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Of all the boxes, the [ammo box] still hasn't been tried.

What the right should take from analyzing this rationally is that no amount of legal or illegal remedy will ever be enough, submit to the reality that good government requires at minimum a coup, and start plotting effectively.

If the punishment for dissent is the same as insurrection, there is no downside to the latter. And the powers that be know this which is why they immediately started purging the military.

No wistful demonstrations, no standing back and standing by. If any goals are ever to be met, then clearly one needs to start stockpiling weapons, making close connections, weeding out informants, subverting the military and planning for a violent confrontation.

It's either that or run your community away to another country that will protect you.

Prof Augusto Zimmermann and Prof John Gideon Hartnett #fundie #conspiracy caldronpool.com

Deliberate engineering of floods[20] and droughts on a grand scale has been occurring. The Western half of the USA is in a massive drought.[21], [22] Were they engineered by the dumping of millions of tons of particulate matter into the atmosphere in an effort to dim the sun?

Interestingly enough, all these features were predicted nearly 2,000 years in the Book of Revelation. In the last apocalyptic book of the Bible, at the sound of the first trumpet, we read:

Revelation 8:7:

The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up. (emphases added)

The prophecy predicts “hail and fire mixed with blood”. Droughts can lead to massive fires, and also hail stones, as we have seen, are massive and have caused widespread crop damage. These effects could lead to famine and starvation which could be signified by the expression “mixed with blood”. This is also an allusion back to one of the plagues God sent on the Egyptians, which was judgment on the wicked (Exodus 9:22–25).

[submitter notes: fundie-provided citations below:]

[20]: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-03-11/understanding-the-rare-weather-flood-event/100900554

[21]: https://www.nytimes.com/article/drought-california-western-united-states.html

[22]: https://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/CurrentMap.aspx

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Fediblock is a co-ordinated scheme for ostracising people from the Fediverse if they hold certain views. Generally it works by announcing blocks via the hashtag #fediblock, but there are also catalogues of instances to be blocked en masse, and automation available. One example of a list: https://joinfediverse.wiki/FediBlock

Some examples of reasons stated for blocking individual instances from the Fediverse:

* “libertarianism”

* “TERFism” (feminists that oppose modern trans ideology)

* “Trumpism” (blocking nearly half the American electorate based on their political views?)

* “free speech”

* “federate with evil instances”

Sounds sketchy, right?

At least Twitter 1.0 had concrete guidelines that it could use to justify its censorship.

As can be seen from the list above, Fediblock is highly partisan and arbitrary. An ideal tool for political weaponisation of the Fediverse.


Surely, you don't want to be associated with those instances anyway, right? I'm not seeing the problem here. You aren't being excluded from the fediverse, just from that group of instances.

So if I express a liking for “free speech,” for example, my entire instance might be de-federated by Fediblock activists.

And if I join another instance and discuss “free speech” I will be swiftly booted out, lest Fediblock comes for their instance, too.

Can you see the issue with that?

Do I represent a subversive niche group when I advocate for dangerous ideas like “free speech”?

Am I the asshole?


Not really, no … Just associate with instances where you're welcomed instead.

The issue here, as I see it, is orchestrated blocking of viewpoints. Not just on one instance, but across many instances. Fediblock is systematic and partisan.

Dave Hodges #conspiracy thecommonsenseshow.com

In a previous radio interview with Steve Quayle, he said two very disturbing things. the first was how very close the Deep State is to totally taking over and second, that his research, from years ago, discovered that FEMA camps would become beheading faclities. I have since been told and have been able to confirm FEMA's Billing Code for Death by Guillotine is ICD9-E978. This would be FEMA billing code as in FEMA camp.

The life insurance companies are going broke paying claims for premature deaths caused by spin off effects of the jab. Since the advent of covid, US life expectancy has decreased by two years. Pprivately, the life insurance companies are greatly distressed, but they will not publicly complain because their overt behaviors are controlled by Blackrock's ESG ratings! And let's not forget Fauci's gain of function research. This is all planned depopulation along with radical post-term abortion and the celebration of any lifestyle that does not end procreation! If one really wants to get an accurate glimpse of what the funders of Fauci's Gain of Function research want to do to you, please look at this:

erwgv3g34 #racist themotte.org

Jim Crow worked and lasted for a long time. So did slavery. Those are sane, stable solutions to the problem of having a racial underclass that is much less intelligent, much more impulsive, and much more violent than average.

Matthew B. Crawford #fundie #wingnut firstthings.com

The early twentieth century saw the birth of the administrative state under Woodrow Wilson, and a new political consciousness in which progressives came to regard themselves as a “civilized minority” as defined against a backward people. In the writings of Walter Lippmann and many others, the demos was regarded as an unreliable partner in the democratic project. Combine such an ambient elitism with faith in progress and confidence in the direction of History, as well as the dynamics of bureaucracies that must always expand and institutions that must reproduce themselves through personnel selection and educational formation, and you will get the kind of self-reinforcing cascade of sincere belief and class interests that can remake the world. Shaming the population permits the concentration of power, and it just seems to be in the nature of power that it wants to concentrate.

The 1619 Project might be understood as an attempt to consummate this logic, retroactively making slavery the very principle of the American regime and the animating spirit of the American people. Every crevice of American life stands revealed as needing supervision and correction. Fittingly, Joe Biden announced in the first week of his presidency that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion would henceforth provide the master principle of the federal government. Systemic racism provides the premise for the growth of the “immense tutelary power” that Tocqueville foresaw. If war is the health of the state, racial shame is the engine of administration. It makes men less proud, more administrable.

The line separating innocent victims from guilty oppressors, or the compassionate elect from the deplorable haters, has come to bear a lot of weight in a post-Christian politics that has forgotten the universal nature of sin.

Walter O’Dim #sexist datasecretslox.com

I’ll bite the bullet and admit that I think most women basically don’t have agency in the same way that men do, that they prefer to live their lives without the agency that men have, and that this is basically a Good Thing. The problem is reordering the world to insist that women have just as much agency as men when you’re unlikely to get them to actually act like they do. The majority of happily married men that I know basically take what amounts to a traditional head of household approach to how things are run - the man made the move in the relationship, made the decision to step to marriage, made the decision on buying a house, and makes many small decisions such as where to go to dinner. Of course, they want input from their wives and treat the decision-making process as being substantially predicated on making their wives happy, but they also certainly behave as though they know that their wives don’t want to make these decisions. Of note, these are not stay at home tradwives - I’m thinking of scientists, attorneys, IT professionals, and other high-agency careers women that would really prefer their husbands make calls.

