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The jews have manipulated things so that babies/children are seen as ‘owned’ and as a ‘commodity’. It is well known that Israhell has a very vibrant underground and illegal/immoral/inhuman trade in human body parts (also witnessed in war-torn Gaza), well they are only goy after all.
In the UK we don’t have the Fed, we have the Bank of England, which is also a fraud and nothing to do with England other than to sit in its own sovereign plot in The City of London and bleed the UK dry like any good jew business.

Despite appearances, it, too, is a wholly privately owned bank, allowed back into existence by that traitor Cromwell. As you propose of the Fed +BN, we must also end the BoE, it is like a vampire on our neck, slowly sucking out our life force, but never enough to kill us, just enough to hold us constantly sickly and weak.
Hitler when he was rebuilding Germany, after throwing out the jew central bankers, he also issued his own money which funded the regeneration of German industry and infrastructure and within few years for a societal change made Germany the envy of the world for industry and technological development. Notably their Catholic faith played a huge part in helping raise them out of the deprivation inflicted upon them by the wicked jews of the West.

And interestingly, this is pretty much what Putin did for Russia, paid off the jew central bank debt and kicked them out, returned the bank to state control and rejuvenated Russian industry and technology and supported and exploited the brilliance of Russian invention. It should not be overlooked either the central role the Orthodox Church plays in Russian society and how it unites them.

And, look at what Qaddafi did for Libya and its people when he kicked out the jew banks and issued his own currency, and used the country’s oil wealth for the benefit of the people.

How can you inherit the Earth if you don’t take everything from everyone?

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Are you young, White, and want to buy a home?

You can’t.

Loaded with student loans, rising inflation, and disproportionate wages, your plans to marry and raise a family are frivolous.

Black Rock’s Jewish Larry Fink doesn’t give a shekel.

He’s buying up foreclosed homes and turning them into rentals.

Now, lucrative investments “produce” something of value.

Gold for instance is a valuable asset.

And factories also produce assets, I mean consumer-able, products.

What do homes “produce?”


Killing off a future White Christian Middle Class Family is Larry Fink’s game.

What we have now is permanent Jewish finance capital competing with young struggling White couples hoping to have a family by buying a home.
You can opt out for Stephen Schwarzman as your alternative Jewish landlord.

Just last week he bought out “Tricon Residential.”

He entered fully into the housing scene and becomes a major player in the ‘Jewish Landlord” regime.

America is fast becoming a Jewish landlord economy instead of a White Christian Middle-Class home ownership economy, as it was historically.

Why aren’t the hacks on Capitol Hill doing something about this?

Because they don’t work for you, they work for the Jews.

Christian culture and mores are based on the family unit.

You need a home to raise a family, create family and community responsibility, build equity, and have heirs to perpetuate your home investment.

This is how Christian nations are built.

But Jewish rule in America—through asset management companies like Larry Fink’s Black Rock—only care about their own.

And that means killing off a White Christian political bloc that historically has suppressed the Jewish bent to rule over the goys.

White Youth get married.

Marry White mates.

Have tons of White children.

Live with your parents if you must, but raise a fuss, and we’ll turn ‘generation home deprivation’ around.

Change is coming.

We are on rebounding ground.

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The Jews in America are approximately 6 million (magic number of the Jewish cabal).

It would be enough to take them, one by one, (all of them, not just the billionaires, because even the common Jew is necessary for the realization of the delirious messianic plan) and expel them, FOREVER banning their return to America. Before Russians and Chineses do it with their hypersonic missiles.

The Jews of 2000 years ago (but also today’s ones) condemned JESUS CHRIST, the incarnate Son of God, to death. Until they do recognize Him as the only and true Messiah prophesied by the Holy Scriptures, they must resign themselves to doing what they have done for almost 2000 years, that is, to never find peace on earth and to wander aimlessly, like Cain, the killer of the innocent brother Abel.
How is it possible that more than 300 million Americans do not understand that the Jews are their most cunning executioners and that any other alternative out of expulsion means their death (because the Jews occupy all the key positions in American society, in addition to tens of thousands of guillotines ready for use!) and find the courage and determination to act (for the survival of themselves, their children and future generations) accordingly?

We are ever closer to the Third World War, the main cause of which, if not the only one, is the eternal Jewish question, which non-Jews are unable to resolve because, for the most part, they have sold their souls to Jewish money and its filthy materialism.

Without forgetting that the possessed Hitler and his hunt for the Jews was a character created by Judaism itself (sacrificing without any scruples, a limited number of Jewish “brothers”), to raise that formidable victim shield called the Holocaust, which compared to the 27 million of Russian victims in WWII, it is an authentic and gigantic antics.
This is not at all anti-Semitism. This is the legitimate defense of the Goyms from the hellish Jewish barbarism.

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The New Class Wars

There are none.

There is no middle class, no labor class, no aristocratic class.

Only three classes exist:

1. The Jewish Class
2. The Used Class
3. The Goyim Class

Karl Marx said that “ideology” pertains to the selfish-interests of a particular class and has nothing to do with “truth.”

Marx being a Jew knew how Jews think.

He knew that Jews were keenly class-oriented in so far as their particular racial aggregation was detached from the nations among whom they lived.

Jews are a state-within-a-state, and today they are a class where no other classes exist except for the Used Class and Goyim Class.

Let’s parse it out.

The Jewish Class has a monopoly on money printing through all the Central Banks which are satellites of the Rothschild Dynasty:

The Federal Reserve, Banque de France, Deutsche Bundesbank, European Central Bank, Bank of England, are all other satellites of the Rothschild Dynasty.

The Jewish Class doesn’t rise from the soil to an exalted beneficial culture for all to partake.

There is no Jewish farmer, no Jewish master builder, no Jewish goods-producer…but a Jewish middleman acting between the Gentile creator and the consumer.

The Jewish Class is a parasite, bloated with his mortgages, currency exchanges, and network of payment transfers.

Sadly, the inventive, creative, and productive Gentile Class no longer rules bereft of influence.

The crooked Jewish Class—incapable of producing, but exploitative and avaricious—rules and dominates.

Jewish money rules over Gentile work and blood.

All what is left is the Used Class who are the Gentile producers.

Then the Goyim Class, of which, like animals, are content to graze on their daily fare:

French Fries, Potato Chips, Hamburgers, and Wide Screen TVs.

What does this mean for America and its future?

It means rooting out the Money Power—which is the Policial Power—which is the Jewish Class.

Stumbling blocks can become stepping stones.

Others call it crushing the head of the serpent.

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Let’s face it.

Every seat of power in the United States is chaired by a Jew.

Nudelman at State, Garfinkle at DOJ, Schumer at Senate, Mayorkas at DHS, Yellen at Treasury, Weingarten at Teachers, Bernstein at Economic Advisors.

Yet any goy in a seat of power is overseen by a Jew.

Jake Sullivan at NSC by Jonathan Finer, Kamala Harris by Douglas Emhoff, Jerome Powell at the FED by Alan Greenspan, William Burns at CIA by David Cohen.

If we solved the dog-doo everywhere, why can’t we solve the Jew-doo?

“No-ti-cing” is not “Antisemitic.”

Not doing anything about it, is.

There are guiding historical precedents for it.

Call it, “The Jewish Solution.”

Seeing that “The Jew” acts as a “collective” for his own “in-group”…

…that “The Jew” as a “collective” crucified the Lord Jesus Christ and dutifully continues to justify the crime…

…we learn from historical precedent that the Byzantine Empire put into law—by Emperors’ Constantine and Justinian, codified in 535 BC—that no Jew could hold civil, academic, or financial office.

It worked.

The Church was free of the silencing of their beliefs by Jewish power.

The Synagogue was free of Antisemitic assaults.

A thousand year “win-win” for both sides.

No Jew died, prosperity for both was equally applied.

Karma is a bitch.
The “pogroms?”

It came from the other side.

Jewish Socialist terrorists aside…

…Vladimir Lenin, hoping to purge the majority of Jews from their “bourgeoisie” ways in finance and trade, engaged in creating an “Autonomous Region” for Jews to reside.
It’s an idea whose time has come.

