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Wilsonword #moonbat #pratt

An estimated 94 to 100 million souls lost their lives, killed by Communist regimes. The U.S.S.R. gets much focus but Communist genocides in Asia wiped out millions also. Economic and political systems are intertwined so deeply. It is too simplistic to say Communism did not really fail because it was never truly implemented as it was originally meant to be.

The two points you make are not logically connected.

a. milions died in those so called communism regimes.

b. its too simplistic to say communism did not really fail because it was never truly implemented.

You dont make any kind of connection between those two. How does A mean B is true? We could far more convincingly say the opposite: that A happened BECAUSE of B. Millions died because it was not real communism, since real communism does not have the violent coercion and murder of millions of people on the whim of one absolute ruler as an central aim or method.

ANY system that has ‘the violent coercion and murder of millions of people on the whim of one absolute ruler’ is not communism. It loses its right to call itself communism right away on just that one aspect. Since a key and unalterable aim of communism is “…the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all" - Communist Manifesto, Section 2 (Marx and Engels)

Yes, quite the opposite of what we are normally told, the basic aim of communism is: FREEDOM. So, Stalin and Mao etc were state dictators, not communists. Because they deliberately suppressed the freedom of their own people, directly against basic communist principles. It seems pretty clear…

(though, actually, we cant leave it just at that - there are various things that need be taken into account when we consider what actually happened in Russia and China then).

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defluxion10 #wingnut

I've said The US Military has joined the Traitors and and here is all the proof needed, Period. When the modern US Military Officers face The Gallows Noose's an they will they will all say "but I was just obeying orders".


I've yet to see the Military Officers prove my comment wrong so far they do what Trump tells them to just like every other Dictator's military does, fact the joint chiefs walk in to McConnell's office shut the door and say "McConnell you have Trump out of office by this time next week, understood, good bye"and walk out shutting the door, McConnell goes to Nancy and says we have the votes to Impeach Trump lets say 72 hours from now it's done how's that sound, an don't ask why I'm doing this lets just say I saw handwriting on the wall and leave it at that, bye" so see no violence no military coup no drama as long as the ones behind close doors keep their mouths shut and it's all legal impeachment and President Pence does a happy dance tell he falls to The Law.

["Ummmm, what you are describing IS a coup. "]

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G2geek #racist

While we're at it, you can duck these questions too:

Why don't all the fabulously wealthy princes and emirs and the like, fund real economic development for Palestinians, but instead fund things like tunnels for taking hostages?

Since when do progressives make excuses for fabulously wealthy princes and emirs and the like?

As for easier targets, the presence of fellow Palestinians on buses never discouraged a suicide bomber from pulling the ripcord.

Though, I suppose "Jewish-only buses" would make easier targets for the kinds of rockets that Hamas et. al. were raining down on Jews over the summer. But first they'd have to learn to aim the damn things, which they seem surprisingly inept at doing.

["Why don't all the fabulously wealthy princes and emirs for the like fund real economic development for the impoverished people of Detroit?
Hint: It's for the exact same reason they don't do it for the Palestinians. IT'S NOT THEIR FUCKING COUNTRY.
The Palestinians live under Israeli rule, and they are therefore Israeli responsibility. Full stop.
Besides, the Palestinians in Gaza live under embargo. They literally have no economy to speak of."


["A lot of what you're writing here is irrelevant to the subject matter of the diary. What is relevant is the anti-Arab racism that you're espousing, and the excuses you're making for the latest exhibition of racist Israeli policies toward Palestinians. Initially I was debating whether or not to HR your original comment, but now I'm glad that I did."]
anti-Arab racism? compared to the rising tide of.. ... soft anti-Semitism?

There was a time when I could reply to anti-Christian bigotry by saying "substitute the word Jews for Christians in that comment and see how it sounds."

Now that doesn't even register, because anti-Semitism itself has been on the rise. Usually in the "soft" form of support for Palestinian terrorist groups as occurred over the summer when they were shooting thousands of rockets at Jews.

Get this: When the terrorist acts stop, the conversation starts. Between now and then, no rewards for terrorism.

And if you don't like it that 50% of Israelis support "Apartheid," then take a stand against the terrorist groups that use innocent Palestinians as pawns and human shields.

Guaranteed, the numbers in that poll will plummet when Israelis don't have to worry about rocket attacks, bus bombing, hostage-taking, suicide bombers in crowds, etc. etc. on a daily basis.

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G2geek #fundie

The video games have zero measurable effect. Kids in other developed countries play the exact same games. They don’t shoot up schools, or kill their sisters.

The problem is the guns. Period.

In fact there is ample research concluding that video games reduce empathy and increase meanness.

And there is a truly bizarre streak on the left that makes slippery-slope arguments for anything that can remotely be considered “speech,” including games where you get little squirts of dopamine for shooting people, that bears a unique resemblance to the bizarros on the right who make slippery-slope arguments for anything that can remotely be considered “firearms.”

When “freedom" is defined as “the right to be an asshole,” we become a society of assholes.

And “My rights over your dead body” is the ultimate in selfish cowardice.

To quote a former Google employee who has since gone dissident, “there are a thousand of us on the other side of your screen, whose job is to break down your self-regulation [ability to rationally control your own behavior].”

Anyone who wants to rationalize that, has no right to complain about The Regime.

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G2geek #racist

I’m with you for the same reason: demographics.

The entire basis of Israel’s existence is as a Jewish homeland, the last safe place on Earth for Jews. To my mind that comes first. Thus a two-state solution is the only way forward.

But then there’s also this:

Gulf Arab states cover an enormous amount of territory. Some of them could readily carve out a New Palestine and easily fund all of the construction needed to raise its cities and towns up from the desert.

Rather than fight over a tiny piece of land in an already tiny country, why not build something new and set an example?

It’s not as if the world isn’t already facing mass migrations due to other aspects of the planetary population/resource/ecology crises. A mass migration to a New Palestine could also set the example for handling the other anticipated mass migrations of the next two centuries.

Do i understand your proposal correctly? 1: one or more Gulf Arab states should 'carve out' some land in the desert. 2: they should build "cities and towns." 3: the millions of people from the land their families have lived for generations will move there? Is that about right?
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MiNest #fundie

The humanitarian situation in Gaza is such that no one there is a terrorist anymore, they are freedom fighters. When a country behaves like Israel has consistently behaved, it is propaganda to call them terrorists.

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G2geek #fundie

so, here's the thing G2
Forced sterilization, right? I'm down with that. But who among us, gets to make those decisions? Who says who can procreate? I don't want that burden. Do you?

Should it be in the hands of the people? If everyone had equal opportunity to the body of knowledge that would enable them to make those decisions wisely, that's where I'd want that power to be.

there's no judgement needed.
For example: A deer eats fermented apples, gets drunk, falls into a gulch, breaks its leg and gets eaten by predators. A squirrel walks across the top of an electrical transformer, gets zapped. Neither of them gets to reproduce. As a result you don't see so many stupid deer or squirrels.

So: A human drives drunk, wraps his car around a tree, but we're nice so we don't let him die. A human doesn't turn off a power circuit when wiring up an outlet, gets zapped, but we're nice so we don't let him die.

The standard is simple and wholly objective: if in the state of nature you would have died from whatever-it-is, we'll be nice and keep you alive, but you'll be sterilized so you don't reproduce.

No judgement calls needed. Any lifesaving medical intervention comes along with an extra snip or two.

And you can be sure this will also make people more mindful and cautious, in other words, make them behave more intelligently.

Otherwise we are breeding for stupidity, the results of which are amply obvious.

The logic of this is inescapable.

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BMScott #fundie

White-splaining… LMFAO.. SMH.. Sigh.. I am not White. I’m Black.

I’m not White-splaining, because I have no perspective on the White experience; nor care to — I’m speaking as a Black person who has seen racism their entire lives. Do you understand what that’s like?

So to see it here is disturbing…

Maybe you read what I wrote but your own reactionary senses thought “this is a White man” so you immediately assumed I was “White-splaining” or “Man-splaining” .. which just means, you’re not really trying to engage with me in a conversation — but instead tell me why I should shut the fuck up because I’m somehow privileged.

You’re sitting here telling me I have no idea what racism is when I’ve been beaten within an inch of my life by the Cleveland Police Department; when I’ve bad a bottle broke across my face for being a so-called “nigger” at the age of 8 by a bunch of teenage White boys; when I was told I didn’t belong in my neighborhood because I looked like a dope dealer…

Think about your own prejudice to assume SO much about me simply because I said Dear Leader is making racist comments?

Just stop.. and think about what you just said… just slow down for a minute.. damn.

Your response is something of a non sequitur: being a black person who has seen racism his entire life is no more incompatible with white-’splaining than being a woman is incompatible with man-’splaining. White-’splaining is defined by its content, not by the color of the speaker or writer. (Note that I am not commenting either way on the merits of Raucous Indignation’s charge.)
Wow. this is a first on this blog. A black man being accused of whitesplainin. And someone actually defending it as a non sequitur. #arglebargle
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G2geek #fundie

I’m with you on that. The kinds of dumb crooks we’ve been discussing here are clearly not safe to be around kids, and not capable of being safe parents.

The rights of children to be free of abuse, neglect, and endangerment, supersede the rights of convicted criminals to be parents. And there is no inherent right to reproduce, other than a hypothetical “general liberty” right that can be revoked along with other “general liberty” rights that are forfeit by definition when someone is sentenced to prison.

QED, sterilize ‘em. Put it in the criminal statutes that one of the penalties upon conviction is to be removed from any possibility of becoming a parent by any route, and that sterilization will ensue immediately upon exhaustion of appeals if any. That also means no conjugal visits while appeals are pending. Tough shit: if you do the crime, you do the time, and that also means no making babies.

The fact that mandatory sterilizations were abused like mad hell in certain states for obviously racist reasons isn’t sufficient reason to not do it now. Prison itself has also been viciously abused for racist reasons (see also the incarceration rates today) but that’s no reason to do away with prisons.

The same safeguards need to be in place for the entire criminal justice system, to prevent racism and wacko theories such as eugenics getting any traction in the law. With those safeguards in place, the principle of protecting existing and potential children from having dumb crooks as parents can be enacted safely.

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brensgrrl #fundie

I can understand how they can be happy. Most people would be very happy to live a life in which you would be able to do WHATEVER you feel is right, regardless of what that was (as long as you weren’t arrested for it). Not believing in God frees people from the guilt and pangs of conscience that accompanies the belief that some Higher Power may hold you responsible for the choices you make. If you can convince yourself that there is no Higher Power, then you will believe that no one will judge the choices you make. In this way, atheism is sort of a faith, a deep hope and belief that there is no God.

If you don’t believe in God, then you live only in the here and now and have little concern about others and their circumstances beyond the amount of concern that the human laws and regulations insist you must have (for example, an atheist would avoid t murder, NOT because some “God” said that murder is wrong; rather, they would not kill someone because of the knowledge that they would be arrested and put in prison, losing their freedom.) They don’t worry about consequences or obligations beyond what society would require of them. They believe that if they are “good people” in the eyes of society, keeping human laws, then that is good enough. Atheists are also content in their belief that humans can solve every single problem on Earth and that whatever problems humans cannot solve are not worth worrying about. They don’t worry much about death and disease or intractable poverty or hunger because either they believe that humans will eventually solve those problems, or they believe that those problems are the evolutionary “lot in life” of people who are not the “fittest” and that the laws of evolution will take care of the matter soon enough. No point in caring or worrying about it at all.