Of course, pretty much none of them will phrase it that way, but it is what it is.

June patch notes blog

* The “Please read before commenting” link at the bottom now has the more descriptive name “BBCode instructions”

* Tracking data at the end of Twitter URLs is now automatically stripped off new submissions.

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The image below is of a very small Bluetooth 5.0 chip (without battery). The adult finger is clearly shown yet the chip is still quite large.


But that is not injectable via syringe. Many others, including these investigators, have shown the presence of graphene oxide/hydroxide in a hydrogel nanosized package in the blood of the [COVID] jabbed. Also strange crystalline shaped “chips” are seen under the microscope. Could a rudimentary chip be self-assembled from graphene and other components in the injection? Could this chip them be activated by the RF signal from the subjects own cell phone? In the video, the scientists suggested, that that is the case. Bluetooth 5.0 operates at 2.4 GHz which is the same frequency as many cell services including 4G and 5G [submitter’s note: 2.4-2.483 GHz is reserved for low-power radios like Bluetooth. It is not normally used for cell services, which use the carefully carved-out 2.3-2.4 and 2.5-2.69 GHz ranges instead.].

However, a former colleague of mine, a professor of physics and electrical engineering, tells me that self-assembling nano chips are 1 or 2 decades away. But the observations in the experiment described in the video have to be explained. So I plan on repeating their experiment if I can get enough volunteers, vaxxed and unvaxxed.

I have been preparing for this and so far I have found something quite disturbing.

What on earth is Exposure Notification Service (Radar COVID-19)? Never heard of it. So I looked it up.

It seems like it has something to do with COVID-19 contact tracing. This means there are 3 transmitters in my area transmitting a signal looking for a handshake response back from people with “COVID”. I put that in quotes because it is the injected people primarily who are transmitting a MAC address, which means this COVID-19 radar is detecting those with the chips.

Niall McCrae & Patrick Henningsen #conspiracy #quack 21stcenturywire.com

According to Henningsen, the lab leak is nothing but an official conspiracy theory. The narrative, far from collapsing, is unwittingly reinforced by halfway house sceptics. Everything reported on mainstream media is for a purpose, serving the ‘progressive’ agenda. What may appear as mea culpa is a staged performance involving well-remunerated fall guys such as Fauci, and British health secretary Matt Hancock.

Not only does the lab leak cause obfuscation and futile debate, it fools unwary sceptics into perpetrating the big lie. If you fall for this tale, you fall for everything founded on the fundamental falsehood of a ‘novel’ (and possibly manmade) virus. It diverts attention from the iatrogenic scandal of the vaccines, while also preparing the ground for a global pandemic treaty. Instead of fumbling politicians with their petty squabbles and egos, the unelected and unaccountable World Health Organisation will assume control of every nation’s public health response to any future threat of a contagion. This will be justified by the many ‘mistakes’ governments made with Covid-19, as now being highlighted in mass media. By the same token, it also serves to excuse any ‘mistakes’ by governments and the pharmaceutical firms, as they can simply say they were trying to react quickly to a potentially engineered pathogen from an unregulated lab in Wuhan.

The cabal of pandemic fraudsters must be laughing. As cartoonist Bob Moran quipped, gain of function is really gain of fiction. To date, there is no actual evidence that viruses can be made more lethal, despite the huge amounts of research grant money awarded and theoretical reports.

Club-Swinging Brute Award

Icare4America #conspiracy freeatlantis.com

The Covid pandemic brought to light how much people were willing to give up for a little safety, it was sad to witness the degree of servitude, compliance, ignorance, reliance and in some cases utter stupidity we have reached as a species.

The dumming down purpose of education was a success. The herd mentality is deeply ingrained and the addiction to fear is systemic, so does real freedom stand a chance?

The constant overwhelming fear mongering with threats of climate disasters, global pandemics or nuclear Armageddon are designed to make you feel powerless and defenseless in the face of catastrophic threats and therefore needing of the governmental structures and processes to keep you safe and alive. ‘Little you’ can do nothing without them.

Freedom from the matrix is therefore dangerous in the eyes of the masses who feel they need the constant ‘protection’ from a hostile, dangerous world in continuous turmoil.

Those of us that are called conspiracy theorists; crazy, radical, nonconformists, us weirdos, have a vision, an understanding, a sense of the freedom that is ours to exercise and each day that we put it into practice, as difficult as it sometimes is, we are spreading the spark, the feeling, the notion, the awareness, that a better reality is possible beyond the matrix and that we don’t need it in order to survive.

In fact, it’s the matrix itself that is designed to keep us from thriving and merely surviving.

Our living example is the only thing that will transform the world. The herd will realise that it’s possible and as soon as they dare to step into freedom, the walls of the matrix will collapse.

This journey is entirely about learning, about knowledge and wisdom, but perhaps the hardest lesson, as sad as it is, is for humanity to learn to be free.

FOTY 2022 run-off election and results #announcement blog

The polls for many of the elections are closed, and we’re doing a runoff election to resolve the ties.

Religious fundie of the year

This year, Kerrie and Jason Struhs, and The “Saints” who tried to pray diabetes away are tied with the Assam lynch mob that hanged someone for dating outside the faith.

Both winners seem intent on putting their religion into action, either through ignorance or malice. Next year, maybe the winner will do it to themselves instead of some innocent victim.

Right-wing wingnut of the year

The winner for wingnut of the year, by overwhelmingly popular demand, is former President of the United States Donald Trump.

Because of course it is. He might not actually be the most unhinged wingnut we’ve ever had on here, but he was definitely the most notable, the most powerful man in the world, and yet somehow kept the wingnut persecution complex alive. And he’s also a total gaffe machine; very quotable.

Left-wing moonbat of the year

This year, North Korea officials Ri Il Hwan and Han Chang Sun—of the country and ideology that’s totally not a cult—tied with the Communist Party of Great Britain simping for Dear Leader Putin’s Glorious People’s War.

