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The first ancient Egyptian civilization & empire was comprised of black Africans. But, the black Africans lost Egypt. This is what happened.---------

The black Africans allowed in Roman soldiers, farmers, traders, engineers, architects, lawyers, & politicians. These Romans married black African women. They had children.

The Romans elevated & advanced these bi-racials. AT THE EXPENSE OF the blacks.

The Romans used these bi-racials as a racial buffer class. AGAINST the blacks.

The Romans used these bi-racials as subversives & as weapons. AGAINST the blacks. To destroy the blacks from within.

This is how the black Africans lost Egypt.

This has not only happened in Egypt. In every nation where Whites & blacks have lived together.--------- Whites have used bi-racials as weapons. AGAINST the blacks.

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The modern world has been falsely taught that the real Jews are those Europeans walking around in black and over sized hats. When one think of the real children of Israel they tend to believe these are the children of Israel. The word Jew is not a Hebrew word. It derives from Judahites of Judea. This means that a Jew is a descendant from the tribe of Judah. There were 12 tribes of Israel the tribe of Judah is only one of the tribes. The tribe of Judah is so-called black people in America when you read the Bible and is blessed to understand it by Yah.(Jeremiah 14:2)“Judah mourneth, and the gates (wise men) thereof languish: they are black (the real Jews are you so-called blacks in America) unto the ground (like the different shades if the earth). Jesus was a so-called black man that descended from the tribe of Judah.(Hebrew 7:14)“For it is evident that our Lord sprang out of Juda". In Revelation 22:16 Jesus tell us himself that he is from the root of David. Because Jesus (Yahawashi) only dealt with his people if he was walking the earth today he would be classified as a racist.

He said himself he was only sent the lost sheep of the house of Israel,(Matthew 15:24). Those so-called white people that are calling themselves Jews today are liars! Those people that call them selves Jews today are Edomites and even some of the House of Japheth. They eventually Departed Mount Sier and moved into the caves in hill of Europe (Caucasus Mountains) thus they are know as Caucasians. Japheth had a barbaric empire called Khazaria. 80% of so-called white people that called themselves Jews today are Khazars that mixed in white edomites. These were a warring people, cold blooded ruthless killers. Yet they often cry the blues about what occurred under Hitler. Why do they not tell the world of their murderous nature during the Khazaria kingdom? Why do they not tell the world that the so-called white Jews finance the Trans Atlantic slave trade? They tell you that they only made up 5% of the slave trade but do not tell that about 70 to 80 % of them owned slaves.

The vast majority of the world, due to the so-called Jewish media knows that the Jews plotted on Jesus but this is an error. During the time of Christ the real Jews (so-called black Jews) were in captivity under the cruel Romans. The Edomites (so-called whites) were already forced to keep the laws of Israelite to keep them in order. This prior the Roman invasion the Edomites was forced to convert to our way of life that that refers to today as Judaism during 135 B.C. When the Romans came to rule over us the Edomites (so-called white man) were thought to be Jews because they were already forced to practice our ways of life. Thus those Jews the detested Christ and took counsel to get him hung where so-called white people (Edomites) and not the real Jews (descendants of Judah). Today the descendants of the so-called white Edomites and the house of Japheth have the word thinking that they are the real Jews and the chosen people of God.