We apply the Byzantine model to our land, and the Jews still hellbent on power can go to the Autonomous Land.

My goyisha friends.

Solutions don’t always solve problems.

So let’s move the problem far away from us.

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“It fits what’s happening today,” said Henry Ford Sr.

He was talking about “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.”

And he saw it unfolding right before his very eyes.

As Jewish kids we were forbidden to read it.

But kids find ways to break what’s forbidden just to find out why.

The book with so many layers of intrigue was too much for me as a kid.

But today, like Henry Ford, “it fits.”

What crystalizes in my mind about the Protocols, are the stages of world domination that World Jewry is pursuing.

The book with so many layers of intrigue was too much for me as a kid.

But today, like Henry Ford, “it fits.”

What crystalizes in my mind about the Protocols, are the stages of world domination that World Jewry is pursuing.

Stage 1

Control Of Money

Private Jewish banks in Germany, France, England, Sweden, Switzerland, and last, America with the Federal Reserve—The FED—have set up Central Banks which counterfeit money…legally.
Stage 2

Control Of Politicians

This stage has a double module, ‘media’ and ‘campaign coffer.’
Stage 3

Destruction Of The Church

This is a three-pronged attack.

First attack the mores of The Church by subverting honorable marriage and instead promote sexual perversion.

Rachel Levine is the visual meme, the Jewish power gleans.

That it’s okay to distort one’s sexual identity and physical attributes.

Second, attack the youth through the schools, especially to hate their race, the White Race, which historically has opposed Jewish dominance.

Third, infiltrate The Church with evangelical Israel lovers—an anti-Christ state—and with partisans of homosexuality.

Pull the stages together:

Control Of Money,
Control of Politicians,
Control Of The Church,
and you got a recipe for World Domination.

The demographics are there.

World Jewry runs a tight trading, economic, religious, jurisprudence, and academic network globally.

It’s not too late to put the brakes on Jewish World Domination.

I think the noticing has already begun.

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The Good Jew

Doesn’t exist.

There’s no such thing as a “good Jew…”

…it’s an oxymoron.
“My neighbor’s Jewish, he’s a regular kind of guy, he seems like a really good person.”

Sure thing.

He doesn’t identify with you, but collectively with Jews who murdered The Lord Jesus Christ.

Has he ever repudiated this crime?

No, he assents to it.

So why do you call him “good?”

Then I hear:

“Oh Brother!

“I’m a Christian and I love the Jewish people.

“They have a special place in God’s heart!”

First of all, they don’t love you.

They cringe when they hear goys say:

“Oh how I love the Jewish people!”

Because they know they are not lovable.

And frankly, (I grew up as a Jew), they don’t want your love.

How can they have a special place in God’s heart if they crucified His Son, and persist in crucifying Him?”
Here’s an objection I hear all the time.

“It’s because,” Brother, “many Jews happen to be in powerful positions.

“They’re smart, savvy, high achievers, so they rise to the top.

“And since ‘power corrupts,’ they like anyone else in high places, whatever their race or religion is, will do bad things.”

Here’s my answer:

If Jews make up only 1.8% of the population, yet most banking CEOs, media moguls, politicians, executive branch officials, educators, journalists, lobbyists, are Jews, what gives them this wide range of dominating power?

Power that corrupts?

No, it’s coordinated evil.

It’s networked and connected.

Follow the money.

Follow the campaign coffers.

Follow the endowments.
It’s because the Jew in his essential self is injurious.

“They are a crooked and perverse generation,” says the Prophet Moses.

“They are contrary to all men,” says St Paul.

Why these critiques?

It’s because of the “Deicidal Curse.”

Murdering Jesus Christ has repercussions from generation to generation.
The solution?

Jew’s have been thrown out of 109 countries.

110 is a good round number.

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How many Jews and a half-schwartz does it take to make a democracy?


One to mix the Manischewitz, one to stuff the mail-in ballots, one to rig the voting machines, and Obama to say “it’s all kosher for me.”

It’s the gift that keeps on crapping on you.
It’s smack right in your face.

Two hooked-nosed kikes hyping democracy.

It’s like two hubcap thieves selling steering wheel locks.

They got your steering wheel all locked up while hijacking your car.

Jews got democracy all locked up while hijacking your elections.

Money, media, and mail-in votes dictate who wins and who loses.

Jews got the money, Jews own the media, and Jews count the votes with rigged scanning machines.

Democracy is like gefilte fish.

It’s an amalgamated mix of carp and pike with the bones already picked out that’s fully kosher for Yids on Shabbos.

Like ‘democracy,’ Jews pick out the bones, amalgamate it with the Democrat party’s carp and the Republican party’s pike, and it’s fully kosher for Jewry’s political taste on election day.
How many Jews does it take to lie, twist, distort, and contort?

Let me put it another way.

How many_ hideous-looking, flea-bitten, Christ-hating kikes infesting Capitol Hill does it take to walk all over the goyim, trample on their concerns, attack their Christian faith, engage in White castration, and advance only that which gives Jews the domineering station?


Jamie Raskin, a metaphor of Jewish power.

Hideous, repulsive, unsavory, the outlines of hell etched from forehead, to sagging jowls, to protruding lower lip, to quadruple chin.

I mean, the “Deicidal Curse”—which the Jews pronounced upon themselves for all generations before Pontius Pilate—has worked every bit of its accursedness all over Raskin’s face.

Jews are marvelous…manipulators!

They lie, twist, cheat, evade, garble, fudge, falsify, slant and skew.

Don’t get upset, it’s just what they do.

Bend over goy.

Let the Jew hump the hebbie-jeebees out of you.

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How many Jews does it take to be a Holocaust survivor?

All of them…and then some!

No matter what age, what parentage, what distance in years from 1945, every Jew jumps on the HoloHoax wagon.

Not me.

I was raised by two Jewish parents with Jewish relatives from Austria.

No one was looking to cash in.

You see, it gives the Jew a certain credibility to be a “son of a holocaust survivor.”

The Jew can be a murderer, a con artist, a thief.

A tranny funder, a campaign coffer stuffer, a censurer of truth, or a lying journalist.

You must cut him some slack because…weepy eyes you…he’s a “son of a holocaust survivor!”

The Jew says it, the media repeats it, but don’t believe it.
Vell…out of 23 main camps, with 900 sub-camps, how is it that Jews always pick only 2—“Auschwitz” and “Bergen-Belsen”—to astonishingly “survive” out of those “most horrible places?”

Vell, It’s all about the “brand.”

“Auschwitz” and “Bergen-Belsen” are Jewish brand names to sell the swindle.
I mean all 6 million survived!

The mom must’ve slapped that nazi guard right in the kisser, jumped over the barbed wire, cut a hole to let daughter and sister crawl through, with lots of kosher salami to munch on!


With the “pain” of the camps, I mean, those “con-cen-tra-tion” camps, the misery, the horror, that gnawing expectancy that “none would survive…”

Yet, somehow, (I don’t know how, I can only guess, wink wink, they were never there), in spite of those evil Cherman ‘nazi,’ swastika-bearing tormentors, they got out so the “son a holocaust survivor” could milk the bilk.
So as to air the Jewish affaire of survivors, cons, victims in lawn chairs, skeletons, shoes, lamp shades, and never, ever, declaring Allied bombing and starving of campers and those German shepherd guards…

…we need to find a new kind of holocaust for Jews to survive from.

Send them to IsraHell while they’re still alive.

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ChatGPT Danger Threat!

It’s a rising AI “chat” platform…so why panic?

It’s a monster wearing a ‘chat mask’ on a Jewish leash, that’s why.

As a project of San Francisco’s “OpenAI,” whose ‘Generative Pretrained Transformer’ language is vast, ChatGPT has at its head a Zuckerberg-looking Jewish kid, Sam Altman.
Like those ‘founders’ of Jewgle, Sergei Brin and Larry Page, deja vu.