The dictators in question have not published a statement on whether they’d be interested in having Western tankies supply them with blowjobs.

Conspiracy theorist of the year

The conspiracy theorist of 2022 is Jerry Derecha, the Adrenogate blogger who’s too smart for Q and knows that the “Q Clearance Patriot” is actually a quantum computer run as a psy-op to identify and neutralize all the dissenters.

In a sense, I’m actually relieved to see this. Q probably is being run by some propaganda outfit, and it’s good to know that they haven’t totally mastered their marks. Still a conspiracy theorist that thinks sharing a first letter with Quatzecotal must mean something, which is why the award, but still.

Ableist of the year

The winner is Galit Distel-Atbaryan, the abusive mother.

It was a neurotypical parent of an autistic child last year, too. Narcissistic autism parents are the worst.

Sexist of the year

The unanimous winner, with a score of 5.00, is Imaniceguy, the father-daughter incest apologist.

The incels are making a big deal out of nothing. There’s a reason why this quote has a higher fundieness score than the actual murderers that tied for FOTY; at least they have the excuse of being trained from birth in their toxic culture. The incels made up this idea of ten-year-olds being sex material from scratch (arranged marriages were not usually consummated, because that’s cruel and stupid).

Racist of the year

For racist of the year, it’s a two-way tie between Prussian Society of America (2)—the Nazi fans who Dunning-Kruger their way through biology—and Gregcyber—the Confederacy fan who Dunning-Kruger’s their way through biology.

I know the “Prussian” thing is also COVIDiocy while the Gregcyber thing is anti-interracial-breeding, but still, both are great specimens of pseudo-biology in addition to being hate-filled racist screeds.

Mammonist grifter of the year

The winner is Aleks Svetski, the Bitcoin shill.

Some people would think it’s inappropriate to compare cryptocurrency with racism and murder-by-faith-healing, and on its own I guess it is. But a lot of Bitcoiners aren’t “just” Bitcoin shills; they’d be wingnuts worthy of posting here anyway even if they weren’t trying to get other people to buy their bags.

Heteronormative crusader of the year

The winner is Dalton Clodfelter, the bullying apologist.

Could’ve also been tagged for ableism and bodyshaming, which I guess makes sense. A lot of transphobia is just that with an extra dose of fear mongering.

Magnetic crank of the year

The winner is Cobra, from “The Portal”, a blog that mixes space aliens from another dimension with wingnut talking points about “woke ideology” and global warming.

L. Ron Hubbard wants his shtick back.

Jack Chick memorial award for worst art

The worst artist in 2022 was officially Ileana the Star Traveler. It’s this thing:


Quack of the year

The fake doctor of the year was Irène Grosjean, the pedophilia advocate.

It’s almost like the voters don’t like it when you hurt kids. What is it with that?

One-liner of the year

Anonymous Coward #80402537: “Is a man a homosexual if he has cats? Yes he is.”

Chicken Little Award for failed predictions

The winner is Sherri Tenpenny, who predicted that everybody who got the COVID vaccine would develop AIDS by the end of 2022.

Didn’t happen.

Website of the year

The winner is ovarit.com, a TERF site so prolific, the mods rate-limited it.

As an example, here’s their version of the ”penis as a fucking weapon” quote.

Submitter of the year

The submitter of the year is the very prolific @rabbirealm.

Commenter of the year

The commenter of the year is the consistently on-point @Zinnia.

You should’ve been nominated last year. In any case, you’ve kept up the high quality. Thanks.

Troll of the year

The troll of the year is the sock puppet master who’s obsessed with The Virgin Mary: @foxtrot / @Kingselyda2nd / @R2 / @Sweetcake.

Craig Johnstone #conspiracy #quack un-pharma.com

[emphasis from the original]

What are the biggest lies the medical community has told us, in addition to falsely convincing everyone that they will heal them with drugs, and that diet and exercise are secondary to the drugs, if important at all?

* Only medical doctors are experts in health. Physicians are trained to be specialists in sickness and disease, not health. You have to be sick. And it is all about generating profit for drug companies by keeping you sick.

* Screening is for prevention. BS. Screening does not prevent diseases. It just puts colossal amounts of “research” money into the pockets of the drug companies. They don’t want people free of diseases. Which is why there still aren’t any cures for anything. Screening is, in essence, done for the purpose of actually promoting disease.

* Health insurance will safeguard you from illness. The opposite is true. Health insurance keeps you on the hamster wheel of sickness.

* Disease is a genetic hand you’ve been dealt. Nope. They put classifications like this on people to make them think there is no point in changing anything lifestyle-wise. So they will resign themselves to there being nothing they can do besides maintaining their condition with pharmaceuticals. Getting heart disease is not bad luck.

* More research is needed. This is a good one. There is never a cure just around the corner. The truth is, everything is curable. But it will never come from the medical system.

* You need to go to the hospital. The leading cause of death in North America is going to the hospital. Unless you desperately need surgery, or have been in a terrible accident, stay well clear of hospitals. Your education about how your body and nervous system works is usually the only intervention required.

* And the best one of all… You will get sick and die without a vaccine. Apparently, immune systems are unreliable and a faulty design. We know better than the one who created this marvelously complex and efficient, self-healing system.

Peter Koenig #conspiracy globalresearch.ca

The point is, they always warn us. But we don’t pay attention, because any Cult – and this is a Cult, you may call it the Death Cult, any cult, to be successful, has to announce their actions, their betrayal on humanity.

Yet, the bulk of the people is still oblivious.

When it’s all over, it will do no good to say – “we didn’t know”. This is totally unacceptable.

Scientists and common people do come out and tell the truth, by the millions, and ever more. We should muster at least the courage to listen, and admit that we have been lied to and that it is now high time to open our eyes, and take action to stop this crime on humanity.

There are NO coincidences.

Connecting the dots should also be done with the massive transport strike that hit Germany a week ago. Workers demanding pay raises amid high inflation. Union bosses called the demanded increases “a matter of survival,” while management described the strikes as “completely excessive.”