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This is true. God hates sins, but loved the sinners so much He sent His Son to make us worthy of His Love. I dare say God hates those doing mans lusts in His name more than an athiest, for an athiest can be saved, but those lustful churches are turning His children away from Him, and getting rich doing it. Their riches are on earth, but their rewards will not be in Heaven.
I ask anyone when you wouldn't want a personal relationship with Jesus that gave His live for my grandchildren and yours? He loved them before I even knew them. He loved me and you before we exited the womb. Thank you Jesus for your love and your mercy. Please fill those that read this with your Spirit and Love to allow them to understand your Love and the peace that follows.
I am no scholar, I really am not that smart. All I say is what I feel inside me and the love spreads out of me from the Lord like a broken dam flooding the land. I wish everyone could feel that peace and love.
I am no preacher, I grew up a rebel. Stealing, drugs, sex, you name it, I tried it. I was lost and empty. I heard all about Jesus, growing up in a Christian family, but until I feel down on my knees and Jesus entered me and I felt His love, it wasn't nothing but words. Now Jesus has blessed me beyond my dreams. I have great children that love Jesus, I have a good job, great wife, and blessed with beautiful grandchildren. None is this was my doing, for Jesus loved me and blessed me with all this.
I am not worthy to even type His name, but Jesus loves me and made me worthy through His blood. So I shout out His name with Honor, JESUS IS LORD!!!!!! If He loved me that much as such a bad person and great sinner, how much more can He love you? He is waiting for you, to bless you, to help you through this trail of life on earth, and to give you peace.

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Some stupid congressman wanted slave reparations.
He listed slavery has being from 1600 to 1870 something.

In 1775, We sent the King of England a letter, declaring our independence.
That was the first act of treason
The second act of treason was several Northern states didn't like slavery,they despised it.
Many of the Northern states IMMEDIATELY passed Emancipation laws.
They said no more buying, selling, or trading of slaves.
If your slave has a child, then that child is a free person.
If a slave owner dies, his slave is set free.(Yes, It's a shame all states didn't do it).

In 1776 we were at war with Great Britain, and that war lasted to 1786.
George Washington became our first President of the United states in the 1788 Election and took office just like every other president in 1789.

1788 was the year the British flag was taken down from America, and the American flag raised.
This was the year we became a country.

In 1861 We went to war with the south to end that Slavery.
That's 72 years after we became a nation.
During that time half the Nation had slaves.
Hence, America averaged 36 years of slavery.
But those who want to argue.
I just proved America only had 72 years of it.
Then America traveled the world, to end slavery world wide.
That's why we have several Caribbean Islands has territories.
The Spanish American war of 1900.
We paid $25 Million dollars for those islands and then Free'd all the slaves at the signing of the Paris treaty.

America has always been a champion of freedom.
If a Black man really wants to know how smart he is? Just go visit Africa.
Thats where every Black person would be if they didn't get the gift of America.
Many of them would still be enslaved over there.

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(This sounds too ridiculous to be true, but I'm submitting it anyway. Other posters replied to it in earnestness, so I will as well.)

This is not as stupid a question as it sounds.

I'd describe myself as a nice, gentle sort of man. Several years ago, I fell in love with, and had sexual relations with a dead girl who was in a family vault in a church where I was undertaking building work.

When I say I fell in love, I really mean that.

For years afterwards, I felt extremely guilty and ashamed, even though my feelings were purely loving and sensitive towards that girl.

I don't think I'm a bad person, but have I crossed a line from which there's no going back in Gods eyes?

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[Historical revisionism FTW!]