Finally, they think of themselves as individual little “Gods” or “Goddesses” in that they believe that they, as imperfect human individuals, are the sole source of moral authority in their lives, that whatever their personal situational ethics dictates is what they do, and they alone have complete control over their own fortunes. Each one lives as they want to live with no outside sources of ethical rules (other than the laws of imperfect human governments). If it is not legally mandated, you don’t have to do it. If it “feels good” to you personally, then do it. They feel no obligation toward any universal source of authority and believe themselves to have attained ultimate freedom.

I can understand how some folks could think this is happiness.

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jazzfan76 #sexist

Daddy government doesn't want to pay for your Friday night rave adventures, and don't come down here and complain about childbirth. All single mothers are under government funded programs raising their kids and i have to fork my hard earned money to raise my kids ( working two jobs ) and my wife slaving here way since 24. No more socialism..period. I am not paying for teen pregnancies nor welfare queens nor planned parenthoods. Work hard like the rest of us and make money to raise a kid. If you cant, dont expect me to pay for your fantasies.

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Randy Erb #racist

[DSA = Democratic Socialists of America]

final insults, final injuries... Trump administration wants to deport Vietnam war refugees

You are correct in that they are going through files trying to figure out how to revoke citizenship. And sending back those who were Montagnards or AmeriAsians (Vietnamese and GI hooked up and produced a child) is literally sending them back to starvation and/or death. There is no love loss among the Vietnamese now in control (NVA/VC) with those two groups.

Interestingly, my husband often gets “thank you for fighting for us” from Vietnamese who are living here. They see his Viet Nam campaign pin on his hat and are so appreciative of his service. That means more to him than other Americans who say “thank you for your service”.

Those Vietnamese were the ones who fought for the French against their own people. Then fought for the Japanese against their own people. They then fought for the US against their own people. By the way it was the US who betrayed the Vietnamese in WWII. When Japan surrendered, the Brits came in to take control AWAY from the Vietnamese who were now in charge. So the resistance forces who were fighting on our side in the war, were put in prison by the Brits and restored the French collaborators and traitors to power! You have very poor judgement of who are good people.


I am a long time leftist by the way and a member of DSA. I simply tell the truth about things. [...] These individuals are getting preferential treatment because they are right wingers.

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BlackSheep1 #fundie

Or “Marching Through Georgia” to Southerners who survived the Civil War. It doesn’t have that connection to most modern Southerners, though.

Marching Through Georgia damn sure has that connotation to me, and whenever I hear “battle hymn of the republic” I am thoroughly revolted.

It’s as though the North didn’t quite believe they had actually won, and needed to go on putting down the South. Well, here we are 123 years later, and what has changed?


There’s nobody north of the Mason-Dixon line with the peace chiefs’ wisdom, or Reverend Hart’s moxie.

And rubbing Southerners’ noses in our “heritage” of slavery and cruelty while ignoring the discriminatory behavior going on TODAY in the former “Union” states and expansions thereof — don’t tell me it isn’t happening, and not just to young black men but to Native American women, black women, and Latinx people as well as Hawaiian and Alaskan natives — does nothing to reduce the residual resentment.

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GrouchySquirrel #fundie

I want to see liberals exerting a will to power. I want to see liberals using power to shape the world in the mold of their ideals. I want to see liberals completely crushing conservatism under their boots. I want to see that — no WE NEED to see that or else, climate change and environmental destruction will burn the planet out from under us all and nothing will matter.

That is what is at stake — the very survival of human civilization.

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Attorney at Arms #fundie

[Archive link in case of original's removal:]

A Military Coup May Be Our Only Hope

Of course we won’t call it that because we haven’t admitted to ourselves that we are a banana republic, but that’s really the only hope, I think, we have in the event that Trump and Bolton spark off what could be a World War. All of this sounds so hyperbolic? They said irony died after 9/11. Hyperbole died after 11/9.

Many posters here are anti-military. You shouldn’t be. You might be anti-war, but that’s different. The military is one of the most representative bodies of American diversity, a means to middle-class jobs that doesn’t require six figures of student loans, and one that mostly preaches good policies even if it doesn’t always follow them.

Even though I am a strong believer in our military, I don’t think a junta of generals should be running our country. Some kind of legal fiction involving the 25th Amendment seems to be the likely cover.

I hope it doesn’t come to this, but there are no other checks left on Trump. Congress is his patsy. Anyone who doesn’t kiss his ass and call it ice cream is out of the executive branch.

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G2geek #fundie

But I probably would not let my hypothetical kids play with violent video games, even if I had no guns.

Nor would I.

Though, there's another way to go about that:

"For every person you shoot in that game, you have to look at a picture of a real shooting victim and watch to a real video of the victim's family, immediately before going to bed.” (This will predictably cause nightmares where the kid is the victim of violence. Good. Dreams aren’t “real” either, but they do have teaching-value.)

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Tex Arcana #fundie

Russia was never communist; nor was. China. Anyone that insists on calling fascist/totalitarian states "communist" are just attempting Republican-level misdirection and deflection.

1. They called themselves communist and resulted from the attempted implementation of Marxism.

2. No other states that reflected a better implementation of Marxism emerged.

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Tex Arcana #fundie

Communism in eastern Europe produced pollution on a scale unimaginable in the West. Their industry was also woefully inefficient in terms of CO2 output per KW and their usage of energy... but CAPITALISM!!!!1! I guess.

It was not communism: it was totalitarianism/fascism. A government run by a few private interests to the detriment of the people and the land.

They only called it "communism" to confuse their ignorant people and knee-jerk Republicans and their fear of those dirty poor folk.

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moviemeister76 #fundie

At what point does innocent until proven guilty kick in?

When we no longer live in a rape culture.

[Thread 1:]
Nice to see the usual dudebros in here fighting to maintain rape culture. Way to go guys.

You’re either with us or against us, amirite?

Uh, yes. Quite literally. You’re either for ending rape culture. Or you’re not.
I’ve never seen anyone here who is not for ending rape culture.

lol Uh huh.
Uh huh. If you’re serious about that charge, now is where you name names right?

Well, first of all, I pretty much already did. Second, I’d like to thank you and every mediocre man like you for adhering to the same trolling pattern for the last several decades. It’s makes it so easy to spot you all from a mile away.
To be clear, so folks know whether they really should flag your posts for making such a baseless and disgusting accusation... You’re accusing alx9090 and and Roln of being in favor of a rape culture. That right?

Sure go ahead. Flag away. I’m tired of dealing with men who repeatedly blame victims at this site and do everything they can to maintain the status quo of rape culture. Heaven forbid we deal with actual sexism on the left. Much better to just shut us women up, isn’t it?
It must be tough to continue thinking of yourself as a good person when you realize you've been part of the sexual harassment problem all along.

[Thread 2:]

Who needs justice? I’ll get us a rope. Let’s go find us some guilty-looking folks. We can string `em up and feel better about ourselves. Doesn’t matter if they even did anything.

Oh please. You guys really need to get better material. Why don’t you go back to victim blaming Louis CK’s victims and pretending those women consented to what he did.
OR, and here’s an idea, you can deal with the idea that this diary makes guys like you uncomfortable for reasons you’re not willing to admit or even deal with. Much Easier to just attack women and let us know that as long as you’re alive, none of us are ever really safe.
Setting aside the presumption of innocence is the issue for me.
You were asked a serious question and you gave a slogan answer that had nothing to do with it — unless you really do intend to do away with the bedrock principle of modern justice and the presumption of innocence.
It’s always been hard to make a point with you because you so frequently use hate indiscriminately (“dudebros” is the n-word to my ears) against people who by and large support you.

[Thread 3:]
Innocent until proven guilty only applies to a court of law. The same courts and laws which have denied justice to sexual assault and rape victims pretty much since forever.

You have to prove that a crime was committed by the defendant beyond a reasonable doubt.
A high percentage of these cases are one persons word against another, no witnesses, no or equivocal physical evidence, usually alcohol involved.
Taking someone’s life and freedom is extremely serious. With little evidence other than words, what is a court to do?

Please. As if innocent people don’t go to jail and guilty people set free all the time. This idea that we can only know someone’s guilt via a court, that we can only achieve justice via a court is ridiculous.
The authors of the Constitution said “the accused shall be presumed innocent until a judge or jury delivers a guilty verdict.” BTW, the accused — whether is it an elected lawmaker, a movie producer, or the school janitor — should be either acquitted or convicted in a court of law, not in the court of public opinion. Any other way is called vigilante justice or kangaroo court.

What a splendid idea! Quote slaveholders who didn’t believe women should have the right to vote. Now you’ve totally convinced me.
Do you know of any other legal way? Would you really like the US turn the justice system totally upside down, and allow the law enforcement community to declare someone guilty, and then shoot the “convicted felon”? I surely don’t want that, and no decent honest prosecutor wants that. If that is really what you want, then I suggest moving to Iran, and make sure you go out of your way to be accused of a crime.

Guilt in a criminal sense can only be determined through the court system, and one that is neutral, not racist/classist/homophobic/etc., and one giving the accused access to competent representation.
You seem to think innocent people are imprisoned and guilty people are set free all the time, so what’s a few more? NO.
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moviemeister76, Cmae #fundie

What’s it doing on Instagram? Did Heather Lind bring it up with his caretakers first?

moviemeister76: So sexual assault victims need permission from their perpetrators before they speak about what happened?
That is not what I said at all. Stop engaging in the Republican strategy of deliberate misstatement. The reason to go public is when a private confrontation is ineffective. We cannot make starting with a public accusations (not just sexual ones) the norm just because easy outlets like Instagram exist. Soon people with a vendetta or simple maliciousness for whatever reason will start making false public accusations. If that has ever happened to you, you would know that a denial is useless. It is very difficult, and most of the time impossible, to prove a negative. People just start gossiping and you, though even if innocent, pay the price. Even if you win (as an acquaintance of mine did, even receiving a 6-figure settlement), you will probably have to move to another community. This is why our system says that people are innocent until PROVEN guilty.

If Heather Lind had gone privately to the caretaker (as it appears that Bush is no longer able to directly speak for himself) and received an apology, would she or should she go public? What would be the motivation to do so? Keeping quiet out of fear or because of hush money is one polar wrong. Blaring an accusation from the housetops is another polar wrong.

moviemeister76: You know what? Don’t you EVER tell me how I should deal with accusing the man who raped me. EVER. Victims have the fucking right to handle it however we fucking see fit. All you are doing is showing that you’re more concerned about being accused of sexual assault than the women who are sexually assaulted.
You know nothing about me. You don’t even know if I am a man or a woman. I was careful to point out that I am not limiting my remarks to sexual assault, but negative public accusations of all kinds. However, I am so glad no one has ever falsely publicly accused you of anything, that you have had the luxury of supposing that all negative accusations of any nature are prima facie true.

Cmae: More passive aggressive mansplaining.
Question: Is it still mansplaining if a woman wrote it? More likely you are attempting ad hominem—trying to discredit the person rather than engage the argument itself.

Cmae: Passive aggressive female misogny works too.
And yet there is no misogyny, male or female, in my comment. All I have said is there should be a “regular order” to making accusations of any kind. Otherwise, people will start making accusations of all sorts, and I have been careful to say, those accusations do not necessarily have to be sexual in nature to do real harm. You are also very close to the next step, presumption of guilt, rather than presumption of innocence. One reason police shoot unarmed black people more often than white people is the problem of presumption of guilt. I am arguing for consistency of approach.