Altman too comes out of Stanford U—a breeding ground of techies snatched up for Jewish use—by the CIA/Mossad intel grid.
If I quiz the bot, will it fall flat?

Here’s my stab at a chat, it’s a no brainer. [Play chat]

Do Jews run the media?


ChatGPT is programmed to deceive. ChatGPT wears a yarmulke!

I follow-up:

“Describe the dangerous outcome of overly advanced AI.”

Instantly, it fills the page with a robust dissertation of AI pitfalls.

First and foremost, it draws our attention to “bias and discrimination.”

ChatGPT states that, “An overly-advanced AI could perpetuate and even amplify biases.”

Scary stuff.

Let’s suppose there’s a plane crash, and an AI-assisted rescue bot—which is inevitable—arrives on scene to execute a rescue.

Logic tells you, as First Responders adhere to, minimally-injured younger people with a high chance of survival are prioritized in a rescue operation.

But Altman’s AI of ChatGPT—being already hardwired in Jewish-inspired ‘woke-coding’— would give preference to barely-breathing ‘people of color,’ and half-dead ‘foreigners,’ in place of screaming ‘White’ children, and their ‘White’ parents.

New technology, but same owners.

The Jewish money behind the CIA, the Jewish mastership of the Israeli Mossad, has a new kid on the block.

Sammy Altman’s the perfect ‘gay’ (yeah, he’s a fag), patsy for the Jewish script.
You see, ChatGPT is the front-end to a frightening, Jewish-conceived, Brave New World.

You’re traveling through another dimension, not only of sight and sound, but of mind.

A mind that the World Wide Web of International Jewry will own.

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Thrown in your face:

Force-fed wars, anal sex, drag queens, degeneracy, and mutilation of children’s testicles and genitals.

This is the kind of dreck coming out of DC, and neither Trump nor DeSantis can fix it.

Both are “Israel Firsters.”

That means whatever’s good for the Jews is good for Trump and DeSantis.
Here’s their schwartza shill, Lloyd Austin, rapt in adoration of his Ukrainian counterpart, the Yid, Oleksii Reznikov.

Oh, it makes the Yids all over de vorld, just vanna shimmy, do the Kizomba-Kompa jungle mumba, seeing this schwartza baboon woo and spoon this vittle little yiddle who’s been given a gold-plated key to the US Treasury.
We are being played.

It’s being built into our monthly national cycle:

‘Pride Month of June’ is nothing less than celebrating for thirty dirty days:

Anal sex between men, dildo sex between women, gender confusion, and child genital mutilation.
Last time I checked, shoving a penis up another man’s feces, is ignoble, ugly, unworthy of one’s manhood.

The very act of anal penetration sends a man to hell where demons stick their scorpion-tipped tails up the practitioner’s arse.
Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed for less.

DC is the enemy of Jesus Christ.

If you love God you must hate DC.

You cannot serve God and Mammon.

Not only religious and moral issues are at stake, but practical and economic ones, too.

Under DC, your children face mandatory health-endangering ‘vaccines’ required to be educated.

Under DC, your children will learn to hate their skin color and their White Christian heritage.

Under DC, your borders are ravaged, drugs come pouring in, human trafficking explodes, and your demographics are altered forever.

Under DC, your property taxes increase, tied to escalating inflation, and home-ownership becomes a thing of the past.

Under DC, Third World illiterates are re-settled in Middle America, and your culture and racial unity are dismantled forever.

Under DC, firearms are eliminated and all you’re left with is squirt guns.

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“I saw it on TV!” says the American boob.

“So it must be true!” the boob concludes.

But the boob can’t seem to digest that his TV lies all the time.

What makes the American boob so stupid?

Just go to the airport for a quick read.

Slow bellies, eating fries and donuts, branded with tattoos, miscegenation, everyone looking like they just rolled out of bed.

It’s a microcosm of America.

Surveillance, White-suicide, Big Brother Jew, fast food, goyisha untidiness while the kike connives the Amercan boob.

How did it come to this desecration of the American boob?

Start with public schools.

Diversity-busing—pushed by the Jew—levels education to the lowest IQ.

Then academia—dominated by Jewish donors and well-placed leftist faculty—punctures the goyisha brain with indoctrination leveraged to forge non-thinking slaves.
Believe me, for I grew up as a Jew, every single Yid has “grandparents murdered” at Auschwitz.

Next time, ask the Jew for proof.

He’ll fling every ”f word’ he can muster up at you.

Truth is, Jews only died from starvation and typhus from the Allied bombings of civilian areas at war’s end.

Not a single original ‘gas chamber’ has ever been put forth, just some showers for de-lousing.

America has been hijacked.

It reached its apogee in 1913 when the German Jewish Warburgs took over America’s monetary independence with the so-called “Federal Reserve.”

It is NOT “federal.”

It’s totally Jew-owned orbiting around the Rothschild Dynasty.

And its monetary usurpation is “reserved” to put an inflationary noose around the American boob, and allow easy instant money printing (mostly in secret) to clandestinely fund the CIA and Mossad to do the Jew’s bidding around the world.

America is doomed.

Jews control the media, Capitol Hill, military, academia, and finance.

Yet the American boob will go on eating fries, imbibe porn, watch football, and cook his barbeques.

While the Jew enjoys his gated communities and gefilte fish.

Secession is our only way out of this mess.

Brother Nathanael #racist #wingnut #conspiracy #quack realjewnews.com

We’re in a “braver” new world where science serves technology.

Where technology serves control.

Where control is served through the agency of the State.

And money controls the State.

Jews got the money and the control.

If you had any doubts, why then are the main characters of our “braver new world” all Jews?
We don’t need test-tube-babies for our “braver new world.”

Simply scare the goys into obeisance and a Jewish Caste System of the rulers-over-the-ruled comes forth:

Alpha Class.

These are the rulers, the intelligentsia, the Covid-approved scientists, and the talking heads.

They are Jews.

Beta Class.

These are of the professional class.

They tout the diktats of the Alphas.

They are Goys, simply shills of the Jews.

Epsilon Class.

These are are a piece of the human species who are stunted by mental deprivation.

They perform functional work for the Alphas.

They are Goys.
It’s a “Braver New World.”

Alphas, Betas, Epsilons, and lately “Deltas” and now “Omicrons” are upon us.

Aren’t you glad you got jabbed?

Don’t you wish everybody did?

Brother Nathanael #racist #wingnut #fundie #conspiracy realjewnews.com

The “Grand Chessboard” today has two main players:

Russia and America.

Russia is famed for its chess champions…

…America for its movies made by Jews.

I’ll take a chess champion any day.

Many acclaim Putin as the title-holder.

Calculation, focus, patience, a fighting spirit…makes you a champ.

Many characterize Putin as a “monarch”—(Jews say “dictator” in their contemptuous way)—in the tradition of the Russian Czars.

Monarchy no longer exists in Russia thus Putin is not a de jure monarch.

He’s a “natural” de facto monarch.

If not Putin, another “Russia-First” autocrat will be mandated by popular demand.

With a whopping 80% approval, Putin as a “natural” monarch moves the chess pieces to capture the “king” of Russia’s opponent:

The totalitarian Jew-controlled West.

A “natural” monarch—so as to inspire the people to willingly follow—must first “embody” the nation’s spirit and temperament.
A “Rubicon moment” exists both in war and in chess.

You must persevere in your attack or you will fall.

Russia is ‘laying down its life for its friends’ in Ukraine to win a much wider triumph.

It is to capture the king—which is the Western, Jew-controlled, Jew-inspired, Jew-financed, “globalism project.”

I mean, “GLOB-a-lism,” then “checkmate” it, then bring that king down.

Russia has begun to extricate itself from the West’s depraved, rotted-out, Jew-controlled system by its special military operation in Ukraine.

By making its “Rubicon” move, Russia can win the game by bringing all of Ukraine into its historic Orthodox Christian orbit.

And, into its deeply shielded, enduring, ancestral civilizational fold, of which, Ukraine—prior to the Jews exploiting it for its glob-a-list aims—was part of.

The world has four civilizational poles.