afrikans taught europeans to read and write!!!
Due to their undying love and thirst for education, thousands of years ago Afrikans (Blacks) in Egypt, which is and always has been in Afrika and Afrikan (Black at least in ancient times), established the Grand Lodge of Luxor, the world’s first university. It had virtually all-Afrikan professor-priests, who taught up to 80, 000 students, says one Black scholar, at all grade levels. So advanced was its curriculum, that the Grand Lodge sounds rather 21st century. Divided into five major departments, the curriculum included astronomy and astrology, geography and geology, and philosophy and theology.
If it had not been for the Moors, meaning “Blacks”, who ruled Spain for over 700 years ,the very idea of university life among Europeans (whites) may never have existed at all. For it was the Moors, natives of Afrika, who taught Europeans about aged medicine and about Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle—three so-called Greek philosophers who learned all they knew from Afrikan priests, who were the real fathers of so-called Greek philosophy. The Moors also taught Europeans to take baths, which was seen as a sin by the Europeans before the Moors came and after they were kicked out of Spain the same year that Christopher Columbus made his famous sail “in 1492…across the ocean blue”. Interestingly, the Moors taught Europeans to wear underwear.
It was also the Moors or Blacks in Spain who established 70 public libraries and 17 famous universities in the 10th and 11th century when the rest of Europe scarcely had one single public library and only two famous universities. That was at a time in Europe when most Europeans (whites), including their kings, were illiterate and even the kings lived in their houses or barns without windows.
Meanwhile, in the fourteenth and fifteenth century, West Afrikan empire of Songhai, namely in the city of Timbuktu, at least one scholar has said that “university life was highly regarded and scholars were greatly respected.” At the center of Timbuktu’s academic life was the University of Sankore, which had Afrikan (Black) professors who were so intellectually sharp that they were qualified to teach at virtually any university in Afrika and Asia at the time. Consequently, students from areas throughout both Afrika and Asia flocked to them to learn from these learned men. As for the Arab (Asians, though often of Afrikan (Black) descent both then and now) would-be professors of that time, they often did not qualify to teach at Sankore because there were not proficient in and knowledgeable enough of the large curriculum that professors at the University of Sankore had to know.

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I don't like queer dudes. Any man who flaunts sissy crap should be beaten into the dirt. End of story. No discussion. I'm not interested. Many feel as I do and we will have our way. The leftist fad is dead and real men call the shots again. Now we'll move America back to the way it should be. Queers can off themselves. Saves us the trouble later.

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For the origin of life to have evolved from non-living chemicals, first these chemicals had to first evolve and come into existence as a product of the big bang. No one was there to observe the big bang, so to say that these chemicals came into existence from a big bang that was a result of nothing known, is in itself, of the highest fantasy, and has no place at all in empirical science.

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You are fudging and everyone sees it.

You are just like those people in Noah's time who committed the ultimate sins that mark the destruction of a culture: Child sacrifice and legalizing sodomy.

And like the people of Noah's time, you have been warned and instead of repenting you scoff and commit sacrilege.

gassawaybaptistveteran34 #fundie topix.com

a truly sick epidemic is beginning to take hold over the county, and world as a whole. If you do not know what I speak of, then rejoice, for you are uninitiated to the darkness of the situation! what i am talking about...is "bronies". the name is just absolutely disgusting, is it not ? well, it gets worse. these..."bronies"..a re adult fans of the most recent reboot of the series "My Little Pony ", and they are aboslute pedophiliac drones of Satan.

for one thing most of these zealots are fully grown males who indisputably have a craving to violate OUR CHILDREN using the best route they can: common interests. it has been observed that "bronies" will lure small girls in with shirts depicting the characters, only to kidnap them to use as living dolls for outfits created to look like said characters! it is also known that they hold large conventions for others like themselves, where they sacrifice real horses to channel the imaginary ones they hold an obsession with!

however, the multitude of "fans" aren't what makes this truly disgusting, it's the satanic, homophiliac messages in the program that are conveyed to our children!

for one thing, the supposed "democracy" depicted in the show's society has a ROYAL as a leader! this is no doubt a nod to another high powered royal - Satan, Lord of Darkness! the other chracters seem to also epitomize all that good Christians understandably fear. the character "rainbow dash" is an obvious lesbian, serving to coerce children into believing homosexuality is ok in today's society! well, I read the bible, and it said that a man lying with a man was an abomination. that implies nothing about lesbianism being taboo, but we cannt deny the true fact that it is! the other characters are no better. "applejack" bears heavy symbolisism of the forbidden fruit that got adam and eve expelled from paradise, and "pinkie pie" engages in what can only be described as g rated orgies, showing exactly how twisted the cartoon's makers were when they made this abomination.

we can only rely on God to help us with ridding the county of this horrifying people, but we must actively show that we do not tolerate such taboo to aid in His struggle against these perverts. friends, if you see a "brony", please urge him to accept Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ instead of one of these false equestrian idols! remember, we are the only ones who can mortally continue His mission!