The Local, Germany’s news in English, reported late last week, Unions and German officials failed to come to an agreement in their third round of pay negotiations this week. Is this the beginning of a long-term wave of strikes?

These are the strongest, most economically and socially impacting and damaging strikes Germany has experienced in decades.

Why now?

Part of the “Reset Agenda” plans to destroy the European economy, beginning with a literal de-industrialization of Germany – the leader in the EU.

FOTY 2022 vote #announcement blog

And it’s time to vote on the Fundies of the Year 2022.

As per the new normal, visit the permalink to cast your vote between 1 and 5 stars; the fundie with the highest average score wins. If you have any trouble using the voting system, please contact us by posting a comment or reaching out to the Discord chatroom.

This poll will remain open until April 6. In the event of a tie, the runoff election will run until May 1.

Nadya #sexist news.ycombinator.com

The answer of why [social media has a greater negative mental health effect on teenage girls than it does on boys] is quite obvious to many people but no longer politically acceptable.

There is a large external pressure for studies to show that there are no differences between men and women while there is also demand for studies that show negative outcomes of women in comparison to men. The same problem happens again and again with these studies in that nothing explains the negative outcomes of women. Except one explanation that is instantly discarded for being socially untenable.

The intersectionalist looks at the studies and declares, "It must be something - let's keep looking!" while the sexist takes a look and nods.

Nobody is going to risk their careers or their funding when they can continue being paid to investigate other avenues of explanation. The suffering of people will continue until a more acceptable explanation is found.

And because I don't wish to speak between the lines: There are psychological and emotional differences between men and women. And, from all the humans I've known at least, women tend to give more of a shit about the opinions of other people than men give a shit about the opinions of other people. While the toxic negativity of social media impacts both genders I would honestly be shocked if it didn't impact women more if for no reason other than because they care more.

Clive Menzies & Niall McCrae #conspiracy thelightpaper.co.uk

Although money is the primary incentive for those delivering healthcare, other motives may be discerned. Control of the human herd has become fully visible since the covid project began in 2020. Mass vaccination is potentially, if not actually, a means to reduce fertility, while the billions who relented to the psychological warfare and received injections, have taken a serious risk with their health and longevity. Already, we can see that birth rates have fallen, while mortality is now about ten to twenty per cent higher than normal.

As Dawn Lester says: “You can no more catch a disease than you can catch a dirty neck.” Yes, people have taken ill, but for many reasons. We have been targeted with toxins, electromagnetic frequencies, and prolonged emotional stress, all of whichh deplete vitality. The nutritional quality of our food has been progressively reduced, making us much more susceptible to illness.

In April 2020, under the cover of lockdown, away from the prying eyes of relatives, there was a spike in deaths of the elderly, through the administration of end-of-life drugs, starvation and ‘do not resuscitate’ orders. Journalist Jacqui Deevoy has compiled an extensive dossier of this cull of the elderly. Meanwhile, those unlucky enough to be admitted to hospital and put in a covid ward were intubated and hooked on to dangerous ventilators.

The Lockstep section of a Rockefeller Foundation scenario planning report from 2010 predicted how a pandemic could
be used to establish the New World Order. Pre-programming through media and news reports rendered populations susceptible to terror. For mass vaccination to be accepted, people needed to be persuaded of the threat, and meekly accept potentially lethal, experimental injections.

Team Sunshine #quack iqfy.com

As the world struggles to come to terms with the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, one question that continues to surface is why the unvaccinated didn't do more to warn us about the potential dangers of being injected.

While well intending citizens lined up, did the right thing, and received their COVID19 vaccinations -- now seeming to do more harm than good -- their unvaccinated friends stood by and let them do it. Some of them said too little. Some said nothing at all.

Even though they knew what we didn't.

Our blood is now on their hands.

Those are strong words. But the unvaccinated had access to important information about the potential side effects of vaccines. They knew about the risks of severe allergic reactions, blood clots, and other serious health complications. They knew that vaccines did not immunize us. They knew it wasn't effective, and that they can cause more harm than good.

They knew all of that, but instead of warning us, the unvaccinated chose to remain silent. They chose to look the other way and not speak out about the potential dangers of vaccines. They let millions of good folks who did the right thing (at the time) fall to death and disease, and many antivaxxers even gloated online about how their coin flip had been the right bet. The more diabolical even urged folks they disagree with to "get boosted."

It has become all too clear. The silence of the unvaccinated was a dangerous, sociopathic, and irresponsible decision that has had serious consequences for those of us who received the vaccinations.

And silence is, after all, consent.

January patch notes blog

Fixed the Next button on advanced search pages to not drop before/after date filters.

Tweaked the Reply button CSS to use a more consistent icon on different platforms.

Implemented a tighter rate limit on replying to a single discussion thread, to prevent people from making dozens of replies in a row and dominating the conversation.

Jon Garvey #conspiracy #fundie potiphar.jongarvey.co.uk

On GB News last night someone had found a recent House of Lords report stating, as a matter of fact, that renewables will never be able to replace the energy supply we have, and hence outlining how (not if) the people will have to reduce their consumption of energy. It’s not just that they will have to pay to install heat pumps instead of gas boilers – they will have to get used to colder houses, because the inadequacy of the latter is already assumed. Foreign travel will not just be too expensive – it will be restricted (in line, of course, with the G20’s recent support for digital vaccine passports, despite their demonstrated uselessness as a public health measure). Local travel, too, will be limited by the inability of most to buy, or charge, electric cars.

None of this appears to be intended as belt-tightening necessary to get us through all the threatened climate tipping points until the new clean energy system is up and running. Rather, the future is all permanent sackcloth, ashes and low energy consumption by design.

Now that makes some kind of religious sense if you buy into the idea that we are guilty of raping Mother Earth by our greedy consumption of fossil fuels. I wrote about that myth here, and it’s surprising how even many Christians accept what is actually a thoroughly pagan idea, and an irrational one at that. Earth’s bounty, including fossil fuels, was given to us by God to use. But like so much of the Great Reset the myth seems purpose-made to impoverish the poor, especially, and reduce them to servitude. Why does Satan hate the poor so much (perhaps it’s just making people poor he enjoys)?

The 2022 Fundie of the Year awards blog

It’s the 2022 Fundie of the Year awards, that time of year when we’re grateful for the insufferable fanatics in our lives and in the wider world.