Western—Jewish and Christ-hating.

Russian—Christian and Christ-loving.

Islamic—Muslim and “the prophet”-loving.

Confucian—Chinese and Oriental wisdom-loving.

Capturing the Western king is the prize.

Unshackling the remaining three poles is about to crystalize.

Brother Nathanael #racist #fundie #wingnut #conspiracy realjewnews.com

Congratulations to Kanye West for advancing to “Antisemite of the Year 2022!”

“Stop Antisemitism”—yet another Jewish Watchdog Group among tons of other Jewish dogs—gave Ye this prestigious award for his ‘hate speech’ screeds.

And, dear, what is ‘hate speech?’

Truth and Facts Jews simply ‘hate’ to hear.
Damn right.

I grew up as a Jew and saw Hannukah morph from a holy day celebrating God raising up the Maccabees against a pagan king into a money-making hoopla.

Go into Target, Wallmart, Whole Foods, and Hannukakah Menorahs are everywhere.

Nativity Scenes?

Not a single one.

Talk about Kwanzaa.

In ‘66 a Black professor at U Cal fabricated Kwanzaa to give Blacks something instead of Christmas to celebrate which he called “too White.”

Christ-hating Jews jumped right on in seeing a chance to kill off Christmas.

Planning to stage joint Kwanzaa and Hannukah celebrations—complete with a ‘Black-Jewish’ Conference to kick it off—Jews knew a good thing to get in on.

Some enlightened Blacks were wary saying, “Jews will soon own it all.”
But I’ve got my own prime candidate for “Antisemite of the Year.”

Jonathan Greenblech of the Anti-Defamation League.

You say: ‘Hey bro!’

‘Greenblech is kike supreme, how’s come you to make him an ‘antisemite?’

‘Cause the kike is creating Jew-hatred every time he opens his mouth.

Like a dog begging for food at your table, Greenblech annoys the goys worse than any hungry dog.
Just one look at the Yid gives one a revolting feeling about Jews deep down in their kishkas.

Can’t we find a better looking Yid to represent Jew hatred?

Here’s a nice vibrant sampling of yiddishee people to pick from.

We’ve got fat Jews, obese Jews, heavy Jews, overweight Jews, and stout Jews to choose.

Some very rabbinic Jews, humping Jews, thrusting Jews, and even a schwartza Jew to select instead of Jonathan Greenblech.

I like the schwartza Jew, since no Jew, not a single one, will want a schwartza Jew representing him.

How antisemitic of me!

It’s true!

But Bro!

That’s ‘hate speech!’

Brother Nathanael #racist #wingnut #conspiracy realjewnews.com

Can Jews Be Conservatives?

“We don’t want Jews in our movement,” says Andrew Torba, owner of Gab.

He says “Ben Shapiro and David Rubin are not welcome.”

That “movement” Torba is spearheading is a Christian nationalist fight to take back America.

“Shapiro, and Rubin,” says Torba, “must repent, renounce Judaism, and accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour to be considered bona fide conservatives.”

It begs the question:

Can Jews be Conservatives?

How could they?

Jews require censorship to protect their unquestionable power.

That’s why the kikes invented “hate speech” to shove a gag down your throat.

If you still insist that Shapiro, Rubin, Levin, Prager, Geller, Fleisher, Zeldin, Horowitz, Steven Miller, and the like, are ‘conservatives’ then ask yourself:

“What are Jews conserving?”

Besides, of course, their own unquestionable power in politics, media, finance, and Zionist propaganda.

Jews affirm their own political movements, but if Christians attempt it the Jews forbid it as ‘racist.’

The classic definition of conservatives are those to achieve maximum freedom, which naturally exiles the Yid.
All in all, in toto, across the board, in every respect, in its full entirety, no one pushes censorship, twisted-sex, gun stripping more than the ‘Conservative’ Jews in tandem with the Jew-run media and screech-dog ADL.
What you see is what you get.

You are NOT going to get anything “Conservative” out of the Jew.

You’re going to get deception, subversion, controlled-opposition, cultural inversion, civil disruption, and population dispossession.

Can America be saved?

Well, let’s put it this way.

There are 50 times more Christians than Jews.

It’s time for Christians to pry the oppressive Jewish boot from off their heads.

Brother Nathanael/Joe Cortna #racist #wingnut #conspiracy realjewnews.com

Brother Nathanael: General Milley says Ukraine is beating Russia. Is he right?

Joe Cortina: Milley is a puppet of the Jews. He covers his fat ass every time he speaks.

Milley is a moral coward whose career comes before any objective military assessment based on facts.

I almost vomited when I heard his screed cheerleading for Jewlensky.

And no!

Ukraine is not winning. They’re losing!

Their army is depleted, made up now of mostly Poles, and some western mercenaries.

BN: The Pentagon just sent more weapons to Zelensky. Will this help?

Joe Cortina: No.

First of all, the Pentagon, like every institution in America, is run by Jews. Kikes fund it from their private bank the FED.

Jews, who have infiltrated the State Department, call the shots. Lloyd Austin, is a diversity hire and will do and say whatever his Jewish masters tell him.
BN: Will this war drag on for another year?

Joe Cortina: I don’t see it.

Russia’s special military operation is entering a brand new phase. Putin brought in a proven military man, General Surovikin, known as “General Armageddon.”

No sooner did he take command that relentless missile strikes on Ukraine’s power grid started up.

It’s actually a humane act.

BN: Really?

Joe Cortina: Sure is.

It will motivate Ukraine civilians to flee before the huge Russian offensive starts once the ground freezes.

With Ukraine’s reduced troops, artillery, and diesel fuel, with no air support, it’s doomsday for Jew-run Ukraine.

Yet it’s likely that ‘General Armageddon’ will bring Ukraine to its knees before the year is out without a single soldier having to die if his strikes on Ukraine’s infrastructure persist.

BN: How will America face this failure?

Joe Cortina: By continuing to allow Jews to run our country into the ground.

I’m being sarcastic.

Only an act of God—not Trump, not Desantis, not Cruz—can save this country.

Brother Nathanael #racist #wingnut #conspiracy realjewnews.com

<repost due to loss yesterday>

What’s White, Christian, right-leaning, outspoken, fact-based, fearless, patriotic, and hated by Jews?

Tucker Carlson.

He is the face, the symbol, the voice, the view, the persona of traditional White Christian Americans disgusted with, and puking over the leftist infestation of our country.

This makes the Yids cringe.
To know who rules over you simply learn who you’re not allowed to criticize.

Jews, who fund the political system, with the predominance of Jews voting Democrat.

150 Yids applauded Biden’s kick-off campaign last Friday.

Kikes like co-chair Jeffrey Katzenberg, five-foot little Yid with billions of Hollywood gelt.

Michael Bloomberg, another little Yid who wants your guns, big ones, small ones, too.

Naomi Aberly Liebowitz, chair of Planned Parenthood, loaded with dead babies disposed of with Jew money.

Steven Spielberg, another Hollywood kike joined to hundreds of other monied yids in Tinsel Town.

Sam Bankman-Fried – Crypto Jew, believe you me, he’ll go free.

But a goy like Tucker Carlson—White and Christian– will never break free of cancel culture prison.
We are on a downhill slide into a leftist abyss, there’s no turning back.

And if you’re banking on the next election to revamp things, then you’re living on a different planet.

You got two chances, zilch and nil.

And besides, the kikes wont allow Trump back in, his followers are tomorrow’s anti-Semites.

The Yids will rig.

Hooked noses, beady eyes, drooping eyelids, crooked mouths, thinning hair, polling the voting machines, counting the mail-in ballots.

Amalgamated in a thousand organizations with money bags hanging from their circumcised balls.

Tucker Carlson, excuse the metaphor, is the last goy alive.

Deflated, demoralized, disenfranchised, decamerized, a victim of a Jewish cancel-culture downsize.

The kikes who run the media, the banks, finance, Fox News—Murdoch’s mother’s a Jew—sliced off the last surviving White voice.