Stay true to Him and keep fighting the good fight, my friends!

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Why are Somalis hated by everyone in the world?

Somalis are either too proudly ignorant or too proudly delusional to admit that they are the most hated, savage of all man kind. I mean Somalis are just so blatantly ignorant it is unbelievable and coming to civilized societies haven't civilized them the least bit. They continue to rape, murder, steal benefits and pop children by the half dozen, for you geniuses that means 6 children per family.

They continue to practice a religion that is from 7th century in a 21st century modern world and have a culture that predates that fossil religion.

WAKE UP!! u FUCKIN imbeciles, stop marrying one another, get out of this fossil religion from the 7th century and get out of your clan based dinosaur aged culture.

NO ONE likes you guys, and i mean NOBODY!!! Even the most polite of people will smile to your face and talk about how uncivilized savages, sewage smelling freaks ya'll are.

Dr Reality #fundie topix.com

Homosexuals in hell won't be able to practice their morally perverted acts that disrespect Almighty God's plan for man and woman to be together as husband and wife. Homosexuality is OF THE DEVIL, and homosexuals will PERISH IN HELL with their spiritual father, Satan the Wicked One. Just keepin' it REAL, you homo s.

WPWW #racist topix.com

Blacks are chimps with no ability to think rationally. They behave on impulse. That's why they are so stupid, angry and primitive.

Whites are smart, hard working, honest, brave and courageous. Just look at our list of inventions, innovations, accomplishments and MILITARY achievements. Whites are bar none.

Asians are feminine, weak and sneaky. They can only copy White inventions and innovations meanwhile stealing US technology. Their culture is disgusting and they eat puppies and kittens.

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Show us a link to where people are combining H and O to make water. Don't show burning of hydrogen byproduct, etc.

If random selection evolution were true where H and O found themselves at a party one day... and the rest is history.

If this random chance event produced water then surly we can take two simple chemicals and by design do the same thing. Make water.

The evolutionists on this forum must be in high school. They run their mouth and strike the poses but never actually deliver the goods. Very similar to high school kids. Talk big and strike poses. Then one day they get into the real world and suddenly things look different.


If random selection evolution were true where H and O found themselves at a party one day... and the rest is history.

If this random chance event produced water then surly we can take two simple chemicals and by design do the same thing. Make water.

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I signed up exclusively to post this thread and share my thoughts on this strange folk the German is. Let´s start with some lies the German tells on a daily basis and some truths:

-He is not racist: Of course Germans are racist. Do you really think that the remains of the NSDAP propaganda are easy to erase from the collective opinion? Did Germans always think they were the best, the superior ones? Or is it a consequence of the nazi regime? German superiority is a fallacy born out of the lack of respect other European nations had towards Germanic peoples (the ancestors of today´s Germans, among others). Germans are the most racist Europeans. They just don´t show it. German women will glady let a dark skinned man have sex with them, but they won´t see it as anything serious. For them, dark skinned men are simply less developed beings and tools for pleasure. The German men will gladly start relationships with Asian or Latin american women just for the kick their exotic look give, not because of true love.

-Germans aren´t cold. It´s an stereotype= It is more than a stereotype. Germans are indeed cold and "dry". They don´t show any affection to their children, which grow being constantly yelled at, punished at and not being cared for. They in turn will grow to be as bad as their parents were. Germans don´t know what love is. The society condemns showing feelings openly. No wonder 30% of the population suffers from some kind of affective disorder.


-Germans are civilized: If you believe this, then you have never been to Mallorca or any place in this world where Germans go to on vacation. They are loud, arrogant, aggressive and will complain about everything. This is by no means the worst. The worst happens when they get drunk and start defecating in public, or puking everywhere, or having sex wherever and whenever they want.