As always, our first step is a nomination round. Leave a comment on this blog post to nominate someone for an award, and second the nomination by starring it. Put in some justification in the form of a link. For example, if I wanted to nominate Maltose for best sugar molecule, I’d write this:


[b]Best sugar molecule: maltose[/b]

For best taste and best method of production.


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Dr. Leon James #fundie theisticpsychology.org

I have been teaching theistic psychology to college students who are majoring in psychology and are being prepared for professional and graduate school. The most difficult issue in their mind regarding the scientific status of the Swedenborg Reports is that his observations are not replicable by other scientists. They were taught that science means proof that can be replicated by other scientists. The students also report that the friends and family with whom they discuss the Swedenborg Reports, also are bothered by this one issue, saying, Why should you believe this man from the 18th century who says he talked to the dead? And how many others have also claimed this? Etc.

But the fact is that no one in the history of science, philosophy, psychology, theology, literature has ever claimed to have been dual citizens for decades, and no one in the history of literature has discussed or described what Swedenborg observed and explained. So the dismissive idea of Why should I believe him -- does not apply here at all. Here we have a unique situation in science and history and it deserves its own rational and impartial assessment.

The replicability issue is actually not a critical one in this case. Everyone will be able to replicate and verify what Swedenborg describes. This occurs 30 hours after death, when we are awakened through the process of resuscitation and begin our life of eternity in our spiritual mind (see Section xx). At that point everyone can verify the accuracy of the Swedenborg Reports.

Dina #conspiracy hugotalks.com

Long “covid”… My b***!.. I mean, feck off to those sssheeeeple!!!!.. 3 to 4 “amazing” vaccines??!!!.. Which ones??!!!.. He should of “name” them!.. And did he had all of them and which ones “” 💉 💉 💉 💉..??!!!.. I personally, want to know it!!!!.. “” I feel actually soooo irratated, that those sheeple think, that all the people, watching their programmed programmes,, so stupid and naive!!!!.. Yes, there are some stupid ones, like some “selebs” of “Googlebox” “, who actually would believe such crap!..

Andrew Hennessey #conspiracy #fundie whale.to

By removing Earth from the motionless center of the Universe, these Masons have moved us physically and metaphysically from a place of supreme importance to one of complete nihilistic indifference. If the Earth is the center of the Universe, then the ideas of God, creation, and a purpose for human existence are resplendent. But if the Earth is just one of billions of planets revolving around billions of stars in billions of galaxies, then the ideas of God, creation, and a specific purpose for Earth and human existence become highly implausible.

By surreptitiously indoctrinating us into their scientific materialist Sun-worship, not only do we lose faith in anything beyond the material, we gain absolute faith in materiality, superficiality, status, selfishness, hedonism and consumerism. If there is no God, and everyone is just an accident, then all that really matters is me, me, me. They have turned Madonna, the Mother of God, into a material girl living in a material world. Their rich, powerful corporations with slick Sun-cult logos sell us idols to worship, slowly taking over the world while we tacitly believe their “science,” vote for their politicians, buy their products, listen to their music, and watch their movies, sacrificing our souls at the altar of materialism.

Our eyes and experience tell us the Earth is flat and motionless, and everything in the sky revolves around us. When we cease to believe our own eyes and experience we must prostrate ourselves at the feet of the very pseudo-scientists who blinded us, to treat them as "experts," astronomical "priests" who have special knowledge only they can access, like the Hubble telescope. By brainwashing us of something so gigantic and fundamental, it makes every other kind of lesser indoctrination a piece of cake!

Earth being the flat, fixed center of the universe, around which everything in the heavens revolves denotes a special importance and significance not only the Earth, but to us humans, the most intelligent among the intelligent designer's designs. By turning Earth into a spinning ball thrown around the Sun and shot through infinite space from a Godless Big Bang they turn humanity into a random meaningless, purposeless accident of a blind, dumb universe! It's trauma-based mind-control! They beat the divinity out of us with their mental manipulations.

Jorgensen Shmorgensen #conspiracy #wingnut #transphobia #enbyphobia #racist #kinkshaming #fundie newdiscourses.com

Good day, children. Today our Grade 2 class celebrates another Transplendent day of anti-white Transness here in our magical kingdom of Translandia-Canadodoland. Remember that Grand-Wizard Lord Soros’ Trans Inc. liberated you from your own Caucasianness and Transformed you into mock-POC honoured allies after the State liberated you from your racist whyt-peepo parents who were charged with procreating whiteness and jailed in the penal colonies of all-white Antarctica to pay for their ancestors’ crimes of spreading Intergalactic Whiteness.

As your non-binary fa’afafine-adjacent genderflorin teacher-friend, I will be using some French words today to honour the anniversary of The Islamic Republic of France that liberated the mother-country whose racist forebears colonized our own country’s two-spirited peoples in the former French imperialist province of Le Pays de Cochons Blanc. So, mes enfants, let us celebrate today’s hagiographic calendar of Trans Saints with two very special hetero-Trans male martyrs.

Today we worship two Autogynophile Trans saints who triumphed over whiteness so that all maleborn be-penised white-beings can proudly flaunt “female” erections in our miniskirts thus liberating us from heteropatriarchal imperialism. Let us kneel and assume the position, ma petit choses. O Trans Saint Stu Rasmussen of Oregon. O Trans Saint Stef-On-Knee of Torontula. O ye Trans martyrs. Thou hast reverse-colonized heteronormative males who renounced their whiteness by donning female clothing and erotically self-sexualizing their Transness by wearing womanhood as a bonerizing skin suit. Blessed Be the Autogynophile jug-wow of your synthetic EEE fake breastial mam-hams. Blessed Be the instruments of your Autogynophile martyrdom, the miniskirt and the blonde she-wig. Deus Sex Trangendera! O Trans! Blessed Be!