I agree that too often society winks at sexual misconduct. Even on Dkos, many of the ads objectify women and all we hear are excuses about how Kos does not control the ads. Running headlong toward the polar opposite of presumptive guilt would be counterproductive. This is a true slippery slope. Note the comments. A number of people are ready to speculate all sorts of things about Bush.

moviemeister76: Dear God. Why is it whenever someone wants to defend something they wrote that was misogynistic or racist as hell, they always give us a multi-paragraph screed?
So instead of a refutation, you offer a restatement of your original assertion without anything to back it up except “misogynist” is the ad hominem du jour.
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moviemeister76 #fundie

In this country we are innocent until proven guilty. I’ll wait and see for the facts to come out.

You are literally repeating all the talking points people use to defend rapists. Misogyny and rape culture personified. How utterly predictable from you, though.
Honestly, fuck off. I am not excusing anyone. Innocent until proven guilty is the cornerstone of our country’s legal system.

No. The cornerstone of our country’s legal system was that SOME people were innocent until proven guilty. Our legal system was founded on racism and misogyny, which is why folks like you always fall back on it when you’ve got nothing else to explain away why you defend someone who sexually assaulted a woman.
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G2geek #fundie

Due process is a red herring.

When freedom is defined as the right to be a malevolent asshole, we become a malevolent asshole culture.

Is that what you want?

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AoT #fundie

I think I can help you resolved your mixed feelings about Scottish Independence. A legally-binding referendum was held in 2014 and it was failed. The side that lost wants a do-over, but the people of Scotland pretty obviously don’t. The “movement” now is little more than a mechanism by which some pretty unscrupulous politicians hope to hold onto their seats. Although independence supporters are in the minority, they are unified around one party. The Scots who are opposed to independence — the “Unionists” — split their vote among three parties. So it is a tactic that works, and will be perpetuated, and government in Scotland will suffer as a result, because this hopeless dead-end issue can continue to consume all the political oxygen.

The only reason the referendum failed was because the anti side blatantly lied again and again. Max devo was a massive farce that was never intended to be anything but propaganda. You're spreading propaganda and lies.
OMG. Pull the other one. Alex Salmond said that oil would pay for almost everything, and that all the rest would be covered by the UK volunteering a currency union, something that the whole of the UK was deadset against. The entire independence platform was an astonishing collection of untruths that got more and more ridiculous as the campaign wore on. Scotland would be a smoking ruin today had the voters not perceived just what a gasbag that odious man was.

Funny how you conflate outright lies with less than stellar policy. You don't even deny that it was outright lies, you just lack any respect for the Scots.
Oil would pay for almost everything was an outright lie.

That the UK would volunteer to pay for everything else via a currency union was an outright lie.

I have immense respect for the Scots — they demonstrated their good sense in 2014 by rejecting Salmond’s nationalist bullshit, and then they did it again in the last GE when they booted him and that lying toad Angus Robertson out of their seats.

I prove my respect for the Scots for calling for their decision on the question of independence to be considered to be the final word on this matter for a generation, just like the SNP said it would before the votes were cast.

How about you?

Yeah, supporting the racist liars in London is such respect for the Scots. Just like you "respect" the catalonians by pretending a referendum taken under a fascist government was somehow legitimate. But hey, as long as no one gets their independence what do you care?
I assume “racist liars” in London is some kind of whinge about Brexit. Which has absolutely nothing to do with the Scottish independence referendum.

Scots don’t “get their independence” because they don’t want it. You should accept that decision.

Bwahahahahahahaha. What yeah, what could Brexit have to do with the lie about Scotland being forced to leave the EU if they voted to leave Britain. I don’t understand how those two things could ever be connected! It’s so confusing and difficult!!!!

And you’re still silent on your love of referendums taken under threat of fascism as the only other alternative. But hey, what do you care about reality, you’ve got an ideology to push.

Right for the Wrong Reason Award

The number of 'successful' left-wing and right-wing dictatorships is exactly equal: Zero!

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AoT #fundie

Ends don’t justify means.

So you’re opposed to killing someone in self defense? Or is it just when it’s a left wing government that you believe this?
There is some lesson to be learned in the fact that there has been no successful left-wing dictatorship to date.

That’s just false. There’s been as many successful left wing dictatorships as right wing. Americans just mythologize the right wing dictatorships as being “efficient” and “making the trains run on time.” But the USSR was a successful left wing dictatorship.
Really? Now it’s somehow “self defense” for a government to kill its own citizens (so long as the government is “left wing”)?

The point is that the ends do sometimes justify the means, and unless you oppose violence as self defense then you agree with that.
And it starved to death millions of Ukrainians on purpose because they wouldn’t get along with the Party line. Not to mention the other millions murdered in Stalin’s later purges.

Indeed, just like the US genocided Native Americans. In fact, the US is responsible for more death than the USSR. Since we’re talking about ends and means and all. Because right now it sure seems like that’s just a talking point that liberals push to pretend like communism is the greatest evil ever while ignoring everything that capitalism has done and is doing.
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Bengstra #fundie

No individual is required to sacrifice due process simply for being a man, and that because many men are guilty of sexual assault. There is no collective price to pay.

In a perfect world I’d absolutely agree. I WANT to agree. Yet, I feel “due process” is as impacted by “If sense were common everyone would have it.” as “Affirmative Consent”. “Due Process” simply isn’t consistent from state to state, county to county, town to town, judge to judge, sheriff to sheriff. Would our friend Arpaio have applied the same “due process” as a sheriff in California? To a white man accused of raping a brown skinned woman? To a brown skinned man accused of raping a white woman?

I just don’t believe “due process”, as we want it to exist, exists in this country. Therefore … we can’t make it the defining goal of protection … for anything, by anyone involving gender, race, or class that’s not upper class.

I have no idea what all of that means, but simply disregarding due process makes even less sense.

“Due process” is a myth as long as it is allowed to be interpreted independently within jurisdictions. A brown person rarely, if ever, gets the same “due process” in the south as a white person. Basically, “due process” means whatever the folks in a position of power in any given jurisdiction want it to mean, so saying we should trust it to be the yardstick by which a mans culpability in a sexual assault case is measured is useless.
Due process is not a myth, and casting it aside because it may applied unevenly makes no sense.

And it is not a yardstick to judge culpability, it is the process of getting there.

Due process IS a myth and there is no BETTER reason to cast it aside and come up with a replacement than the fact it IS, not may be, applied unevenly.
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AoT #fundie

[Submitter's note: commenter is an anarcho-communist.]

Russia industrialized in a tenth of the time that it took other nations. Authoritarianism can have good results, it’s the balance at the end of the day between lives and “progress” that’s the issue.

That industrialization also killed people by the millions.
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WMDKitty #fundie

Sorry, while I’m all for the police de-escalating if possible, when you have a knife and are stabbing a police officer, the public belongs on the officer’s side and there is a chance of the police officer killing the criminal — and unless the officer does something wrong, they deserve the public’s support.

Supporting every criminal killed by a police officer over the police is a good way to take the wrong side and discredit the movement against police abuse.
There’s a difference between opposing police injustice and opposing police, period, cheering wrongful attacks against them.

The right likes to pretend the left can’t tell the difference.

Sadly it seems in some cases they might be correct.

You two are morons. The police are nothing but gangsters with badges, engaging in murder and hiding behind “fear for their lives”.

It’s too bad the piggie got stabbed, but given the long history of police violence AGAINST POC AND LGBT FOLX, the woman (sadly murdered by the pig) was absolutely in the right to defend herself.

Wow. So collective guilt for police. Because there has been police abuse, she was right to stab this officer.

And if the officer was just defending himself, then he murdered her wrongly and is a “piggie”.

You’re simply wrong, and no friend to the cause of justice to anyone.

IF the facts come out the officer did anything wrong, THEN criticize that.

Officer used deadly force when he should have de-escalated. She was acting in self defense.

Fuck the Police.

You don’t know that, and certainly haven’t proven it here. Maybe he should have, and maybe he couldn’t.

You assert she stabbed a police officer in self-defense without any evidence. Prove it.

She obviously feared for her life.

If it’s a good enough excuse for the cops, surely she can use it, too...

No, it’s not obvious. And the phrase is, reasonably feared for her life.

And no, it’s not enough.

If you go take a schoolroom hostage with a gun, you have reason to fear for your life from the police.

That doesn’t suddenly give you justification for killing police.

Right, right, “if she had only cooperated”…

A trans woman of color DOES have reason to fear for her life when confronted by a police officer. So yes, she was REASONABLY AFRAID, and fully justified.

Being a trans woman of color, or a white non-trans person, or any other race or orientation, doesn’t mean they can’t can’t be a criminal.

And no, simply being a trans woman of color does not give her justification to stab a police officer in fear for her life.

That is insane to claim and makes me have more sympathy for police when I hear anyone in the public even things that way.

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brooklynbadboy #fundie

[Posted on August 1, 2017, after the primaries and presidential election. Commenter was banned for this post.]

Oh absolutely. I don't have a candidate yet, but absolutely the bark must be stripped off Sanders and his staff fed into the woodchipper. The candidate who does that will get traction pretty quickly.

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G2geek #fundie

All he had to do was maintain the speed limit and pass me in the left lane. He came close to getting himself wrapped around a concrete light pole.

Lucky break he’s still alive. That kind of stuff is ridiculous. Did you know that car insurance premiums are twice as high for 16-26 year-old males than females? I came to learn this with my 3 sons. The money I’ve / we’ve paid is obscene. Your example is probably one of the reasons.

Yes, for which reason I did not have car insurance until that was not a factor.

Yes, seriously. I will not be subjected to what under any other circumstance would be unlawful discrimination.

Imagine insurers charging black drivers twice as much as white drivers. We should not tolerate any of that sort of thing.

As for “oh but something could have happened!”, yeah something can always “happen” but happenstance is not a stance and I take responsibility for my own actions.

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G2geek #fundie

I used to work making ads at a small cable company. Every time the saleswoman would promise a customer I'd have an ad done in 24 hours where they'd jump ahead of everyone, the computer would have a fried audio or video card. That was the only time the parts would fail and I had no way of knowing ahead of time that she had done it.

Interesting. So apparently you’re also subconsciously remote-viewing what the saleswoman and/or clients were doing.

Very often these things work in combination like that. BTW, lifelong precog here. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re nuts. Eventually the physics that makes this stuff work, will be figured out. My guess is that it’s QM computation in the brain interacting with an entangled particle flux that’s just part of the ambient background everywhere.

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Sarrior #fundie

[Bolding added.]

[Ex-Guantanamo detainee Omar Khadr to get apology and pay]

Khadr, who was the youngest prisoner ever detained at the naval base in Cuba, became a cause celebre for Guantanamo Bay opponents and his case received international attention.

He was convicted of five crimes, including throwing a grenade that killed Army Sgt Christopher Speer in 2002. He was shot and captured during the fire fight in Afghanistan.

This is great news. Omar Khadr is a progressive freedom fighter and those who attack him are xenophobic bigots.
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gardnerhill #sexist

Which is why I live by Sherlock Holmes’ comment in one film, reversing the gender: “Men are not to be trusted — not the best of them.”

I learned that one early, when a young man pretended to come to my aid when I was being harrassed after school, only to pick up a rock and order me to take my clothes off — then he Didn’t Understaaaand why I didn’t think that was hilarious.

There have been too many stories about women finding out that their nice, sweet, kind, “feminist” husbands or boyfriends have been trolling vicious things to women anonymously in their spare time.

Men are not to be trusted. Not the best of them.

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G2geek #conspiracy

I remember living in Manhattan in the late 1980s and always knowing which ATMs still dispensed $5s. That way you could get as close to all of the money in your account out, when you needed to buy — oh, I dunno — some stuff that came in a little bag?