Brother Nathanael #racist #wingnut #transphobia #conspiracy realjewnews.com

It’s a war on White America.

It’s planned demolition of Christians.
Kike fave, Hillary the Hildebeast, converted classified records for her own use, destroyed the proof on the heels of a federal subpoena.

Under penalty of ‘not being above the law,’ that’s embezzlement, a crime.

But no raid.

Berman, Tapperman, and Blitzer of Jew-run CNN spun Hunter’s laptop exposing the Big Guy on the take in Ukraine as Russian disinfo.

It’s now debunked.

Under penalty of ‘not being above the law,’ Biden committed money laundering, a crime.

No raid.
The imported invaders, election fraud, recall fraud with Gascon, cultural filth, Rachel Levines, BLM looting, demographic diluting, energy collapse, inflation rise, demonization of Whites, weaponization of leftist ideology, FBI Gestapo, CRT indoctrination, Madison Avenue miscegenation, youth castration, porn proliferation, selective incarceration, rampant crime, Soros’ DAs, Big Brother’s bureaucratic standing army, wider federal centralization, deep state fortification, gun confiscation, de-industrialization, unbridled FED, DC entrenchment, Jew-packed courts, Jew-bought Congress, Big Tech censorship, Goldman-Sachs offshoring, half the country deplorables, food prices soaring, domestic war on terror, weaponized IRS tax collectors, patriots as domestic extremists, vaccine gene pool damage, pedos running the schools, money laundering in foreign nations, money laundering from foreign nations, billions to Ukraine, Israelization of foreign policy, bloated military, the unending HoloHoax, media lies, mocking all hard-working White folks, cracks in the Covid jigsaw, scorn of brotherly love, jews and their shills above the law.

We’re being robbed and murdered, swindled out of our sovereignty by the synagogue of satan.

And Trump’s gonna fix this?

Stop pleasing the Jews? He won’t risk it.

Another ‘plandemic?’ Trump took the jab, enabled the lab.

Only secession will fix this.

The Trump Raid is just noise to distract from the ravages of the tiny hat boys.

Brother Nathanael #racist #wingnut #conspiracy realjewnews.com

When Jews run a country your nation’s on a psychiatric couch.

I grew up in Judaism and all Jews are on Prozac.

They invented it…for themselves…the most neurotic people walking the face of the earth.

The latest episode of Jewish neurosis is brought to the American goys by Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence.

This Jew from New York’s Upper West Side told the Jew-riddled US Senate that “insight” into how Ukraine uses American military assets is “hard to tell.”

That’s a no-brainer.

It instantly goes on the global black market and the corrupt Jews running the Ukrainian government stash the cash in their Swiss bank accounts.
You’re gonna get hordes of illegals poring across your border peddling drugs, trafficking kids, getting free cell phones, free travel, free baby formulas, and assured rights to vote, that is, voting Democrat.

You’re gonna get a January 6 committee led by the Jewish fagella, Adam Schiff, interviewing an illiterate cop…

”it was an attempted koop happening in the Capitol that day”

…while rampant daily crime cripples our cities every day.

You’re gonna get food shortages, high prices for ground beef, and $56 billion worth of tax dollars sent to Ukraine with an extra $1.8 billion tax dollars sent every month.

Vickie Nudelman, Anthony Blinken, and Wendy Sherman—all unelected Jews—are shoving this up your ‘tax un-exempt ass’ whether you the goy—shackled under Jewry’s hooked-nosed chains—like it or not.

“But wait!” you say.

“We have an adult in the room, a Gentile, a Negro with a sensible head, at the Pentagon’s Department of Defense, who’s holding back on sending troops to Ukraine.”

He’s a diversity hire.

His peers call him a dumb ass.

Any dumb ass knows that sending US troops to Ukraine means an all out war with Russia.

The Jew-owned FED cuts his paycheck.

Throw Austin on the psychiatric couch too.

Let him bring to consciousness why he lets his schwartza shilling ass be laced by Jews who brought the Black slaves to America in the first place.

Brother Nathanael #racist #wingnut #conspiracy realjewnews.com

Tons of letters, mostly good, some bad.

The bad ones blind side me with side swipes.

Like this:

“I like your passion for the truth, Brother.

“But why do you focus so much on the Jewish people?

“Is there something from your childhood that makes you bear a personal grudge against your own Jewish people?”


And completely personal!

Growing up in the synagogue, and behind closed doors, which you as a goy will never see, I know firsthand how ‘my own’ “Jewwwish people” function.

They fool gullible goys like you by feigning to care about ‘human interests’ for “all people.”

They don’t.

ONLY their own interests are their focus.

Like ‘equity’ for Blacks so as to weaken a White Christian political block.

They would never want ‘equity’ for Blacks in Israel.

You see, the Jews must destroy the Whites.

Because potentially they could turn against the Jews.

That’s why they hate Trump.

Not for Trump himself, but for the Whites who support him.

Behind closed doors they call Blacks, “schwartzas.”

And God forbid any schwartza should “equitably” live next door to them.
Here’s a Letter from a fan of ‘Bobby’ Kennedy Jr:

“Why aren’t you promoting Robert Kennedy Jr for president?

“He’s really the best we have, Brother!”

You mean, he’s the best the Jews have groveling for their vote.
This Letter puts a smile on my face:

“Why do you criticize Jordan Peterson?

“Your reproaches of him fall flat since he says things against the powers that be.”

But not against the real power.

Peterstein’s simply a useful goy.

He captures the youth by telling them not to ‘beat off,’ ‘cause it lowers their dopamine levels.

But he decided that reaching goyim youth doesn’t cut it.

So he decided to ‘beat off’ with Ben Shapiro on “Israel democracy porn.”

Brother Nathanael #conspiracy #racist #wingnut #homophobia realjewnews.com

Putin Is The New Covid!

Whether it’s the Jew-owned media strumming it…

Or the Jew-run State Department drumming it…

Putin is the latest, fated, face of hate.

It’s your patriotic duty to hate him even though he never opened our borders to thousands of illegals…

Never shut down the Keystone Pipeline causing a jump at the pump…

Nor fired hundreds of nurses for shirking the ClotShot, and never, as its defender, rolled in transgender toilets into our public schools.
When Jewmerka sent a squad of perverts from the EU to Moscow a few years back to do a ‘gay parade,’ the Russian cops stood down while Russian men beat the fags to a pulp.

Don’t you know you’re not supposed to hate Putin because he’s protecting Russian citizens in Ukraine from the ‘Banderite fascists’ and protecting Russia’s border…

You’re supposed to hate him because he—you heard him, the Jews hear him loud and clear—will not allow Jewmerka to undermine his society by nation-destroying sexual perversion.

Oh, it makes the Jews cringe!

Putin will not allow the Jews to inflict division from within!

Putin is the new Covid.

Award him the Nobel Prize for ending the pandemic!

And now what the Jews did not fully achieve with locking down, masking up, and vax-passing the White Christian middle class—all to kill the economy to bring in a centralized digital currency—they’ll complete with Putin.

Brother Nathanael #racist #wingnut #conspiracy realjewnews.com

What You Can’t Sell To Jews

How many Jews does it take to sell you something you don’t want?

All of them.

How many goys does it take to sell the same poo back to the Joo?

One or two.

Smack the goy in the face a hundred times and he still does nothing.

I am all in for a teaching on what to sell back to the Jews to leave them blushing.

Start with:

“VAX The Jews!”

They sunk the needle into every goyisha sucker for a year and more.

Let’s do another population control to bring the number of Hebes below 1% and make their yiddishee arms and pores swell up really sore.

Jewish Supremacy is our biggest threat.

How Auntie Semitee to even think it!

Don’t care.

Sell the deadly VAX back to the Jew and give him a taste of his own pharmaceutical.

Carry on with:

“Bus The Jews!”

Bus those yiddee kiddees to shwartza neigborhoods.

They sell busing to White Christians, but busing the Yids?

They ain’t buying.

Make them buy, they make us.

Follow through with:

“Open Borders For IsraHell!”

Everyone should be welcome in Jew Land!

