bill-11b #fundie

[ Abortion is always wrong and is the ultimate evil because it kills a human life but deliberately killing thousands of civilians (as long as they are not american of course) is totally ok. Never mind some of those civilians may have been pregnant and carrying fetuses. I guess only american lives are the only lives that count as human lives. ]

Nice cultural relativism there. As it turns out Americans =/= Iraqis, Syrians, Afghans/Pashtuns, or American infants.

A mother choosing to end an inconvenient child =/= killing savages that refuse to enter the 18th century and choose to export violence around the globe.

I enlisted to serve America and America’s interests and to protect Americans and our way of life - and if securing and defending that way of life costs every drop of middle eastern blood. So. Fucking. Be. It.

That isn’t what I want, not even close. But I will not allow America to be destroyed in the name of fucking tolerance and whatever other liberal bullshit policies you think will appease them into loving us. If it comes down to total war, that will be their choice, not ours.



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