And that, fellow Kosians, is why the Powers That Be would love to do away with cash.

No more little baggies of happy vegetation, no more secret dissident activities, but instead, everything you do, tracked, reported, analyzed, and predicted.

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roarofdissent #conspiracy

["Idiot Republican Congressman Suggests We Back ISIS"]

I don’t know what makes him more stupid: That he says we should back ISIS, or that he doesn’t we already are backing ISIS by unconditionally giving guns and training to anyone in Syria who was anti-Assad, and by giving money and guns to Saudi Arabia, where many of the powerful aristocrats there turn around and fund ISIS on our behalf.

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Kingsmeg #conspiracy

Erm… the USA is supporting ISIS. That’s pretty much common knowledge all over the Middle East. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs a history lesson on how the CIA operates.

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Fei Fallon Tong #fundie

Terrorism in the UK is a result of England’s white racist policies and racist people. The UK must give more power to Muslims to govern themselves as they see fit, and not according to the wishes of whites. Maybe it’s time for a two-state solution in England. A Muslim majority in England is inevitable anyhow. All the white bigotry in the world can’t stop it. This goes for the rest of Europe and the U.S. as well.

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Fei Fallon Tong #fundie

[Bolding added.]

I worry more about white racists than I do about radical Muslim terrorists. Each act of so-called Islamic “terrorism” is an act of self-defense. White racists still don’t get it.

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Fei Fallon Tong #fundie

A travel ban is supposed to stop terrorism? These people are willing to blow themselves up for their religion. How are you going to stop that with a stupid travel ban?

Better idea: 1. Give Palestine back to the Palestinians. 2. Carve out a Muslim state in Europe, say in the middle of Germany and give them funding till they’re on their feet. 3. Get our troops out of the Middle East. 4. Enact strict hate crime laws against anti-Muslim speech.

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brooklynbadboy #fundie

[Bolding added.]

So are you willing to start WWIII over Estonia or not?

I am. Certainly. Estonia is a NATO member. If Russia invades, she must be destroyed. Unconditional surrender or total annihilation.
I imagine you're in an extreme minority.
You imagine being the American president who has to explain a nuclear strike over Estonia.
Something tells me that "well we made a commitment" ain't gonna cut it.

Anyhow who is publicly against it should be locked up of course. If the world is at war then we won't have time for discussions with pacifists and the far left.

A treaty either means something or it means nothing. If it means nothing and military aggression against allies is perfectly okay once again, then we will have war. Once again.

NATO is a deterrent to war. It works. Just as FDR and Churchill envisioned it would.

What the fuck? “Anyhow who is publicly against it should be locked up”?

In other words, you advocated criminalizing political speech. That’s totalitarian thinking.
Just because something is the law, even the supreme law of the land, doesn’t mean it’s criminal to oppose it.

Yeah but I want to trample that part I don't like.

See how that works?

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enhydra lutris #conspiracy

The 2013 poison gas attack was not by Assad, which is why Obama quietly let the matter die. Results from testing by the lab used by the international community for these matters showed that not only wasn’t the gas from Assad’s stockpile, but that it was from one of a specific few of the various insurgent groups trying to overthrow Syria’s government — in short, a false flag.

It will be interesting, some future day when this event is actually investigated, to find out what really happened.

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Los Angeles Dem #conspiracy

Hmmm. I have this memory of a red line drawn in the sand by our last President. It had something to do with Assad using gas on his own people and how that would cross that line. I vaguely remember our last President in essence shrugging his shoulders when in fact Assad gassed his own citizens and crossed that red line. Or is this just a faulty memory?

The US realised those gas attacks were false flag attacks by rebels, designed to lure the US into bombing Assad. That's why we didn't bomb Assad for supposedly crossing a red-line. We realized he didn't cross the line.
That’s not true. You’re actually telling a lie here and repeating both Iranian and Russian propaganda fed to people by RT and Press TV.

I had no idea US Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Seymour Hersh, who reported everything I wrote above, was a liar repeating Russian and Iranian propaganda from RT and Press TV when he wrote his story debunking the so-called Assad gas attack and the conclusions of US and UK intelligence that Assad's government was not responsible.
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Silver Fox 1957 #conspiracy

Whatever happened to the Chavez/Maduro supporters around here?

They would be here, but they're only halfway through the Caracas bread line

The bread line caused by Obama, Hiterly and the CIA blowing up the economy?

Ok. Everyone is getting plenty to eat. The stores are full. No one’s starving. The capitalists are refusing to produce goods, causing artificial shortages. And when they import goods, they divert almost all of it to Colombia or the Black Market.

How bout if you economic geniuses tell me how you can have mass shortages in a capitalist economy? And capitalists run the whole Venezuelan economy.

I’m waiting. Come on, geniuses, let’s hear how you get mass shortages of goods in a free market economy. It’s not even possible.

OK, this one isn’t satire, apparently. Capitalists in Venezuela aren’t permitted to function as capitalists. They don’t have access to raw materials either foreign or domestic, and they’re only allowed to sell below their costs production. Thus there’s no production. It’s true that a lot of production is diverted to Colombia or (more commonly) the domestic black market, but the chavista idea that the producers are diverting it isn’t correct. Rather, it’s the people who arbitrarily have first dibs on buying at ridiculously low mandated prices (typically the government’s most fervent supporters, curiously enough) who are doing that.

Not one thing you say here is true.

The stores are full. There are only shortages of a few things, and those tend to be basic items. There have been deliberate and artificial shortages of other things such as toiletries, medical goods, etc. This was all done to blow up the economy to get rid of the Chavistas. They have raids every week of warehouses full of hoarded goods. The last raid captured 21 million syringes. There are lots of people with plenty of money who want to buy stuff. And there are shortages. What sort of crap is that? So produce goods to supply the people with dollars waiting to buy stuff. Capitalism 101.

The oppositon has admitted many times that they are sabotaging the economy. The latest one was when an opposition leader said they were “boycotting the economy.”

What you say is nonsense. They have access to all of the goods they need to produce anything they want. Anyway the stores are full. Just not of the stuff people want to buy at the prices they want to pay. 95% of the goods in the stores are not covered by price controls. Price controls only cover a few basic goods. The prices are too low, but the government keeps raising the price controls to deal with business demands.

This entire crisis has unfolded as Maduro has stocked his government full of rightwingers from the business community and opposition. So this “failure of the Left” happened under the watch of rightwingers. Maduro has seriously caved to many of the demands of the Opposition. In fact a lot of people think he is a sellout. So this crisis happened after Maduro met demand after demand of the opposition. But the Opposition are like Republicans on Steroids. They keep moving the goalposts.

You know why those price controls were put in in the first place? Because the Opposition tried to blow up the economy. They had a lockout strike 10 years ago in which they shut down the economy by closing the doors of their businesses. This created artificial shortages and inflation raged. So Chavez put in price controls. They’ve since been lifted on many goods. So the Opposition forced the price controls in the first place.

You are wrong that goods are not diverted from production. The government gives dollars to import goods. First of all, the business sector generally takes these dollars and either invests them overseas in the US or diverts them to the money black market where they can sell them at a markup. So a lot of the dollars to import stuff are immediately diverted to the black market. In fact, the business sector is not producing anything. They would rather just play the money market. What goods are produced are diverted immediately to the black market or shipped to Colombia for a markup.

Fully 35% of goods imported are immediately diverted to Colombia where they can sell them for more money.

This whole mess is caused by a black market in currency which is a whole other ball of wax. This was caused by currency controls, but those were put in due to opposition meddling too. The opposition was shipping their money out of the country to the US instead of investing it. It’s called capital flight. Chavez put in price controls to stop that as he had to. Venezuela continues to lose $50 billion/year to capital flight. It’s still a huge problem. The currency controls were no big deal for a long time until the oil price blew up, then everything went to hell, and a black market for currency rose which screwed up everything.

Really this whole mess has been caused by the decline in oil prices, which incidentally was done by “leftwing” heroes like Obama and Hitlery. They negotiated a deal with Saudi Arabia to spike production to crash the price of oil. The purpose was “screw Russia.” A secondary purpose was to screw some other US enemies like Venezuela. So it’s the US and your pals the Saudis who crashed the price of oil as part of a scam to crash the Russian economy.

Price controls only cover maybe 5% of goods, and even that is iffy. So rice is covered, but a rice dish with chicken in a package is not. So chicken is covered, but not rotisserie chicken which the stands have plenty of. True there is a low profit on the price controlled stuff.

The capitalists had been refusing to produce this stuff as soon as the controls went in because the profit margin was too low. They could make a profit, but not enough of one. So the government was importing all that stuff on the price controlled list. Then the oil price blew up and the government went broke, so they had no money to import price controlled stuff. So shortages. Then a lot of planned sabotage.

PS you realize that the markets in the wealthy and middle class areas are full, right? Including all that price controlled stuff. There are no shortages of one thing, not even price controlled stuff, in the wealthier areas. Tell me how this is because capitalists can’t function.

The main problem is the black market in dollars. The way to deal with that was to float the currency, but Maduro did not have the balls to do it. This is a policy failure, but it’s not leftwing or rightwing. But to float the currency is a tough decision and it would hurt a lot of people. They did a partial float though. The black market dollars are now worth 4X the government rate, but before it was 90X the official rate.

Seeing as price controls only cover a small % of items, where do you get off with this “price controls ruined the economy” stuff.

Besides a lot of the price controls allow for a modest profit. I think some are below the cost of production but not most. And Maduro keeps raising them anyway.

Keep supporting fascists abroad while opposing them at home. It’s a grand tradition in the Democratic Party all the way back to 1900.

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o4tuna #racist

A large segment of white middle-aged Americans has suffered a startling rise in its death rate since 1999, according to a review of statistics published Monday that shows a sharp reversal in decades of progress toward longer lives.

The mortality rate for white men and women ages 45-54 with less than a college education increased markedly between 1999 and 2013, most likely because of problems with legal and illegal drugs, alcohol and suicide, the researchers concluded. Before then, death rates for that group dropped steadily, and at a faster pace.

An increase in the mortality rate for any large demographic group in an advanced nation has been virtually unheard of in recent decades, with the exception of Russian men after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Well, if a bunch of white men die off, I wouldn’t mind.
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o4tuna #fundie

["Kansas Republicans and Democrats Give Trump the Bipartisan Finger, Finally Accept Medicaid Expansion"]

Does this mean that lives in Kansas will be saved for having medical care available through the Obamacare Medicaid expansion?

Now, normally, I would like to think that LIVES SAVED is a good thing. But here, we are talking about KANSAS lives saved. Which likely means, saving the lives of Trump supporters.

And that’s my dilemma. Why should I be willing to spend my tax dollars savings the lives of Trump supporters?

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H8MeThen #fundie

This guy really needs to be doxxed.

Doxxing is bad when they do it. Why is it good when we do it?

Because their intent is stochastic terrorism, ours is only to damage his reputation so that he becomes poor.
No. There is no difference. What you are suggesting is terrorism by another method. And it legitimized their use of it against you.

Two wrongs don’t make a right. Doxxing is wrong, no matter who does it.

Sorry, but I do see a difference. They dox us for having an opinion they don’t agree with, or stating our opinion publicly, with the intent of actually attacking us or our families or property. We dox them for doing something illegal or at least hateful, with the intent of legal prosecution, or at least damage to reputation that makes employment more difficult.

As an example, let’s consider the woman who duck taped her dog’s muzzle. Should she have been outed? How about the guy who showed up at the OCT rally to oppose the open carrying of weapons, only to have them follow him back to his car and use his license plate number and connections to corrupt LE to publish his name and home address on every gun nut site in the US? Should he have been outed?