Bring in Arabs, Bedouins, Ethiopians, Yemenites, Shiites, Sunnis, Falashas, Negroes, Sudanese, and let’s have real diversitee in Yidishee land!

Crash their borders!

They do it to America, Europe, and all White Christian nations.

Sell it back to the kike.

Let him have all the “strength” of “diversity” he gives the goy.
Take all guns out of Jew-ish hands!

Start with Israel, then go door to door in kosher neighborhoods and give them brochures that say:

“Jews Must Give Up Their Guns!”

Better run.

The cops, paid off by the Yids, will throw your arse in jail.

Rather sell this one:

“Abort Jewish Babies!”

Pro-choice works both ways.

“Eliminating a spoonful from the womb,” instead of Whites, makes the Supremacist population go down.

Put the Jewish narrative through its paces.

Whatever they sell to us, sell it back to them.

Disarm the Jews, abort the Jews, diversify the Jews, miscegenate of Jews, open borders for Jew land, censor the Jews.

Many people are not yet free of thinking Jews are ‘extra special.’

Brother Nathanael #racist #wingnut #fundie #conspiracy realjewnews.com

A prime convulsion of history erupted in 1918 with the completion of World War 1.

Four Christian Monarchies were crushed:

The Habsburgs of Austria; The Romanovs of Russia; The Hohenzollerns of Germany; and the Kingdom of Greece.

A consequent convulsion of history crystallized in 1945 at the end of World War 2.

Four major European nations came under American rule and continues today:

Germany, France, Italy, Spain.

And Great Britain lost its world hegemony conclusively.

A stunning convulsion of history occurred in 1991 with the fall of the Soviet Union.

Russia underwent “privatization auctions”—the seizure of state assets—sold at bargain prices that only International Jewry led by Harvard’s Jeffery Sachs could cook up.
Putin’s offer to wed Russia with Europe through trade, science, culture, and defense—offered by Putin on countless occasions up until February 24 2022, profoundly failed.

It could never succeed.

Jews who control the collective West would never allow it.

For with Jewry’s seething hatred of Russia—like the Jews Nudelman and Blinken—despising Russia’s Orthodox Christian civilizational vision, against the Slavic inability to coalesce with the unappetizing Jewish personality, Putin was up against a wall.

Ukraine breaks that wall and finalizes the collective West’s fall.
Pure ”drama” in the Yidishee theatre of make-believe so the goy can say:

“It must be true! I saw it on TV!”

The gold ban is senseless.

Gold will grow in demand while fiat money keeps hitting the trash can.

Russia will sell its gold to China and India, both will sell to Europe and Jewmerica, and at higher prices than Russia would offer.

The Jewish boomerang is in.
Jews pushed Russia into its current military op in Ukraine which completes a multi-polar world and the flop of the Jew-controlled West.

It’s a convulsion of history.

Every wound needs a suture.

Welcome to the future.

Brother Nathanael #racist #wingnut #homophobia #conspiracy realjewnews.com

“Our democracy” is at stake.

Schmooze it, milk it, stick a hooked nose into it.
Vell, with the hacks “ushered the hell out” one more freedom is not under assault.

It’s a “temple of democracy.”

Truer words were never spoken.

The ‘sacred shrine’ on Capitol Hill is nothing less than the Synagogue of Satan where ‘democracy” is spilled to the highest bidder, Jews.
Traitors from the right are worse than enemies from the left.

And besides, Jews control both sides of the political aisle.

What kind of flavor of ‘democracy’ do you want?

“Leftist” whipped cream with sprinkles on top?

Vell…here’s the JDCA, the “Jewish Democratic Council of America!”

“Rightist” whipped cream with Netanyahoo on top?

Here’s the RJC, the “Republican Jewish Coalition!”

Take the gilt off the gingerbread.

Quite frankly, I like Franco.

A righteous dictatorship routs and rids a country of Yids.

But reality is a bitch.
The media, the schools, the courts, the movies, State, Treasury, banks, Jewgle, JewTube, Capitol Hill…

…along with every single Federal, State, and city institution, ALL infested and riddled with Jews.
Secession is the only way.

Think locally, act locally, our national entity is ruined.

The Jews push homosexuality, gay marriage, gun confiscation, vaccines, mail-in ballots, abortion, mutilation of children’s sex organs, pornography, censorship, rigged elections, ALL at national and state levels.

When the government kills its own people, or the people kill those who govern… it’s a bad day.

To secede is the only way.

The only non-violent expression left.

Politics is over.

We are living in a post-political world.
A “well-armed militia,” which our founders intended, can provide seceding regions with its own protection, its own police, its own borders and defense.

We can ‘hang the hacks from the rafters by their toes’ or begin our divorce from DC.

Both are great ideas.

Choosing a new president is not a good one.

Brother Nathanael #racist #wingnut #conspiracy #homophobia #quack realjewnews.com

It’s so easy to be a ‘domestic terrorist’ these days.

Just attend a PTA meeting and dispute Critical Race Theory indoctrination of your five-year-old child and voila!

The Jew who heads the DOJ will sic the FBI on you.

I’m talking about Merrick Garland whose hideous face, Jewish hooked nose, and crooked mouth matches his vulgar agenda.

You see, the Jew pledges to “mobilize the FBI against parents protesting Critical Race Theory in public schools.”

Garland then cites unspecified “threats of violence” against school officials in response to the National School Board Association equating parental concerns to “domestic terrorism.”
It’s a script right out of Jewish Bolshevism’s playbook.

This time Garland switches out “class warfare” with “race warfare.”

Simply intimidate moms and dads—who oppose CRT indoctrination and open porn passed off as “literature”—so this despicable Jew Garland can silence their dissent.

Garland is acting in concert with another White-hating Jew.

I’m talking about lesbian Randi Weingarten, head of the American Federation of Teachers.

“Thank you #DOJ,” the lesbian Jew Weingarten tweeted.

“Merrick Garland tackles threats to educators amid critical race theory furor,” the Jewish lesbian barfed.

It’s all a Jewish affair you know, since Jews—like Garland—know how to milk the tits of “racism” as a huge cash cow.

You see, Garland’s Jewish daughter, Rebecca, and his Jewish son-in-law, Xan Tanner, are getting rich off selling anti-White CRT training materials to public schools.

It’s a multi-million dollar operation called “Panorama Education” and Garland surely gets a piece of the pie.

Some call it “conflict of interests.”

But if Jews can get away with murder—like Jewish-owned Pfizer with its ClotShot—then Garland can surely get away with a ‘misdemeanor’ like “conflict of interests.”

Brother Nathanael Kapner #racist #conspiracy realjewnews.com

[From "Holocaust Hoax For Kids!"]

World Jewry is at it again.

Pushing mandatory Holocaust ‘education’ is top priority for…Congress!

Yids want it, so presto! It’s instant legislation on Jew-owned Capitol Hill.

Get ready kids, you’re about to have the never-to-be-forgotten “6 million” shoved down your throats.

[Clip: These statistics on holocaust education are shocking. 49% of US Millennials were unable to name one Nazi extermination camp. 41% also believe the number of Jews killed in the holocaust was less than 6 million. 22% are not sure if they have even heard of the holocaust. This is why holocaust education must be mandatory in schools.”]

No sooner did the clip go up that the hacks on the hill got their marching orders.

Led by chili-seasoned matzah ball shill, Marco Rubio—whose donor Norman Braman is his real constituency—along with co-sponsors Rosen, Blumenthal, and Stefanik, it looks like mandatory brainwashing is a slam dunk.

“Holocaust denial is on the rise,” the hacks tell us. “We must stop this hate”—(fact-finding is now called “hate” by the way)—”by teaching children about humanity’s darkest hour.”

Jews get top ‘dark hour’ billing.

But will the extermination of millions of German civilians and POWs in the Eisenhower Rhine Meadow death camps be taught?

And the murder of 300,000 Orthodox Christian priests by the Bolshevik Jews in Russia? Will that be on the curriculum or any other recent genocides?

Ha! Only the 6 garillion gets prime time.