-Germans appreciate order and cleanness: This is another widespread fallacy regarding Germans. The German will indeed like his workplace to be symmetrically ordered and clean, but he himself will smell like a mix of sweat and shit. Many Germans won´t wash their hands after a bowl movement. Many don´t shave their pubic zone. MAny don´t use deodorant. Many don´t take a shower daily and/or change underwear. Germans don´t brush their teeth regularly. Germans don´t use perfumes. Germans like the smell of shit. Ever searched for German porn on the internet? Have you seen how much they love feces and urin on their bodies? Germany produces the world´s most disgusting porn, only after Japan, probably.

-Germans are attractive: Germans are not attractive, not even in comparison to other Germanic peoples. Dutch people look better, Danes too. Germans have got clear eyes and light hair, and that´s about it. Their faces are often wrinkled (young people too) and disproportioned. The facial features aren´t appealing and the bodies are also irregular. German women tend to have a bad skin and manly features. German men tend to look feminine and don´t care about it.

dollarsbill #fundie topix.com

(In response to: Why does God Allow so many children to die every day?)---

Most are better off dying innocent rather than becoming God hating adults like you. "It is better" to chop off body parts than to go where you will FOREVER.

Mark 9:43-44 (NKJV)
If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better for you to enter into life maimed, rather than having two hands, to go to hell, into the fire that shall never be quenched-- where 'Their worm does not die, And the fire is not quenched.'

Erana Monica #fundie topix.com

If religion was not real then why would people insist on atheism? I do not want to stereotype but most athiests i have met were gays. Yet they fail to notice that when they engage in sexual activity that goes against procreation they take part in a ritual that worships baal peor. Their flag has a relative symbol of that on the belly of baphomet (where a woman bears her child) thus being against procreation. If symbolism did not have such a powerful influence, would it be ok for your children to attend a kindergarten with nazi symbols all over the walls?

There are many people in this world who go about their day everyday without acknowledging their spirituality. Alot of people in this world are comfortable with this, some have never acknowledged measurement of themselves physically, emotionally, and in this case spiritually.

I have tested god in many ways, many sinful ways, when 'coincidences' happen too often i believe it is a miracle or the work of a spiritual being (oohh weee ooohh) My head was 10cm away from being crushed by a SUV type porsche while crossing great south road i tripped over. I have never believed in luck and i believe just as there is a god there is the devil or people involved in the devils work.

juz me #fundie topix.com

I have noticed that every political office in Butler County and Poplar Bluff Missouri should be filled with Christians. I am sick and tired of non-Christians thinking that they have to run things. I think that it is time to kill more atheists rather than elect them.

porter #fundie topix.com

Atheism is a religion. A religion where its members are so ashamed of their weak faith that there is no God that they have to band together to form any kind of semblance of hope.
Pull this forum from the 'net and they'll panic and go ballistic. They can't support their tripe alone.

Atheism is dying soon and very quickly and that is why they are in a rage.

London Citizen #fundie topix.com

Speaking of the liberals attacking Sarah Palin’s children brings me to another subject: Same-sex marriage and child molestation. Like Sarah Palin, I have been attacked on this thread for saying ‘if same-sex marriage becomes legal, then child molesters should not be punished, either’. I have learned that ignorant people hardly ever see the truth, because they are blinded by their own ignorance.
In the USA, traditional marriage (between one man and one woman) allows teenagers of the opposite sex to get married. If same-sex marriage should be legalized, and an adult man married a teenage boy, then that would be the equation to child molestation. Some states allow 14 years to get married, as mentioned on the website below.
Only ignorant people would argue that same-sex marriage is not equal to child molestation. Heck, if same-sex marriage becomes legal, what would stop people from marrying a dog, or a cow, or anything else?

nateoregonian419 #fundie topix.com

It's ok Brother, the thing that should make you smile the most is knowing that when that troll takes his first step into eternity, that God will judge him/her accordingly and that their just reward will be handed out. Let them live a little bit longer and know that when their time is coming, that The Lord will remind them of this slight towards me, as well as others, and remind them that their time is coming, and that the Fear of the judgement of The Lord will be at hand for them, that that there's no way to escape :)