Neither should have been outed.

False equivalency. Your logic equates criminals with political prisoners.
There is no justification to publicize the name of a private person unless they commit a crime, and in that case only with those people locally (the muzzled dog lady’s story, if a crime, should have been a local matter and no more). So far the only crime this person has committed is being a childish drunk asshole.
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DROzone #fundie

A team of Democratic voters can be built without deliberately taunting and alienating other voters. If the Democratic Party engages in bullying behavior, then the party just becomes what it says it abhors. It is always tricky to avoid becoming like the opposition, but it is better to strive for that and stay true to your values rather giving into the opposition’s. I am not talking about going high when they go low, either. I am talking about punching up rather than downward. One of the things that always attracted me to the Democratic Party was that it was supposed to be the party of the little guy whereas the Republicans were constantly abusing the little guy. If Democrats end up being the party that abuses the little guy because Trump, then we’ve lost our way, imo.

The bullied cannot become the bully. We are the victims, not them. We are fighting back.
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G2geek #fundie

[Mod note: this is referring to an incident where someone triggered an epileptic seizure in someone, on purpose, using a strobe gif. As such, it is not fundie, but is being left up for posterity's sake]

The mean-spirited tweet is analogous to a package in which a bomb is concealed.

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Laughing Gravy #fundie

Well, this latest incident has a black athlete falsely accused of sexually assaulting his white girlfriend and here is a new twist to the story — she has always asserted that she was never assaulted or raped by this guy and even slept with him and proactively kept sending him messages of support once the investigation began!!!! So who are the villains of this piece? The administrator and some idiot fellow trainer/student in the alleged victim’s training program took it upon themselves to declare that she was assaulted.

You cite two cases as reported by the same libertarian website, unrelated in every way except they involve sex and college students. In one, a man is, apparently, wrongly accused of assault. In the other, a man is, apparently, the victim of assault.

But your first sentence tries to link them by simply calling both men “victims” and intimating this is some ominous, nascent trend that hasn’t ruined the lives of many men “yet” — and when it does, it will somehow be the fault of “overreaching leftists.”

The problem of men on campus being falsely accused of sexual assault is dwarfed by the problem of men on campus not being punished for sexual assault, and the problem of men on campus being sexually assaulted by women is insignificant compared to the problem of women on campus being sexually assaulted by men.

This attempt to construct a level of equivalence between injustices done to men with injustices done to women as regards to rape is disgusting.

I find you disgusting to accept any level of sexual assault against anybody, including men. Who gave you the right to decide who’s rape is significant enough? I don’t agree with a lot of what the diarist wrote, but your sexist response to false accusations and male rape is absolutely deplorable.

If you get raped do I get to decide whether your trauma is significant?

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gasorg #fundie

If you're in a public place and ICE comes calling, pull the fire alarm.

Seriously. If you’re in a school, church, community center, hospital, or wherever, do it. It will create chaos as the building is evacuated. It will disrupt the operation as the volume of the alarm will interfere with communication by ICE agents. It will force a response by the fire department and local law enforcement.

Yes, it’s illegal. Civil disobedience is illegal by definition.

Spread this far and wide on social media, especially if you and or your friends/family/colleagues work in such institutions.

So tell me, the next time someone doesn’t leave a building because they assume that it’s a false alarm, again, only it turns out to be a real fire this time, are you going to take any responsibility for giving people such fucking stupid advice, or do their losses get chalked up as acceptable collateral damage?

When surgery in a hospital is disrupted because of a needless evacuation and the patient dies as a result, do you feel any guilt or are they just unavoidable casualties?

From a firefighter and fire chief, one of those people who have to deal with assholes pulling fucking stupid stunts like that, perhaps you should contemplate how many lives you are willing to risk for your “civil disobedience”. And if you don’t perhaps reconsider the wisdom of such an action, then you can go fuck yourself.

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elidyl #fundie

Interview with Gen McMaster.

The Taliban: “these people are the enemy of all civilized people …”
Their vision: “if you listen to them, just as if we were to listen to the Nazi Party in Germany in the late 1930s, they tell us what they’re going to do if they’re able to gain power.”
The mission: “we need soldiers engaged in these conflicts—to protect our own vital interest and really the interest of all civilized people.”

So the guy views these issues as a battle for civilization, a battle between the civilized world and forces as brutal and inhuman as those of the Nazi regime in the 30s that led to a World War.

With this appointment, does anybody doubt that we are going to WAR (expanding current conflicts, opening new fronts, putting islamophobia at the cornerstone of our foreign policy and application of military force abroad).

I’m very troubled by this appointment. McMaster sounds like an ideologue to me. And someone pre-disposed (like Flynn) to understand current conflicts as a clash of civilizations. As I see it, he’s a perfect fit for this administration.

The Taliban who committed mass-murder against (Shia) Hazara and other ethnic groups, and who destroyed Buddhist and Muslim antiquities including the Buddhas of Bamiyan? You think opposing the Taliban makes one Islamophobic? You have GOT to be kidding.

McMaster speaks about a “clash of civilizations” and how this is what motives our military actions in the region. Why aren’t they just murderous drug lords who adhere to a misguided ideology.

You don’t think fighting wars that are a “clash of civilizations” is a recruitment tool to Taliban and ISIS and upends up our involvement and goals in the region. Folks seem to have forgotten their history here?

Did you actually READ the interview you posted?? Because there is nothing about ‘clash of civilizations’ in the sense that people like Bannon, Flynn, or Navarro might use it. McMaster simply argues that the three Taliban factions are dangerous, and should be taken as seriously in terms of their goals as the Nazis should have been in the 1930s. Given the history of the Taliban, I think that is fair. Do you want to defend the Taliban?
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Woodguru #fundie

I’m giving some thought to evicting my tenant in the apartment over the second garage, she voted for Trump, I’d have to tell her it was so I could give a good apartment to someone who needs it. It’s really so I can use it as a place to develop stereo systems.

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ZhenRen #fundie

“Anarchy” (literally, no-rule, or rule-by-none) is the shortest-possible-lived state of affairs: in a general population, once an overall rule by government is removed, myriads of local rulers will immediately emerge — rulers of one over another by who is stronger in any way and more willing to resort to coercion — from playground bullies to petty warlords.

All those abusive ex-boyfriends under restraining orders? An anarchy can’t and won’t enforce those — so guess who’ll be back?

Any armed yahoos in the neighborhood? Heck, any drug houses? You thought you might have trouble keeping your property before… consider it all “tax” to the new Capo. Yeah, that’s how fast the “anarchy” disappeared.

Totally ignorant comment about how anarchism actually works.

As I said just upthread, anarchists turn authority over to the people, themselves, in an organization based on community and worker self-management. It is self-governance from below, where no one is allowed to have autocratic authority over the people. People can be delegated (with mandates) to take on tasks on behalf of the community, but the delegation can be revoked and recalled at any time. Anyone who tried to impute authority to themselves would have to justify it to the collective assembly of the community.

The community assembly would have a militia to defend against any force that would try to impose authority from above. They would have layers of complex organization extending from the small local assembly to international federations, all answering to the people at the bottom.

There are examples of anarchism working. It is a highly organized social structure with safeguards in place to avoid the problems you have imagined would exist.

please cite specific instances where anarchy didn’t lead to warlords.

Please cite an anarchist society that factually did “lead” to warlords.

Closer to home in space if not in time, Bleeding Kansas before the Civil War, and most of Missouri during the War, where roving bands of partisans for both sides intimidated, extorted and murdered with impunity.

The Spanish anarchists’ inability to fend off foreign aggression, by itself, points out a fundamental weakness of an anarhcist society. Even if its internal workings were Utopian, it still could not resist a well organized assault by a ruthless authoritarian enemy.

You can of course use the “no TRUE Scotsman” dodge to avoid acknowledging that any of these fit your definition of TRUE anarchism, but then we’re back to arguing abiut hypothetical Utopias instaed of real societies.

No, Somalia is not really anarchist. Name any anarchist organization with any large influence in Somalia. You're applying not anarchism as a sociopolitical organization of socialism from below, but anarchy in the sense of chaos. These are not the same concepts.

As to the anarchists in Spain not being able to fend off a coalition of aggressive nations and forces that vastly outnumbered them, that’s just nonsensical as an argument, since a good social form of community organization does not magically make such a society omnipotent against massive forces brought against them.

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LordMike #fundie

That’s the one negative of the secret ballot. People vote for things they never would if everyone knew their vote. That is why I like caucuses so much. There is something to be said for the open voting of Athenian democracy.

Actually, the secret vote is extremely helpful to women, who are often under the control of a man.

Caucuses are even more awful, since that means that you have to hang out with pushy people that are trying to get you to vote their way, regardless of how you feel.

I would never go to a caucus, because I can’t take noisy crowds in rooms where you can’t leave for hours. Your idea is that I shouldn’t be allowed to vote?

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Lysis #racist

We messed up. Royally. And from now on, all of us white people are guilty until proven innocent, and rightfully so.

I don't trust my fellow white people at all now, and I share their privilege.

Those without that privilege? They have the right and duty to steer clear of us until we’ve proven ourselves as allies, and even then, the suspicion can never fully go away.

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zibble #fundie

Just wait until you get called a Nazi and punched by some clown who disagrees with something you said. What will your defense be then? “Oh, but he was wrong about me being a Nazi, I’m not and only I get to decide who is and isn’t a Nazi and who should be punched.”
Some people are too simple minded to actually examine the larger consequences of their personal stance on the acceptability of responding to speech with physical violence. Hint: you and people who think like you aren’t going to be the only ones doing the zero warning sucker punching. Is that really what you want?

That’s a bit like saying we shouldn’t send guilty people to prison, because that might be used against the innocent.
Do you fail to comprehend the difference between justice and vigilantism? Justice is an open process where the accused gets a defense. Vigilantism not just Nazi-punching, it’s also what George Zimmerman did to Trayvon Martin.

Exactly what defense do you expect Spencer to offer? “When I advocated for the mass extermination of blacks and Jews, I didn’t intend to do it myself”?
Come back to me when you understand the difference between personal ethics and government law.
That way when the thugs and brownshirts come around to beat up some lefties they think are anti-American commies and just as deserving of a beat down as this scum, we can say with honesty “We’ve always been against violent responses to free speech.”

You can put that right on your tombstone.
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brooklynbadboy #racist

Fuck Don Siegleman. Rare when a rich white guy gets fucked by the system. So if he has to be the token, tough. Join the fuckin club Don.

You ask us in red states to start fixing our own problems of being ruled by Rethugs. Now, when a progressive who was successful in one got railroaded by the Rethugs, it's just fuck 'em?
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Angryallen #conspiracy

The Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth has an article which claims that American intelligence officials told their Israeli counterparts in recent meetings that they should be cautious about sharing their closest held secrets with the Trump administration for fear it might be shared with Russia and by Russia with Iran.

In my opinion, (one which is commonly circulating through many Jewish communities here in the US) is that this was done by the administration to sabotage Trump’s relationship with Israel, going forward. Yeah, I know, very cynical. But as someone who was enraged by the recent UN vote, and our role in it, I currently have a deep hatred for those actions. I look forward to reinstating our extremely close relationship with Israel, in the very near future.

Two of the most despicable and loathed far-right lunatic leaders in an “extremely close relationship.” What could go wrong?
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a2nite #racist

I wonder how long it’ll take for the cop apologists to show up and tell us this proves the shooting was justified.