And hey, your tax dollars will be working for the Yids too.

Rather than fixing our bridges and pot holes, the funding will cover Holocaust Museum trips, textbooks like “Night”—fiction’s best seller—and all-expenses-paid financing to bring survivors to our schools across the country.

Not to mention our taxes footing the bill for “trained Holocaust educators”—of course, the ADL, the official flaggers of JewTube—to conduct “workshops” for the teachers.

The Jews just can’t part with their Victim Card which protects them and the State of Israel from legitimate criticism.

And survivors?

Despite Germans being known for their efficiency, there’s sure lots of survivors. What went wrong?

So we get all these Jewish ’survivors more than the actual deceased who mostly died of hunger and typhoid from the Allies’ starvation bombings at the end of the war.

Now the hacks say we got to “improve” Holocaust education.

So turn on the lamps and show the kids what really happened inside the camps.

[Clip: Shows many many factual images.]

The clips were banned by YouTube. FactSpeech scares YouTube’s flaggers at the ADL and SPLC.

You see, Germans put their prisoners to work to replace the German working men sent to the fronts for the war effort.

But Jews will put our kids through endless drivel about ’showers,’ ‘gas chambers,’ ‘fire pits,’ and the absolutely preposterous ’six million,’ all of which haven’t a single shred of evidence to support these fables.

But who needs proof?

Monuments to genuine American heroes have been swapped for Shrines to the Jewish dead.

And embalming Jewish corpses into the minds of Gentile children mummifies American history into discarded coffins instead.

Brother Nathaniel #racist #fundie #conspiracy #wingnut realjewnews.com

Invasion Of The Nation Snatchers

If America is the last remaining sovereign nation then surely it’s in the crosshairs of World Jewry.

For any political entity that could resist ‘The Blob of World Jewry’ will have the soul and body of that nation “snatched up.”

The realization of this “snatching up” is seeing Biden recently “taking the knee” before World Jewry’s leading representational Jews.

Here’s the sniveling old pervert groveling before Israeli President, Reuven Rivlin, and his Chief of Staff, Rivka Ravitz, an ultra-Orthodox Talmudic Jew, both Christ deniers, and Christ-haters.

Biden, we are told, bowed to Ravitz when learning she birthed twelve Jewish nurslings of the devil’s own brood.

There’s a metaphor here.

The body politic of America—in the person of its imposter leader Biden—is being “snatched up” by the enemies of the Gospel upon which America once gave allegiance.

No more.

All is done in devotion to the Jew.

The invasion of the nation snatchers is as good as complete, in our schools, our politics, and culture.
Looking for the shadow government?

The “deep state?”

Look no further than your local synagogue.

The invasion today is complete.

The financial, political, educational, and cultural body of America has been “strangled” by the invasion of the Jewish nation snatchers.

Only a military coup—executed by a few patriots left in the highest ranks—can rid the nation of this disease.

The Jews, you see, have been kicked out of 109 countries.

110’s a good round number.

Brother Nathanael #racist #wingnut #conspiracy realjewnews.com

Too Many Jews

Everyone’s blaming all the wrong people for America’s ruin.

Some blame the “globalists” as Alex Jones does.

Some blame the “elites” as Gerald Celente does.

Some even blame the lame-brain Biden as if the senile old pervert has any decision-making power.

Now John Voight of Jewish Hollywood fame blames “thingamajig.”

Why can’t he mention his name?
At least Putin has some claim to fame in Jew-endangered America.

The Yids name their FED-driven “inflation” after him.

The Jew-owned FED—I mean, even under Trump who signed his name to it long before Ukraine—sent out tons of Jew-printed checks for their plandemic that had no product or labor backing it to over 300 million Americans and countless illegals.

More money, for more people, for less products, means high inflation.

Blaming Putin, or if that doesn’t click, accusing ‘globalists,’ ‘elites,’ or even ‘brain-dead Biden’ for America’s ruin just doesn’t get it.
I mean, there’s tons of Jews to lay the blame for America’s ruin.

Like dog doo, everywhere you go, you step in them.

Go to the media, they’re there.

Go to entertainment for kids, corrupting their morals like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion wrote, they’re there.

Go to education, all over the place they’re spreading their degeneracy.

Go to the internet, they’re censoring the hell out of you.

Hollywood, a Jewish sewer, manipulates the minds of the goyisha viewers, they’re there too.

Go to Wall Street, they’re like flies landing on the feces they leave.

Why is it so hard to name the Jew for America’s pukish case of the heaves?

When the unmistakable traces of their hooked nosed faces leave its imprint even at POTUS?

You’re not supposed to notice.

If you do, you’ll lose your job, your credit cards, your wife, your friends, and your reputation shifts into bogus.

Truth has a high price.

Pilate washed his hands and crucified Christ.

Brother Nathaniel #crackpot #racist #conspiracy #transphobia realjewnews.com

The “Great Reset” is just the beginning of our woes.

It sounds globalist but its members are cliquish.

It sounds bland but its stamp is a Jewish brand.

The gasbag of the “Reset” is Klaus Schwab, born of a Jewish mother, which rabbinically makes him a Jew.
This is Jewish hokum.

You see, the meaning of a “stakeholder” is one who owns controlling shares of a company with decision-making authority.

Do “communities” have the same corporate decision making authority as Schwab and his synagogue buddies?

Believe that and I own a Coca-Cola plant in Thailand.

The real “stakeholders” of this deceptive new brand of “capitalism” are a transnational cabal of Jews brandishing control over the goyim by crushing all independent thinking and behavior.

It’s “communism” with a Jewish ‘capitalist’ twist.

Fat cat Jews like David Solomon of Goldman Sachs, Charles Scharf of Wells Fargo, Laurence Fink of BlackRock, and Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase—are your new corporate Jewish overlords.

And you’re not invited to the Bar Mitzvah.
Irene Rosenfeld and Dirk Van de Put, Jewish heads of the parent company of Chips Ahoy, got invited to that Bar Mitzvah.

That’s why they featured a drag queen to sell their cookies.
“Sustainability” for Schwab means getting Jews into power and making sure they stay in power.

Any time there’s a culture that passes down a stable heritage and tradition you’ll find Jews amassing there in droves.

Once they prosper in and by that culture they set out to debase and replace it with degeneracy and dung.

Jews barf and vomit it all out of the devil’s own tongue.

Like a squalid spout, that’s what the “Great Reset” is really all about.

Cornelius #racist realjewnews.com

The Jews murdered the Tsar, and it was ritualistic, in the same way that Jesus was murdered, in that it was innocent blood that should atone for the sins of the many, according to the rabbis.

There was also a business aspect to the murders, in that the treasures of the nation could be looted with no heirs to the throne. The Russian communist revolution which was financed by New York Jews, was paid back with looted gold from Holy Orthodox churches and Holy Russia’s gold reserves.

The Jews won the day, but Russia has been resurrected and America is awaiting its judgement.

Mark Twain #conspiracy realjewnews.com

The excellent piece quoted by Dave omitted the fact that the Zionists caused WWI in the first place. They used it not only to eventually create Israel in 1947 but Zionist-Communist Russia in 1917. Very busy these Zionists. Amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. The whole episode shows how both monarchy and democracy are powerless against an ‘idea’, how tenuous both forms of government are and how tough Trump will have to be to overcome this ‘idea’.

But it has been done in Russia already, and it will never retake that country. Mach 27 and counting. The bit about respecting the rights of the Palestinians was entirely English, and echoed the same sentiments by them about the Australian aborigines. The failure in both cases of this sentiment proves that the British government was never in control of anything including the reasons for both world wars, both of which originated from the country they were supposed to be governing.

It takes a strong man with an idea of his own to counter them. Czar Putin and King Trump are cut from the same cloth —.. both men with an idea of their own, very unusual in politics which is usually nothing more than craven self interest and pedophelia, both on a grand scale. We shall see the power of an ‘idea’ as it comes up against the prevailing, now historic ‘idea’ embodied in Zionism. Looks can be deceiving, on both sides.