Remember, eternity is when the wing of the dove that circles the earth touches it but once every one hundred years to brush but a speck of dust away to wear it down to but a speck of dust, and The Lord re-forms the earth, for a new dove to do just the same, new earth after new earth and so on and so on, for time will stand still for on and on and on. Scary, isn't it? Yet, ppl like that simpering little troll just thumb their nose at God and His believers in Christ. Must be scary to be an unbeliever on their deathbed, knowing they're about to pass through that door into eternity.

Jim #fundie topix.com

The homosexual marriage movement is an attack on human rights in the name of human rights. It seeks to disenfranchise voters on the legal definition of marriage and to force unwilling citizens to provide discriminatory benefits and subsidies for a lifestyle choice most find to be disgusting and damaging.

read you bible #fundie topix.com

[re: Lesbian teen attacked by classmates]

Being gay is wrong. READ YOUR BIBLE. People should not have been mean to Cheyenne (or whatever her name is). I do not think those girls were going to hurt her, she had her cell phone on recording. SHE COULD HAVE CALLED FOR HELP! SHE IS LIEING ABOUT SOMETHING......This girl new there would be problems, the way she dressed, acted etc.If you are gay you need help....It is not right!! i feel sorry for people that are gay, because there is something just not right about them.

freebird forever #racist topix.com

And I suppose that you believe that blacks are on a higher social curve? Blacks have had 150 years to learn how to act like humans, but they are still zoo material. Your word "morons" fits the black race exactly, but the word "hillbilly" is much too honest and decent to be used on trash like them. Let's use the more accurate term, "Tree Monkeys" - and call it a day.

Tea Party Comission #racist topix.com

The Founders were all White, Brilliant and smart. They created a Constitution for the White Children of Adam. There were no black founders. Our Founders considered Blacks beasts of burden.
If they had intended to include blacks they would have included blacks at the Constitutional Convention. In fact, they declared blacks as sub-human in the Constitution itself.

The US Constitution says Blacks are only 2/5 human. The Founders knew long ago that Blacks are Sub- Human apes..I say nothing. The US Constitution does.
Are we trying to make Humans out of Apes?
Why do we allow them a Black Caucus?
Why are they in Congress or in Higher Offices?
Why are they in Law Enforcement?
Why are we allow they to have Black History Month?
Why are we allowing them to get away with Affirmative Action?

ChristsAdvocate #fundie topix.com

[Board titled "America Needs A Witch Law"]

No need to be sorry. You're dyslexia is probably caused by a witch. A lot of things people take for granted that weren't around hundreds of years ago are because we are not tough on witches anymore. I have a friend who has dyslexia and it was at its worst in middle school when he was always bothered by this strange girl. I witnessed her doing magic experiments with potions one day and told the principal but he said there was nothing he could do. But then one day she started harrassing another boy and started leaving him alone. The next month he broke his elbow and my friend's english grades and test scores started doing a lot better. He caught up with a normal reading level the next year. I think it's because the witch stopped bothering him.

God bless you and wish you well. Look around at the people in your life. You'll probably find some seem a little suspicious like they might have a reason to bewitch you. Try to avoid those people. They are probably witches.

Paki Guy #fundie topix.com

All Muslims going to Christian Nations should only be given visas if they convert to Christianity !

That's a sure fire way of ensuring no terrorists slip through the fingers if security.

May God and his Prophet Jesus Christ save Pakistan from the Islamic Barbarians !

Freebird Forever #racist topix.com

America was founded by white Christians in order to get away from dirtbags like you. This country belongs to those who fought and died to claim it and build it, and that is whites, a.k.a. caucasians, a.k.a. arians. And before you start that drivel about the way we murdered the indians and ran them off their land, you need to consider two things: 1. These "native americans" were living as murderous animals, and were killing each other off by the thousands and calling it honorable (kinda like the muslims, huh?). 2. These "native americans" are nothing more than asians who knuckle-dragged their way across the Bering Strait before it crumbled into the sea.