Not long. They like police murder.
Hey, I was totally appalled by the cases where there was clear police wrong-doing, like the Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, and Walter Scott cases, but I think it is a serious mistake to always assume that the police are guilty.

Just like it is a mistake to always assume that the police are innocent.

I doubt that anyone here likes “police murder”.

Yeah, says you. Many people, here like police murder because they kill black people. Many don’t care about killing us, as long as we vote Dem.

Liar, white people love dead black bodies as long as someone else does the killing. Can't trust many white people in America.

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Richard Lyon #fundie

Accusation alone should not be enough to ruin anyone. Accusation alone should not be allowed to destroy someone, or take someone's job, or college/university opportunity,or even Olympic prospects.

That is your opinion. You do not have the power to impose it on other people.

So you advocate guilty until proven innocent... That's one hell of a fundamental shift for our society. How would you like to be accused of something by someone tomorrow and have to prove you're innocent, instead of having them prove you are guilty? How would you like to be punished up front as a guilty party based on accusation alone? Guilty until proven innocent - That is your opinion. I hope and pray you never have the power to impose it on other people.

I advocate the right of people to make their own decisions without having to submit them for other people's approval. In cases of sexual assault or harassment in a work or educational setting there is usually a need to take some immediate action to balance the rights of both parties. It may be necessary to take steps to keep them from coming into contact with each other. Such steps are likely to impose some burden and disruption on one of the parties. If I were and administrator, I would be inclined to lean toward placing that burden on the accused party.

It is not a fundamental shift in our society. Outside of the criminal courts there has never been a broad acceptance of innocent until proven guilty in actual public practice,

Because as we well know, the court of public opinion can and has been both wrong and cruel. The dismissals from jobs, character assassinations of those outside the "norm", even lynchings are all examples of things that had full support of the court of public opinion.

Courts of law can also be wrong.

Courts of law have carefully designed processes to ensure fairness. Thoroughly trained lawyers and judges. Painstaking procedures for collecting and presenting the relevant evidence. Methods for selecting an impartial jury. An appeals process.

Your average Joe Blow has none of those. All he has is an opinion--which may be ill-informed, biased, etc. And if even the courts, with their sophisticated legal processes, are prone to mistakes, how much more so is Joe Blow?

People said Joe Blow should not be judge, jury, and executioner during the Hollywood blacklists. Nor during the Salem witch hunts. But apparently when it comes to rape, Joe Blow is so expert that he can be trusted to a) know when the legal system has fallen short and b) mete out appropriate extralegal punishment.

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G2geek #fundie

[Observer343: One or two days ago, 3 blades on 3 wind turbines (2 damaged turbines pictured) in Huron County, Michigan snapped off and are (as the local radio host puts it) hanging by a thread. I don’t know why or how this happened. A few days ago, the the turbine blades seemed just fine.]

What to do about this:

1) Investigate for sabotage. Shooting at a blade could weaken it and make it susceptible to losing part of it in overspeed winds, with the resulting eccentric load causing loss of the nacelle. That is a highly likely scenario.

2) Cut off all electric power to the area that is suspected of harboring the saboteurs until someone turns them in. Yah that’s harsh, but too fucking bad, because sabotage of wind, solar, and nuclear generating capacity is absolutely intolerable given the circumstances around climate change.

[Observer343: 1. I kinda doubt someone actually shot the blades. I haven’t heard any gunshots lately, and I would be able to easily here them around here.

2. Dude. O_O That’s extremism.]

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PaloAltoPixie #fundie

I am one of those votes for authoritarianism. Desperate times call for desperate measures, as is often said — and the window of opportunity for humanity to save our industrialized mechanized existence is closing due to narrow minds, and global warming. I’ve not been shy to air these views in the past, and while they are not popular, I believe they’re necessary in order to save Western Civilization itself. If that means we need to curtail the election rights for some, and even expunge some detrimental elements from the gene pool, then that’s what we should do. The survival of billions can be ensured by extinguishing a few million. I call that a bargain.

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necturus #fundie

We have to play to win. That’s what the other side is doing. They cheat; they lie; they steal. If we do not play to win, we will lose. If the Republicans will not respect the basic framework of democracy, if they will not play by the rules, then we cannot afford to respect them, either.

There is much more at stake here — not just the shape of our politics and our Republic, but the future of the whole planet. The greatest threat we face is that of climate change, and we can’t afford to let this country fall to a party that denies science. If the price of saving the planet is a few decades of dictatorship in one country, then so be it.

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G2geek #fundie

[What if someone—with the power to make it happen—came and said to you: “Vote for me, and I’ll make sure the Republicans never win another election. Vote for me, and there will be a firm boot placed on the neck of the Religious Right, on Wall Street, on the NRA—these groups will be crushed, and you will hear the proverbial lamentations of their women. Of course, after you vote for me, there won’t be any further elections—at least none that have any affect—but it won’t matter, because Our Side will have a permanent victory. We’ll be able to implement our wise and just policies, without any further interference from the other side. Society will flourish, and a new era of prosperity will be born! Racism and homophobia will be ended! The environment will be protected! The economy will serve everyone, not just the wealthy!”

Who, here, would take that bargain? A promised permanent progressive victory, at the cost of authoritarian government, one that need no longer consider the wishes of the voters—even if they no longer desire progressivism?

What of a promised, permanent progressive victory achieved by kneecapping the right wing—a maximum voting age, or legal disenfranchisement of conservative voters (by various means), or other ways of relegating our opposition to second-class citizenship? Would you take that bargain?

What if the persuader whispers in your ear that there MIGHT be some bloodshed, as ensuring the progressive victory requires (ahem) altering the country’s demographics, as there are still many voters of the wrong kind voting?]

Though, there is one authoritarian regime that none of us can object to: the laws and facts of nature. Such as what happens when you jump off a high place, or dump CO2 into the atmosphere until it gains net heat.

We can fix that problem voluntarily, or nature’s going to fix it for us, by running us close to extinction. Failure to fix it is flirting with a Holocaust that will be hundreds of times Hitler.

In the end, we have no choice about that.

For which reason, I would support authoritarian measures to deal with it now. Because the word “authoritarian” is meaningless when it’s about the laws and facts of nature.

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GAKeynesian #fundie

["Violence and more death is certainly NOT the answer"]

There appears to be no answer. Protesting isn’t making it stop, shouting isn’t making it stop. No amount of attempting to bring attention to the issue is making it -better-. People of color are still being gunned down for little to no reason at all.

I honestly question why violence isn’t the answer. Certainly, targeting any and every cop is going to do nothing but hurt the situation, but growing more willing as a populace to step in and physically put a stop to it seems like it -could- be a viable option. Cops acting with impunity isn’t working, but ‘onlookers’ becoming aggressive when the dirty ones start bashing people’s faces or when they execute someone in the streets could send the correct message.

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FogCityJohn #fundie

[Mangum was arraigned earlier today on charges of recklessly infecting another person with HIV. He's in a world of trouble, to say the least. In Missouri, knowingly exposing someone to HIV without the other's consent can carry up to 15 years in prison, and infecting someone can send you to prison for life. I hope they throw the library at this guy. There's really no such thing as too heavy-handed a sentence for something this outrageous.]


Do you know much about the laws criminalizing nondisclosure of one's serostatus? They usually don't require that a victim be infected before criminal liability attaches. And with many of them, the fact that you have an undetectable viral load (and are therefore highly unlikely to infect anyone) and that you used a condom are no defense. So you can be on meds with a fully suppressed viral load and use a condom and not infect your "victim," and still go to jail. Not to mention that the laws single out HIV for special punishment.

Laws like these are one of the reasons many people who may have been exposed to HIV don't get tested. They're a public health disaster. No one should be cheering a prosecution under such draconian legislation.

And by the way, people who are HIV-negative bear a little responsibility in this too. No one should simply take a person's word that he's uninfected. A large percentage of people with HIV are unaware of their infection (in part because laws like this are a powerful disincentive to testing). This is particularly true among us gay men, and unless he's been living under a rock since the 1980s, every gay man has heard the message that you have to treat every sex partner as positive.


FFS, these are gay men we're talking about. Something like 20% of us are positive. If you decide to have unprotected sex with someone whose serostatus you have not verified through testing, then you are simply assuming the risk of infection. Clearly, Magnum's "victims" weren't all that concerned about it.

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a2nite #fundie

[My hope is that folks on the left will stop with blanket demonization of the law enforcement work force as terrorists and murderers. It will back fire. It will help get Trump elected. It will inflame the situation — just as it did when they were called pigs.

I also would like to point out that we are supposed to be the good folks — held to a higher standard.]

The police need to stop killing us. Who cares about their feelings when the create dead bodies & create more people to hate them?

I forgot, only blue lives matter.

[You know, every time a right winger goes off on a shooting spree, we place a lot of blame on those on the right who engage in hateful rhetoric, saying they have “blood on their hands.”

Which makes me wonder, does this killing cause you to reconsider your “Evil white people/evil cops/evil pigs/fu*ck the police” schtick around here?]

Nope. The former slave patrols, the current police keep creating dead black people. Many white people think that's ok. It's evil & a lot of white people are ok with killing us. Why do people think it was ok to kill Tamir Rice? He wasn't a human being to them. He was.

I don't have a national voice. I'm one little person crying out.

We’ve been mistreated & worse for 400 years. We ask nicely & nothing happens. If we cause too much trouble we get exterminated. Now it's one at a time lynchings done as state sponsored terrorism.

Everyone wants to go home at night, but the police who kill us don't care. They get paid vacations, keep their jobs, get kill a negro bonuses, don't get prosecuted or convicted. What do their victims get? Some blood money & trolled.

RWMSM continues the narrative of scary non-compliant blacks who deserve our deaths. They have an outsized voice & are winning the killing black people is a heroic thing, another 400 yo piece of propaganda. 21st century policing looks like slave patrols to me.

I am sad for families who's loved ones don't come home. Why does that sympathy for dead cops exclude my people?

You don't care. To you the police are right & their victims are undeserving of compassion & due process.

Im tapped out, tired. I have no more empathy & sympathy left.

The police & black people would do better if they would stop killing us. Why don't the police say they’re sorry for killing us? Nope, they commence on a program of slander & lies to justify their victims death. Not a way to make friends with their victims.

Why is police murder legal? It's a trick question, becuase they have permission & their victims have NO due process. How can the state prosecute itself? It does a terrible job becuase the state is on the police’s side.

I can manage to not call the police evil for a couple of days, but their culture is the big problem.

I don't know any black radio person who does the same inflammatory crap that the evil RW does. The majority will shut them down. People don't like our advocates, but we’re not the majority & being nice respectable citizens still doesn't help keep us alive or safe. Someone has to be on OUR side.

Who's on our side? BLM is effective becuase the RW hate them. The problem is that someone does not want us to stand up for ourselves & our rights.

I want the police to stop killing us.

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sexgenderbody #conspiracy

The “OK, we have to talk about YOUR racist fetish for the term ‘Armenian Genocide’“ talk

Or “yes, it’s completely racist to equate Turks (because Muslim) to Hitler”

We are at the time each year where western nations find an outlet for their islamophobia in the outcry for the Armenians that were killed in Turkiye.

Note, the Turks did kill Armenians.

However, the slant on ‘Armenian Genocide’ as pitched by western, Christian nations, ad nauseum fails each year during this ritual outcry to mention other things:

The killing of the Armenians by the Turks did not occur in a vacuum. It occurred after the Ottoman Empire had collapsed and was occupied by Greek and Russian supplied Armenian forces. Christian nations from the east and west of Anatolia were rushing in to capture the land that had been at the center of the Ottoman empire. Istanbul was coveted so much by these nations that when the Ottomans tried to enter WW1 on the side of France, they were rejected. Great Britain and Russia had already begun their plans to seize the entirety of the Ottoman territory.