Ian Thompson #crackpot #fundie ianthompson.org

The causal closure of the physical world is assumed everywhere in physics but has little empirical support within living organisms. For the spiritual to have effects in nature, and make a difference there, the laws of physical nature would have to be modified or extended. I propose that the renormalized parameters of quantum field theory (masses and charges) are available to be varied locally in order to achieve ends in nature. This is not adding extra forces to nature but rescaling the forces which already exist. We separate metric time in 4 dimensions from process time as the order of actualization of potentialities. This is to allow iterative forward and reverse steps in metric time to influence intermediate variations in the vacuum permittivities to move charged bodies towards achieve specific targets at a later time. Then mental or spiritual influx could have effects in nature, and these should be measurable in biophysics experiments. With this proposal, we see after some centuries how ‘final causes’ could once again be seen active in nature.

Dr. Leon James #fundie #magick theisticpsychology.org Trigrammatic Gene Structures

Trigrammatic gene structures were discussed in Section Consider the following chart. [...]


Love Wisdom Use
Celestial Spiritual Natural
Third heaven Second heaven First heaven
Doctrinal things Knowledges Memory-knowledges
Will Understanding Sensory (action)
Source Cause Effect
Inmost Intermediate Outermost
Divine Essence Divine Existere Divine Proceeding
Creation Redemption Salvation
Abraham Isaac Jacob
Jerusalem Assyria Egypt
Charity Faith Good works
Father Son Holy Spirit
Divine Love Divine Truth Divine Proceeding
Spiritual heat Spiritual Light Spiritual influx
Affective Cognitive Scientific (sensorimotor)
Celestial-rational Spiritual-rational Interior-natural
Lamb Mules Horses
Mountains Rivers Springs
Ideas Knowledge Faith

Those who are familiar with the Writings of Swedenborg will recognize the above trigrammatic units as appearing everywhere and entering into numerous rational presentations and explanations. Each trigrammatic unit encapsulates a rational theme that needs to be reconstructed in the mind in order to make sense of it.

Now inspect each column separately by looking up and down. Do each column in turn. What do you notice about the overall syntactic theme of each? The syntactic theme is not related to the content of the words in any obvious manner. So if you're looking for a relationship based on the literal meaning, you will have a hard time finding the difference.

John Gideon Hartnett #conspiracy #fundie biblescienceforum.com

Food Failure by Year’s End: The Great Reset Plan to Starve Out Humanity Exposed

Please listen to this video and get prepared for the coming engineered famine. Stay close to Jesus Christ,! Buy seeds and plant food in your garden. Most of all pray for God’s mercy for yourselves and your loved ones.


The engineered famine and resulting plagues (diseases due to poor nutrition) and the wars are the judgments of God on this world that has rejected His Son. These events are prophesied in the book of Revelation, especially in chapters 6 through 9. Chapter 6 describes the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse (or Revelation). They bring famine, disease/plagues, and war. The white horse I believe represents the introduction of the mass inoculation shots starting with the COVID death shots. See The White Horseman Brings Toxic Death Shots.

With the deliberate shutting down of the food supply systems around the world the evil globalists plan on forcing everyone into a digital ID wallet system, where you can only buy food using their digital currency and only if you are behaving yourself. This is exactly what is prophesied in Revelation chapter 13.

Get prepared! Stock up on storable food. Start now, growing your own food. Tell others! But most importantly get right with God! He will never fail you if you do.

John Byl, PhD (astronomy) #fundie bylogos.blogspot.com

Does the Bible speak about reality or only about appearances? Sometimes, to avoid conflict with alleged scientific facts, it is claimed that the Bible uses phenomenal (or phenomenological) language, describing things as they appear from our human, earth-bound perspective rather than being factually correct in a more scientific sense.

An early example of this is found in John Calvin's Commentary on Genesis, in reference to the sun and the moon as "two great lights" (Gen.1:16). According to Calvin, this is factually incorrect since science had proven Saturn to be larger than the moon. However, Calvin excuses this on the ground that Moses had to accommodate his message down to the level of unlearned men, by using the language of how things appear to humans on earth. Factually correct language, Calvin opines, would not have been understood.


Can science genuinely give us such superior knowledge?

The philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) famously distinguished between the phenomenal (reality as it appears to our senses) and the noumenal (the actual reality behind appearances). He claimed that human science is limited to the phenomenal, and could never attain knowledge of the noumenal. Science is grounded in observations (i.e., appearances); any attempt to get beyond these must necessarily rely on theoretical assumptions that can never be definitely proven by science.

Only God can discern the reality behind appearances. God's view of things is the way they really are. Hence our only means to attain knowledge of reality is via God's revelation of it to us, particularly in the Bible.

Conservapedia #wingnut #conspiracy #homophobia #racist conservapedia.com

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO, French: OTAN, Russian: HATO) was founded after World War II, in order to counter the communist Soviet Union. NATO is the only military alliance that stations nuclear weapons on non-nuclear nations territory.

NATO-backed neo-Nazis in the Donbas war.[2]
Since 1991 NATO has become a promoter of globalism,[3] neoconservatism, imperialism, neo-colonialism, and gay parades along with the rest of the homosexual agenda, which Russia (and the Bible) opposes. To justify NATO's continued existence, the most extreme Russophobes of the former Warsaw Pact states and in the West have taken control of its policy direction.[4]
To join the alliance, NATO members essentially cede their foreign policy sovereignty to the Leftist Deep State in Washington and London, and become vassal states on immigration, gay parades, and priorities of liberals. NATO's current secretary is Jens Stoltenberg of Norway.

Marty Manasco #fundie truthism.net

It seems to me that as modern science advances, the more improbable evolution becomes. I’m not saying that the whole theory needs to be scrapped – but there are some HUGE holes in the theory that seem to be getting bigger. So why do evolutionists cling so tightly to this theory as the answer to man’s origin? The answer is simple: in their minds, the idea of a Creator is ludicrous, so evolution just has to be true. Ultimately, they believe, we will gather up enough evidence to prove their point. In the meantime, we should just accept the theory because, well – they’re the experts, right?

