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If you're in a public place and ICE comes calling, pull the fire alarm.

Seriously. If you’re in a school, church, community center, hospital, or wherever, do it. It will create chaos as the building is evacuated. It will disrupt the operation as the volume of the alarm will interfere with communication by ICE agents. It will force a response by the fire department and local law enforcement.

Yes, it’s illegal. Civil disobedience is illegal by definition.

Spread this far and wide on social media, especially if you and or your friends/family/colleagues work in such institutions.

So tell me, the next time someone doesn’t leave a building because they assume that it’s a false alarm, again, only it turns out to be a real fire this time, are you going to take any responsibility for giving people such fucking stupid advice, or do their losses get chalked up as acceptable collateral damage?

When surgery in a hospital is disrupted because of a needless evacuation and the patient dies as a result, do you feel any guilt or are they just unavoidable casualties?

From a firefighter and fire chief, one of those people who have to deal with assholes pulling fucking stupid stunts like that, perhaps you should contemplate how many lives you are willing to risk for your “civil disobedience”. And if you don’t perhaps reconsider the wisdom of such an action, then you can go fuck yourself.



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