***er and he just gave me more money & said shut up.

Now my daughter works for one and she has called him out for bad business practice and he gives her more money and tells her to shut up. On a larger scale, this is how our government works.

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Citizenfitz #racist

Great series of posts here!

Yep, it’s a bet I’d take that for Harvey Weinstein’s dark star to have fallen so far, so fast he po’d someone in the Tribe even bigger than him.

But it is gratifying to see a Jew get hoisted high on one of Jewry’s favorite petards: the organized smear campaign. Forget everything about proof, evidence and presumption of innocence. We’re talking *female victims* here!

When, years after the fact, women suddenly start pushing into the headlines sobbing about how they were abused by some big, powerful man then we can be confident that a plan is coming together. Women can look, dress, talk and act like sluts but as Weinstein has learned the hard way, don’t ever…EVER treat them so.

Weinstein does appear to be a perverted, bullying, manipulative Jew but his accuser’s lurid stories beg the question: “Why did it take you years to come forward with this?”

Some who are now claiming Weinstein raped them apparently went on to somewhat longer term relationships with him. Lucia Evans and Asia Argento being two. Somewhat to his credit Weinstein actually did deliver on his promise to find parts for them in his movies. Oh well….

Ashley “I’m a nasty woman!” Judd is another one. Judd was happily getting naked for movie cameras before ever meeting Weinstein - but was so traumatized by her experience with him that it took her another year or two to begin getting naked again.

What makes the whole affair so wonderful is how for many years Jewry has been petting and abetting stupid, neurotic White wonen to feign the victim. Yet they turned this epic of weaponized neuroticism against one of their own.

So, who did Harvey piss off?

I think we’re seeing in miniature here the future of the Jews - in America at least. Finally, someone will come forward and say whats been obvious for decades: “It’s the Jews, stupid.” in a way that will resonate meaningfully with the dummies - and then the collapse of Jewry’s house of lies will commence in earnest.

It hasn’t happened yet but we’re in the early stages of it now.

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Ted Gorsline #racist

The NRA has a huge membership list of 5 million active voters and they almost certainly put it on the internet. The internet is now just a Jewish spy organiaztion. The owners are just about all Jews.

You can be sure the Mossad has access to everything on the Internet. They will have gotten their hands on the NRA mailing list long ago and will have been working on corrupting the NRA membership from within. It seems they have succeeded.

I suspect Hollywood and MSM TV just aren’t producing the votes anymore. The people who follow Holywood stars are lounge lizards. They don’t vote.

Maybe a propaganda shift has taken place and Hollywood has lost its value. If so the Harvey Slimestains and Merle Creeps of the world are now disposable.

Even Jews should read Von Ribbentrop to learn about the knife in the back.

Television replaced HollyWood as the world’s main propaganda tool in the 1950s. From the pertetual Fake News junk on TV these days, I’d say TV is dying fast too.

Looks like the Jew Boys are doubling down on internet control. They sure seized the reins of media control in a hurry.

But then it’s all spelled out in the Protocols. Uught to be mandatory reading in schools.

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David #racist

It’s meant to confuse — I mean all this fake news, instead of good news and glad tidings.

Fresh lies every day, the new order way, so no one can see what they’re hiding. But they’re going to lose, those who call themselves Jews, but who Christ calls the synagogue of Satan.

And Satan will die for the very first lie he told as a serpent in the garden. “Ye serpents, ye generation (race or nation) of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?” - Jesus Christ Matthew 23:33

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Santiago #racist

Behind every evil man or woman there is an evil family.

Such thing as the Good Jew does not exist.

For Polytheists, Jews are nothing but Cheater Gangsters spreading Middle East Fearmongering Ancient Primitive Supestitions in order to gain power, richness and the sense of superiority among the rest of the mortals.

They got a point.

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Citizenfitz #racist

The house of cards Jewry has been so carefully building over the past few centuries is starting to collapse. That’s becoming clearer by the day.

They had it all so carefully planned: buy off or blackmail anyone of consequence and use their control of the media to keep the cattle obediently stupefied.

Then, along came the Internet.

Those who live by the lie die by the lie.

Not all that long ago they were screaming, “We have no king but Caesar!”

Well, they got their Caesar - and then some - just a few years later.