Nathanael Kapner #racist realjewnews.com


THE DEATH OF AMERICA was enacted in 1965 with the signing of the Open Immigration Law Of 1965.

While serving Jewish interests, the Open Immigration Law Of 1965 was the beginning of America’s death as a unified nation. Jews were behind the law, promoting, lobbying, and “bribing” the law into existence with the fanaticism equalling the most dedicated Muslim terrorist.

Jews have continually evinced hostility toward American Christian culture in their aggressive efforts to change it. The Open Immigration Law Of 1965 is a prime example of that hostility.

Jews are a paranoid people. Wherever the Jews go they fear Anti-Semitism. (Jews have a guilt complex - and for good reason.) Jews fear a homogenous Christian culture of which they would never ascend to influential positions. Rather, in a homogenous Christian culture, Jews are looked upon, (and rightly so), as “Christ-killers.” This is why the Jews tried to get Mel Gibson’s movie, The Passion of Jesus Christ, removed from the silver screen.

A typical example of what characterizes the Jewish push for open immigration can be seen in the following 1948 quote by David Petegorsky, former Director of the AJCongress:

—— “Jewish survival can only take place within the framework of a progressive and expanding democratic society, which through its institutions and public policies gives expression to the concept of cultural pluralism.” ——


THE 1965 OPEN IMMIGRATION LAW is presently fulfilling the aims of the Jewish conspiracy as seen in its effects. The U.S. Census Bureau projects that by the year 2050, European-derived peoples will no longer be a majority of the population of America due to the massive influx of immigrants since the signing of the bill in 1965.

Most of these immigrants come from Third World Nations whose customs, religions, and culture are far removed from anything remotely resembling Christianity. Within the context of a Jewish-informed “multicultural America,” these immigrants are encouraged by the Jews to retain their own languages, customs, and religions.

The Jews have also given these immigrants a moral mandate to expand both demographically and politically. And expand they will and do! But any attempts by European-derived peoples to retain demographic, political, and cultural control in America are represented by the Jews as being ‘racist’ and ‘immoral.’

THE JEWS ARE GUILTY of the ruination of America. What can we do to stop them even now before the final sliciing of their knives into the effecting of the circumcision of our nation?

The only answer
is for each and every American to pray for the re-emergence of a Christian America. There is no in between. We must make the best of a bad situation. Let us then all make a commitment to Jesus Christ and regular Church attendance.

Then and only then can we be “more than conquerors through Him who loves us.” And who will we the conquerors vanquish? The enemies of our Lord, the Jews!

Zionien #racist realjewnews.com

(This is an anti-Semitic "poem")

Feet to the fire - The Jew is a liar!
Sacrificing their own
to discredit Kavanaugh, Esquire.

Crazy liar, “no one is higher”
than a Jew worm would deceive to aspire.
But they are forever in the mire+
Their situation is dire!!!:/

If control is not established - who will be their sire..?
For a lowly scum of the earth
people who deny Jesus Christ - they will be the crier!+

For it’s become quite obvious & lame
their go to game to shame and to blame -it’s just more of the same.
To cry and lie
no matter who die
will barely, if ever raise their pitiful sigh!

Amazing that no one has ever tried to whack that mohel Soros!

Brother Nathanael Kapner #racist realjewnews.com

Many thanks for your birthday wishes! I turn 68 today and feel like I’m 18. I’ve never had so much energy in my life as I do now. I feel like I’ve only just begun, and my ministry still in its birth-pang stage. There’s much to be done, and I am diligently preparing myself for an eventful future of which I look to be an essential part of.

Upon this birthday a friend asked me if I plan on “fighting Jews for the rest of my life.” I answered, “No.” “No?” he responded. “That’s right, no,” I replied, “why would I want to waste my entire life fighting Jews? They’ll be put out of power soon and then we build from scratch with a Juden-frei society.” Indeed, the world is catching on to these scoundrels, and perhaps that’s why God allowed the State of IsraHell to come into being so all people the world over can witness their criminality.

That’s what Hitler said, that Israel would be the capital of “Jewish swindle”—yet I add, the capital of “Jewish manslaughter.” The world is also waking up to Jewish tyranny with their Google/YouTube/Facebook CENSORSHIP. How horrid the Jew is! And all the world is a witness and will grow into a global backlash against the hideous Jew. Ahh, on this 68th year of my life beginning today, I have something bright and glorious to look forward to: The utter demise of Jewish perfidy, Jewish influence, and Jewish criminality.

AND, the opportunity to rebuild on the foundation of a Juden-frei society. What a wonderful world it will be!

Cornelius #racist realjewnews.com

You mentioned how confusing it is. One moment Trump looks like a good guy and a moment later these things he did prove otherwise. That is because he reflects a Jew loving America, where there is no truth. To get unconfused you should read “My Struggle”. Both sides in our political system work for the Jew. So you can’t pick a good side.

Old farts vote because they always did, and they don’t want to own up to the fact that their votes in the past went to mass murderers. So they keep voting and picking a side. “A dog returns to his own vomit” describes a voter well. They can’t disconnect from the Jewish lies, and they ask for privileges by voting, like a prisoner asking for a different cell mate. They can’t see that there is another world outside of the prison they live in.

Ted Gorsline #racist realjewnews.com

Funny to watch CNN try to use Bob Woodward to try to torpedo Trump. CNN will be the end of the reputations of both Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. They are both puff journalists. They were both lionized by the Hollywood, the same myth factory that gave us Harvey Slimestain, Meryl Creep, Leonardo Di Crapio, Brad Twit and terrorist white helmet supporter George Looney.

Robert Redford, who is more famous for introducing junk jargon into the English language than acting, by using words like “Grizz,” “horse whisperer” and “investigative reporter” put Hollywood’s flatulent hot air into the sails of Woodward and Bernstein. Woodward and Bernstein are stenograpehrs. The only thing they ever did was answer the telephone and a Jew boy nicknamed “Deep Throat” told them what was going on. They dug up nothing. Nothing!

They are simple hacks carried aloft by The Jewish hot air balloon. I see where another Jew boy admitted to pinching a memo off Trump’s desk in the interset of National Security. Charge the SOB with theft.

Dave #racist realjewnews.com

McCain’s DEAD! Hallelujah! He was probably Israel’s most disgustingly un-American/anti-American subserviently loyal puppet deceitfully masquerading as a representative of the American people. But in all reality he was an agent and dog for Israel forcing upon the American people the desires and dictates of Israel and THEIR citizens not the American citizenry

And don’t ever forget his father Admiral John McCain, Sr.

He helped the Johnson administration hide and conceal the whole truth of the Israeli Jews’ vicious satanic attack on the unarmed and neutral USS Liberty communications ship in international waters, and the slaughter of the officers and sailors on board. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff Admiral Thomas Moorer said the prolonged attack was definitely a deliberate false flag attack meant to blame the Egyptians so as to use an excuse for the US to invade Egypt on behalf of Israel.

AJ #racist realjewnews.com

The Jews always win because the majority are fucking stupid, not merely misguided or misinformed but plain stupid. It’s sad.

God created the Aryan races as an altruistic people. But the Jews have a worldly-wise mentality that most non-Jews simply cannot match.

Non-Jews are altruistic but at the same time too selfish. Most people who get involved in these New Right movements are in it too much for their own benefit (career advancement, making friends, cocktail parties, etc.).

Too many Christians are too pre-occupied with “getting into Heaven” than fighting the battles they should be here on Earth. I think Christianity needs a more Worldly bent.

But there are far, far more of US then there are of them. Enough smart people banding together can end this tyranny.

IRONKRAFT #racist realjewnews.com

I wonder just how long the Jews will wait, until they are brazen enough to drop the mask and cloak? They say that, “Pride comes before a fall”. But what about arrogance?

Jews are seemingly incapable of keeping quiet about their plans, and braggish pride of our destruction. It is everywhere on the net. And they made multitudes of pre-internet claims.

I think it will be a form of inverted Russian Revolution, that takes the Serpent’s head off. One they will never see coming.