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snowlord #fundie #pratt thinkspot.com

Dawkins muses: “Living things are not designed, but Darwinian natural selection licenses a version of the design stance for them [oh, that’s very generous of it!]. We get a short cut [one has to pick up that he is being sarcastic here] to understanding the heart if we assume that it is ‘designed’ to pump blood.” So, au contraire, the heart just by chance grew to be a pump – for no purpose whatsoever, mind you – because, well, “accidents happen?” Why didn’t it “accidentally” grow to be, say, a waste-disposal site, a pulley to hoist objects upward, a bone-assembly plant, a poison-producer, a … (fill in the blank)? Fancy that: it just so happened to coordinate its development with that of blood! And in cooperation with an enormously complex circulatory system of a myriad of blood vessels needed to make blood useful for tens of trillions of cells, missing none! And miraculously timed to receive electrical signals from some clump of gray stuff in the head to make the fool thing function on a timed cycle of beating! And choreographed with these things called lungs that provide oxygen and remove carbon dioxide to make blood relevant at all! And a handy stomach to supply nutrients that blood can then transport to all parts of the body! And a shell of skin to keep that blood from squirting out into space! We simply ought to give evolution an advanced degree … probably even the Nobel prize for physics and chemistry. Wow, I’m impressed!

The very thought of all this super-massive, simultaneous accumulation of hyper-intricate operations … and the blasted thing dies in the end? What’s up with that? Why all the convoluted bother? If there’s no “purpose” or “design,” what’s the point? Well, of course there can be none. We are fooled to think there must be a reason, and we live our lives as if they have some ultimate meaning. What a bunch of rubes we are! For all the ultra-intelligence of evolution, funny that it should, by luck of the draw, slap together humans as dumb idiots, which is really weird, come to think of it, given our astounding IQs to “design” astonishing technology ourselves … for alleged “purposes” (ho, ho, ho, what dupes we are!). Teleology is an unwelcome guest who simply won’t leave the party.

卐Dadbol卐 #wingnut #racist 6x7g7rr6fhdoszolkqkaittdr6qzgejjxoc42q4ceaph2xttmo5vgryd.onion

White nationalism will continue to go nowhere if you fucking faggots won't stop arguing about dumb shit.

Many of you came from libertarianism like I did, so you know what these kinds of arguments do. They cause mini schizms in the movement until its split into so many niche sections that it becomes useless.

You're doing the kikes work for them.


my IRL best bud is an anti-woke leftist type

we know where each other stand on stuff, and mostly just... don't talk about politics except when we're meming about shit

we hang out all the time and would 100% take a bullet for one another

it is NOT that hard

This behavior requires both parties to be moral, intelligent and well adjusted adults.

It's looking like we don't have much of that in our circles.

DoctorBoom #fundie noagendasocial.com

The pinnacle of the "New Atheists", ladies and gentlemen - "running a 'scam' Online University is far, far worse than raping children and selling-out your country for a couple of bucks"

"New Atheism" essentially boils down to will-to-power and do-as-thou-wilt and is nothing more than age-old paganism packaged such that midwit upper-middle-class suburbanites can delude themselves into believing they are intellectually and morally "superior" to the rest of us

John C. Wright #wingnut scifiwright.com

Conservative Firing Line wrote:

One user, who asked to remain anonymous, said Tuesday he was given a 30-day ban for a graphic declaring that there are two gender— male and female

Note that the graphic [posted by the anonymous user] uses the word ‘sex’, which is a real word with a real meaning, whereas the allegedly conservative newswriter uses the Newspeak nonword ‘gender’ which means either a part of speech, or, in some anthropological circles, is a technical term for a sexual role in society, regardless of one’s biological sex. Here is another case of a conservative, unwittingly adopting the enemy’s vocabulary, aiding and abetting the enemy.

moomin #conspiracy #racist #sexist #wingnut 6x7g7rr6fhdoszolkqkaittdr6qzgejjxoc42q4ceaph2xttmo5vgryd.onion



/* Process this file into a graph using `dot -Tsvg quote.gv > quote.svg`. */

digraph moomin_quote {

subgraph introduction {
introduction_wall_of_text [label="Jewish \"intellectuals\", fueled by their resentment towards Europe\nand Christianity, create the Frankfurt School with the intention\nof destroying Western culture to bring down Capitalism and create\na Marxist revolution\n((USEFUL IDIOTS))",shape=polygon,sides=4];

subgraph conspiracy {
weimar -> intellectuals [label="spawns"];
intellectuals -> frankfurt_school [label="create"];
communist_revolution -> soviet_union [label="creates"];
soviet_union -> frankfurt_school [label="finances"];
frankfurt_school -> social_science_faculties [label="takes over"];

soviet_union_wall_of_text [label="Soviet intelligence spent only 25% of its budget on espionage while 75%\nwent to subversion. They funded the Frankfurt School with the explicit\nintention of destroying and subverting Western culture.\n((GEOPOLITICAL THREAT))",shape=polygon,sides=4];
soviet_union_wall_of_text -> soviet_union [weight=100,style=invis];

social_science_faculties -> progressivism [label="model"];

progressivism -> traditions [label="attacks"];
traditions -> religion [label="such as"];
traditions -> family [label="such as"];
traditions -> nation [label="such as"];
traditions -> property [label="such as"];
property -> welfare_state [label="using"];
nation -> mass_immigration [label="using"];
family -> gender_roles [label="as in"];
family -> marriage [label="as in"];
religion -> chastity [label="as in"];
religion -> marriage [label="as in"];
marriage -> high_divorce_rates [label="causing"];
chastity -> single_parenthood [label="causing"];
single_parenthood -> broken_families [label="causing"];
broken_families -> crime [label="causing"];
high_divorce_rates -> broken_families [label="causing"];
gender_roles -> low_birth_rates [label="causing"];
low_birth_rates -> mass_immigration [label="being the excuse for"];
gender_roles -> cheap_labour;
welfare_state -> budget_deficit [label="causing"];
budget_deficit -> taking_debt [label="leading to"];
taking_debt -> international_banks [label="giving power to"];
international_banks -> corporations;
corporations -> mass_media [label="who control"];
mass_media -> progressivism [label="who push"];
budget_deficit -> printing_money [label="leading to"];
printing_money -> inflation [label="causing"];
budget_deficit -> raising_taxes [label="leading to"];
raising_taxes -> shrinking_middle_class [label="causing"];
budget_deficit -> social_security_crisis [label="causing"];
social_security_crisis -> mass_immigration [label="being the excuse for"];
mass_immigration -> affirmative_action [label="installing"];
welfare_state -> welfare_cliffs [label="causing"];
mass_immigration -> crime [label="increasing"];
mass_immigration -> cheap_labour;
cheap_labour -> corporations [label="giving wealth to"];