Think of all the violent, animalistic, starving, illiterate and un-evolved "things" in Afghanistan today, and you will get some idea of what America would be like if whites hadn't come here. If you want to know what America will look like when the blacks and hispanics finally take it over, you need look no further than the continent of Africa, or the crime ridden and decimated country of Mexico.

So go ahead, Mr. Wackadoodle, and spout your equality bullshit. Deny the statistics that prove unequivocally that the white race is the only fully evolved and truly intelligent race in the world. Without the white wealth and subsequent charity, the majority of the black, brown, yellow and red people in the world would already have died of disease or starved to death.

Most people in the U.S. are too brainwashed with the "politically correct" bullshit to admit it, but the vast majority of whites would like it very much if the blacks, hispanics and muslims would all go away. The "native americans" were living like violent animals, and the whites took this country from them and made it a place for people to be free and civilized. Now, the heathens and criminals of the world are not going to rest until it becomes a cesspool like those that they originated from. Beasts do not like anything good; beasts like the muslims, blacks and hispanics will not rest until this country is destroyed.

If we deported all the muslims and refused to let another one enter this country, we could then concentrate on arresting and prosecuting the blacks and hispanics.

ccrider #fundie topix.com

[In response to a scenario where a woman will choose abortion if she is not allowed to adopt her baby to a gay couple.]

Either way is not right in God's eyes. It's kind of like saying that one sin is not as terrible as another sin (honor your father and mother versus thy shall not covet, etc.)

On one hand, if aborted, the baby will go to heaven (hasn't reached the age of accountability). On the other hand, if adopted by people practicing despicable immorality, this child will likely grow up with the wrong idea of God's choice for a family. Will the child ever get saved? Who knows.

So saying all this, I guess if adopted by homosexuals, the child would live. If aborted, he wouldn't live here but with God in heaven. Did I answer the question? No, I didn't. It's pretty tough.

King Samuel #fundie topix.com

I will tell you all the truth about LIBERALS, and why they refuse to condemn Islam and Muslims... The same Devil, Satan, is in the heart of liberals. I am talking about the kind of people who murder babies. The kind of people who promote THE ABOMINATION of gay marriage. The kind of people who constantly bash Christianity on TV and elsewhere(but not Islam). Jesus said, "Every kingdom divided will not stand...How can Satan go against Satan?"(matt.12:25-26) You see, LIBERALS ARE AGAINST ALL THAT IS GODLY, because through their hardness of heart, they have made the Lord their enemy. And God has given them over to a reprobate mind. "In the last days, people will be...slanderous...treacherous. ..conceited...NOT LOVERS OF GOOD PEOPLE...lovers of pleasure instead of God...Pretending to be Godly and right, but denying the Power of God.(2 tim. 3:2-5) God bless those who delight in that which is wholesome, true, and good. The God hating left is short on time, and in their heart of hearts they know it. Pray.

Man From South Saint Paul #fundie topix.com

Logical, analytical and cosmological evidence prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that God exists and anybody who denies that evidence is mentally deranged, insane and psychotic. That is not a hate-filled statement. That is simply stating the only logical conclusion that one can render from analyzing atheist.

JBC #fundie topix.com

My compliments to the justice for standing up for his beliefs!
It sickens me how people seem to bow down and worship interracial or gay couples. Doesn't anyone have respect for their ancestors, heritage or tradition anymore?
It's sad that, in this day in age, people are more concerned about the breed of their dogs than that of their children.

