Eugenicist #fundie

For fuck's sake, wake up humanity. Love is not sacred.

Love is not a sacred bond/ cosmic pairing. It's trade exchange. The fluffy romantic disney virtue value of all of it is false. All of it.

Only people who value it are lonely insecure pussies who (are rarities) that are happy to have any person that will take them. And, are people who buy into naiveness while completely unaware that they biologically hold uncontrollable basic functions that draw them near people of value. No matter how circumspect they are of it, they end up falling for their primal urgings. Those who really don't give a shit about leftist/ humanitarian viewpoints just engage in it fully and shrug out "that's life" or "haha I'm better than people and I wanna disadvantage them all" inner narratives for their indulgences that bring about inequality and unfairness. For those not of good lms/ smv.

Men love sex primal, as do women. Men would rather slay women who are hard to get, and have issues in order to make them feel like they're the tamers of the elements... rather than having people who are truly bondable/ spiritually compatible. As do women. They wanna feel they're atop the hierarchy by getting with people with high primal capital, I.E. high LMS.

Hence love has never broadly been about people being loving/ communal throughout humanity. It's about cryptoconquests and cryptocompetitions that the euphemisms/ happy clappy narrative of society was meant to hide. And it works, and leftism/ egalitarianism/ humanitarianism/ Obamaism/ Clintonism/ etc. is all just a politicized/ legalistic extreme extension of this cultural fronting.

Fairy braiding pussy wussy mansy pansy faggots everywhere.



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