In occupied Anatolia, indigenous Turks were shot, imprisoned, tortured, killed, had their property seized. To the west, Greeks tried to expand and to the east, Russia tried to expand their control.

This environment of occupation and brutality on a daily basis served the sole purpose of facilitating the seizure of Anatolia, just as the Arabian peninsula had been carved up (and we all know how fucking well that turned out). This is the state of Anatolia, prior to the killing of the Armenians.

Every year when western, christian nations bemoan the killing of the Armenians - strikingly few of them bother to include this in their framing.

But, calling the killing of Armenians to be an inspiration to Hitler is beyond the hypocritical pale. Hitler didn’t need to find the slaughter of Christians to inspire him. He had Genocidal Christians in his own recent history for that:

King Leopold of Belgium, who killed 10 million people in the Congo. The repercussions of which, led to the Rwandan genocide (a genocide that white Christian nations willingly discuss because everyone was black and whites are painted as rescuers from a less savage land...but not the people who manufactured the animosity in the first place...which Belgium is).

The genocide of the Herero and Namaqua people by the Germans - including concentration camps and medical experimentation.

If you want to go old school and still relevant - The Crusades and the slaughter of the indigenous people in the Americas and the Atlantic slave trade - all blessed by the Pope and conducted by Christian nations.

So, to recap: yes, the Turks killed Armenians and yes, the trope about persecuted Christians that omits the role that Christian nations played in their own oppression of the Turks (as well as all the other genocides performed by Christian nations) is racist. And if you doubt that, then ask yourself why these same western Christian nations are so not interested in naming our own genocidal actions with anything approaching the obsession with this one that, in the end paints Muslims as butchers?

And fucking Hitler was not an import - that motherfucker was home-grown white supremacy.

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sehatonka #conspiracy

Traditional Chinese Medicine is certainly no pseudoscience. It is approved by the World Health Organization and used by 1/3 of the world’s population. Scholarly treatises both present and for many centuries past plus continuing excellent research results published in many medical journals in both mainland and Taiwan back this up. The elegance and sophistication of it’s herbal medicine in unparrelled in the world today.

Since this is supposed to be a liberal and progressive web, I am surprised at some of the judgemental and inaccuracte comments above. As a longtime practioner (also long time Democrat) of this esteemed medical art I take umbrage at this. Many of my patients and myself had run the gamet of western medicine to no avail before finding relief and healing in this ancient yet modern medicine. We are living testaments to the power of nature based healing modalities.

Rhino horn (pinyin is "xi jiao”) is not used for “boners”. A tiny amount can save a life when the body temperature is so high the blood literally erupts from the body. The deadly new North American disease of Hanta Virus is a good example. Now days water buffalo horn is substituted albeit in much larger amounts. Among the uses of Bear bile (pinyin is "xiong dan”) is to alleviate acute febrile disease severe symptoms such as convulsions, delirium, and conjunctiva. It can also be used topically for red hot skin lesions and alleviating pain and swelling. For the most part Cattle gallstones and bile are presently substituted and recommended due to the endangered status and poor treatment of many bear species. More detailed information and research results on these two and hundreds more natural Chinese medicines can be found in the text and reference book “Chinese Herbal Medine Materia Medica” by Dan Bensky & Andrew Gamble.

Animal farming for a medicinal product in what may well be considered despicable conditions is also used done for western pharmaceutical grade estrogen. Mares have been and may still be harnessed and kept in stressfull positions to harvest female urine which is processed to form oral estrogen for human consumption. In my previous profession as a rancher I personally visited one of these farms. Tis no way to treat a horse, one of human’s best animal friends.

The diary writer may not be expressing his/her thoughts in a technical form, but please do not dismiss the information or this great medicine as anti science. Please do not believe and repeat the misinformation and inaccuracies concerning TCM herbal medicine.

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cris0000 #fundie

[An Arkansas judge resigned Monday after officials discovered thousands of pictures of naked male defendants on his computer, officials said.

A state commission discovered the photos after fielding complaints about Cross County District Judge Joseph Boeckmann's behavior. In a May 5 letter sent to Boeckmann's lawyer, the commission stated that they were "in the process of recovering as many as 4,500 photos," reports NBC News.

Boeckmann would provide with defendants his number and "have them serve what he described as 'community service' at his home." Some of them would get reduced sentences or leniency. He was also often retaliatory when they would not comply.]

I hope the judge will be prosecuted for petty theft or minor embezzlement. Because thats effectively what he seems to have done, according to that report.

If you drop the fake moral outrage about nudity, that is.

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G2geek #fundie

what would you suggest instead? If I was the judge I'd have sentenced him to a locked psych ward and permanent guinea pig status for testing new drugs that are intended to cure criminal psychopathy.

[That sounds like advocating torture.]

hardly. Whatever pills we try on psychopaths, would already have passed the safety phase of testing with animal models, so it's only a question of efficacy.

Bottom line is, they've already thrown their lives away, and we would be well justified in executing them, or preferably confining them to prison for life.

The potential of finding a medical treatment would allow for determinate sentencing, which is more humane than life sentences.

Better yet, a treatment that works could be applied as soon as the psychopathy/sociopathy is detected, which for most of them is when they're still juveniles. Successful treatment will prevent further crimes, so what you end up with are law-abiding citizens on pills, rather than dangerous predators who have to be kept in cages.

[That's one way to describe it. "Only a question of efficacy" is one way to describe using prisoners as guinea pigs for medical tests. It's an "efficacy" with a pretty ugly history.]

the land you're sitting on right now... has a pretty ugly history too, as in genocide to take it by force from those who had lived there for the previous 12,000 years. Ever give that some thought?

So what are you going to do about that? Wrack yourself with guilt until you drop dead? Tear down your house and live in a tent? No, obviously. One can recognize the injustices and atrocities without becoming paralyzed.

The "ugly history" meme is frankly a straw man.

Psychopathy and sociopathy (and narcissism) are pandemic in our culture. Meanwhile the media freaks out about autism. The need for viable treatments for psychopathy and sociopathy is as urgent as their latest poster children, whether the scumbag at the center of the present thrash, or scumbags like Karl Rove and the Wall Street fraudsters.

So how are you going to develop a treatment if you can't test it on people who have the diagnosis?

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tnproud2b #fundie

If I am a Navy Seal I am 100% immune from prosecution. Ya wanna know why? Because if I were a Navy Seal - then I would be one of the best people on the planet. Statistically, you'd stand a better chance of being a wealthy Hollywood movie star than you would being a Navy Seal. Call me patriotic; call me insane; call me when you don't honor a Navy Seal with an almost godlike status. Those folks represent all that is right with humans and the world.

["As members of the US Navy, any Seal member is as responsible to obeying UCMJ as well as Geneva Conventions. Your post shows your complete and utter ignorance."]

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Visceral #fundie

I'm a progressive, but also a pessimist and a misanthrope. My support for progressive policies is motivated by a firm belief that most people are crazy, evil, or just plain stupid and cannot be left to their own devices without ultimately screwing themselves and/or others. I don't see any contradiction between being a progressive and a control freak because "freedom" to me means freedom for them, not us ... since we have well-developed internal restraints, so while reducing external restraints wouldn't change our behaviors, it would change the behaviors of the people that we are logically most interested in controlling.

The irony is that while mental illness is regarded as grounds for leniency, I could argue that diminished faculties means they're more likely to require strong external controls and simple, powerful associations between undesirable behaviors and negative consequences. If only we really could "throw away" all the clinical psychopaths (as defined by patterns of behavior and/or measurable physical differences in brain structure): throw every banker, MBA, and Republican politician in jail.

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Claudius Bombarnac #conspiracy

The US doesn't really have any “defense” objectives. They are all offense unlike Russia.

[Which is why Russia keeps invading its neighbors and lopping off parts of their countries.]

If you read any history of Crimea, you would realize Putin’s moves were strictly defensive in nature with the overwhelming support of the majority. The same for South Ossetia.

Compare to the dismantling of Yugoslavia by Western foreign powers who inflamed and exploited the existing conflicts to advance their own policy goals.

BTW, how many foreign military bases does Russia have compared to the US? How many foreign wars has Russia been involved in since the demise of the USSR?

You really have to stop drinking the neocon koolaide.

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G2geek #fundie

[Anonymous threatens to expose Ted Cruz's alleged prostitution activity if he doesn't leave the race]

["Cruz is a complete sleaze, but have we really reached the level of spreading this kind of completely unsubstantiated rumor?"]

Whatever works, as long as it’s not violent and not illegal, or at most only slightly and peacefully illegal such as a sit-in.

["So you seriously think it’s OK to spread complete lies about your opponents, as long as it works?"]

So you think your grandchildren are going to give a flying fuck about rectitude and righteousness when climate change crashes global agricultural productivity and the new national health crisis isn’t overweight but overt hunger?

Get real.

The longer we wait, the fewer the options available, and the uglier are the options that remain.

Thankfully we can still vote our way out of the dystopic hellscape that climate scientists tell us is a certainty if we don’t pull out of the current willful nosedive.

In another decade or at most two, that will not be possible.

So hell yeah!, whatever it takes.

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USA629 #fundie

["Racists have a right to assembly. And they reserved the space first, so first-come first-serve, early bird gets the worm, etc. Sometimes things that are unfair are also perfectly fair."]

I don’t think racists should have any rights, and it is just white privilege to continue to argue that the First Amendment protects hate speech.

["Well I think that racists should have all sorts of rights. Pretty much all of them. If they want to assemble together to make hate speech, it’s everyone else’s right not to attend. None of us have to hear them. But of course they can gather together, of course that is protected by the Constitution."]

And your white privilege reeks throughout the entire country. The Constitution was written by white men to allow slavery and count people of color as 3/5 of a person. If that “original understanding” is what you stand by, then you reek of white privilege every bit as Dylann Roof.

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arodb #fundie

["Anonymous states intent to intervene in The Rise of Mein Trumpf"]

To be anonymous is to be a coward, and among this group, even if one supports their goal of stopping Trump, supporting any kind of disruption of open political dialogue is the essence of “Trumpism.”

Take of your masks, as they are too close to those worn by another group with strong feelings that used fear as a major tool, that wore hoods.

We do have freedom of speech in this country, and those who would use their talents to threaten the viability of the internet, the main sourse for open expression are to be condemned.

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victoria2dc #conspiracy

["Several raw milk producers in CA have been fined multiple times for unsafe products: listeria, salmonella, other stuff. If you want to drink raw milk — fine. But don’t claim it’s better than pasteurized."]

No. It is better. You’re wrong. But of course you have to have a good farmer. You can’t drink raw milk without going to see the farm, the barn, the conditions on the farm and the vet records.

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victoria2dc #conspiracy

What is the meaning behind the term “vaccine denier” for you? Do you think they are a group of stupid people? I’m interested in knowing that because I find it interesting that people who you consider to be “deniers” may be different than the perception.

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a2nite #fundie

[Ex-First Lady Nancy Reagan dies at 94]

["Whatever you think, she loved her husband--Sometimes some marriages just work out beautifully-RIP"]

yeah, polluted by evil white racist Reagan sperm.

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Eastcoastjournal #racist

So since Drudge reported on this article and you don't like Drudge, you have to keep repeating the tire canards of Poland is anti-semitic this and anti-semitic that!