Terrie Briant #fundie topix.com

The bible says that we are not to marry outside our race. To believe what we are told in the bible, does not make us misfits! God knew ahead of time the turmoil biracial relationships would cause, because he designed it that way! To keep us from doing it! If we do not want this kind of confusion, don't go against what God told us not to do. He warned us of what would happen! Look and see for yourself! God is a lot more powerful and smarter than we are. Research the bible. And after that, some of you will be more the wiser. You will then rethink your responses, and know that it's wrong! Everyone here who thinks it's not wrong, you KNOW it's wrong in your hearts. I'm proud of that judge for doing what was only RIGHT in the eyes of GOD; for the good of any children they may have had, for the good of family, and for the good of society. Just as Barrack Obama said,"it was time for a change". We can't change God's word! So Barrack Obama, "You keep the change".

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[Topic: Why shouldn't we have a theocracy?]

But laws can be changed, including the Constitution. I know the Founding Fathers were against theocracy. Jefferson even rewrote the Bible. Blaspheme! But that doesn't change the word of God and what he wants for us.
We need to make an amendment for a new Constitution that will make our nation a Christian nation ruled according to God will in the Bible. "Notice I didn't conjugate God. I decided that altering God name is disgraceful to God and we should not disgrace God. Just like you wouldnt lower case God name you should not alter it by adding letters to it."

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You can remove the 10 commandments from any building you want, you can try to keep us from saying "Merry Christmas", you can come after us with threats when we pray... But you can NEVER separate us from the love of the Lord!
As it says in John 16:33 "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."
We Christians are on the winning side! For every victory you atheists think you've won... you've really lost, but you're too blind to know it!

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It's time to vote for 2010!

We were promised to have more new jobs, now we have ZERO Jobs available for all americans except the chosen gays who own all the money, wealth, live in mansions, drive luxurious cars while we americans are suffering to pay our rents!

They have years of free time to take us to court, sue us for anything, rape our little kids in our public school systems while we americans struggle to pay our rent, pay for gas, help our kids to go to summer camps, and pay for christmas gifts!

Now, all I see is gays protesting, breaking windows, shouting they wnat special righs to rape others and force their chosen life-style upon our INNOCENT kids!

This is not civil rights but evil-rights!

I am tired of the -00000.1% of the population of america who have chosen to be gay demanding more special privileges for their hyper-active chosen gay rich life-style!

This is absurd to force us americans to give your special rights because of the way you perform your personal sexual acts on your private time!

Those 18,000 who got married will not be "valid" in the new election 2010 for the new congress that will be all voted in!

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[In response to a thread about people killed for being homosexual.]

It's sad that these guys apparently died homosexuals, and now await judgment day, where they will receive justice for their sins and eternal punishment in hell.

"No, what is sad is that you are the one to pass judgment, instead of just respecting the feelings of those close to the dead. I only hope that no one treats you the way you treat others when you are in mourning.
You wouldn't know the meaning of the word Hesed if it punched you in your bigoted mouth, or stabbed you in your non existent heart."

It won't matter whether or not your "feelings" get hurt, when you stand before Jesus to receive justice for your life.

What matters is that you had repented of your sins and put your faith in Jesus Christ before you passed. Otherwise you will not be a happy person when you receive eternal punishment in hell for your sins.

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No matter what way you put it, men are the dominant human race. Are we equals? Hell no, women are usually physically weaker and are no smarter in the mind than men. Try and prove me wrong.
Where a woman is usually frail and weak emotionally, men are willing to rise against. For thousands of years, woman have not been regarded as equals, despite their best efforts. Even today, amidst the feminist-loving American society, the rest of the world tends to their chauvinistic traditions that carry on today.
My wife doesn't care for that ridiculous feministic crap. We have two sons in middle school and go on with our lives.

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[Re: Ardipithecus Ramidus]

Gotta love how these people believe something came from nothing.

They create models like this out of an arm bone and draw up some new picture to continue their scam. If this thing were real there would be THOUSANDS of intermediate evolutionary figures walking around - mid-change. This simply does not work to anyone willing to open their brain for a moment.