economics_wall_of_text [label="Conditions like dysgenics, poverty and lack of social cohesion\nreduce the ability of the population to revert the situation. It is a\nself-perpetuating system. The system is aided at all levels by political corruption and useful idiots.\n((LOGICAL RESULT OF CAPITALISM AS A GOAL INSTEAD OF\nCAPITALISM AS A TOOL))",shape=polygon,sides=4];
cheap_labour -> economics_wall_of_text [weight=100,style=invis];
taking_debt -> economics_wall_of_text [weight=100,style=invis];

social_science_faculties -> positivist_crisis [label="undergo"];

positivist_crisis -> scientific_method [label="replaces"];
scientific_method -> critical_theory [label="with"];
critical_theory -> relativism [label="aids"];
critical_theory -> political_correctness [label="spawns"];
political_correctness -> taboo_research [label="attacks"];
political_correctness -> newspeak [label="similar to"];
taboo_research -> biological_differences [label="such as"];
relativism -> empiricism [label="attacks"];
relativism -> common_sense [label="attacks"];

science_wall_of_text [label="Do not trust common sense and empiric evidence\n\"Intellectuals\" know better. They are \"scientists\" (even though\nthey have never followed - and attacked - the scientific method) after all!\n((USEFUL IDIOTS))",shape=polygon,sides=4];
biological_differences -> science_wall_of_text [weight=100,style=invis];
empiricism -> science_wall_of_text [weight=10,style=invis];

Transcriptionist Note
To avoid having to hand label every single node, I made all the nodes lowercase.
In the original chart, the nodes are title case, and only the edges are lowercase.

weimar [label="weimar republic"];
intellectuals [label="\"intellectuals\""];
frankfurt_school [label="frankfurt school"];
communist_revolution [label="communist revolution"];
soviet_union [label="soviet union"];
social_science_faculties [label="social science faculties"];
positivist_crisis [label="positivist crisis"];
single_parenthood [label="single parenthood"];
welfare_state [label="welfare state"];
mass_immigration [label="mass immigration"];
gender_roles [label="gender roles"];
high_divorce_rates [label="high divorce rates"];
broken_families [label="broken families"];
low_birth_rates [label="low birth rates"];
cheap_labour [label="cheap labour"];
scientific_method [label="scientific method"];
political_correctness [label="political correctness"];
taboo_research [label="taboo research"];
biological_differences [label="biological differences"];
common_sense [label="common sense"];
budget_deficit [label="budget deficit"];
taking_debt [label="taking debt"];
international_banks [label="international banks"];
mass_media [label="mass media"];
printing_money [label="printing money"];
raising_taxes [label="raising taxes"];
shrinking_middle_class [label="shrinking middle class"];
social_security_crisis [label="social security crisis"];
welfare_cliffs [label="welfare cliffs"];
affirmative_action [label="affirmative action"];
critical_theory [label="critical theory"];
progressivism [label=<<U>progressivism</U>>];
religion [label=<<B>religion</B>>];
family [label=<<B>family</B>>];
nation [label=<<B>nation</B>>];
property [label=<<B>property</B>>];

subgraph conclusion_preamble {
Transcriptionist Note
The last part of the chart, at the bottom, is the hardest.
It seems like the original author just sort of gave up on actually making it a graph, and just stuck their last few bullet points in
nodes at the bottom that weren't connected to anything.
keyword_stuffing [label="Military Spending... computers, internet, satellites, moon, global hegemony\nWelfare Spending... dysgenics, poverty, crime",shape=polygon,sides=4];

resulting_in_conclusion [label="RESULTING IN..................................................",shape=plaintext];
resulting_in_conclusion -> keyword_stuffing [weight=100,style=invis];

resulting_in_conclusion -> lacking_community_trust [style=invis];
resulting_in_conclusion -> poverty [style=invis];
resulting_in_conclusion -> dysgenics [style=invis];
lacking_community_trust [label="lacking community trust"];

subgraph conclusion {
conclusion [label="Democracy may be blamed but the real problem is the representative system. Had immigration been subjected\nto a democratic vote, it would have been halted in all Western nations decades ago. Even if such vote was carried out today, immigration would be halted.",shape=polygon,sides=4];

edge[ style = invis ];
introduction_wall_of_text -> weimar;
science_wall_of_text -> keyword_stuffing;
economics_wall_of_text -> resulting_in_conclusion;
mass_media -> { lacking_community_trust, poverty, dysgenics, keyword_stuffing};
lacking_community_trust -> conclusion;
resulting_in_conclusion -> conclusion;

Bedtime for Zeon #wingnut #psycho #racist 6x7g7rr6fhdoszolkqkaittdr6qzgejjxoc42q4ceaph2xttmo5vgryd.onion


If you have any family members or friends who are police or military, or work for government in any way anywhere, bully them to quit. Any white men that willingly work for zog should be bullied, harassed and ostracized by family members. There are no good police or soldiers.

Had this chat a while back w/ a friend, he did that ‘oh come on, ALL the feds should be drawn and quartered? buddy, you’re lookin’ at one right now. You really think I deserv-“

“I know what I said.”

“Ah? Ah!”


Imagine betraying your race for a shitty pension.

he kinda has a point, he’s not really enforcement or anything, he’s more like a deputy because his job required someone with his skill set and they figured empowering professionals in his field was easier than training their own out of rank & file. Basically a CPA with a badge.

Still, it counts, he’s working for the system in some form or another. If we carve out a horse exemption for him, everyone’s gonna want one!

: UWS-DWF888 #conspiracy #wingnut brighteon.social

Why Biden & Harris?

Did you ever wonder how this evil bastard Biden and the cackling idiot Harris came to be the Democrat candidates?

They did it on purpose, to show that they could steal the election even with a totally senile, corrupt, pedophile candidate and the most hated, loathsome VP in history, a woman who didn’t get a sigle delegate in the Democrat primaries.

Then they bragged about their fraud in Time magazine, writing about how they “fortified the election”. The fact that people really hate Biden & Harris is part of the plan. The goal is to divide the US.

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