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Their "plan" if you are are red or yellow listed is to kick in your door between 2 to 5 AM while your neighbors are asleep, shoot your dog with their silenced weapons, haul you out, put you on a chopper at a local football field, and away you go to your "disappearance". The whole operation takes about 3-5 minutes from the time they enter until you are whisked away. Either on your own two feet or carried out as a corpse.
Another poster remarks "Wouldn't people notice?"
Of course people will know you're missing. When Habeus Corpus is suspended, it doesn't matter, those that took you away don't have to say a thing about what happened to you. As far as your wife and kids, well you can get up to 20 corpses in one of those blacked out window military Chevy Suburbans, eh? It worked perfectly in Argentina for 2 decades. the security personel would walk into a crowded restaurant escort someone out in full view of all the patrons and thea person was never seen again. Wake up Stupid!!!



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