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(What's happening in my bedroom shouldn't be anyones concern other than my own.
You can have your God that threatens with hell fire...I will have my merciful, loving God.)

I'm sorry; I must dissent on this one. Being born with a genetic predisposition is not a sin, but choosing to follow is. Choosing to live as homosexual, a murderer, thief, adulterer, and choosing to live in pride, lust, and hate are all sins (along with a huge list of other sins as well). However, Christ has the power to resist all sin and did so, along with being willing to sacrifice Himself and shed His blood on the cross to forgive us of our sins. How can a loving God not show us mercy if we are not willing to change? How can a truly loving God allow to continue walking in sin. Yes, you are right that it is none of our business (with the exception that no one is being hurt and that we are not being forced to say it's right), but it is God's business.



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