As you keep parroting the talking points of how "terribly anti-semitic Poland was".......well then WHY did Jews CHOOSE to live in "anti-semitic" Poland for ONE THOUSAND YEARS??

Are Jews masochists? Are Jews insane?


Speaking about confidence, why were so many Jews in Poland so confident in helping the Soviet invaders persecute Poles?

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Blacksheep1 #fundie

["While I get this, you are advocating doxxing and that’s not cool. The rest of it, however..."]

Oh, doxxing is so cool — it’s the only way to really stop @h0les like this who ‘haven’t broken any laws yet, ma’am’ — and that’s exactly the response they’ll get in far too many US PD/SOs.

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Crider #conspiracy

["3. the GMO did not cause the cancer, and Seralini is full of shit.

If you disagree, please by all means explain to us how the GMO caused cancer in the rats that were not fed any GMO."]

I’ll spoonfeed more pap for the person unable to do anything more than cut and paste your prefab GMO comments. The Seralini GMO study found . . .

“Very significant chronic kidney deficiencies . . .

76% of the altered parameters were kidney-related.

Liver congestions and necrosis were 2.5 to 5.5 times higher.

Marked and severe nephropathies were also generally 1.3 to 2.3 times greater.

In females, all treatment groups showed a two- to threefold increase in mortality, and deaths were earlier.

Females developed large mammary tumors more frequently and before controls.

The pituitary was the second most disabled organ

The sex hormonal balance was modified by consumption of GM maize and Roundup treatments.

Males presented up to four times more large palpable tumors starting 600 days earlier than in the control group, in which only one tumor was noted.

These results may be explained by not only the non-linear endocrine-disrupting effects of Roundup but also by the overexpression of the EPSPS transgene or other mutational effects in the GM maize and their metabolic consequences.”

There you are, Einstein. I bet you can’t even read this simple thing above.

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G2geek #fundie

Hmm. Just when we were getting ready to celebrate another step in the transition to non-carbon energy.

OK, so: a few things to know about that coal shipping terminal:

Nonviolent direct action is justified, as collective self-defense, in light of the true existential threat of climate change.

A five-pound sack of sugar dropped off a freeway overpass so it lands in the loading-hopper of a concrete truck, will cause its load of concrete to fail to harden after it’s poured.

A phone call to the media the day after the concrete is poured (find a pay phone and use it), will cause building inspectors to come looking for the failed concrete in the structure.

A few people around with cameras will make the presence of the building inspectors public news.

["Sabotage is not civil disobedience. Doing something that could cause a building to fail is an act of criminal sabotage. I will have no part of any such suggestion or discussion."]

If you knew the first thing about construction, then you would know (or have figured out) that when concrete fails to set, as soon as the forms are removed it slushes down into a puddle. That’s not going to cause a building to fail, so it’s not sabotage.

Get this: climate change = billions of casualties.

That’s hundreds of times the Holocaust.

Figure out the implications of that.

["I’ve work with concrete , not all concrete goes into removable forms . Some is poured atop other concrete and then has more concrete poured atop it . Bad concrete can be like a void inside a larger mass of good concrete . Something that looks fine from the outside can have a serious problem inside . If that flaw is not found and repaired …"]

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ypochris #fundie

["$10/g would cost me $150 a fill-up. With going to school and dialysis, I need to fill up a minimum of every 2 weeks. So $300/mo or more on SSDI — or how about a giant fuck me for being disabled poor right?"]

Point being that at $10 you wouldn’t BE filling up — you’d carpool, use public transit, bike, walk, or buy an electric vehicle. All of which would become cheaply and readily available with the economy of scale. And neighborhoods would quickly become walkable, as stores moved to their customers as opposed to expecting their customers to drive to the mall.

But I think that you missed the main thrust of the article and my response — that these taxes would be rebated to the poor.

["Rebated once a year — big whoop. And I’m not biking let alone walking 6 miles after dialysis. And I am in NW Montana — bus service does not run in my area. And for some people, the dialysis clinic is nearly 60 miles away."]

Public transit will be vastly improved if sufficient demand is created. But like so many, I see you feel your convenience is more important than the survival of the human race.

["My convenience is for my fucking survival. So I suppose it’s ok for the disabled poor to die if they live in the wrong areas, for the greater good of course. Fuck that."]

Only in your mind does using public transit, carpooling, or switching to an electric vehicle equate with dying. Around here they provide non-emergency transportation for medical needs, you can get a scooter that gets a couple hundred miles to the gallon dirt cheap, and people electrify their bicycles. But I guess you’d die without a gas guzzling single passenger vehicle, and can’t afford to pay five bucks for the gas for a twelve mile round trip for your $90,000 a year dialysis.

["Oh how I would love to be able to afford a electric vehicle on SSDI of 1k a month. Or ride a scooter in 20 deg snow covered roads. But hey — denigrate the disabled poor some more. Bet you think chained CPI is great too because we just need to adapt better. Have a good evening, you are not worth responding to anymore."]

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G2geek #fundie

Here’s the thing.

Digital graphics capabilities have reached the point where you can’t tell what is and isn’t real. What Hollywood was doing a decade or more ago has now reached the desktop.


You have a real crime with a real victim, but the perp claims that the video is all digital, no real humans harmed. And you have a jury, and a “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard to convict.

Want to bet that at least one juror, given the instruction that digital animation of child rapes, animal tortures, and murders, are all legal under the 1st A., decides that there’s a “reasonable doubt”?

One more thing that the 1st Amendment absolutists can’t address.

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Pat Robertson #fundie

There are laws now, I think the homosexual community has put these draconian laws on the books that prohibit people from discussing this particular affliction, you can tell somebody you had a heart attack, you can tell them they’ve got high blood pressure, but you can’t tell anybody you’ve got AIDS.

You know what they do in San Francisco, some in the gay community there they want to get people so if they got the stuff they’ll have a ring, you shake hands, and the ring’s got a little thing where you cut your finger. Really. It’s that kind of vicious stuff, which would be the equivalent of murder.

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ChezJfrey #conspiracy

I find it interesting 'we' describe the Japanese army as Imperial, while the U.S. Imperialism drove the conquest of Hawaii so that 'we' could install a military base on an island 2,400 miles away that ‘we’ forcibly and violently stole and wasn’t even a state? The thievery is admitted such in the Apology Resolution of 1993. Hawaii wasn’t a state until 1959.

The ‘surprise’ attack on a military base after the U.S. knowingly coerced, through enforced embargo and starving of its peoples, and knew the likelihood of Japanese resistance to U.S. hostile proscriptions. How Japan eventually acquiesced to nearly every U.S. demand during negotiations and was told to fuck off anyway?


So in response to an attack on a military base, installed on foreign land, against the will of the sovereign people, the U.S. retaliates by annihilating two cities full of innocent civilians, just for awesome nuclear show.

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a2nite #fundie

["The US Constitution is crap and the writers belong in hell. That’s a solid position. Good luck with that."]

The framers endorsed slavery.

Yeah, they're evil even the non-slave owners. They created the conditions for the civil war. The civil war that the evil south won after the 10 year armistice.

Yeah, the 9th circle is fitting for the evil Framers. There are plenty of Americans to hang out with. Too bad they won, black people would have been freed sooner.

Fuck the framers & their white working class suckers, still suckers today.

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Visceral #fundie

The baby is 50% his when she wants money for it, but 100% hers when she wants to decide whether or not to keep it ... and if she decides to keep it, then it’s 100% hers to decide which — if any — man will play a role in raising it.

I think what a lot of men would like to see is some consistency about the role of the father, rather than laws and social expectations that seem only to assign “responsibility” on the basis of which will give the mother the greatest power over the child — and any man in the child’s life — and the greatest access to Other People’s Money.

Men are frustrated by the attitude, embodied also in the law, that “He’s not good enough for me and ‘my’ child, but his money sure is! And I deserve to have the government make him give it to me! Even when he doesn’t have it because he’s already in jail for not giving it to me!”

No-fault divorce should be limited to young childless couples or empty nesters, and alimony should be completely banned: if you want him to support you with his income and his property, then you have to stay with him. Alimony allows women to have their cake and eat it too: i.e. posture as strong and independent, yet collect a “relationship pension” indefinitely, and even have it grow with the man’s income or at least have it fixed based on what the man was making even if his circumstances change. If you have a child and want to divorce the father, then you should have to prove wrongdoing on his part (either to yourself or to the child) — not just “I really think I can do better” — and then if you want child support, then you need to settle for joint custody … and meaningful joint custody, not just one weekend a month and every other holiday. Unilaterally terminating not only your relationship with him but also his relationship with “my” child, then turning around and demanding money for “his” child — after you fought so hard to kick him out of the child’s life — is just a nakedly cynical move.

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virginia dare #fundie

["Yea, because losing out on protein from venison harvested by my step-sons when I'm on food stamps and beans for protein is not allowed is so fucking selfish. Unbelievable that you are so selfish to not consider that many hunt to supplement expensive meat on food stamps."]

Thankfully you are not starving due to food stamps and you should be able to go without venison for a higher purpose like a child's life or not.

You are the selfish one.

["So I get to suffer protein deficiency while on dialysis and suffer medically. No.. fuck that and..."]

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Deadicated Marxist #conspiracy

[Secondhand smoke from cannabis]

A study? Are you kidding?

Did you read my post?

Did you know if American it's illegal to study cannabis?

You don't need a study, if you have 4 states (and 1 DC) where it's already legal. Go see for yourself.

Over the years, at concerts and what knot, I've seen a lot of cannabis smoked. I've never ever heard of somebody complaining about your issue.

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Deadicated Marxist #conspiracy

Have you ever been around pot smoke? Have you ever seen it?

Because it doesn't sound like you have. Cannabis doesn't really have second-hand smoke, as you call it. It doesn't usually burn from a lit cigarette, and thus it doesn't fill a room with smoke and smell that doesn't leave. When people smoke it, they inhale it, and hold it, and then less comes out.

Go to Denver or wherever. See for yourself.

And besides, how would that second-hand smoke hurt you? It doesn't cause cancer (like cigarettes).

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AoT #conspiracy

[National sovereignty]

Are you not aware of the history of the Nation State? Of the US specifically? The history of the idea of sovereignty? All of those things are explicitly racist, yes.

I'm guessing you haven't read any Locke, have you?

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G2geek #fundie

[Hedge Fund Manager Buys Rights To Critical Drug, Hikes Price By 5000%]
there was a good reason we had...

....domestic covert ops. Time to bring 'em back too.

This guy deserves to have all the furies of hell unleashed on him until he breaks.

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Donald Trump & unnamed supporter #fundie

TRUMP: Okay, this man, I like this guy.

UNIDENTIFIED JACKASS: (Unintelligible) We have a problem in this country. It's called Muslims. We know our current president is one.

TRUMP: Right.

UNIDENTIFIED JACKASS: You know he's not even an American.

TRUMP: (Big smile) We need this question. This is (unintelligible).

UNIDENTIFIED JACKASS: But anyway, we have training camps, growing, where they want to kill us. That's my question: when can we get rid of them?

TRUMP: We're going to be looking at a lot of different things. I mean you know a lot of people are saying that and a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening out there and we're going to be looking at that and plenty of other things.

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I love OCD #fundie

There. Is. No. Such. Thing. As. Racism. Against.

Whites. Just as there's no such thing as sexism against men. I can't comment in depth because it takes too long to cover the entire history of the human race.

There are women who routinely dismiss all men as sexist pigs, and I'm sure there are POC who dismiss all whites as racist pigs. In neither case is there enough power vested to cause damage to the dismissed.